Lawrence Stuart Johnston
  • 68 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 23, 1946
  • Place of birth:
    Kingston, Jamaica
  • Date of passing: Nov 24, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Montreal, Canada
Lawrence, Larry, Lars, Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Uncle…always loved and forever in our hearts!

This website was created to celebrate the life and memories of our dearest Larry.
We encourage you to share stories, memories, photos and videos in his honor.  We hope this will serve as a place for us to connect, remember, share or just to say
Wha Gwan Larry!

Memorial Services details

11/28/14 MONTREAL 5-8PM:
 Collins Clarke MacGillivray White Funeral Home
222 Autoroute 20 (right next to the Cartier exit)

There will be a small gathering in Montreal for those local Friends and Family that want to share in Larry's memory with us. There will be no service, just a group shar
ing memories about a great man.

"The Rusty Pelican

3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, (www.therustypelican.com)

Thanksgiving and Celebration for Larry's life with friends and family from all over. In keeping with Larry's laid-back and fun-loving personality this will be a casual celebration, with no major traditional formalities; we will share stories, memories and love for Larry over food and drinks. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Richard Johnston on 29th October 2017

"I really did not think that I'd miss him this much, but I do!!  There are so things that I'd regularly love to discuss with him.

RIP Larry!!"

This tribute was added by Jose Navarro on 29th October 2017

"Happy Birthday my friend, you must be having a blast in heaven. Such a great soul who left a mark in our lives. God is lucky to have you with him!"

This tribute was added by Brenda Faucette on 23rd October 2017

"Happy Birthday Larry!  Heaven must be all lit up with candles from your birthday cake.

Love always,


This tribute was added by Rosemarie Navuki on 23rd October 2017


This tribute was added by Jose Navarro on 24th October 2016

"Rest in peace my dear friend! You will be remembered forever as a great human being that left our life's changed in a good way. Great mentor as a manager for all of us that we're privileged to have worked with you!"

This tribute was added by Brenda Faucette on 23rd October 2016

"Happy Birthday Larry!
Missing you but know you're celebrating with us and away from us.
Brenda, Steve and Family"

This tribute was added by Marcella Henry on 23rd October 2016

"Gone but not forgotten, Larry. You are celebrating your Birthday in Heaven with family and friends. Cheers!"

This tribute was added by Caren Thompson-Palacio on 23rd October 2016

"Dearest Larry, I wish you were here today to celebrate your 70th birthday with us in person but we know you are here in spirit. You are ever present in our hearts on this special day and always. Missing you lots."

This tribute was added by Nancy Murray on 23rd October 2016

"Birthday time and a chance to reminisce about our dear happy-go-lucky Larry. Always looking out for us with a bright smile. We miss you"

This tribute was added by Albert Anderson on 26th November 2015

"Missing a great friend.  Until we meet again Larry.  Rest in Peace.
Albert and Esther Anderson"

This tribute was added by Patsyann Legiersky on 24th November 2015

"There are special people in our lives who never leave us...even after they are gone.

Lars, you are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. XOX Patsy Ann & Stanley XOX"

This tribute was added by Brenda Faucette on 24th November 2015

"Miss you heaps Larry! But even one year after your passing your light still shines everywhere - even Australia!
Brenda , Steve, Stephen Jr., Josiah, Joshua, Rebekah"

This tribute was added by Rosemarie Navuki on 25th October 2015

"Sunshine!  We really miss you, but it will not be forever cause we will meet again!  Rosemarie & Tevita"

This tribute was added by Brenda Faucette on 24th October 2015

"Dearest Larry,
Wishing you the happiest birthday ever with lots of delicious cake!  
Miss you sorely. Thankful for that smile of yours that was captured on so many photographs and left behind to brighten our days; it never fails to encourage and comfort me.

This tribute was added by Linda Chin-Yee on 24th October 2015

"Happy Birthday"

This tribute was added by Nancy Murray on 23rd October 2015

"Gone too soon but will never forget you or your birthday"

This tribute was added by Brian Wood on 23rd October 2015

"Missing you my friend...... will have a drink for you!!"

