Posted by Chris Curbelo on February 10, 2021
You are so privileged to have been spared this pandemic and its effects on all of us. Pray for us all down here. We could surely use those prayers, especially now.
Enjoy your new life of peace and love! HAPPY NEW BIRTHDAY IN MARCH!☘✝️
We miss you and those "good old days".
Posted by Chris Curbelo on August 20, 2020
Continue to think of Larry and his sunshine personality as we pass his music store on Glenoaks and when my hubby plays his timbalis. Larry will always be a precious part of this neighborhood's history. So glad he is not here during this pandemic, though I know he would be making music no matter what. That is just the kind of man he was. Pray for all us, Buddy, who are still here.
Chris Curbelo
Posted by John Mabry on August 18, 2020
So so sad to hear about Larry's passing....I truly enjoyed visiting with him from the very first time I stopped by the store. I had an accordion that was a small diatonic and nobody wanted to help me, but without asking how much or how long, Larry was such a gentleman with a magnetic, smiling presence, that I knew I had found a very special place and Larry's happy confidence won my heart. He won my friendship that day and I visited to buy guitar strings and other accessories several times over the years. He was a warm and loving character, he made you feel good and the time flew-by in his company. He is entertaining Gabriel and all of Heaven's angels in his joyful and inclusive love I'm sure! Thank you Larry for all the laughs and all the kind folks that helped me so much each time I visited his Glendale store....
Posted by Chris Curbelo on February 10, 2020
The old neighborhood is missing a big piece of its heart since your passing. But I am comforted that you are making beautiful music with your band of Angels in heaven. Hope you will pray for us down here. We will meet again.

Chris Curbelo & family
Posted by DEAN LAGASSE on August 9, 2018
Well, here it is 2 1/2 years after his passing and I didn't know until today that it happened. I am so sad. He's a guy I met back in the 80's when his daughter went to the school I teach at. You met him once, and he was your friend. I bought a guitar from him, a mandolin, strings, music, and was always taken care of when I entered his store. If I hadn't been there for a couple years, he would get on my case and tell me I couldn't come back unless I brought him some of my wife's chocolate chip cookies. Which I brought him! He was simply a class act. Well loved. God blessed us with him and he is surely missed.
Posted by Chris Curbelo on March 18, 2018
Love the old photos of him and his Irish smile! Just think of the music he is making up there! The angels are rejoicing with him as we did down here and as we will be rejoicing with him again someday in the future. We can all be comforted by that!
Play one for me, Larry!

Chris Curbelo & family
Posted by Chris Curbelo on February 10, 2018
Unfortunately, I have no more stories or photos to share. However, I still cannot believe Larry was in his 80's. He always seemed much younger to me, probably because of his lighthearted attitude toward life and that "Sunshine" of a smile he always wore. God Bless You, Larry, for bringing light and life into this world, not to mention that precious gift of MUSIC!
Posted by Jason Oliver on August 31, 2017
I am so sad to learn of Larry's passing. Larry and his Music store were a huge inspiration to my son and I can credit them for laying the ground on the importance of music in his life.

I would help Larry at his home from time to time and he was truly one of a kind that was always willing to help anyone and make something happen.

Thank you so much Leigh for continuing to keep his legacy going, the community and the world need shops like yours

