His Life


O Lee how I wish we could all be togeather  for Christmas, Tina Stephen Deanne Dean Luke Dad & My Self. I miss you and Dad so much, So The two of you come to me for Christmas and always. Sending you love for Christmas and hugs and thoughts for you and Dad x x x x x x x x x x x x x

As I grow you are always young

O Lee As I grow Old you will always stay young. So much has happend since you went home to our lord,We have all grown, Tina your eldest sister has moved to a very big and beautiful house, Deanne has had Lee as you know I am sure I was so suprised when we went to his christning and the priest said Lee Aspin Mcleoud 'Bell. And then Deanne said she had told you after you had passed she would name her next child Lee and as your name was Askew this was the nearest she could get to that.Dean is on his own with Nathen, You know what that ex wife was like so I will not put that here. He now has a great big hgv 1 lorry. I know if you were here you would have been going out with him in it.Stephen lives in Colchester with his little family. He has a daughter Tia she is Lovely. Dad is with you so I no need to say anything about him only I love and miss him.Your son Luke was always with me untill last year. Now he will not talk to me as I wont give him the money that was yours, Untill he is oldenough to use it wisley.I miss him so much .Me I am ok I still wish you were here with all of us, I keep all your belonging even after all these years. I just cant part with them.At the moment I am in Spain with my partner Ray, I think you would have liked him, your dad did.O well I have told you all I can think of and so I will close for now except to say. I just wish I could see you and know how you look now as after 14 years you must have changed. even if only filld out and grown into a man. I love you my younges son miss you so much all my love your Mum x x x x x xx x x

Lee Christmas is on us again ,It has been eleven years of christmas with out you.

We all miss you so much my darling,I wish i could come to see you for just one second would be so good.But I know I will have to wait til it is my time to come. So untill then darling be with your dad and be happy togeather. I lov eyou both so much god bless and happy christmas. to you both x x x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lee's Life

Lee R A Askew Adams England Lee has two sisters Tina and Deanne, he has two brothers Stephen and Dean. Lee has a baby son Luke that he adores. I am his mum Linda. Lee never had a father that he grew up with, but he did have a step father Stan. Lee past to spirit on 1 November 1999. He died because he was afraid he would not be able to see his son and mum. A person said he could take care of him , but lied and let him die. Lee was buried on the 5Th of January, 2000. Because they had to keep his body for post-mortems. Lee was cremated at Harlow crematorium. But I have his ashes at home, as Lee was afraid of the dark. Lee was only twenty two, but did so much with his life. He worked for a special need school. He always played with children with disabilities . He befriended a boy that was in a wheel chair and would go to play with him all the time as he could not walk or play with other children. Lee did a sky dive and raised a lot of money for charity. He was an excellent dad and loved his son Luke. He would do any thing to make him happy. Lee taught me to read as when he was small I could not read a word. He would sit and read to me if I needed any thing read out . He was not a goody to shoes, he had his faults but he was all heart and a loving son, brother and dad. Lee always said and wrote this psalm. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believer in him will not die, but have eternal life. John 3.16. This is just one that Lee sent to me. Lee wrote a lot of poems one of which is: Carry On Carry on as I would mum Lay your problems down to rest Put all bad times behind you And strive to do your best Carry on with confidence Your hands now hold the reins Don't think your talents wont compare For my blood runs through your veins Carry on with honesty You know what's right and fair Just call on me when problems strike You know I will be there Carry on my dreams my mum Let your conscience be your guide And remember when you feel alone I'm standing by your side LOVE ALWAYS YOUR MUM AND SON LUKE