This tribute was added by Kevin Donohue on 3rd February 2015

"On behalf of my sister, Patricia
I find it really hard to find the right words to talk about what Uncle Larry means to me and to all of us. I don't think I can put it any better than what kevin said. But I'll try anyway.
Uncle Larry isn't someone we got to see very often because of how spread out we all have been. But even without seeing him you never felt like strangers.
When he gave me the nickname tool time it was the first time we had seen each other in like ten years. And it was such a small simple thing that made us go from an uncle and niece that hadn't seen each other in a decade to family.
My favourite moments were all the random times I'd get a phone call with a Jamaican accent yelling tool time on the other side of the line. He'd call for special occasions or at times we needed family and then he'd call just because. And it would always change my day. Because Uncle Larry is one of those rare people you meet that you just get really excited about.
Seeing him at Tanya and Theresa's wedding, ending with him getting the nickname brown sugar and us deciding that our band name was tool time and brown sugar and imagining what our album covers would look like are just some of the really great memories made from small moments with him.
The world is less fun without Brown Sugar. But I'm lucky I at least knew how fun it could be.
Being a part of the extended Donohue Johnston family has been amazing and Uncle Larry is a big part of how that happened. As much grief as we give Tanya about making us watch her get married in minus a thousand degrees, that whole trip was a blessing for me. To be there with Brown Sugar and Uncle Richard and Greg and Danielle and Theresa and her family. To be with Nana. To watch Aunt Neen and Uncle Larry tear up the dance floor. I couldn't have asked for a better or more perfect opportunity to be with family and to hang out with my Brown Sugar."

This tribute was added by Kevin Donohue on 3rd February 2015

"I think what stands out is that Uncle Larry has always been this figure in the family, and. I would say that over the past few years we've been able to all come together more, spend more time together and it has always been exciting knowing Uncle Larry is going to be there. Getting to know the cool uncle we harbored memories of as a kid and having him in our family has been a blessing. He's added a lot of color and love to it. Over the last few years I've been so happy to get closer to that side of the family, with Greg making the effort a few times and being able to go up to DC to spend time there. Getting to know Uncle Richard and finding more out about how they all were with our dad as they grew up in a way. I finally feel that connection with Greg and its been great. Culminating in Tanya's wedding two years ago, saying goodbye to Uncle Larry in the snow outside your hotel, we hugged and I'm not gonna lie it was emotional because we had all just had a great time, had a wonderful dinner as a family a few nights before, and seeing how he was with Nana, really touched me and made me happy to have an extended family, so he hugged me and said simply, this has been good my boy, really really good. And he smiled his smile and it just hit home with me. About how good it was and how much it all meant to us all. Simple words from a great man. He'll be missed infinitely. Maha never got to meet him, but I think we spoke on the phone to him together and I excitedly have told her all about him over the years. Rest in peace Uncle Larry."

This tribute was added by Danielle Johnston on 3rd February 2015

"I want to thank everyone again for coming to the memorial services both in Cayman and Miami.  They were beautiful tributes and it was so nice to learn so much about Larry through all the stories everyone shared.  I was nervous to say my Larry story at the risk of being overcome with emotions, so I would like to share it here:  Sadly, I only knew Larry for a short time, just under 3 years...but in that time he became my Dad.  I looked forward to each time we called him so I could hear his jolly, Jamaican "Hello hunny!" My favorite moment that I shared with Larry was at our wedding rehearsal picnic.  We had a few games of Johnston family vs. Altschuh family tug of war, wherein my family won each time.  Then we decided to have an epic battle of Greg and my Mom vs Larry and I.  I went in expecting to lose, because embarrassingly enough I know my Mom can kick my butt, and Greg is clearly very strong and 30 years younger than Larry.  However, I knew I was going to make sure and put up a tough fight so just before we started, I turned and said "Don't let me down Dad!"  That tug of war ended with both Larry and I on our backs hysterical laughing because we won!!! Larry developed some back pain the next day that lasted months and eventually was the spark for him going to see a doctor and finding his cancer.  He and I were talking about it weeks later and I was saying how I could not believe how we could have won, to which Larry laughingly replied, "Hunny, you told me not to let you down!"  I think this speaks volumes about his character and his tenacious loyalty. Larry was someone you could truly depend on to have your back at all costs.  I am so sad that our children will not have him present as a Grandfather and role model, but we will make sure they know the stories and the amazing man he was.  If we have a son, his middle name will proudly be Lawrence, and we hope he will have the fortitude, character and spirited personality of his Grandfather.  Thanks for having my back Dad.  Love you!"

