Laurie and Don - Cole's birthday party - May 2012
Laurie Ann Whitehouse
  • 55 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 2, 1957
  • Place of birth:
    Muskegon, Michigan, United States
  • Date of passing: Sep 25, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Let the memory of Laurie be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, our beautiful Laurie Ann Whitehouse, 55, born on June 2, 1957 and passed away on September 25, 2012. She loved God, herfamily, her babies, as she called her grandchildren and all of ours, her friends, her dogs, cats, frogs and birds, flowers, nature, music, cooking/baking, Facebook, Christmas time, family get-togethers, her "other kids" ballgames, life itself and was so full of life.  She especially loved her husband, each of her children - Teri & Collin, Jeremy,  Josh & Sherri, Jason & Helen, their grandchildren - Dustin, Lukas, Zak, Will, her unborn granddaughter Aspyn, unborn grandchildren not even thought of yet and of course Esmeralda.  They were her pride and joy, and she loved our own children and our grandbabies like they were her own too. She was looking so forward to her new little granddaughter, Aspyn, not yet born, due this next January 2013.  It seems so impossible that she is no longer with us and I think that's because she was such an influence on all of us, always smiling, always very loving and always very sweet...just a beautiful woman, on the inside and outside.  We all love and miss her so very much!!!!

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 2nd June 2015

"Happy Birthday, Laurie Ann!  Thinking of you and Mom today, on your special day, and everyday for that matter.   Love you both and miss you both so much!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 28th February 2015

"Laurie, it's Mom birthday so please hold her and hug her for us  and tell her how much we love and miss her (and you too!!!)'s going to be a very hard day especially for glad she's there in Heaven with you and so many other loved ones but missing  you both terribly...."

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 14th February 2015

"Love you and Mom and missing you both so much this valentines Day...I know Mom told me that she went to this site quite often. I was just re-reading her post from December 21, 2012 where she says that we no longer take each other for granted and as we know she was so right.  Like always, our mom always had such sweet words and such wisdom...."

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 28th December 2014

"Laurie Ann, When Mom passed on November 30th  the only thing that kept us going was how happy you must both be and the utter joy and happiness when you were reunited with each other!!!!!!!  She passed so peacefully, Laurie.  What "man" did to speed up her passing took a toll on her, but no one can ever hurt her again...and I truly believe that although it helps us to "talk" to you both on this and FB or at the cemetery, she now knows all of the mysteries of God about man and what he has prepared for us all, if we only believe...I doubt you're able to think about us, because I believe that's His way of there being no more sorrow, pain or suffering...but Laurie, we love you and Mom SO MUCH and Dad is longing so much, even more-so now, to be with you both, just as many of us are also...We're trying to take care of him but I doubt if what we do can ever really help him...I'm so very proud of him, he's doing so good although he's struggling so much deep down..Love you Laurie Ann and are in our hearts FOREVER...and the joy and happiness to be reunited with you both again, well, I can not even fathom but I'm ready............"

This tribute was added by debbie hillyer on 2nd June 2014

"Happy Birthday, Laurie! It's hard to believe you are celebrating your second birthday in heaven. Missing you today and so looking forward to seeing you again. Wondering today if the many that we know and love that have gone before us are celebrating you today? What an amazing party that would be! Someday....we will be together again. You are loved and not forgotten- Debbie"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 30th January 2014

"Thinking about you Laurie as I do (as we all do) every single day...So much has changed since you've left us...some good things and some not so good...Wish you were here that I could tell you....Love you and miss you so much..."

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 5th November 2013

"it's not that we don't think about you since we don't post as much, in fact quite the opposite - we just know youre not with us and we're all dealing with that fact. On the 1st anniversary of your passing, we met in our favorite park and Aunt Claudia was here with us. Sometimes it's just too much, too hard to think about......"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 5th November 2013

"Laurie Ann, I've been watching the Hallmark channels & "Christmas Magic" made me cry.  I'm sure if there are angels like in the movie, you are one of them, bringing joy & love to many others.  We all miss you so much Laurie. It's so true - tragedy brings you to realize how fragile & how important life and family really is. Love you and miss you, Laurie!!!! Just wish we could tell you!!!!"

This tribute was added by debbie hillyer on 21st September 2013

"So aware today that a  year ago you were having surgery; and then gone from us a few days later. I really do wish heaven had visiting hours-or days- we miss you so much. It's been a difficult year; aware of your absence every day. We treasure our family more; hug a little tighter, and never miss the chance to say "I love you." You are always with us. Love you, Laurie Ann."