Love Jason, Jessica and Malakai Oliver
Posted by Jose Garcia on March 28, 2017
Larry was always laughing and joking around. Every time I passed by his music store to buy something, I always was welcomed with a joke or a smile. He made my days all the times. 
You will be missed Larry. May the eternal light bright upon you. Blessings.
Posted by Joel Lanuza on March 17, 2017
growing up in Glendale will always remember larry and his funny jokes and his love for music
Posted by Chris Curbelo on February 11, 2017
Some of us Jefferson Elementary School staff got together recently and spoke of what a great guy Larry was to all of us and to so many kids in the area, sharing stories of his encouragement, his patience and that eternal smile. We even attempted to sing his favorite song, Moon River.
We did not realize his birthday was on the horizon. You see, he is still communicating through MUSIC! He is still with us through the MUSIC of our minds. So KEEP ON PLAYING YOUR MUSIC UP THERE until we all come to join the concert!
Posted by Nathan Firszt on July 27, 2016
I'm very sorry to hear of Larry's passing. For the last twenty years I've been visiting my father in Burbank once or twice a year. Every visit I would drop by Larry's store, knowing that there would always be fun and friendly conversation. Whenever I bought anything Larry was honest and generous. His store was full of interesting and whimsical instruments which represented him. May his memory be a blessing.
Posted by Gary Wolfe on June 22, 2016
When I moved from Canada to LA, Larry hired me to teach guitar at his music store. He was always helpful,and was great to work for.He helped me a lot,and I will miss him very much.See you again my friend.
Posted by Myk Price on April 28, 2016
I met Larry many years ago when I had two accordions that were in need of servicing. I contacted about three or four music stores who all said, "The guy to talk to is Larry Larson," so I did. He was such a gracious, kind, and wonderful man. I just acquired another accordion from friends two days ago and my first thought was to give Larry a call and tell him, "I'm bringing you another one!" My heart is so heavy with this news. My sincere condolences to his family, his friends, and to all of those his life has touched. It's a little darker down here, but I'm sure there's an extra glow up in Heaven.
Posted by Stephen Scott on April 7, 2016
I enjoyed my visits to the store. Larry was always ready with immense musical knowledge and good-natured banter. When standing in a crowd at NAMM I'd get a poke in the ribs and look around to see his and Leigh's smiling faces. I am very glad to have known him. Peace.
Posted by Robert Phillipps on April 7, 2016
I go way back. I was a kid back in 1962 and the Larson family lived across the street on Dorothy Drive in Glendale. In fact, Anita, Larry's daughter, and I became friends. We were the same age and were in the same second grade class. We hung out at the Larson house and I recall attending Anita"s birthday party. I was lucky. I was the only boy there amongst a dozen girls. I remember Larry in his black and white striped shirts. I recall seeing his photo and music store ad in the Glendale News Press back then. We moved away and I came back in 1974 to take guitar lessons at Larry's shop. He still remembered me. His humor was amazing! Kind of dry, and made you think. That man was always thinking. And he was full of self confudence. Years went by... Lo and behold, my own daughter wanted to learn guitar. So in 2009, there I was... once again sharing Larry's terrific sense of humor and our memories from the early 60s. He even made a call to Anita and I got to hear her lovely voice nearly 50 years later. And in that call, Anita told me how great it was to hear from her very first boyfriend. Heck, I guess I was too young to pick up on that back then. I never knew! I got to meet beautiful Leigh, and shared time with Larry. His shop has been a mainstay on Glenoaks Blvd. To this day, I still glance every time I pass by, and reminisce of a simpler way of life, and the joys of friendship I shared with the Larsons.
Posted by Jim Torgeson on April 5, 2016
For those of you who could not make it, let me share my welcome and eulogy to those in attendance.

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Jim Torgeson and I am here to celebrate the life of Larry Larson.

I want us all to share about Larry and will attempt to keep my time up here brief, but it will be hard because of the impact he had upon my life and so many others.

Certainly, there will be tears, but Larry’s life was always filled with laughter and his passing should be no different. It is absolutely what he would want.

Let me begin by saying that I would not be the man I today if not for Larry being such a great part of my life.

Larry hailed from Rockford, IL. As a young man, he played baseball for the Braves organization before big contracts were falling from the sky.
He decided to move to Glendale in a rickety truck with his accordion to open a music studio in hopes of profits, studio work and live performances.

He opened his shop 60 years ago. Obviously, his passion for music has stood the test of time.

As many young men, Larry got married and had his first two children, Anita and Danny. Although his marriage did not work out , he tried a couple more times and was blessed with a daughter, Julie.

About 16 years ago, he gave love another chance and found Leigh, a woman who he told me was "his everything." A woman he said was so good that "he did not deserve her" and that he would be "lost without."

Relationships can never be understood by people on the outside, but one thing that Leigh gave Larry, until the moment he passed and beyond, was love. Larry passed knowing someone loved him and we should all be so lucky.

He eventually passed on his own terms and had imparted more wisdom upon me in his last couple years than most fathers pass to their sons in a lifetime.