This tribute was added by karen whittingham on 17th January 2015

"I am thinking of all the Johnstons today as you prepare for Larry's memorial. I send my love. And here are a few thoughts I had of Larry.
When I think of Larry Johnston, I first think of the remarkable man he was. The image of his warm smile and smiling eyes come to my mind. The second thing I think of is that he was the wonderful father to my very best friend in the world, Tanya. Tanya only ever spoke of her dad with kind words. Larry was a great father to both Tanya and Greg. I only met Tanya in her late teens, but I always remember her talking about her father as a great man. She would always talk about how he always travelled with Greg to him track events, he was a supportive father. Tanya also would talk about funny things he did as kids. One of the funny stories I remember was once when Tanya was young, Donaileen went on a trip and left the kids with Larry. Supposedly Donaileen prepared meals for the week and told Larry they were in the freezer and just had to be warmed up. But what Tanya remembers is that Larry just gave them hot dogs all week and never touched the prepared food! Too funny! I also remember Larry making sure Tanya had a car to get around when she started University. I remember he got her the famous Lumina, I think from an aunt. Then once that Lumina was finished, he helped again to shop for her Mazda. Larry was a funny man, very jovial and always positive. He would always be there for his kids if they needed him.  The other thing that always amazed me was the solid and unified relationship as parents that he and Donaileen maintained throughout the years. Tanya and Greg could always rely on their parents to come together and support their kids anytime, anywhere.
Another great memory I have of Larry is when he brought Tanya and I each a big bouquet of flowers one morning. Tanya was having some relationship issues with an old boyfriend and Larry was in town staying with her. She had a tough night and I picked her up and then I remember going to Nana's apartment where Larry was and told him not to come home that night because Tanya needed some space. Larry asked no questions but respected Tanya's wishes and stayed at Nana's. The next morning he arrived at Tanya's apartment with flowers for both Tanya and I and then he said that the flowers were for an apology for all the wrongs that men had done to us. What a sweet gesture that put a much needed smile on my friend Tanya's face. Wow, a memorable and unforgettable gesture!
Larry was also very hospitable to me and my family. We went to visit Cayman Islands on a cruise many years ago and Larry arranged an island tour with his friend Len. Larry greeted us at the port and ensured that we were taken care of for the day. His friend Len brought us to all the sites on the island and Larry met up with us at the rum factory where all the ladies knew him! He chatted us all up with smiles and laughter! You were made to feel welcome with Larry around! Thanks Larry!
I also remember spending New Year's at Tanya's place with Larry and Donaileen and my parents and sister. We had lots of laughs over Chinese take out and we watched a video on the damages of a hurricane in Cayman island the previous year that had rattled Larry.
The very poignant memory I have of Larry was my conversation with him at Tanya and Theresa's wedding. He and Greg had delivered a beautiful and tearful speech and I went to tell him him how great the speech was. He in turn was fast to turn the attention from him to me and instead said thank you to me for being a great friend to his daughter and sticking by her for so many years. Where else would I be?!
There are so many good memories of Larry. He was a great man that will be dearly missed but never forgotten. I feel privileged to have known him.
Tanya, always remember that your dad loved you and keep your memories close to your heart always. Much love, Karen   xoxo"

This tribute was added by Linda Chin-Yee on 17th January 2015

"Today Jan 17, 2015 my thoughts are on Larry, his family & friends gathered in Miami."

This tribute was added by Jacqui Henning on 16th January 2015

"My fondest memory of Larry happened in 2004, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. We had a house on the canal in Governor's Harbour, and although we did not suffer a lot of damage, we were, like everyone else, without electricity, and our stand-by generator had not arrived yet.

So there we are, 2 days after the hurricane, sweltering in the heat, no ice, and no alcohol. Suddenly I hear my name called from across the canal, and there are ShirleyMay and Larry, on a neighbour's boat, which had a generator, a well-stocked bar, and ICE! So Larry comes sauntering round with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, no less, and a bucket of ice, and a great big smile and hug!

ShirleyMay and Larry's family, so sorry for your loss - he will be sadly missed."

