Her Life

Laurie's Story

   On Wednesday July 3, 2019 @3:29 p.m., Miss Laurie Leigh Kittle passed away at the age of 62 after a courageous and valiant battle with leiomyosarcoma . Laurie was born April 12th. 1957 to Harold Ephriam Kittle and Lois Vivian Cadawalader Kittle in Kingston, PA, at the Nesbitt Hospital. She attended school at Lake-Lehman, she graduated in 1975. While attending high school she also took courses at College Misercordia. Laurie graduated from George Washington University with a BA in History in 1979. She also did Masters's research at the University of Virginia.

   Early in her career she worked as part of the research team for "The George Washington Papers". She worked for a time at Armed Forces Radio and the American Red Cross.

   Laurie worked as a Scrum Master/Principal Business Analyst for contractors for the Department of State, FBI, DIA, Department of Patent and Trademark throughout her professional career.

   What Laurie loved the most was History, especially the Founding of our great country, the Constitution, and George Mason the author of the Bill of Rights. For almost 26 years she was a Tour Interpreter at  Gunston Hall in Lorton, Virginia. She was a co-founder and Coordinator of the Gunstonians (a living history volunteer organization).

    Laurie did living history performances as Mrs. Catherine McCauley Graham, Mrs. Sarah Mason, and Mrs. Lucy Knox.

    Laurie is survived by her family that loved her dearly, her sister Sharon Stogoski and her husband Ralph Stogoski; her sister Cathy Vilewinski and her husband Gene Vilewinski. Her nieces and nephews that brought her joy, Eric Stogoski and his wife Tiffany Carey Stogoski; Bobbi Stogoski Potter and Shawn Potter; Andrew (aka Boomer) and his wife Julie Rafalko Verdekal; and last but never least Ryan Verdekal.

    Laurie adored her great nephew, Luke Stogoski and her great niece Kate Stogoski, they were the light of her life. Laurie with Luke and Kate shared some very special moments. There was Christmas Cooking baking, dyeing of Easter Eggs, vacation to Disney, Harry Potter movies, Star War movies, Luke and Kate's birthday parties, Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with the Carey family, and sharing Christmas with them.

      Kate especially loved when Aunt Laurie spoke with a British accent. When Kate was younger Laurie was pushing her on the swing (a little too vigorously) and catapulted Kate into the air! No harm, no foul!

        Luke when asked the same question, said the same as Kate, he loved her British accent. Luke's best memory is attending the Star Wars movies with Aunt Laurie, because he loved Star Wars as much as she did. Now if you were to ask Luke's Dad about Star Wars movies he would have a totally different answer.

       Laurie was very proud of her being on the nationally syndicated show Jeopardy and winning in 1997. She answered a question about horses and Alex Trebek told her she was incorrect. She contested that and of course she was correct!

She was fortunate to travel to England, France, and Italy on multiple occasions. She did a tour with the WWll Museum to Normandy. Laurie's father and two uncles were veterans of WWll, so this trip was very special to her. She attended The Attingham School in 2008, which she found fascinating. She loved touring historic homes, churches, castles, for her love of history brought her joy.

Her friends have been a source of inspiration to her family in her final weeks. It was such a pleasure to meet them all, it was a final gift from Laurie to her family.

Laurie's family requested that donations be made to the Pohick Church Docents Guild, the American United for Separation of Church and State, or Gadsby's Tavern Museum.