"Please do not mourn for me, rather, hold on tight to those you love, be kind to each other and I will look forward to seeing you all in Heaven!" Love, Laurie
  • Passed away on January 5, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Laurie Faulkner, who we will hold close in our hearts forever.  We invite you to add your tribute below and add pictures and stories.

Laurie was a beautiful person, both inside and out, who filled the lives of those who knew her with an unforgettable ray of sunshine.  She was kind, silly, adventurous and spontaneous, embracing every moment in life with a vibrancy and energy that was contagious!  She was someone who simply loved life, loved much, and laughed often.

In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made in Laurie's honor to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society http://www.lls.org/

Posted by Cliff Whipple on 5th January 2018
"back in the day" I would make it to San Francisco once or twice a year. I would telephone Laurie at the last minute to arrange to meet for a meal or drinks. It never seemed to be an inconvenience to her -- she would drop everything and we would enjoy an evening of bar hopping or whatever. As the years progressed and the perils of time and age prevailed upon us we shared many telephone conversations -- she always seemed to have words of wisdom. I miss you, and our chats, little sister.
Posted by Nancy Edwards on 5th January 2018
No matter the years I've missed my beautiful friend and her warm smile, great sense of humor and caring soul. My heart warms every time I think of her. Miss you my love.
Posted by Walter White on 8th January 2017
Missing my beautiful friend. Remembering all the laughs and joy she brought to my life!
Posted by Rosemary Esparza on 13th January 2016
Remembering our visits to VCA with our dogs. Wondering about the Rainbow Bridge where our pets will greet us. Your little guy was so special as were you.
Posted by Kelly Grapentin on 6th January 2015
Laurie you left us too soon! I think about you often and miss your warm beautiful smile. You will be forever missed! Xo
Posted by Erik Schultz on 5th January 2015
I was flying on United last week, looking out from my window seat at the stars and Laurie came to mind. I was in a pretty foul mood after spending the night in the airport after a cancelled flight. Funny how she can still lifts our spirits. Such an amazing and special person!
Posted by George Hobdell on 5th January 2015
There is an Eskimo legend which says that Perhaps they are not the Stars, but rather Openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. I know Laurie’s memory will long live on for me, and I truly believe she is happy and shining down on us all.
Posted by Michael Higgins on 5th January 2015
I miss Laurie so much. Thanks to her good friend Sharon, we dated before and during her career with United and although we married different people, we remained friends until her passing. I miss her zest for life and sense of humor. I hope her next flying job will be on my shoulder as a guardian angel.
Posted by Walter White on 5th January 2015
Thinking of Laurie today! Missing my dear friend. I feel her presence so often!! xoxo Wally
Posted by Sharon Lockard on 21st April 2014
A few months have gone by and the spring flowers are beginning to show their brilliant colors. I miss you so much but I see your beautiful smile and sunny outlook. I hear you laugh. You taught me so much about positive thinking and you are in my heart always. xoxo Sharon
Posted by Natasha Earling on 10th April 2014
Happy Birthday dear Laurie! Thinking of you more than ever on this special day!!! Your light shines brightly as hundreds of random acts of kindness were completed by your friends and family in your honor! We miss you so, but your legacy of kindness and making people feel special lives on.
Posted by Sue Callen on 1st April 2014
heavens angel
Posted by Kate Linder on 7th March 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Laurie at United. She was an amazing co-worker and friend and will be sorely missed. I am grateful that she won't have to suffer anymore.
Posted by Linda Bradley on 21st February 2014
Laurie and I worked together at United in San Francisco in the mid 80's. She was a flight attendant and I was a Supervisor; she supported me during uniform changeovers.insuring a smooth transition with her many skills. I loved her zest for life, lively spirit, beautiful smile and sense of humor. One of my favorite memories was several years ago when we celebrated our anniversary and her birthday together. She took me shopping, we all went out to diviner then to the Bel Air Hotel for cocktails where the piano player tried to pick her up. She handled him as only she could do and we had many laughs afterward. I am blessed to have been her friend for so many years. She was a beautiful soul and now she's our angel.