This tribute was added by Nancy Murray on 12th January 2015

"Larry was so easy-going with a huge smile and kind heart. The miles apart never mattered because he always had the knack of being present IN the moment.  I was especially touched by his frequent communication with and the love he showed his young cousin (my husband) David as they reminisced about their childhood, the many family gatherings and the joys of fatherhood. David was delighted when Larry told him that he had started going to church, and now these 2 wonderful men have left us only 8 months apart. I will always be grateful for Larry's hugs and the kindness and concern that he showered on me during a difficult chapter in my life. And I remember how much fun we had when our families would get together in Florida and another more recent occasion when my husband, daughter and I spent a day with him in GC.
Dear Larry, may your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. With love,

This tribute was added by Brenda Faucette on 5th January 2015

It was a pleasure for me and two of my children, Josiah and Rebekah to get to know you better when we visited Cayman in 2013. Your love, kindness and generosity could not go un-noticed, and your delightful company left us with many cherished and unforgettable memories. Probably most touching was your love and devotion for my sister Shirley May.  Thank you for the laughter and happiness you brought to her life. Heartfelt condolences to her and to all family members.
You will be forever missed and loved.

This tribute was added by Marcella Henry on 28th December 2014

"Larry will be missed. He was a fun loving person who had the gift of making others feel very comfortable,in his presence. He was also a very kind and generous person always willing and ready to lend a hand.

Rest in peace Larry. God has a place for you in his Kingdom where you have already reunited with your parents and many family members.
You are gone, but not forgotten!"

This tribute was added by Robert Poirier on 22nd December 2014

"You will be forever missed. My memory of you will be a happy one as you leave behind a sea of smiles. My sincerest condolences to Shirley May and all of Larry's family and friends."

This tribute was added by Linda Chin-Yee on 20th December 2014

"My sincere condolences to Larry's family. Larry brought energy with his presence no matter where, a smile or a laugh that's all it took from him, especially on a stressful day at work (IBM).
RIP Larry..... sorry I did not see you before you departed. You will be so missed.


This tribute was added by Maxine Kimball on 18th December 2014

"Larry was truly a kind, loving person.  I first met him about 16 years ago around the time when my husband passed away.  Because he was concerned that I would be lonely he invited me on several occasions to have dinner  with him and Shirley May.  I have never forgotten his thoughtfulness.  My sincerest condolences to Shirley May and the rest of his family."

This tribute was added by Fiona Nichol on 12th December 2014

"My good friend , a true Gentleman will never be forgotten - we travelled the world together in our conversations. We took care of each other over the years that he lived with Charlie and I. He spoke about Tanya and Greg daily and was so proud of them. I will miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Darla Dilbert-Wood on 7th December 2014

"I was so shocked and sadden to hear of Lars passing. I didn't for one second think that he would be gone so early .....
Every time he,myself & Shirls got together I truly enjoyed  and I will forever cherish those memories.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Shirls & his family.

RIP Lars

Darla & Blayze"

This tribute was added by Lisa Daniels on 5th December 2014

"RIP Lars! Reflecting on the many pictures posted Lars was a peaceful man and truly loved by Shirlys and his family.  Gone all too soon.
May God continue to give everyone strength in this difficult time!
God bless, Lisa and Orville."

This tribute was added by Brent Rogers on 5th December 2014

"Dear Shirley May: we are so sorry, you are in our thoughts. Larry was a wonderful guy.     Brent and Eleanor"

This tribute was added by Jeff Chung on 5th December 2014

"I was sad to learn of Larry's passing, we spent some good times together in Montreal. My memory of him was of a fun loving character who always had a smile on his face. My condolences to the family, May he rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Cuthbert Lloyd on 5th December 2014

"RIP Larry. I loved your caring and carefree approach to life, and how you KISSed (kept it simple...) by keeping your "eyes on the ball and playing with a straight bat." You always knocked the ball out of the park in life - your legacy is testament. Sincere condolences to your family.

One love, and bon voyage my friend and IBM colleague. Cutty."

This tribute was added by Rich Anton on 4th December 2014

"Rest in peace Larry.  You always found a way to put a smile on eveyone's face simply by your presence alone.  You will be missed by everyone you have touched.  My condolences to Larry's family."

This tribute was added by J. Williams on 3rd December 2014

"My condolences go out to the family of Lawrence Stuart Johnston.  I didn't know Lawrence, but from reading about him I can tell he was dearly loved and will be missed by family and friends.  It is very painful to lose a love one in death.  It is comforting that God know and see the pain you are going through.  He comforts us in times like these.   2Corinthians 1:2-4 speaks about God being a God of tender mercies, who comforts us through our trials so that we will be able to comfort others.  Not only does he do this, he promises that he will bring dear loved ones back to life.  John 5:28,29 says: "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.  So by means of the resurrection hope, people have the prospect of being with their loved ones again. After the resurrection, people will be in perfect health.  Isaiah 33:24 says, No one will say I am sick.  They will be able to live forever in perfect health.  Revelation 21:4 says that death is going to be done away with forever.  These are wonderful promises of comfort for us from Almighty God.  We can believe these promises because, Titus 1:2 said that God cannot lie.  I do hope these scriptures bring comfort to you as they do to me.  If you have questions about the resurrection hope, or want answers to other questions that you may have.  Feel free to contact me, or go to the web site: www.jw.org."

