9/16/2010 - A-Basin Refresher

"Shimmering Sha," "Bumpboard Brock," "Caffeinated Leif"
"You can't call yourself Caffeinated Leif"
"Why? I am Caffeinated Leif"
  • 50 years old
  • Born on January 1, 1961 .
  • Passed away on February 8, 2011 in Aspen, Colorado, United States.
Arapahoe Basin Snow Safety Director, Leif Borgeson passed away on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 while hiking the ridge at the Aspen Highlands Bowl. Leif collapsed after the hike and was immediately attended to by Aspen Highlands patrol, but was unable to be resuscitated.
Leif worked at Arapahoe Basin starting in 1990 joining the ski patrol after patrolling at Keystone for several years. He worked in various capacities including Medical Coordinator, Paramedic, Snow Safety Supervisor and most recently as Snow Safety Director. He has been instrumental in creating Arapahoe Basin’s Avalanche Procedures and Protocols and recognized nationally for his work on the study of avalanches in particular wet slab avalanches. Between 2001-2004, Leif worked for the National Ski Patrol as their Training Director. Before joining Keystone in the 1980s, Leif worked as a patroller in Arizona Snow Bowl and as a Hot Shot Forest Fire Fighter in Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition, Leif served as a Paramedic for Summit County Ambulance Service in the early 1990s.
Leif is survived by his wife Denise Schmidt-Borgeson, his two sons Ian and Aidan Borgeson, his parents and his brother.
There is no doubt that Leif will be missed by the entire Arapahoe Basin team. Plans for memorial services will be announced at a later date. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Borgeson family.
Arapahoe Basin, CO – February 11, 2011 – Memorial Service announced for Leif Eric Borgeson, Thursday, February 17, 2011
A Celebration of Life will be held in memory of Arapahoe Basin Snow Safety Director, Leif Borgeson, on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at the Keystone Conference Center.  The doors will open at 4:30pm for friends to gather and the service will begin promptly at 5:30 pm.  Immediately following the service, there will be a reception for all at the Arapahoe Basin A-frame including refreshments and a time to meet Leif’s family.  At the A-Basin reception there will be an opportunity for friends to be video-taped and share a favorite Leif Borgeson story. 
In lieu of flowers, donations for the Leif Borgeson Memorial Fund are being accepted at any Wells Fargo Bank branch.
Posted by Florence Borgeson on 9th February 2018
Remembered yesterday but a hard day! Dado is with you now so we look to the heavens knowing that you are together! Miss you both so very much!! Love Mom
Posted by Lars Borgeson on 8th February 2018
We miss you, Leif, more than ever.
Posted by Lars Borgeson on 3rd January 2018
Miss you, Leif. Hope you enjoyed the beer with us up in the mountains on your birthday.
Posted by Florence Borgeson on 2nd January 2018
Happy Birthday Leif! Love and miss you! Love Mom and Dado
Posted by Denise Schmidt on 2nd January 2018
Bet you enjoyed your 57th birthday! Pretty cool you had a full moon...and your bro gets one on his birthday too! We are working on what you wanted for Christmas: World Peace!!
Posted by Soda Pop on 2nd January 2018
Happy birthday old friend! Your boys are becoming strong young adults like yourself, you would be proud. By the way I just had my first baby girl in October, hope I can be a great father like you! Miss you!!!
Posted by Ian Borgeson on 2nd January 2018
Happy Birthday pops! We miss you, hope you're having a good time wherever you are. Ski in peace!
Posted by Norm Brown on 17th April 2017
Hiked up an inviting chute at A-Basin last week and happened on his memorial bolted to the rock. Looks like he was good people.
Posted by Ian Borgeson on 8th February 2017
9" in the past 24hrs at the Basin today. Reminiscing on days long gone when I saw you at work; your beard always looked like an icicle. Ski in peace dad! I did today.
Posted by Gina Giovanni on 2nd January 2017
I've been skiing your lines on the north side, Leif. Thanks for showing me the way! Your presences is dearly missed my old friend. All the love to your family as I can only imagine. xo
Posted by Dan Gengler on 2nd January 2017
Happy birthday Leif. Look forward to laughing with you again some day.
Posted by Florence Borgeson on 2nd January 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEIF We miss you! Love Mom and Dado
Posted by Ian Borgeson on 1st January 2017
Happy 56th pops!! I love you so much. Aidan is turning into a man; I wish you could see. I know you're proud.
Posted by Ian Borgeson on 26th March 2016
I miss you dad.
Posted by Denise Schmidt on 14th February 2016
Happy Valentines's Day Leif! The boys and I will be eating chocolate in your honor, mine with nuts:). Denise, Ian and Aidan XXXOOO
Posted by QX Bobo Persons on 9th February 2016
Interesting that this came up right now... 2 days ago I finally broke out and skied my "new" Borgy tribute skis that have been in barn for years, waiting for good snow. I think of you often. Being here in Flag, I bump in to folks that know you and your family, often. b
Posted by Rebecca Hodgetts on 5th February 2016
Dealing with some booger-eaters today boss - and thought of you. Cracked a smile...
Posted by Dan Gengler on 10th December 2015
Don't know why I was thinking of Leif today...but there it is. I visited this site nearly five years ago when I read the news of his passing in the O'Gorman HS alumni newsletter. Leif and I were debate partners and good friends. I have fond memories of tooling around in his VW bug, backpacking trips, and laughing together until our sides hurt. I hadn't seen Leif since high school but I am so grateful to have seen on this site what a full and beautiful life he had. He was one of those rare souls you are most fortunate to have known. I still think of Leif which I can only hope is of some comfort to those who loved him.