Let me share how Larry became more than just a boss or mentor to me. More than a "favorite uncle."

I began working for Larry when I was only 14 years old. I hung out in his shop so much that he figured he might as well pay me.

The opportunity he gave me forever changed my life. As many teenaged boys, I was trying to find my way. Larry gave me responsibilities and when I showed I could do that, he added more. Eventually, he gave me the keys to the store because he got me to rise to every challenge.

He taught me to sell, to listen and actually hear the customer. I learned people skills that to this day, benefit me more than almost any other lesson learned. He took me under his wing and, after my first real heartbreak, explained that although I may be hurt, I was hurting over what I thought my relationship was or could have been, not what it really was. He helped me believe I deserved better... Although I will say that girl was pretty hot.

Working for Larry let me become "the cool guitar player" and earn respect and sometimes envy from the other guys. He helped me build a self-confidence that propelled a career in music for decades.

Larry had a love of performing. His buddies like Spider Webb, Vinnie DiMeo and a host of others showed me how chemistry played into music. He made money, had big laughs, he certainly loved the food at these gigs, but it was, above all else, fun.

Larry’s partner in crime was Neil LeVang. So many days those two would hold court in the shop or go down to Rusty’s Mexican Hacienda. I remember Larry coming back one day, hooking his Cordovox according, an amplified beast that could sound like almost anything and suddenly belting a out a version of Purple Haze, singing as loud as he could. "Purple Haze, it’s in my brain.." I’ll never forget it. He played a mean Deep Purple too!

After graduating UCLA, playing in bands and moving to Arizona, I would still call and stop by to see the master. Always a great joke. Always a laugh. Always wishing I could stay longer. Larry became friends with my parents through all those years and my Dad always credited Larry with "getting me out of my shell and making me and extrovert."

In fact, although I am my father’s son, Larry is responsible for more of my personality and backbone than anyone.

When I met my wife, I brought her by the shop for the old man’s approval. He was family.

When he came to my wedding, Larry was telling my Dad, my God Father and my wife’s God Father jokes and in the middle of a joke, he slaps her God Father on the stomach "anyone tell you that you look like Ted Turner?"
He answered "I am Ted Turner." (He is) Larry, smiled, said "Oh, then hold this so I can finish the joke." Nothing really phased him and he laughed about that all the time. Larry was comfortable anywhere.
I his last years, Larry would still go with the laughs, he was remarried, and so very happy. He would remind me almost every time we spoke about how important having someone in your life is. That someone for him is Leigh.

We all have successes and failures in life, but Larry inspired me to open a guitar shop later this year. I had put if off for years, but as his time waned, he demonstrated how important music and his shop were to him and that "a man that loves what he does never works a day in his life."

Even after passing, his impact will be felt. I will open a store so that I can play, play, hold court and enjoy my life. I will continue to appreciate my wife and her unwavering support because he showed me that it’s the most important thing in life.

I want to thank Leigh for loving my friend.