This tribute was added by Osbourne Bodden on 3rd December 2014

"A good man gone too soon and sudden!  Loved life, family and friends and always made me smile. You will be missed my bro, but I will surely cherish our times together and the memories. Will look after Shirls for u don't wori.  "Remember Oz it's always about the girls; we have to keep them happy and we will be happier"  condolences to ALL family members! Bless and may his soul RIP."

This tribute was added by Butch Holtz on 2nd December 2014

"Sincere condolences to the family. RIP Larry, although you were a couple of years ahead of us "yutes" at Wolmer's, you were always a standout and an inspiration. Richard, it has been a long time since we last spoke. Sorry for your loss."

This tribute was added by Jose Navarro on 2nd December 2014

"Great friend and colleague, will always remember you Larry. My condolences to Larry's family with the thought that we all will be together one day. Mary and I always remember you with a warm feeling in our hearts. Rest in peace my good friend!"

This tribute was added by Donaileen Johnston on 2nd December 2014

"Thanks for being THE BEST FRIEND an ex-wife could ever have had."

This tribute was added by Horace Johnston on 1st December 2014

"God sped Larry!

Your uncle, godfather, and friend"

This tribute was added by Horace Johnston on 1st December 2014

"You have answered the call to great expectations. I am sure you will be just fine. You will be in good company. Things are not quite the same without you, but we know now that you are ok.   To quote Martin  Luther King. --" Only in the darkness can you se the stars ""

This tribute was added by Brian Wood on 1st December 2014

"Rest well my friend!! Those days growing up in Collins Green will always be our best. Our experiences in learning life as young teenagers destroy the saying that "...youth is wasted on the young". We never wasted a day!! Thank you for helping make our youth so memorable."

This tribute was added by Stanley Azimov on 1st December 2014

"RIP LJ, Condolences to all of your friends,family and colleagues.
I think about you daily and will see you one day on a sunset beach. You  have been an inspiration to know and i have personally grown and taken away many life lessons. you are and will be missed. =( Stan and Nicole-xo"

This tribute was added by Michael Cox on 30th November 2014

"RIP Larry. My sincere condolences to  the family. You were always a jolly person at Wolmer's and shared  laughter and joy will all. My cricket memory recalls that you were  the fastest off-spin bowler  at school , and  you always gave our  high school opponents a difficult time. You  left a lot of pleasant memories that we will all cherish!
One Luv - Age Quod Agis!"

This tribute was added by Robert Galambos on 30th November 2014

Larry was a bright light during my time at Montreal Trust.  The world is 'less' joyful and he will be missed."

This tribute was added by Aedan Donohue on 29th November 2014

"Larry was always fun to be with. He taught me how to reggae on my only trip to Jamaica in 1972. He would zip me around around in his Mini Cooper S and explain the finer points of driving in a rally. He told me about a technique for going over a blind hill. You drift the car to the left or right before you reach the top, doesn't matter which. Once you reach the top and see the road again, and can easily flick the car in any direction because it's  already in motion. That has always served me as a life's lesion against indecision.

He arranged for me to use the Sheraton swimming pool and gave me the first taste of a high class hotel pools which I unfortunately never lost. It also taught me that you don't only get sunburns at the beach. I never got a sunburn at a hotel pool again.

I also remember dropping by Bob Marley's house one evening and hanging out with the guys in the band. Unfortunately Marley was not there but the smell of Ganga was all around.

It was thru Larry that I met Richard in London to celebrate Tanya's birth and the start of a wonderful four years of attending Grand Prix racing and hanging out with the Jamaican and German crowd.  Plus the dash across the borders of Europe in the VW van.    

Over the years we saw each other only during our brief stopovers in Montreal. I remember his "beach resort" in the basement in Pointe Claire. It gave him peace and seemed to reconnect him to his roots. He also gave me a refresher in reggae. Larry liked the beach and always talked about living by the beach in Cayman when ever we met.