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 17th September 2013

"Laurie, It was Dad's birthday get together at Toni and Bret's and it was hard. Cant seem to forget that was the last time we were together as a family w/o Deb,Bob & family, Aunt Claude of course who we hardly ever get to be with...we miss're in our hearts forever, dear Laurie Ann and we love you!!!  Want to tell you so much and one day I will but for now I'll just say I love you!"

This tribute was added by debbie hillyer on 2nd June 2013

"Happy Birthday, dear Laurie...your very first birthday in heaven must be amazing! We celebrate you and the short time we had you with us.You are missd and loved and are not forgotten....can't wait to see you again"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 16th February 2013

"Laurie, another Valentines Day came and went but thought of you and Don and what a special couple you guys always were...I'm sure he was well looked after, all of your kids and his Mom and sister have been doing's still hard for me to even talk to him at times..I don't know what to say and I don't want to cry,making him cry too...Love you and miss you so much Laurie Ann!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 1st February 2013

"It got to be a little overwhelming...Don't know what we're going to do on your (our) birthdays...In some ways we were almost like twins, being born 2 years and just one day within each other...Your passing has made me look forward to my time to go..and yet it's also given me renewed strength for life here...such strange, conflicting feelings...I love and miss you so much Laurie...we all do"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 1st February 2013

"Laurie Ann,  Cole and I went shopping yesterday, something I don't really like to do but it was going to be just me and him and I was looking forward to it...we went to Bath & Body Works & in an instant my happiness turned to sorrow, back & forth. I was trying to stay happy in my heart for Cole's sake. He hates seeing me sad. But just looking & smelling your favorite lotions, candles..."

This tribute was added by debbie hillyer on 13th January 2013

"Happy Anniversary, Laurie....we never dreamed that you would be in heaven for this anniversary. You are missed so much. Not a day goes by without all of us thinking of you. You are gone too soon- your departure caused us all pain, but made us look heavenward. Heaven seems closer somehow- Love you"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 13th January 2013

"Laurie, we "helped" Don celebrate his and your wedding anniversary the other night...32 years...I know they say nothing is forever and that is so true...we all found that out in September when you left us...He misses you so much and so do we...we never thought about one of us leaving, never wanting it to happen to any of us, no matter what age...We love you & miss you so much Laurie Ann!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 1st January 2013

"Laurie, you have a beautiful,precious new granddaughter born yesterday, on New Years Eve.   I was there as you were for mine. I know our whole family would have been if possible  I still can't help but feel you should have been able to be there.  Don, Josh & Sherri needed you so much...We all did!!!  I love you and miss you so very much Laurie Ann!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 25th December 2012

"I know It's now officially Christmas day and Don, most of your kids & mine will go to Mom & Dad's for Dad's mouthwatering ham & dinner...everyone is missing your delicious potatoes but no one even talks about making them because it won't be the same...maybe one day...until then, please enjoy the family we have and all of the babies in Heaven, as I know you already are!  Love you!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 25th December 2012

"Laurie, I went thru your facebook pictures, posts & comments the other night...It took me hours and I took pictures of them with my phone so I can add them all a little at a time...I realized that you had posted alot about Heaven and God all of the time, but especially during September, before your surgery. Your posts reflect your heart, Laurie...beautiful, warm & as we know, truly caring!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 25th December 2012

"Laurie, I love that post of Debbie's...I don't know why but I never really wondered what Heaven was like until you left us but now I do, every single day...Christmas Eve was beautiful but we missed you so much!!! And we miss Debbie & her family, as all of our other family, spread out all over...But in Heaven, there will be no distance to travel to see each other!!! I love you Laurie!!!"

