And In The End, The Love You Take, Is Equal To The Love You Make.
  • 54 years old
  • Born on August 7, 1956 in Southampton, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on March 11, 2011 in Amagansett, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lawrence W. Miller III who was born on August 7, 1956 and passed away on March 11, 2011. We will remember him forever, as a loving father,husband, and grandfather. We Love you dad, walk with us, as we walk the rest of our lives,guide us where we need guidance and embrace us when we need embracing.


   When the wrinkles of my frowns
Have settle on my brow
And time has taken its toll
On my body and my soul
I will look back on these
moments we call ours
And for the time
of a thought
Again be young
-- Lawrence W. Miller



The Joshua Miller Fund

Suffolk County National Bank

351 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, N.Y. 11937


Joshua L. Miller

Po Box 446

Amagansett NY, 11930

Posted by Deborah Follenius on 11th March 2018
Thinking of you all.Wow,seven years. Keep on keeping us in line here.We can always tell by the seagulls,a certain song,poem or with anything art related.It always brings me back to your talent.Love & miss you all.Our heavenly angels you all are.......looking over us.Love to you. Dibs
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 8th August 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday.Thinking of you & Vonda,mom& dad.Hoping that heaven is what we have pictured in our minds.You will have to send me sign.......I'm still creating my crafts and feel close when I do.We always had thought a like in that dept.Love & Miss you all.Until we meet again.
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 7th April 2017
Hey Bruz......think of you so often.....good memories.......hoping now that you are with Vonda you two are at peace. We miss you both......your kids are missing you both...but they have had the best morals instilled I them. I go to visit often at the crick and now have a beautiful place at the cemetary. I love you both. Till we meet a little while.
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 7th August 2016
Happy birthday dad- miss you like crazy- looking for you to push for us here!
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 7th August 2016
Happy Heavenly Birthday Bruz.Sending lots of love & hugs.We need your strength and guidance.I know you will know what will make it right.Love & miss you.
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 7th August 2015
Happy Birthday in heaven Daddy; I love you, i miss you, and i think about you always. I hope that you are smiling down on all of us, and see the many changes that we are all going through, you've got another grandson on the way, we cannot wait to meet him! Love your little girl <3
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 7th August 2015
Happy Birhday in Heaven.Miss you,love you think of you a lot.Along with Dad & Mom.We are keeping strong.
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 11th March 2015
Four yrs ago today.... The Lord took you away. Cannot understand WHY? It only makes me cry. Hoping you are at peace, Enjoying the other side. Painting,laughing,singing, Possibly dancing with mom & dad. You are another one of our ANGELS, To watch over us and guide. The rising sun,the ebbing tide,the rise of the moon, in the nights sky. All those things we see each day, have a piece of you in some way. You are all missed here more than you know. The memories we have grow and grow. Can't say it's easier and don't think it will ever be. Love you Bruz, you are very special to me. Little sis, Dibbles
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 7th August 2014
Happy Birthday Bruz, Missingyou. hope your able to be creating something beautiful as you always have.Trying to always be as creative as you. Love and hugs. Dibbles
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 11th March 2014
An angel is watching over me I can tell,but cannot see. There are signs that come and go Simple things,that I just Know Cause I always feel so calm,as if I'm wrapped in your arms. I smile ,laugh,and sometimes cry..but I know I have to try And believe in the way I feel,cause that's what makes my heart heal. Love and miss you,Bruz.
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 11th March 2014
Love and miss you............but know you are watching over us all! Until we are together again.......xoxoxox
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 7th August 2013
Happy birthday daddy,miss you so much! <3 love you
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 7th June 2013
Thinking of u n mom n dad a lot lately!!! Sending my love !!! Put a flag on dads grave for Memorial Day. As I know. He loved his flag!!
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 15th May 2013
So u have a grandson!! And a namesake. I know you,re watching over them all. Think of u so often!!!!! Xoxo
Posted by Vonda Miller on 11th March 2013
Posted by Vonda Miller on 11th March 2013
Sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes a life time ago. But always thinking of you. Miss you
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 3rd March 2013
Another March is upon us!! Two years already. Sometimes it feels like forever!!! But I know that u are good where u are, and that makes me happy!! We miss u still and love u for what u were !,,,, Love u !!!! Till we see each other again!!!
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 7th February 2013