During his trip to Montreal in August, he brought much needed cheer to Kath during by his visit. At a restaurant later he spoke passionately about Greg's company and was so looking forward to taking it to the next level.

Larry will be missed for the fun and calm that he brought to each occasion.

We Love you dear Larry. Kath and Aedan"

This tribute was added by winston tweedy chong on 29th November 2014

"Larry you made a difference in my life , it was great being your friend at wolmers.Rest in peace and my condolences to your family.
Keep on smiling and shining your light on us Larry.
Winston (tweedy) Chong"

This tribute was added by Heather Donohue on 29th November 2014

"My relationship with Uncle Larry was a typical uncle/niece relationship. When we saw each other with other family members it was always nice. We would catch up, spend time together, talk about how we should all get together more often then we would say our goodbyes never quite knowing when we would see each other again.

About 6 years ago Uncle Larry started calling me randomly. I would see a weird number on my phone, answer it, then there would be a pause and in his cool Jamaican accent he would say "HONEY! it's your Uncle Larry!" and they would always end with "Honey don't forget i still love you!"  Whether we talked about nothing or everything those phone calls always brightened my day and made me feel really special.

In December 2012, After a terrible 16 hour flight from Doha where we landed in the middle of the worst winter in 1000 years, i was tired and hungry. When i got to Aunt Neen's place i was kindly reminded that this wasn't a hotel and that i could help myself to food if i wanted it. When i walked into the kitchen there was Uncle Larry with all of the Christmas left overs on the counter and he was making me a plate. He kissed me on the forehead and told me to go sit down and he would bring it to me.

The most prominent memories i have of him come from Tanya and Theresa's wedding.  I have a lifetime of memories from that week and a million stories i could tell about Uncle Larry. The way his tie was used to dry crying eyes during the speeches, the pride he had that day for his daughter and for his family and the way he was with Aunt neen who was dancing up a storm. We made a deal with him, he had one job that night and that was to make sure that when we saw Aunt neen dancing alone he was supposed to go and join her because she wasn't stopping. And she didn't dance alone that night, no matter how tired he was he got up and hit the dance floor.

The way he was with Nana was beautiful. We went out to dinner at Baton Rouge before the wedding and everyone had a great time. Laughing, sharing stories, drinking wine and catching up on each others lives. It was freezing out so we were all eager to get into the cars at the end of the night. Because it was icy Uncle Larry walked with Nana. "driving mrs daisy" he said as he wrapped his arms around her and slowly made his way out of the restaurant. He laughed and said he was probably slowing Nana down then he asked me to walk with them because he didn't want people to think he was kidnapping her.

That beautiful wedding was an absolute blessing to me in so many ways. Besides being the most beautiful and full of love wedding i have every been to it gave me a real sense of what family is. I made new friends, got to know my cousins and Theresa a lot better, met Danielle and Uncle Richard and it gave me the chance to spend some real quality time with Uncle Larry. After everyone left to go back home i stayed an extra month to help out with Nana after she broke her hip. It was an extremely emotional time. I remember Aunt Neen and i would spend hours at the hospital and come home absolutely drained both physically and emotionally. Uncle Larry called so many times just to say he loved us and that we were doing the right thing and that he was thinking about all of us. It meant so much to me just to hear those words especially on difficult days and it gave me the strength to get up and do it all over again the next day. I came back to Doha full of love from that trip,  full of a sense of what family is and how important it is and how lucky i am to have them all in my life. We have all made so much more of an effort to keep in touch and to just tell each other "i love you"

On November 17 i decided to call Uncle Larry just to tell him i was thinking about him. His cell was off, tanya wasn't home so I tried Aunt Neen's cell. Lucky for me her, Greg and Uncle Larry were all together. When Uncle Larry came on the phone he said "I still love you honey" I am so incredibly grateful that i go to speak to him and that I was able to tell him i loved him.

I am heartbroken that he is gone but i feel so blessed to have had him in my life and to have really good memories that will always make me smile. So to Aunt Neen, Tanya, Greg, Uncle Richard, Theresa, Mackenzie, Danielle and little baby J, we love you and we are thinking about you all. And to my cool and amazing Uncle Larry.... I still love you too."

This tribute was added by Kelli Murray on 28th November 2014

"Uncle Larry, always smiling, always loving life.  I know you had to rush up there for Thanksgiving dinner and to join in my Dad's birthday party but we will never forget you down here.  May you rest in eternal peace......."

