Let the memory of Lawrence be with us forever
  • 39 years old
  • Born on July 6, 1968 .
  • Passed away on September 13, 2007 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lawrence Sumpter, 39, born on July 6, 1968 and passed away on September 13, 2007. He was a great human being, son, father, husband, cousin, uncle, brother  and most of a lost too all when he passed away. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Manuel Parker on 30th August 2018
The last time I saw You was on a violation. I still remember the battles in the beacon and how you stood with me. Then we went upnorth from there. More than 20 years have passed. Dam...I pray The Lord have mercy on us all. ONE LOVE.. BIG MANNY BRONX NY
Posted by Julie Hines on 6th July 2018
Happy Birthday Brother continue to S.I.P love and miss you dearly ❤❤
Posted by Katoya Williams on 6th July 2017
Happy Birthday Rab! You are truly missed !
Posted by Jimmy McNair on 28th December 2016
Deep thoughts in the midst of a blackboard that can't be read.I know that situations gives you sight on individuals, circumstances reveal them.How could the conversation end in a whisper. You know our friendship will always go across the desert. Never to be broken.life is death and death is life and so forth and so on,over the rainbow you live.on..Believe that.I Love you my brother.missing our heart.Allah is our protector......
Posted by Natalie Thomas on 13th September 2016
It seems like just yesterday , I know your watching down on us we all talk about the memories you left behind even your grandaughter Maliyah who will be 5 yrs old next month talks of you especially when she looks at your pic her words be "My poppa in heaven " we love you ,miss you much,always will be in our hearts 4 ever no matter what. Ohxxohohxxxx
Posted by Joann Lewis on 13th September 2016
Just sitting here reminiscing about our lives together one thing you knew was that I love you I miss you so much my brother you will remain in my heart forever and ever
Posted by Aniya BEY on 13th September 2016
Hay.. Missing you terribly..Love you so much..growth I've really grown nevertheless this part of my life continues to be the hardest.. My life I cherish I'm so grateful but I struggle with all that life has done it can be so heavy..losing you I will never get over! I will forever keep your memory alive my friend the definition of a true friend!! I love you Rab!!
Posted by Kecia Griffin on 5th August 2016
Continue to RIP Rab. We love and missing you in VA.
Posted by Joann Lewis on 20th April 2016
If only you was here.. forever in my heart. MY DAY One
Posted by Aniya BEY on 18th February 2016
Missing you so much!! Making my way.. Love you I wanna say see you soon but I'm a hold that down!
Posted by Aniya BEY on 13th September 2015
Miss you Rab...love you so much RIP!!!
Posted by Aniya BEY on 6th July 2015
Happy birthday... Missing you..all is well.. Or as well as can be expected you know i find calm on this day in the mist of a storm to sit in reflect strengthen myself and continue... Love you Rab ttyl..
Posted by Julie Hines on 20th May 2015
Missing you like crazy brotha still can't believe your gone love you always and forever S.I.P Rab
Posted by Aniya BEY on 12th April 2015
Hay...missing you crazy write now! So much going on in my life Rab... I'm grateful we both no this making my way not in a rush too get up there the kids need me Eric is doing as well as can be expected time has literally flew by but it hasn't gotten any easier! I love you ttyl
Posted by Aniya BEY on 13th September 2014
I miss you Rab..missing the moments we had...missing more the ones we didn't have.wishing I would've paid more attention im going forward but i need answers love you xoxoxoxoxo's....not to mention im all in watch over me
Posted by Aniya BEY on 6th July 2014
Happy birthday Rab...missing you!
Posted by Chewy Coombs on 6th July 2014
Happy b day.
Posted by Chewy Coombs on 6th July 2014
Happy b day
Posted by Aniya BEY on 10th April 2014
Missing you Rab...sitting here wit Hov talking about you and Eric for hours lol.. love you so much
Posted by Aniya BEY on 19th March 2014
I miss you dearly Rab! Love you....
Posted by Chewy Coombs on 30th December 2013
I miss you so much friend!
Posted by Aniya BEY on 11th December 2013
Missing you Rab... you've been on my mind heavy! Making my way thru..using so much I learned from watching you as a guideline! At times Im just overwelmed with the way you was taken I flip on anyone to close no trust left its for the better! Love you ttyl..
Posted by Aniya BEY on 13th September 2013
Sooo missing you!! love you Rab
Posted by Aniya BEY on 6th July 2013
Posted by Aniya BEY on 5th July 2013
Happy birthday Rab.... i celebrate your day every year as the years go by it gets no easier but i do find a piece of calm in this day to sit and reflect and smile inside and prepare myself to carry on! I LOVE YOU!! oh and im getting started the day before so off i go to prepare for your day!!
Posted by Aniya BEY on 12th June 2013
I miss you RAB im not by myself on this i thank god for the time i had you in my life wich was way too short and think of you all the time i kept it a thousand too and you will forever be apart of me forever! going foward im a work in progress E holding on this whole thing like to kill him..so much never said ! what a stick up loosing you! Till we meet again love stacy!!
Posted by Joann Lewis on 17th December 2012
I miss u Lawrence Sumpter....ur my heart....RIP till we meet again
Posted by Maggie B Tootz on 11th December 2012
I love you Rab and miss you like crazy

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