This memorial website was created in memory of Leiping Wang. 

Posted by Paul Kent on 2nd April 2015
Leiping, I'll never forget how kind you were to me during those years in Beijing. I always saw you as one of the most humble and intelligent people I have ever known. A true gentleman. I will miss you.
Posted by Piers Touzel on 1st August 2014
A big mind and a gentle soul. Taken from this world too quickly, you will be remembered forever.
Posted by Yong Wang on 29th July 2014
Leiping, once being a classmate with you is truly a luxury in my life. I am grateful to the fate of our paths crossing that made me one of the many around the world whose lives have been brightened up by the shine of yours. (A classmate and friend at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1982-1986)
Posted by Liping Jiang on 28th July 2014
Posted by Stephen Wilson on 26th July 2014
Leiping, it was a great privilege to have known you, and to have worked with you. And tragic that you have been taken from your family and from the world so young. Gracious. Humble. Thoughtful. Intelligent. Patient. Hard-working. Intelligent. Generous. Kind. Leiping you were all these things and more. A true role model. Without doubt you were one of China's finest sons. I have often found myself speaking of you as one of the people I respect most. As one from whom I learned many things. You had the ability to communicate much with few words. You are greatly missed. May you rest in peace, dear friend. Rest in peace.
Posted by Matthew Mitchell on 26th July 2014
At the end of May, I was in DC and stopped by Leiping's office but was told he was away. I had not seen him for about seven years since working with him as a consultant. What I remember most about Leiping was a deep intelligence with an underlying kindness and warmth. He was so laser-beam focused and serious most of the time that it was indeed a special treat to watch his signature grin suddenly appear, brightening the office, and melt away any worries or tension in its vicinity. To Leiping’s family, friends, and colleagues, I would like to express my condolences through the music, images and sentiment conveyed by the video accessed with the link below."
Posted by Julia Bucknall on 24th July 2014
Posted for Stephen Wilson, former colleague from ERM I was Leiping's boss, although I often felt he should have been my boss, given his superior wisdom and experience.
Posted by Weiwu Chen on 24th July 2014
Leiping's love of life, friendship, his family, professional, and dedication to excellence in all areas of his life will be missed and remembered. He was fantastic, the best skilled practitioner you could ever have. All his associates and friends used to be in former Beijing Economic Research Institute of Electrical Power, located in 文华胡同21号, are gonna miss him, my dearly missed friend!
Posted by Stephen Lintner on 23rd July 2014
Leiping was an outstanding professional who was deeply committed to both his work and family. His exceptional professional skills allowed him to undertake highly complex projects. Like others, I deeply remember our long motorcycle ride in the mountains of Indonesia to reach the site of a proposed dam. Leiping will be missed by his colleagues and long remembered for his warm personality and friendly manner.
Posted by Minnie Espinosa-Apurada on 23rd July 2014
Leiping is a humble and kindhearted person and I will truly miss him.... "Rest peacefully, dear Leiping I know it's been a long, long road Just remember, you're spirit soul Worldly pains, come and go It's just a fading, passing show. Rest peacefully, sweet soul The Lord will protect you, He's in full control. Rest peacefully, it's all part of His plan Don't you be afraid, you're in His hands."
Posted by Chaohua Zhang on 23rd July 2014
Leiping and I got to know each other when he joined the Bank over ten years ago. We didn't have much interaction then as I left DC soon for field assignments. We reconnected again when he joined South Asia in the Islamabad Office as the Lead Energy Specialist and when I just finished my assignement there, but still supporting the country program from Nepal. We had extensive discussions on the country, the energy sector and its challenges as well as personal matters, such as relocation logistics, family visa status in DC, the Chinese community in Islamabad. I actually gave him a long list of Chinese restaurants hidden among the Islamabad neighbourhoods, and informed him about the health clubs and the tracking trails etc. Leiping loved his family very much and family was one topic we talked about a lot, me explaining the family evacuation experiences after Marriot Hotel bombing and him explaining to me how he went about the challenge and the efforts he understook to overcome the G4 Visa issue when one's duty station changed. To him, family is always Number One. Leiping was then all excited and eager to engage and start actions on the ground. He had lots of experiences in this sector and had already a good analysis of the energy situation and development strategy in Pakistan. He gave me a full doze of his thinking. He was quite committed and eager to take up the challenge. I explained to him the complexities, challenges and difficulties in Pakistan as well as within the Bank to engage in hydropower development on Indus, all from the social political side, which is my field, and let out my frustration and pessimism over the hydropower development in Pakistan. I really gave him an earful. His answer threw me off the chair. He said - I'm an engineer and I don't think these are big problems. I almost jumped from my chair. He then said - I take care of the engineering side and you take care of the social political problems. So there's a division of labour among the team and in that sense these are really not my problems. I then realized he was having fun of me. I can visualize him sitting there talking. It is very sad and unfortunate that God didn't give him the time to complete what he has started. Otherwise he could have made a huge difference on the ground. We'll keep him in our heart and continue the mission he has started. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Yuling Zhou on 23rd July 2014
Leiping and I worked together for a few years until I moved out of EAP in 2007. We had many joint missions, meetings, field trips and social events as well. Leiping was truly a first class professional, clients and results oriented, worked extremely hard, earned respect and trust of colleagues and Government counterparts. He was an excellent colleague and a dear friend. His passing is indeed a great loss. Leiping will be dearly missed. May Leiping rest in peace!