This tribute was added by Margaret Landry on 28th November 2014

"A new friend gone too soon. Our sympathy goes out to Tanya and Greg and all of Larry's family and friends. Love, Jerry and Peggy."

This tribute was added by Shelley Glaze on 28th November 2014

"I will always remember Larry as a presence which lit up a room with his sunny smile and his love of life. A smile always comes to my face when I remember stories Richard used to tell me of Larry's bachelor days. Richard always admired and looked up to his big brother and now he has Greg, Tanya and their families, who have all become a major part of his life.
Larry lived his life well and he also left this earth in the best possible way, quietly and peacefully surrounded by his loved ones.
My condolences to the family and all his friends. He will be greatly missed.

This tribute was added by Robert Castracane on 28th November 2014

"RIP dear Larry......."

This tribute was added by Tanya Johnston on 27th November 2014

"Although we have not been in touch in recent years (me being on the other side of the world in Australia) I will always remember the good times we had at IBM. My sincere condolences to Larry's family. RIP, Wellington Young"

This tribute was added by Richard Johnston on 27th November 2014

"To Lawrence (Larry), I was always his “baby brother.”

As kids growing up we were not all that close as he was such an athletic “jock,” and every time he wanted me to join him in something athletic or physical, all I wanted to do was practice my piano. It drove him crazy!!

As we got older, however, we started to recognize, and appreciate our differences and we developed a strong and genuine bond, love, and respect for each other.

I will always cherish a very special email that I received from him on Sunday October 26, 2014.  I was in Church and I got an alert on my phone that I had received a message, and when I checked it this is what it said:

“My brother Richard,

Over the years we have both had occasions to express our love to each other. We grew up for many years sharing a room together; but over the last 3 to 4 weeks, I think it would be fair to say that I really have a better understanding and appreciation of what “love” and “caring” is all about.

Sometimes at night when I go to bed I cry for a while; not because I am unhappy, but it hits me to know the interest that you have displayed and the expenditures that you have incurred in support of my current situation.  I am very grateful.

Thank you, and I LOVE YOU!!.

Your bother Larry ….”

I love you too Larry.  I will miss you but know that you are at peace and that we will one day be re-united forever, along with all the members of our family, already departed.


This tribute was added by Judy Alcantara on 27th November 2014

"To Lawrence's beautiful family... a few comforting words from Henry Scott Holland's poem:

Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other,that, we still are.
Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way that you always used. Put no difference into your tone.Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect. Without the trace of a shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was.
There is absolute unbroken continuity...""

This tribute was added by Tanya Johnston on 27th November 2014

"Tribute was added by Jeanette Smith (ex IBMer)

My thoughts and prayers to Larry's family.  I will always remember his happy and carefree way of looking at life.  Keep laughing Larry.  May Perpetual Life shine on you always."

This tribute was added by Tanya Johnston on 27th November 2014

"Am in total shock. Fiona called to inform me of Larry's illness and gave me his # in Montreal. I called Larry the next morning and we spoke for a long time. He had an appointment the next day for tests so I called a week later when he confirmed colon cancer and that he would start treatment soon. Again we spoke at length and there was nothing to indicate that Larry would not recover. When I heard on monday after noon that he had passed, I almost passed out from shock.
There are so many wonderful memories of Larry, too many to document. Larry was instrumental in my having met Rosemary my wife of 38 year. For that I will remember him forever.
We look forward to his memorial in Miami.
To Donna and the kids and grand kids we send our sincere condolences . Larry was a special person in so many ways, but his special gift was his calm and cool demeanor.
He will long be remembered in our hearts.
May his soul rest in peace. From  Hugh & Rosemary Pringle."

This tribute was added by Tanya Johnston on 27th November 2014

"Fond memories of Larry. My sincerest condolences to his family.  Rest in peace dear friend. Martha Thomas (formerly Young) from Melbourne,  Australia."

This tribute was added by Paul Lue on 27th November 2014

"RIP Larry, you will always be in my memories. You were an inspiration to me in our school days. Whenever I run for exercise I recall your smile  even under stress. My condolences to the family. Take care Richard.
Paul Lue."

This tribute was added by Cleveland Harris on 26th November 2014

"My condolences to Larry's family. May his soul rest in peace and light perpetually shine upon him."

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