Let the memory of LEE be with us forever
  • 96 years old
  • Born on April 5, 1919 .
  • Passed away on April 21, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, LEE HUDAK 96 years old , born on April 5, 1919 and passed away on April 21, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 21st April 2018
Lee, I am thinking of you today, and after 3 years, that you left, I think of you all the time. Love you all the time. Your Beloved daughter, Nancy, is always there for you, even now. Rest in Peace my dear Adopted Mother. I love you. Love, Phyllis xoxoxo
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 21st April 2017
Lee it has been 2 years since you left us all. I have been thinking of you today and everyday and feel a major emptiness in my heart. I can still hear your voice as you always told me about your wonderful daughter Nancy who you loved dearly. Life goes on for me and all those who loved you so much. But you will never ever be forgotten even for one moment. I love you. Love, Phyllis (Adopted Daughter Always) xo
Posted by Eleanore Steward on 21st April 2017
GOD bless both of you, Nancy, as you reflect upon what a treasure and privilege it was to have your beautiful Mama in your life.
Posted by Ronald Skolnik on 5th April 2017
Happy would be 98th birthday to my grandmother Baube! You always said you didn't want to live to be 100 but you managed to get pretty close. I remember spending time with you throughout my childhood and adult life. You were always there for us and I was so happy when you moved to San Diego. I wish we would have had more time over the years as life is always so busy. I will cherish the memories of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Passover, and others where we had family gatherings. You were always such a strong advocate for me and my career and loved spending time with Claire and Dusty. You lived a good life despite times of tragedy and are still a role model for myself, my mother, my children, and others. I am glad we have a place to celebrate your life and you will always live on in our memories. Until we meet again! Love always Ron
Posted by Nancy Reynolds on 5th April 2017
My precious MOM, I miss you more than words can say. You were my best friend just as I was Randi's. All my life you have been there for me. You were visiting from Chicago when my husband Marshall left me and our children Randi, 7, and Ron, 3 You came to Buffalo to help out when the children were born and when I underwent surgery. You gave me money to buy a car when the terrible diesel i drove was beyond repair. You helped me pay my bills when i was broke and helped pay for my new roof,when the old run leaked into buckets. We shared many good times together seeing movies, eating at Benihana, D Z Akins and the Olive Garden. We had so many jokes like the one about the size of D Z Akins balls (cabbage rolls). You always said to fill the bowl up when ordering soup and "lean and meaty" for ribs. Once when you were visiting I kissed your cheek over and over in our parked car. The man in the car next to us stared and stared at us. When we got out of the car, you told him, "That's ok. She'said my daughter!" At movie theaters you bought me senior tickets--before I was so senior. In San Diego we shared our cooked food. You made me blitzes, salmon patties and kuggles. I made you brisket, Turkey, matzo ball soup and spaghetti. You and I enjoyed dinners at my house, especially playing with your great grandchildren Claire and Dustin. You liked my husband Phil and remarked about how handsome he is. You often asked if I was happy, if he treated me well, and if I was glad I married him. The answer was always yes. So often your life was difficult, like when you lost your sight and had difficulty walking but you always had a smile and lots of love to give. People always remarked about your kindness, your interest in others, and your young appearance. An aide at Grossmont Gardens sang your favorite song for you, "Yesterday." We joked about finding a boyfriend "with a heartbeat and a car!" We also suffered through the loss of our family, your children Rita, Ilene, Nathan, our dad, and all your brothers and sisters. I hope you, Randi and Rita are especially together in heaven. You were my role model and live forever in me. I am so grateful for the years you gave me, although they were difficult for you. I am hoping to know that you and Randi are with me and watching over me. I know we will be together again someday, my YiddishaMama. Love.now and forever, Your daughter Nancy
Posted by Eleanore Steward on 5th April 2017
I didn't have the distinct pleasure of knowing this lovely lady very well, but am so blessed that she gave her beautiful Daughter, Nancy, to the world....WELL DONE, Lee, I am forever in your debt, GOD bless you, and rest in peace!
Posted by Kristina Garcia on 26th February 2017
I'm so sorry to hear of Lee''s passing. I know I'm late hearing of this, but I want to pay my respects. I cared for Lee when she lived at Grossmont Gardnes, she was my favorite! She was so sweet and incredibly generous alays giving me Lil snacks she took from the dining room. I never was able to spend as much time with her as we wouldve liked to as she really lover company and to chat. I'll miss her so much and I want her friends and family to know that it was with great pleasure and honor to have known and cared for her. God bless
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 21st April 2016
Lee, I love you dearly and deeply. I miss you so much for all the beaufitul things you have done as a mother, grandmother, and friend. You are an inspiration to me for ever and ever. Sleep well my beautiful Adopted Mom. Love, Phyllis Spital xoxo
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 5th April 2016
Happy Birthday today Lee in heaven. Thinking of you and celebrating in my heart. I will always love you. Miss you so much. Love, Phyllis (Adopted Daughter) xoxoxo
Posted by Jay Schwartz on 21st May 2015
I did not know Lee, but saw her well-written obituary in the UTSD. Thanks for publishing this website and wishing you condolences.