Posted by Nancy Edwards on 18th February 2014
I have many joyful memories of my dear friend. Of course she was a wonderful decorator and did many projects for us. One of note was when she redecorated our collection of travel memorabilia and placed an extremely large fish on my center counter leaving no room for food prep. I love to cook and explained that it would not work to which she replied "oh but you're not supposed to use that area!". We laughed so hard because she was so genuine. You had to love her. I'll miss her terribly and still look at things and think Laurie would know what to do with that. I'm sure she's re-decorating heaven:)
Posted by Monique Christensen on 17th February 2014
My favorite memory of Laurie was our road trip to Laguna Beach for the Pageant of the Masters in 2013. She wasn't feeling too well, although really wanted to make the trip. I got off work mid-day on a Friday and scooped her up. She had packed a car picnic for us to eat on the way and we chatted and laughed our way through all the traffic. Met our dear friends for dinner and the Pageant, my first one, it was amazing. She was more excited for me to experience the Pageant I think, in her sweet dear way. When I saw her in the hospital, she always called it her spa visit and kept asking the nurses when the dancing men were coming. I'm not sure if they thought she was kidding or not! When at home, she spoke fondly and with gratitude of all those who cared for her. When I remember her I will be sad that I miss her, although memories of time spent together will make me smile. --Monique
Posted by Sharon Lockard on 16th February 2014
I met Laurie 43 years ago when we graduated from high school. We instantly became fast friends and had fun doing anything and everything. Laurie was a very positive girl that loved life. She loved her family and friends and made friends where ever she was. I am a better person for having Laurie in my life. Laure I love you and will carry you always in my heart. Your last visit with us to Lake Chelan was absolutely the best. I miss you terribly but know you have new wings and adventures ahead of you. xo Sharon
Posted by Marv Miller on 3rd February 2014
Many moons ago while photographing in Death Valley I became deathly ill with an undetermined virus & ended up in Marin General Hospital. I was barely conscious as the door to my room swung open with gusto & in comes a pregnant Nun, on roller skates, shouting, "OK Marv, it's time to rise 'n shine!" Who else but my beautiful next door neighbor, Laurie Whipple, from Puyallup, Wa., could pull off a luv'n stunt like that.
Posted by Erik Schultz on 1st February 2014
I looked forward to seeing Laurie at work everyday at United. She always made me feel special with her smile, humor and sense of adventure. She was so much fun to be with and had such a warm heart. I feel so lucky to have known her and will always remember her wonderful spirit. Laurie's smile will always shine! All my love, Erik
Posted by Sue McCormack on 27th January 2014
Laurie was one of those rare persons with the gift of making everyone with whom they come in contact feel special, valued. A quiet little girl, she grew up to be confident and gracious. I'm sorry I never lived near her so I could know her better.
Posted by Jila Kashef on 22nd January 2014
Laurie was a beautiful Angel, whom I have known only for few months. I had the pleasure to spend some time with her and enjoy her company in a very peaceful moments. She was introduced to me through one of her friend Natasha, whom she adored. I had offered my support to what ever she needed, however she was very cautious and hardly had asked me to do any thing for her, even though I was ready to help her, but she did not asked for much. Knowing Laurie was truly a blessing and life alerting for me again to pay more attention to my health, as I am living with metastatic breast cancer disease myself and she kept telling me that I should take care of myself more and more. Her soul will be blessed. I am thinking about Laurie a lot! I miss her!! Natasha you were a very special friend to her and she loved you. Universe bless your beautiful heart. Jila Kashef
Posted by Trish Gates on 21st January 2014
Laurie Faulkner was my former supervisor at United. She was such a pivotal person in my life. The Universe has a mysterious way of revealing your path. If it were not for Laurie I would've never had an experience that altered my life forever. Thank you, Laurie, for your radiant smile, your infectious positivity, and for your special influence in my life. You will be missed!! R.I.P. xo Trish Gates
Posted by Bob Harrison on 20th January 2014
From A Stranger: I've been reading the beautiful tributes to Laurie and can really feel the love. I had a beautiful love too. And just like Laurie, she loved everyone, and was a great loss for humanity. Sounds like Laurie passed from a blood cancer. My Annie did. It may just be a coincidence, but Laurie is located on the forevermissed.com home page, just one face away from Annie. I'm sure their great friends by now. I wish you all, the best, and for continued healing.
