Let the memory of Lawrence be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on February 24, 1952 .
  • Passed away on October 24, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one -

Lawrence (Larry) Edward Nelms was born on February 24th, 1952 in Watsonville, CA to Ernest and Betty Nelms. After growing up in Watsonville, with his two brothers Ernest Jr. and Stephen he set out to college. He was awarded a full academic scholarship to the University of California Santa Barbara. After graduating, he set out to pursue his passions of film, photography and writing.  He worked as a freelance writer and photographer for a number of years, before meeting the love of his life Rhoda. They married and had two boys Adam and Wes.  Larry carried on working in fields he loved with a family he loved in the San Jose, CA area. After his loving wife of 10 years passed from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis), he moved his two boys to Lake County to follow a new life. He passed his passion of photography onto his youngest son, and always continued his passion of writing. He is survived by his two sons Adam (wife Megan) and Wesley (wife Brittany), and his 5 beautiful grandchilren Carter, Zac, Luke, Amy and June.

Posted by Darlene Bogle on 24th February 2019
Larry and Rhoda Words are so inadequate to express my love for you both. How I wish we had the opportunity to sit and talk. Save me a century or so . I may join you one of these days, yet until then I remember!
Posted by Diane Steelsmith on 24th February 2019
Hello again Larry and Rhoda! And a Happy Birthday to you Larry. Everyone is doing well here. Wes and Brittany have added a foster girl to their family. Her name is LaJade. The idea of a foster child germinated with Brittany and Wes wanting to add a boy to the family for Luke to chum around with. They had a short term placement boy, but their next placement was a LaJade, a girl. I guess you get what you get. Anyway, the kids are doing well and terrorizing the many chickens that Brittany is raising. And I turn 66 next month, yikes! It sounds much older than 65 somehow... Love you Rhoda, thank you for the gifts...
Posted by Diane Steelsmith on 24th February 2018
Hi Larry and Rhoda! Happy Birthday Larry. You should have been at the twins birthday party. Wes has taken up your penchant for shocking me with adult inspired kid focused outdoor activities. He built a very long outdoor zipline that is perfectly strung so the downhill slant loses its speed just before the line ends at the playhouse. The line is not far off the ground, but it is hard ground with some small rocks in it. The kids sit on a round 10 inch disk and are told to "HANG ON"!!! No helmets. No safety belt attached to wire. The twins were put on the seat together and told to hang on!!! Everyone had a great time on the ride. My dad was all about safety, so it is hard for me to watch with that legacy. I had to deal with this too when Adam and Wes were growing up in San Jose. You built them a playhouse with a kid ready roof with a slide escape. But... no rails on the roof. Scared me to death... Everyone survived!
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 24th February 2017
Another year gone by. I can't believe you would be 65! Tell Rhoda I still love her too. I hope your sons and grandkids have wonderful memories to share on this day. You are forever young!
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 24th February 2016
Larry each time I publish a new book, i think how you also loved to write. My 12 th book was just released. Rhoda was such an encourager of us both. I think often of the two of you, and I know Adam and Wes have fond memories of you both .those that we love and who love us will never be truely gone from our lives,", your love is still cherished in my heart. Happy Birthday Larry.
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 24th October 2015
I am so happy to read where you now have 5 grandchildren. I think that makes you smile with Joy. Everytime I write a new article or book, I wish you were still here so I could share my thoughts. Larry, you will never be forgotten, and I still picture you and Rhoda celebrating with great abandon. My life was touched for the better, when Rhoda brought you into my life. With many fond memories.
Posted by Diane Steelsmith on 24th February 2015
Larry! Your five grandchildren are the best! Carter and Zac are fun to play with and I love being with them. And you now have twin grandgirls! Girls! Finally! I have been storing little girl dresses for years! Sometimes, I just had to buy cute little dresses even with no girls on the horizon. The girls are darling, as is Luke, he is very gentle with them and I have a photo of him giving them kisses. Tell Rhoda I miss her...
