Her Life

Her Birth:

Lavinia was born on Wednesday 16th August 1933 she was the 3rd child of her parents Peene Paapa Pere Epiha b: 6 Dec 1905 d: 3 Apr 1966 and Muiri Merewete Haare b: 10 Dec 1910 d: 14 Oct 2004.  

She has an older sister  Te Hemonga Amy Epiha and an older brother Manu Papa Pere Epiha and she has two younger brothers. Paora Hori Epiha (last remaing survivor) and Ruatihema Sailor Pere.  She has a whangai brother as well, Douglas Papa Pere Epiha.

Her father had three children to his first wife Ani Apiata and they are:

Mane Mane Papa Pere, Erana Papa Pere and Heemi Wi Mene Pere.

Lavinia was known by her family as "Lovey" and she was well loved and is well missed to this day.  Lovey helped changed the pathways of my many of her nieces as one by one they were sent to their aunty to learn how to become ladies themselves.

She married Peter Yvarn Jujnovich and adopted one of her younger brothers daughters as her own.  Lavinya Natalie Jujnovich b: 13 Feb 1971 daughter of Ruatihema Sailor Epiha and his lovely wife Te Hemopo Lillian Maatiaha Morgan.

Lovey is loved and missed by ALL her family and is survived by her daughter and her 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

We love you very much nana - xxxx