Posted by Dawn Kilby on 19th January 2014
I would have loved to known her personally.
Posted by Madelyn Commodore on 17th January 2014
I have only known Laurie for a short time. However short our friendship may have been, meeting Laurie was truly a blessing. The impact Laurie had on my life was profound, and extremely life altering. I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie in an organizing class at West LA College. We sat next to each other in class. Laurie and I shared in conversation, notes and ideas with each other, we would also discuss our opinions about things that happened in glass. After class we’d make sure we would walk together at night in the parking lot, seeing each other off safely as we would part, until the next time. Laurie, expressed with great passion, sincerity and excitement for me, because during the time we met, my decorating and organizing business was fairly new. Laure extended her business card to me, and suggested we keep in touch. Thereafter, periodically we would talk on the phone, share stories about our organizing class, weeks work, new clients, and about each others designing or organizing job opportunities. Laurie was truly a giver, she started sharing with me via text and email business ideas and solutions, and she had even forwarded a couple of client referrals she thought would be able to use my service. That is how I had the honor of meeting Hannelore Hutton, who, to this day, has become a repeating client, close, special and dear friend to me. My time with Laurie was short lived because of her illness. But we kept in touch via email, and text, sending each other, I would send her beautiful garden pictures I would photograph. We'd send each other daily inspirations, positive thoughts and prayers. I thank God for the time, and love we were able to share. Laurie will always have a special place in my heart. She will be remembered as one of Gods guardian angels whose loving spirit help me create loving memories in such a short time, an in-erasable mark is on my heart. May God rest her soul, and may she rest in peace. I will miss Laurie a ray of sunshine. Madelyn Commodore
Posted by Susan Vesser on 17th January 2014
The sounds of my cousins voice filled my heart with joy. She was the brightest light I knew, as small girls we were more like sisters and grew our lives traveling enjoying art and fashion and laughs always laughs. She flies with brave wings. we promised to see each other in heaven her with animal prints wings...mind will be zebra print...fly sweetheart fly. I wll always love you every day till I see you there. cuz
Posted by Steve Shindle on 16th January 2014
Laurie was my beautiful little cousin who I never got to see enough. I never got to give her the ride in my classic corvette that I always promised and will miss her smile dearly. Cousin Steve
Posted by Lori Agresta on 16th January 2014
I'm heart aches for a beautiful woman Who I did not know personally but share In her loss with my friend Wally and as a fellow Flight Attendant. May her light always shine within all who she touched And shared her life with. All my love to her family and friends. Lori Agresta
Posted by Walter White on 16th January 2014
Every time you see a sunset with the stunning colors of amber, apricot, flame, peach, persian orange, vermilion, burnt orange, coral, and pumpkin you will know that Laurie Faulkner is orchestrating her love for color, design, and beauty for all of us to enjoy! I celebrate her zest for life, love of friends and family, and endless giving of herself. Missing my sweet, beautiful friend. XO Wally
Posted by Natasha Earling on 16th January 2014
Those we love are never really lost to us - we feel them in so many special ways- through friends they always cared about and dreams they left behind, in beauty that they added to our days... in words of wisdom we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone... Those we love are never really lost to us - for everywhere their special love lives on" A. Bradley Laurie, your vibrant zest for life and incredible positive spirit will inspire me forever. I miss you so very much. Shine bright my gorgeous friend. I love you! Hope they're ready for your crazy costumes in Heaven!

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