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooo happy today!!! Fran was sooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!It is what it is!!!!!! I have always felt it and now I am certain!!!! Until we meet again. I love you!!!!!!!
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 6th February 2013
Thinking of you alot lately Bruz!!!!! I don't know why but you come to my mind so often. Yesterday was Buck's birthday! Maybe you were thinking of him! I miss you and have to say I get it!!! I really think I have figured it out and hope that i am right!!! xoxoxoxo
Posted by Fran Silipo on 26th December 2012
Miss you like crazy.....had a great Christmas with your wonderful family. I Love you always my big brother....simply forever!
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 6th September 2012
Miss you daddy<3 this isn't getting much easier, can't wait to see you again. I'm in need of a visit sometime soon Love You<3
Posted by Vonda Miller on 5th September 2012
Missing you!!!!! XXX OOO
Posted by Fran Silipo on 7th August 2012
Thinking of you today. I love you! Happy Birthday Bruz!
Posted by Andrew Silipo on 14th October 2011
Miss you more and more everyday, wish I could go someplace to just talk to you, seems the only place to go is inside and that doesn't help...I love you Uncle Butch and I always will..miss you
Posted by Josh Miller on 16th September 2011
Love you Love you .. I know you know this is from me But this stupid computer wont let me in.But it will let Josh in..And we both love you..Big Hugs
Posted by Andrew Silipo on 8th August 2011
Well it was your birthday yesterday..nothing we all wanted more than for you to have been there, enjoying the BBQ and some strawberry shortcake..we miss the months go on it's not getting easier..we love you uncle butch, so much. Words can't express the heartache i feel...
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 25th July 2011
well does not get easier. I look at the photo of your hello kiss to me and I am so happy to have had those moments that we always shared, but I am so sad at the same time. I miss you and love you!
Posted by Andrew Silipo on 29th June 2011
There's nothing I want more, than to hug you once more, to tell you I love you one last time, and to see you once more..I love you Uncle're on my mind constantly...I love you..
Posted by Vonda Miller on 20th June 2011
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 5th June 2011
i know its true that he only takes the best <3 You were a rock heart and a loving person, I miss you, and I love you, cannot wait till were all together again.
Posted by Fran Silipo on 4th June 2011
Missed you last night bruz! We were all together and although we had a good time together there was a big wish you could have been here!
Posted by Vonda Miller on 1st June 2011
I miss our talks. I love you. Feeling lost today.I so hope you are happy and doing all those things you loved to do. I should have done ooo
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 15th May 2011
I love and miss you daddy<3 Forever by my side.
Posted by Vonda Miller on 12th May 2011
It's been way to long.I miss you.What happened to it gets easier as time goes by.Hugs lots of hugs.I love you.I'm waiting for you to tell me what i should do.I need a little sign.No one here who really knows.
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 2nd May 2011
Daddy, I Love You, I miss you <3 Can't wait to see you again, Im in dire need of a back rub!
Posted by Vonda Miller on 30th April 2011
Miss you more each day.Its not getting easier.Tell me what to do.I need to know if i did the right thing . Found the painting (boys on the beach) remember those days.I wish to go back to the days we went to the beach together.Romantic sunsets ,fac
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 25th April 2011
I Love you Daddy <3 Forever in My Heart ;; Always by my side, Thanks for visiting so much lately, in my dreams<3
Posted by Vonda Miller on 24th April 2011
Happy Easter hun,I love you The easter flowers from long ago are still in bloom...I miss you.
Posted by Vonda Miller on 16th April 2011
Walk into the sun yesterdays just a shadow behind you Don't let tommorow rainbows blind you walk into the sun Lawrence W. Miller
Posted by Andrew Silipo on 13th April 2011
I miss you more and more everyday..when I think back to it all I remember you smiling, dancing around in my backyard at nick's party, and I smile. I love you uncle butch, and theres nothing I want more than to hug you and tell you i love you once mor
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 11th April 2011
It had been a month since ive held your big hands a month since ive kissed your cheek and a month since ive seen your face...i miss you, you just watch your little girl is gunna make you proud! <3 I love You <3
Posted by Deborah Follenius on 8th April 2011
Always on our minds.I can hear the music your creating with dad and mom and Buffalo.Sing and dance like never before..... Love you
Posted by Vonda Miller on 8th April 2011
I Love you now and forever.
Posted by Alexandra Miller on 7th April 2011
Daddy<3 I love you and miss you more than words could express, You were my hero,someone i could look up too, the most loving caring father someone could ever have. There is not a day that goes by that i do not think of you.
Posted by Brooke Follenius on 7th April 2011
love you uncle butch<3
Posted by Vanessa Bock on 7th April 2011

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