Shared by Scott Richardson on April 4, 2011

U rememba stevie nicholson's 50th bash, the back room had just been done out and we cudnt believe it wen ure mam told us the bottles ov jaques were only a quid! reet they were outta date lol but they were only a quid! we done that whole crate between us then started on wine nd pints hehe. then all hiz daughter friends turned up, u rememba us watchin them as they walked thru 2 the back room, we cudnt take wor eyes of them haha. a divint kna how many jagabombs we'd had by the tym we actually went 2 the party but it didnt take us long 2 pull lol a just rememba turnin round nd seein u talkin 2 that girl nd a thought reet kidda ure nt gettin the beta ov me! still dont know how a pulled the birthday boy's daughter haha but wen a went 2 kiss her at the end ov the nyt a missed her face nd kissed the wall hehe then wen u told me about wot happened 2 u! it still makes me laugh m8 u always made me laugh nd a miss that. a miss everythin but am always thinkin ov u, just wanna say thank u x

Shared by Louise Yellop on March 31, 2011

I have so many stories about you bro but one that we always laughed about all our lives was when we were just little and I through a penny off your head and you cried it was the only time I ever chinned you haha and you never admitted it you always said it was a pound haha i miss you more than words can ever say you'll never be forgotton so many people love you too much and you had a massive inpact on so many ppl's lives, little lee is your double and you would b so proud of him bro, i love you so so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

Shared by Little Lee Yellop on March 30, 2011

i remember aswell when big lee hurt his foot and he came back from hospital and we were all laughing at him then when his foot was ok he gave it to me:L i put it on and a pretended to everyone a had broke my leg:')

i remember aswell when he came in one christmas with this big massive tub of sweets then we ate them all and little lee used it as a massive goldfish bowl:'D



just wish you were here big lee love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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