Layla Grace Marsh was happy and healthy and born to parents Ryan and Shanna on November 26th 2007 Laya has always been a healthy child 80th percentile for weight a great eater a great sleeper she was sweet as pie and a little cuddle monkey Laya had a great 15 month checkup at around 16 months her sleep habits and appetite started to change and she became more irritable beginning of may Laya woke up one morning with a swollen eye Ryan and Shanna took her to the doctor and she was treated for an ear infection at the same time they noted that her belly was hard and somewhat distended she had not had a bowl movement for a few days and they thought she was becoming constipated the next day Laya was taken to her pediatrician who put her on Mirilax over the weekend by Monday she was not eating at all still no dirty diaper low activity level and was rubbing her belly and lower back saying owie on Thursday may 7th 2009 Laya was sent to a GI specialist instead of getting treatment for constipation they heard words like Cancer and Leukemia a series of x-rays and tests were ordered and they were sent home to wait on the results. That evening about 5 minutes after they walked through the door they got a urgent call from the GI specialist telling them the tests were in they were not good and to bring Layla into the ER right away where a team of doctors would be waiting Layla has a massive cancerous tumor Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in her abdomen It extends from above her left kidney around her side over her belly and wraps around the aorta it was also in her bone marrow she just kind of stopped eating and it was because the tumor inside her belly was so large that it was blocking her intestinal tract Laya was referred to Texas Children's Hospital  where she began her first 7 rounds of chemotherapy over the next few months Layla suffered through surgeries radiation blood and platelet transfusions long hospital stays a bone marrow transplant and so much more Laya was doing better than ever and was able to make it home for Christmas however a new pain confirmed thier worst fears... on January 22 2010 the Marsh family learned that Laya had relapsed Her cancer was back and it was winning Laya's cancer was invading her one good kidney which left her with no other treatment options she was sent home and given two months to live Laya slowly withered away to skin and bones she was unable to keep her head up and even an allergic reaction to the morphine which was supposed to help her on the morning of March 9th 2010 with her parents by her side Laya took her last few gasps the joy the beauty the fighter gained her wings. RIP Laya Grace from 2007 - 2010 forever 2

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