Only he knows why he blessed us with your intoxicating joyful percense of unconditional love for such a short period of time but for that those who were blessed with the "PLEASURE" of meeting you are truley blessed and forever greatful our farther who nee
  • 1 year old
  • Born on December 4, 2007 in Houma, Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on March 9, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of ""Momma' baby Daddy's world""But something truly special to everyone whom had the pleasure of meeting for the short period of time god blessed us with me before he needed her home where one day she will be waiting at the gates to welcomes home, Layla Williamson/Flemings, 1, born on December 4, 2007 and passed away on March 9, 2009. We will remember her forever and always 

Posted by Brandy Bye on 9th April 2016
Im so greatful ur mommy blessed me with the honor of being ur nanny and even more greatful god brought u and mommy and ur big sister and brother home for a while so we could bond i remember like it was yesterday us "you and I" on a winter day nanny was loving on u and o how loving you was it was like you knew me before u even came out your mommy i flet that your little chubby legs and feet were freezing and ur chunckey arms and little bitty hands also and nanny didnt thing to get something warmer from mommy before she went off to work so nanny put some of pawpaw knee high socks on u two pair one on ur legs and feet and and the other on ur hands and arms me not thinking grannys floors would have u slidding all over lol but you was so smart and caught on so quick and im guessing they made u warm cause a few slips and slides u was trucking around with them things all day nanny recorded u all day on her phone i was listening to music and o u loved it so much just like ur mommy but more like your daddy you would stay in his studio all day with him you are and always be his only baby the song i was jamming to was drop it like it was hot doing dishes when i looked back and noticed you was actually trying to do evdrything ypur nanny did it wasnt such a nice dance so since u liked the dance so much and nanny was so thankful mommy picked me to be ur gaurdian while she was working so hard to provide for her family and has done since the day she laid eyes on ur big brother who when he was a baby was amazed by nanny also man your mom just doesnt kno how strong she is ill finish that off in a second so i wanted to be a good rolemodel to this beautiful babygirl who brought joy to my life i wasnt so blessed to be in sissy' life at that age but but guys all meant the world to me and still do so i taught u a clean dance where u would drop down to the floor with your little hand everytime it said drop it like its hot and hit it and bust out laughing mommy thought it was the funniest thing in the world when she watched the video and seen that nanny wouldnt do anything disrespectful or teach u anything where you wouldnt look like a little lady and have respect for ur self your mommy changed her whole life for the three of you AND I WAS SO PROUD OF THE WOMAN she became for you guys she never gives her self the credit she deserves but alot more ppl love and respect her and are very proud of the love she has and showed u guys even though her life wasnt so great when we was kids she always we always promised one another we no matter what where when or y we was gonna be the gogmother of one anothers children it would be long periods of time before we would even talk on the phone but when we would see one another it was like we never parted she is and will always be my sister from another mother and farther but to my /our family she is and u guys are ours your daddy and your mother met when your brother was in her belly i braught her to my home town hes one ofyour uncle joshes bestfriends she when he was blessed with u you was and are his first and only always daddys world he even made a sing about you when you passed away they never left where they took you to to get treatment it was the hardest thing to see them go through nanny didnt go like she should have but i couldbt see you nor your mother and farther like that they both meant and mean so much to me when we laid u to rest i knew your mammy needed me and your daddy to but i think he knew how much she needed me mommy tried to stay because of ur bubby and sissy but most of all she jnew you was daddys one and only so she didnt grieve like she should have it seems like the pain of your gojng home so soon doesnt get any better even though she tries her hardest to put on a front i kno her more than she knows her and vise versa daddy has a great gift and you knew it o so well u loved to hear his talent u was and probably r still his biggest fan as he adored you to pieces i never seen him melt like a big bear ljke i did when he was around you to toran and heather i love you guys and nannies chunkey butt till we meet again this is in memory of u chunky butt and dedicated to my sister and brother in law now the world can see each and every birthday passing passing away date and christmas u guys truly keep the memory of your littlr guardian alive

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