Posted by Wes Nelms on 24th October 2014
Writing was Dad's second favorite thing, after spending time with me & Adam. I think of my dad every time I eat Chinese food. "You will be hungry again in one hour", he always said when reading the fortune cookie. He & Mom now have 5 grandchildren: 2 boys from Adam, 1 boy & twin girls from me. I miss you dad. Love, >
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 24th October 2014
Another year gone by for us, who still hold on to terra firma. So, Rhoda and Larry, I hope you are dancing around heaven. I've heard there is no time in heaven, so you are not aware of our passing of time. I can't believe I turned 70 this year! Everytime I hear of someone with Lou Gherig's ALS...you come to mind. Actually, I named my GPS Rhoda...so you still tell me the way to Go. Larry, I'm sure you are looking down on your boys, Adam and Wes. I know they love you a lot.
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 24th February 2014
I picture you and Rhoda celebrating every moment...Birthdays were always special in your family. Happy memories. Larry, I'm glad you were born.
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 25th October 2013
Can't beleive it's been a year! As I read the comments, I am saddened that Kathy and Amanda were not informed of Larry's passing. I think each of us knew Larry on different levels, and perhaps experienced pain in that relationship. I know Everyone was devistated at Rhoda's passing...and surprised at a wedding and new child. Praying that healing will come to all, as time passes.
Posted by Amanda Nelms on 11th July 2013
Larry Nelms will never be forgotten. But his daughter Amanda Nelms born in 1993 has obviously been forgotten. The only thing I knew about this "great father" was that he never carried a long-term job, was abusive to his second wife(and his first wife while she was paralyzed to stop him), and left us when I was two months old.
Posted by Kathy De A on 11th July 2013
I am shocked that my daughter, Amanda, learned of her father's death while looking on line. While attempting to learn how to go about getting the $20,000 + he still owes me in child support, we learned that he had passed away! Yet, no one thought to inform us. No mention of his daughter was made in his obituary, nor on this page. This is not an "oversight", but unconscionable behavior!
Posted by Maggie Harper on 7th May 2013
Today I just found out that a dear friend of mine "Larry" died in October. We were very close for years. Being very close to his son Wes and going to school with Wes brought me to know Larry. He was a very smart man. He was funny and witty. I lived with Wes and Larry following Adams move to Santa Rosa. I really thought of him as family! I'll miss him and miss our late night chats.
Posted by Adam Nelms on 10th November 2012
On October 24th, 2012 we lost our loving Dad, Lawrence Nelms. He was a man full of knowledge and love for his two sons myself, Adam and my brother Wesley. Our Dad always had something to say, but never shared it with too many. He never wanted to make large ripples in the world and truely wanted to just hang with his too favorite guys myself and my brother. WE LOVE YOU DAD.
Posted by Diane Steelsmith on 10th November 2012
I remember a twinkle in Rhoda's eyes when she was first serious about Larry. Rhoda was my best friend, I could see the signs. Happily, they married & did have two wonderful, loving boys. He provided them a safe, happy childhood in Nice, CA where they thrived after Rhoda passed. He prepared them well for their adult lives. They both live life happily & generously. Thank you Larry.
Posted by Patti Bartholomew Heaps on 10th November 2012
Rhoda, the morning after her 10th high school reunion, came around the corner from her apartment to my apartment with the twinkle in her eyes Diane described. There was this guy who had been in her class who she knew of, but did not know, who had come to the reunion. They spent most of the evening talking. She was smitten to be sure. His name was Larry Nelms.
Posted by Darlene Bogle on 10th November 2012
Rhoda was my roommate and I remember when she first brought Larry home to meet me. I was at their wedding; and the birth of Adam and Wesley. I was present for the terrible news of Als and the process of that disease. Each Christmas, we celebrated and planned for the inevitable. Index fingers hooked together for forever friends. That is what Larry is for me also. See you both in eternity!

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