Posted by Mohammad Saqib on 22nd July 2014
On behalf of Islamabad Office Energy Team Pakistan energy team was fortunate to have a lead like Leiping who was very energetic, knowledgeable, and most of all a very nice person. We are going to miss him but our work will continue to benefit from the guidance he provided during his short stay with us. May his soul rest in peace, Aameen! Rashid, Anjum, Abid and Saqib
Posted by Melinda Good on 22nd July 2014
Leiping's passing leaves a gap in the community of friends who worked in Indonesia. My lasting memory of Leiping is riding on a tiny motorcycle down a precipitous mountain path in the Cisokan area just after a rainfall. I was holding on desperately to the man driving my moped with my eyes closed when I heard and then saw Leiping in front on another moped. He turned his head so I could see his grin and shouted to me - almost there! Leiping was a professional and a kind and patient man.
Posted by Defne Gencer on 22nd July 2014
Leiping was a hard-working, smart and practical professional, and a pleasant and humorous colleague. I have known him since 2006, when we worked together in EAP, and the last time I saw him was in spring 2013, when he had kindly agreed to discuss some project options I was exploring at the time. He was so generous and gracious in sharing his experience and knowledge. He was very valued by many people in multiple ways. I am terribly sorry about his loss. He will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace. I wish his family patience and strength.
Posted by Harry John on 22nd July 2014
It is sad to see this great guy go but we take solace in the fact that our Good Lord needs him more than we do and that his passing on will take him to greater grestness. I spoke to him just after he took ill and his desire to overcome the setaback and return to work was all over him. We will miss him and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Haichao Chen on 22nd July 2014
Leiping impressed me with his smart, capable and sharp professionalism when I first met him in Cranfield University in 1998. In the first term of the MBA programme, he and his team members won an outstanding performance prize, the highest one of the four streams of c 180 students. We all had a wonderful time in UK for 12 months. His departure is really a great loss. Leiping, may you rest in peace.
Posted by Inneke Ross on 21st July 2014
Leiping, I remembered when we talked about Indonesia and its culture, etc.. you were very knowledgeable and respectful colleague. It was very nice to have known you. My prayers go to you and your family. May you rest in Peace!
Posted by Julia Bucknall on 21st July 2014
Posted for Rachid Benmessaoud I am very saddened by this tragic loss of an outstanding colleague, professional and friend. We will all miss him, and pray for the departed soul.
Posted by Zijun Li on 21st July 2014
Leiping had inspired many people. I believe he impacted the lives of people around him, as a colleague, counselor, guide and friend. I will forever miss his big smiles and sincerity as a mentor and colleague. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.
Posted by Julia Bucknall on 21st July 2014
Posted for Anjum Ahmed It is very very sad and shocking news. I worked with him very closely during the short time that he was in Pakistan. He was a great professional with a lot of energy, drive and knowledge. And a very nice person. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Julia Bucknall on 21st July 2014
Posted for Ashish Khanna Terrible news. He was an outstanding human being and an extremely capable professional. He fought well with a deadly disease. My prayers are with his family in this hour of grief
Posted by Chunxiang Zhang on 21st July 2014
Leiping, so sad that you left us forever. We will miss you. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Lu Kang on 21st July 2014
I am so sad to learn the news. Leiping, you were such a kind person and true gentlemen, we will all miss you! May you rest in peace!
Posted by Sameer Shukla on 21st July 2014
Dear Leiping, we will miss you very much. May your soul rest in peace. May God's grace forever shine on your family.