Now, I could stand her for hours with stories, but let me call upon all of you to share a story, a laugh or anything you are comfortable with. Let’s us do Larry proud and not forget how to laugh and to live well."
Posted by ROEL GHAHRAMANIAN on April 3, 2016
Larry was a great guy .
Posted by Bob Koepple on March 30, 2016
When I heard of Larry's passing I felt like I just lost a Brother. Larry was the type of guy that once he got to know you , you had a friend for life. Not only was he talented as a musician but a very generous individual. Our Accordion meetings won't be the same without him, we always looked forward to seeing him.
We will miss him very much.
Posted by Gail Webb on March 30, 2016
Larry was one of a group of exceptional musicians who were good friends since the 1960's. Being a super talent is only exceeded by being a super friend. Larry's friendship, talent, and great sense of humor will be with all of us who knew him forever. Gary "Spider" and Gail Webb
Posted by Jane Warner on March 30, 2016
I met Larry 16 years ago when he and Leigh first began associating. What a great guy! He helped us establish a band at our school, and contributed so nicely to this on an ongoing basis. He was such a wonderful person, so musically gifted and so interested in helping others to experience music. Always a smile; loved to make you laugh; he will be missed!
Posted by Mark Maxwell on March 29, 2016
We met Larry (and Leigh) years ago at an art show - we were selling our CD's there - and there was an instant connection between the four of us. Larry was such a character - funny, animated - always a great pleasure to be around him. And we shared a wonderful heartfelt connection with and around music - he had such passion about it! We'll miss him and we're grateful for the fond memories of him that we carry in our hearts. ~Mark & Roberta Maxwell
Posted by Joel Lanuza on March 29, 2016
Larry was so funny always had a joke to tell me. He loved music and that was his passion. He will be missed. I will never forget when he sang a song to my Grandma with the maracas she bought.
Posted by Jaime Donnelly on March 29, 2016
It was lovely to have the chance to get to know Larrry better before his passing. I will always remember his impromptu accordion performance and the dodgy magic tricks he entertained my two boys with. Much love from the Donnelly Family.
Posted by Rick Curbelo on March 28, 2016
Thank you for teaching me about music, Larry. I still remember my chords and your shop on our corner.
Posted by Chris Curbelo on March 28, 2016
Larry was such a great guy! Always had a smile and took the time with each customer that entered the store. He was not only a good teacher, who taught my son about 30 years ago, but a fine musician whose love for his work showed on his face. He sold me my hubby's timbali drums, which we still have. He worked so patiently with the kids from Jefferson Elem. School, across from his store. His store is a landmark in Glendale as well as the man who owned it.
GOD BLESS YOU, LARRY & ENJOY HEAVEN. I know you will be contributing to the lovely music there.
Posted by Bill Salkin on March 26, 2016
I was an accordion student of Larry's for only two years but that time was transformative. Not only was he a fun person to be with but a skilled musician as well. After one lesson on Saturday I found a piece of music that caught my fancy so began practicing it (not part of the lesson plan). When I arrived next Saturday for my lesson I was practicing it but Larry was not present. Actually he was standing outside the room listening. When he opened the door he asked me to play it again. He said I can improve that 100% and proceeded to show me how! I did sound much better after following his advice. That type of training lasts a lifetime not just for a lesson. He set the course of the ship that I will follow as I continue playing the accordion. I will miss him but am glad for the time we spent together.
Posted by Betty Emery on March 25, 2016
My father met Larry shortly after he opened his studio in the 50's and even helped in remodeling it. Larry became good friends with our family. Both my sister and I took accordion lessons from him and my sister and Larry performed together at numerous events. He had talent, personality, wit and a great smile! (he loved chewing gum - LOL)  Larry was truly part of Glendale and driving past his studio will never seem the same.  RIP Larry. You will be remembered and missed by many.  (Betty Shore Emery)
Posted by Bill Maloof on March 25, 2016
We met in 1968. "This is the Living Legend" is the way Larry answered the phone when I called. He said it in jest but he actually was. He probably knew more about instruments, where to get them and who sold them to the retailers than anyone I know. The store was his life. Larry, Spider Webb and I played countless music jobs together over the years. What a great friend. He will be missed.
Posted by Jim Torgeson on March 25, 2016
Larry was family to me. I worked for him starting at 14 years of age. He became friends with my parents and gave me a responsibility that probably kept me out of trouble as a teen.

I learned so much; how to sell, how to be responsible, self worth, confidence. He was there from me being ashy kid to being an absolute extrovert. He was there for my first heartbreak, my fits successes outside of school and the shop. He was, in every sense of the word, my uncle.

At my wedding, he was telling dirty jokes and, in the middle, slaps my wife's godfather on the belly "anyone tell you that you look like Ted Turner?"

"I am Ted Turner." Larry pauses ever so briefly, "hold my drink, I gotta finish this joke."

I have so many memories, but the best is just his laugh. That laugh made everything good.
Posted by Kimberly Ross on March 24, 2016
Larry always had a laugh and a joke on hand, for every occasion. A great teacher, a great musician, and a great brother-in-law, he loved his friends and family. I so appreciate the music you brought into the world. You will be missed by many.
Posted by Leigh Larson on March 23, 2016
Larry was the light of my life. I was with him for sixteen years and he held on to me as the light in his life. We will be together forever in our hearts. Larry, I will keep your love, your laughter, caring and sweet times that we shared every day. I love you more!

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