Posted by Barbara Dolin on 18th May 2015
As Rob Dolin said, Lee was like a grandmother to him and his sister, Marissa. My father and Lee were a couple soon after my Mother died in early 1980. Not only was Lee a Grandmother to both of my children, she was also a very outgoing, loving and warm person. Even though she was not my Mom, I felt I could share thoughts that I dared not tell anyone except a Mother. Lee was a wonderful cook. My Dad enjoyed her cooking immensely! She taught me how to prepare many Jewish dishes. Lee often spoke about Nancy and Nancy's children. She ADORED Nancy and loved to talk to her. Lee worried that Nancy was working too hard, trying to take care of her own family as well as lending her children a helping hand. But she loved talking about Ronnie and Randee and was always very proud of them. She also held a special place in her heart for Marsha and Jenny and David. In this Tribute I see pictures taken by Renee Stock. Lee also loved to see and talk to Rochelle and Renee, when she was in Chicago, every chance she got.. When Lee moved to San Diego, we were all sad. But she always wanted to be near Nancy. So, now she had her wish. We missed Lee very much but we knew that the weather was better for her, less stairs to climb (My Dad lived on the 3rd floor of a walk-up apartment), and she would be with Nancy and her family. Lee: Though we did not communicate with you in the last few years, Rob and Marissa and Joel and I did think of you often. We hoped that you were doing well. Rob was even thinking about coming to San Diego to show you the next generation: Levi Isaac was born in March of last year. The Isaac is named for great-grandpa Irving Wolfmark. Lee: We hold many wonderful memories of you in our hearts. We think of you and bless you for all of your kindness and concern (and humor)you bestowed on us. And we pray that G-d comforts Nancy and her entire family with all those cherished memories they have of their beloved Lee.
Posted by Rob Dolin on 11th May 2015
Lee was like a grandma to my sister and I. She was the long-time partner of my grandfather Irving Wolfmark from when I was a child until shortly after my Bar Mitzvah. I fondly remember celebrating many family events with Lee. When I was young, she used to tell stories of her pet bird. Our extended family would often go to dinner at the Belden or What's Cooking on the north side of Chicago. After I moved to the west coast, my sister and I visited Lee in San Diego during the winter. I remember visiting her at her home and going to the local Jewish deli for lunch. She was a wonderful person and I will miss her.
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 8th May 2015
My Adopted Mom! That is what I would call Lee. She was truly a Mom to me and treated me always with so much love. I will never forget her voice and her special ways. She adored Nancy and was always talking about her to me. She was a great Mom. On this upcoming Mother's Day, I will be thinking of her and how she lit up the world. It is a great loss not to have her around, but I feel lucky to have had her in my life. I miss you Lee, and know you will always be part of my heart. I love you. Love, Phyllis (Adopted Daughter)
Posted by Phil Reynolds on 8th May 2015
May the good Lord watch over her and may she rest in peace
Posted by Nancy Reynolds on 8th May 2015
My mother, Lee Hudak and I, were so close. How many times did she say "I don't know what I'd do without you." Other times she would say that she didn't feel like herself. Then I would say "Then who am I talking to?" We used to joke about her finding a boyfriend. We decided her requirements for a boyfriend were a heartbeat and a car! We had fun together. We went to movies, to the Jewish Community Center, to Benihana on her birthdays, to DZ Akins, to Chicken Nest (no longer there) and shopping for clothes. Her friends liked her purchases so much that they wanted me to take them shopping! My mother took the death of my sister Rita very hard as did the rest of the family. (Hodgkins Disease) I guess that tremendous pain helped her endure my father's death when she was only 58. Then my other sister and brother followed, in later years. She also lived through the passing of her 6 brothers and sisters. They were a close-knit family and in constant touch. In later years she had walking problems and macular degeneration but she was so brave and never complained. She was a wonderful cook and often invited me over for salmon patties, cheese blintzes, and all sorts of other things. I also brought her food I cooked at home like brisket, spaghetti, turkey, and more. I miss her so much. I am so accustomed to calling the private caregivers I had for her in the nursing home and visiting her any chance I got. I still want to call. I hope she is together with our loved ones or at least knows how she is in my heart and thoughts. God bless her. Amen.

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