Posted by Sieow Leng Goh on 21st July 2014
Leiping was my MBA classmate in Cranfield University in 1988/1989. To me, he was like a big brother, always ready to help! He was humble, spoke with a clear and steady voice as well as a big smile which made him an extremely friendly person. He was hardworking in his study and never hesitate to share his knowledge. He had leadership qualities and abilities to foster great teamwork. His departure is indeed a great loss to and certainly be missed by all who know him. Rest in peace.
Posted by Oliver Knight on 21st July 2014
Although I didn't get a chance to know Leiping well, he was very kind to me on my first mission to Pakistan, even taking me to his favorite 'underground' Chinese restaurant that occupied several rooms of a residential home in Islamabad (twice I think). I was very impressed with his rapid appraisal of the energy situation in Pakistan, and his ideas for increasing investment in renewable energy in the country - and helping to deliver MWs quickly at relatively low cost. We are now working on some of those ideas, so hopefully we can do them justice. I would echo what many have said already: Leiping was a true professional and gentleman, and I wish I could have got to know him better.
Posted by Hong Chen on 21st July 2014
Leiping, you were a terrific colleague, a true gentleman, a very kind and nice friend. You'll be sorely missed.
Posted by Galina Menchikova on 21st July 2014
Leiping, may you rest in peace.
Posted by Fred Z. FU on 21st July 2014
Leiping, my buddy, it is so sad that I couldn't even have a chance to say goodbye to you. The time we were together at Cranfield University in 1998/99 is like yesterday, the memory being so vivid, fresh and unforgettable. God envies those with talent. You will be greatly missed by all your Cranfield brothers and sisters back in China. May your soul and body rest in peace.
Posted by Mohammad Saqib on 21st July 2014
Whether at work or leisure I have always seen him smiling and that is how I would like to remember him. Unfortunately, I had his company for a very short while when he was based in Islamabad but I was very impressed with his noble character and sound professionalism. I will miss his arguments and good humour. May his soul rest in peace, Aameen!
Posted by Yan Feng on 21st July 2014
I am so sad learning this. I knew Leiping when I was with SETC and he supported our energy efficiency project. We all went to Cranfield for MBA and I am one year later. But we had overlap for 2 months in Cranfield and had a good time together with him and his family. Leiping is a good friend and he devoted his whole life to his work and his family. I will miss him and all the best to his family!
Posted by Yanqin Song on 21st July 2014
I got to know Leiping when he worked in China in mid 1990's before he went to UK to study for his MBA. At that time he worked in a research institute in State Grid Company. Although we had not worked together at that time, we became good friends later. It was Leiping encouraged me to join the Bank and he also helped me a lot in personal life. I met Leiping during the SDN in 2013 and noticed he lost too much weight and suggest him have a medical check. He said he has already made an appointment. Later we were told he got stomach cancer. I visited him during last SND in 2014 and found he was already very weak. Although I did not expect any magic thing happen when I learnt Leiping was in his last stage, it is still difficult for me to accept the fact that he already left us. Leiping devoted whole his life to his work and his family. Hope Leiping will have an easy life in another world. Best wishes to his family!
Posted by Irum Touqeer on 21st July 2014
May you rest in peace.
Posted by Haroon Sharif on 21st July 2014
What a tragic loss of a brilliant professional, wonderful human being and a delightful colleague. May you rest in enternal peace my friend. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. You'll be missed!
Posted by Khalid Bin Anjum on 21st July 2014
Leiping is true professional and a great human being. The news is very shocking and sad. We will miss him.
Posted by Wenhe Zhang on 20th July 2014
Leiping is a long time good friend and my neighbor. I am so impressed by his stories and never give-up spirit in fighting against cancer. He created miracles although he was unable to go further. Leiping, rest in peace. I will miss you very much.
Posted by Penelope Ferguson on 20th July 2014
My sincerest condolences to Leiping's family. Leiping was an incredible professional and a pleasure to work with. Leiping, on Barry's recommendation, engaged me on my first Word Bank project, so he was pivotal to my career in the Bank. We 'survived' the Jakarta Office swaying from side to side after a 7.1 earthquake, while working on the Upper Cisokan Pumped Storage project. He will always be fondly remembered.
Posted by Zhentu Liu on 19th July 2014
Leiping: you will be in out memory forever.