Posted by Ian Borgeson on 21st June 2015
Thinking about you a whole lot lately. Especially today pops. Shred in Peace! Much Love! Ian
Posted by Mark Michaels on 9th February 2015
I will never forget Leif.
Posted by Florence Borgeson on 8th February 2015
Miss you! You are loved! Thank you for our 2 amazing grandsons, Aidan and Ian!! Thank you for the memories that have sustained us the pass years! XXXOOO Dad and Mom
Posted by Larry Grossman on 8th February 2015
Miss you Leif....really miss your attitude and smile whenever I am skiing at Arapahoe Basin. The rest of the crew there carries on your amazing legacy and work ethic. Such a great man.
Posted by REx Lint on 8th February 2015
Incase you missed the tribute video https://vimeo.com/20102602 Miss you my man. Rex
Posted by Tim Green on 8th February 2015
I did not know Leif but he sounds like a man I would have loved to been around and get to be his friend. My Mom died on Feb 2 and my Brother birthday is Feb 3 but Passed away March 15,2013. I will keep Leif's memory alive but telling people about him and his work. God bless all his loved one.
Posted by Flo Borgeson on 1st January 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEIF! "Your memory is a keepsake from which we never part. We have you in our hearts always" Love Dad and Mom
Posted by Future Shock on 27th March 2014
I came across this site while doing some online research. I never knew Leif but was touched by this wonderful tribute to the man and his life. The pictures say it all, he looks like a man who enjoyed his life and relationships with friends and family. I feel I would like to have known him in life.
Posted by Allie Barnes on 21st March 2014
rest in pece
Posted by Florence Borgeson on 8th February 2014
You are missed!! LOVE Mom & Dad
Posted by Denise Schmidt on 8th February 2014
Leif, Have been thinking of you! Ian is skiing in France and Aidan has been wearing a Hawaiian shirt to school:) We love you always!
Posted by Paul Rondeau on 8th February 2014
You are alive and strong in my thoughts. You will live as long as I live love ya man!!!
Posted by Colleen Ihnken on 2nd January 2014
So much irony, COINCIDENCE in this world...souls with energy that we carry with us...Leif was remembered this new year's eve at Chuck's Cabin...skiing his skis...
Posted by Nitika Jain on 30th April 2013
Missed Forever
Posted by Kristy Kelton-Gruber on 8th February 2013
Kaileen always wanted to see you at the Basin.. It is part of what kept us going those first few years...after...anyway.. We miss you at the Patrol Office.. Love to Denise and Boys Kristy.
Posted by Larry Beverly on 8th February 2013
You are always with us in spirit......Loved and Missed by all......Rest Easy!
Posted by Denise Schmidt on 6th January 2013
Dad, Leif! We all love and miss you! Aidan, Ian, Toy, Stella and Denise XOOXXOO
Posted by Marian Kritzler on 4th January 2013
You are still missed. You must be so proud of Ian.
Posted by Debbie Ware on 1st January 2013
We always think of Leif on January 1st, Rob and he always shared something special on this day. XO The Wares
Posted by Estrella Flores on 18th December 2012
Gracias por dar todo de ti
Posted by Matt Mosher on 11th October 2012
I never met Leif and I probably never would, I am from Canada and an in University. However, I am doing a project on online memorials and I chose this one randomly. After looking at what people said about him and looked at his pictures, I can see he was an amazing guy and a good friend and looked like and awesome dude. R.I.P man, From a Canadian Snowboarder.
Posted by Liz Sampey on 8th February 2012
one year later- thinking of you Leif, hope you're getting many fluffy turns in the sky. :)
Posted by Paul Rondeau on 7th January 2012
You the man.....I will ski with you again. Give your self over to gravity.PEACE...
Posted by Mark Michaels on 3rd January 2012
Happy Birthday Leif !
Posted by Judd Santry on 3rd April 2011
Leif was our superhero. He was larger than life. It is difficult to look around A-Basin these days and not see the enormous impact he had on every inch of that mountain. He will be sorely missed...
Posted by Scott S on 12th March 2011
I worked with Leif at the National Ski Patrol. I missed him when he left, and was sad to read about his death. My thoughts are with the family.
Posted by Jim Hobson on 6th March 2011
I haven't talked to Lief since we were in college together in the early 1980's in Minneapolis. I'll always be grateful to him for helping make my first big nature adventures happen. Looks like he never stopped getting as much adventure out of life as he could. Thanks for helping me to push myself, Lief.
Posted by Shaka Martin on 5th March 2011
Thanx for the coffee, and the inspiration Leif! I'll always remember your coffee talks, your 5th cup during my first o the day at 7am. Much love!!
Posted by Jim Stegmaier on 2nd March 2011
I remember those early days at the Snowbowl with JD, Sean & Jacquie. We were all so young then. We moved on to bigger & better. You got to be the best in what you did. Happy forever skiing Leif. Jim & Jacquie Stegmaier
Posted by Vanessa Woodford on 28th February 2011
Dear Denise, Ian and Aiden, Very shocked to learn of Leif's passing. Thinking of you and your family. May he be floating on powder right now!
Posted by Flo Rutherford on 27th February 2011
I had the pleasure of working with Leif during the editing and CD production for the NSP Instructor Developement program. He was always positive, upbeat and energized. Someone never to be forgotten.
Posted by Matt Speier on 27th February 2011
I never met Leif and never knew the man but as a fellow ski patroller my heart felt condolences go out to his family.

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