This tribute was added by debbie hillyer on 25th December 2012

"It's Christmas Eve and thinking of you.... wondering what Christmas in heaven is like? Missing you, Laurie. So grateful you are not gone from us forever. Love you forever-"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 21st December 2012

"That was beautiful, Mom! I truly believe that Laurie can see & hear us, but she isn't sad because she's in Heaven, where there is no sorrow.I don't know how God transforms our earthly bodies & minds but I know it's & Dad instilled in us, a strong love & belief in our Heavenly Father.We thank you & love you both so much for all you've done & taught us on this earth  Love, Kellie"

This tribute was added by brenda gavach on 21st December 2012

"As we are getting ready for our Christmas celebrations, all of us are missing you and reaching out to one another with more love and caring than ever before-because we realize we can't take each other for granted. We thank the Lord for the years we had with you--so many wonderful memories.  You'll always be in our hearts dear daughter, and safe in the arms of Jesus forever. Thank you Lord!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 18th December 2012

"We ALL love and miss you!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 18th December 2012

"Knowing you, you would have asked me to make a trip out to Colorado with you so we could be with them during the trial...But then again, Sherri is due anyday, so I know you would not have chanced missing that!!! And me neither!!! I just miss calling & being with you. Still seems like you're still just home, where you always wanted to be,ready to pick up the phone when we call. I miss you!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 18th December 2012

"Laurie, I told Diane that I'd "let you know" that Tony's killer has been convicted to life in prison. It doesn't bring him back nor does it take away their pain but to know the guy who did this is going to pay for what he did, is going to help them, even if just a little. I know if you were here, you would be so very,very happy!!! You'd be posting on facebook and calling me to let me know!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 16th December 2012

"The only thing helping right now, is the fact that you're in Heaven and God is using you to comfort and take care of these children...I truly believe that with all my heart, dear, sweet sister...Love on them, hold them, comfort them, tell them about all of your babies and ours too, and how they will see their mommies and daddies again...Love you and miss you so much Laurie Ann!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 16th December 2012

"Laurie, as I'm writing to you, I can not look at your pictures I've posted...I'm sorry, it just hurts too much...I guess my heart is just too "tender"  right now (again) from the school shootings, of innocent people, and many, many children...1 person of any age is always too many but beautiful "babies," - it's just too much and more than I can bear to think about right now..."

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 8th December 2012

"We met at Olive Garden in South County tonight for Lauren's 25th birthday coming up soon. Can you believe it!  Lauren is almost 25! Jeremy, Josh, Sherri  and Baby couldn't make it. AND you couldn't be there.  Your smile, your laughter, your love.  Don did as good as he could - he had a hard time but we were there with him. It's so hard!!! We love you and miss you so much, Laurie!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 7th December 2012

"I was looking at your pictures, thinking it impossible that you are no longer here with us. It seems that God should let us see you, talk to you, to ease our pain. But then I realized, maybe he doesn't because if He did, then we would no longer strive to make Heaven our Home.  And we can't wait to see you and finally meet our Heavenly Father. We ALL love and miss you so much Laurie!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 22nd November 2012

"Laurie, It's officially Thanksgiving and little Chasie's 2nd birthday.  I thank God for giving you to us for all of the years he did.  I (We all) miss you so very much!  I also thank God for all of the rest of our family - each and every single one. Each one is just as important as all of the others...Please be with us tomorrow in spirit. Love you so much!!!  Kellie Jean"

This tribute was added by debbie hillyer on 20th November 2012

"We love and miss you, Laurie! Tears as I look at this tribute to you, dear sister....sad that I took so much for granted...not realizing you would leave us so soon. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be so hard for all of us that miss you - but I promise we will hug a little harder, love more; and not take our family for granted......"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 20th November 2012

"If only all of the people in this world would realize how very precious life really is, quit sweating the small stuff and just "enjoy" the presence of each other, then we would all see real peace and is very precious, as we have found out...."

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 20th November 2012

"I had a dream a few weeks ago about you Laurie Ann...I dreamt that something happened and in my dream i thought "I've got to call Laurie and tell her."  But in my dream, i realized that you were no longer "here" for us to pick up the phone and call you...I started crying in my dream, which woke me up...and the crying was not just in my dreams...I miss you dear sister, so very very much!!!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 31st October 2012

"Laurie, I didn't post on this for Don and Anthony's birthday but we all missed you so much! I prayed special prayers for Don, your kids and grandbabies later on to give them peace. It hurt so bad and just wasn't the same. And now this is our very first Halloween without you. I know you always loved seeing your babies and all of ours too!  We love you Laurie and miss you so very very much!!"

This tribute was added by Kellie Graves on 21st October 2012

"In Christ, there are no goodbyes, In Christ, there is no end, I'm going to hold on to Jesus with all that I have, To see you again!!!  Laurie Ann, we will all, including your unborn granddaughter and your grandbabies not even thought of yet, will one day meet you, and will rejoice as a family once again...the biggest and sweetest family gathering ever!!!  We love & miss you so very much!!!"

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