Posted by Barry Trembath on 19th July 2014
I first met Leiping in about 1990, when I was a young task manager having just joined the Bank. Leiping was a young engineer working with the BERIWREP. Since he was with a big group I didn't realize that I had met him until he reminded me when we worked together in Indonesia; he told me that he still had a copy of my aide memoire. I didn't have much chance to work with him in HQ before I retired but later when he was assigned to Indonesia, he invited me to work with him, and we developed a close professional and personal relationship. As an overloaded task manager, he gave me my head ,while he looked after the bureaucratic side and the areas which were in his field of expertise. While I was working with him, we put together what was probably the best Project Review Panel and Environmental and Social Panel ever assembled. Because of the slow bureaucracy of PLN they all arrived in Indonesia without contracts in place based on my personal assurance that they would be paid. Once in Bandung, Leiping took it upon himself to negotiate with each of the international members on a one to one basis before handing over to PLN. The Panel is still functioning efficiently along the lines we established. there are many other things that we set in motion which are now coming to pass. Towards the end of the PRP meeting I developed my own health problems and PRP cared for me as if I were one of his children; he did the same with Pene Ferguson when she was expecting. Leiping was truly one of nature's gentlemen; I will miss hiim dearly. My heartfelt condolences go to his wife and young family. Although, we are far apart in miles, if ever there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to call on me. Barry
Posted by Yabei Zhang on 19th July 2014
Leiping was a great colleague, mentor and friend. I could truly trust him and share my doubts, concerns, and challenges at work. Every time I talked to him, I was inspired and encouraged. I admire his vision, wisdom, and passion. I just couldn't believe early last year was my last time saw him. I will miss him forever.
Posted by Sandeep Kohli on 19th July 2014
Leiping and I overlapped only briefly, but that was sufficient to leave a deep impression. He came across as thoughtful, curious, knowledgable, and a thorough gentlemen. Besides working on his very challenging project/s, he was reading the holy Koran, and appeared well versed in the culture and traditions of Pakistan. He represents for me the quintessential World Banker - a true citizen of the world. My family's and my sincere condolences to the Wang family.
Posted by Eka Putra on 19th July 2014
I worked with Leiping on Bank projects in Indonesia and Timor-Leste several years ago and we continue to be friend. He is an inspiration to all of us. His kind heart, cheerful personality, and outmost respect to our clients really make him a first class professional. I learned a lot from him. He is a mentor to many staff in the Jakarta office. He is my mentor and my friend. I was lucky to know his lovely family too. I visited Leiping last weekend in Shady Groove Hospital. His wife reminded that I might not recognize him because of the treatment. Yes, his body was changed, but his mind and soul were not. He greeted us with his warm heart. He asked me how my kids are, how do I like my work in DC…This is Leiping I know. He always put other people first. I knew he was thinking about his family. Leiping, don’t you worry. Family will be proud knowing how great their father is. His mind is always as sharp as it used to be. I remember Noureddine used to call him Professor Leiping. In his last days, during my visit, he asked me how is the progress of Upper Cisokan project in Indonesia, how is the result of election in Indonesia, and how is the Bank’s change process ☺. Thank you Leiping…There is no words to describe how grateful we are as your colleague and your friend. You are resting peacefully now. No more pain. God bless you and your lovely family.
Posted by Mei Wang on 19th July 2014
Leiping was a wonderful human being and a great colleague. His passing is a huge loss for his family, friends, colleagues, and the energy sector. I will miss him. May Leiping rest in peace.
Posted by Xiaokai Li on 19th July 2014
Leiping, The long hours we spent in Jakarta office and hotel seem yesterday. Now you left us too soon! how we could trade our work secrets again? .....You will be forever missed by your friends, colleagues and your clients. May Lord rest your soul and take care of you in heaven.
Posted by Wenjie Wang on 19th July 2014
Leiping was avery helpful leader for me. So sad to hear your leaving. Have good day in other world.Miss you.
Posted by Irma Setiono on 18th July 2014
Rest in peace, Leiping…. You are now in a much better place…
Posted by Lis Nainggolan on 18th July 2014
Dear Leiping, it is so sad we will no longer meet again. I was very impression working with you, I learned from you many things. We all miss you. Hopefully your beloved family can handle this difficult situation soon. Goodbye, Leiping.
Posted by Ximing Peng on 18th July 2014
Leiping, Though I knew the day will come, it comes so early. I miss you for all the years we spent together, and wish you have a pleasant new life in the other side.
Posted by Jie Li on 18th July 2014
Leiping is such a kind person. He brought warmth every time we talked. I will miss him...

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