Let the memory of Leo be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on March 1, 1950 in Hawkinsville, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on August 20, 2013 in Macon, Georgia, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Leo Cranford 63 years old , born on March 1, 1950 and passed away on August 20, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 18th February 2019
I sure do miss you Daddy. Edward does too! He misses those long conversations with you. He is doing good with work and family. You know he has always had big goals. He tried his luck in North Dakota working on the oil rigs but you know Georgia boys can't handle that cold weather. Just as soon as he got out a winter storm came through and it was negative 51 degrees out there. I can see you now saying, "boy, get your a$$ home!" He stuck it out an finished his 28 day shift and came home after getting stuck in the snow twice. Since he has been home, he has gotten a new job in the shipyard in VA. He will still be a ways away but at least he is with Elliebug. He sure did miss her while he was gone. You would just absolutely adore her. She looks and acts just like her Grandma....me! Never dreamed being an old Grandma could bring so much to my life. Still doesn't fill the void of losing you though. Keep an eye on us and know you are missed every day by all of us. I love you, Daddy!!
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 21st December 2018
It is time for another Christmas without you. It just isn't the same Daddy. You are missed more than I could have ever imagined. My heart is still so broken. Whoever said time heals all wounds, was so wrong. I wish you were to meet and play with Ellie. She looks and acts so much like me. I know you would instantly fall in love with her. She is the sweetest thing ever. Yes, she loves to talk as much Edward too! Come join us for Christmas. We will save you a seat always!! Merry Christmas Daddy!! I love you with all my heart.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 15th November 2018
Hello darlin Just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you and I still miss you. Been raining in Georgia for the last week. So dreary and I hate it. But it means the cold weather is headed in. So I’ve started cooking for Thanksgiving. The kids still don’t know it doesn’t magically appear on the table. Ellie came to visit last week. We had a good time together. She is the sweetest. Edward sure did good. Who would have thought Edward would be the one to get it right. I miss you and I think of all the good times but I still wish you were here especically when I see an older couple out together; wishing we could have had more time. That being said I’m grateful the Lord allowed me to have you for as long as I did. HE truly blessed us! I LOVE YOU! Your Myrt always.
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 20th August 2018
Hey Pops, today was my first day of college. All summer, I have felt like no one believed I could do this but you and I’m so very thankful for your blessed memory. The entire day, I could feel you walking around with me. I was waiting on a phone call or waiting on a text when I just had to realize that you have been with me for the entire day. Thank you Pops for always believing in me. Thank you Pops for always pushing me to be the best version of myself that I could never see before. Thank you Pops for always encouraging me so that I knew that the impossible was possible. I love you Pops. I’ll miss you for forever
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 20th August 2018
Hello Darlin, Happy Fifth! You always did love a fifth. The Lord’s got you covered each way you go today. I miss you and I love you. Myrt
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 30th July 2018
I miss you so much Daddy.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 26th May 2018
Hey Pa, SHE DID IT!! Tater got that diploma today ! She was the prettiest one there and she was so excited. All the family was there for her special day. I know you and the rest of her other family were there too looking down and blessing her. Our wishes for her is nothing but good things and a happy life. She always be our baby but today she is her woman. I'm so proud of her. I miss you and know that all of us had you on our mind today as well.
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 10th May 2018
Hey Pops, I literally have eight more days until my last day of school! I'm so excited!!! but speaking of excitement, nana bought a smaller chair therefore I can't be five anymore and sit with her but I think it's about time because i am graduating. lol Anyway, I'm really excited about graduating but I'm sad because you wont be there to see me walk across that stage. But I guess JC wanted to give you best seat from the clouds so be ready on May 26th at 9 o'clock because that's when it starts. I love you so much Papa and I think about you constantly. Tell Nanny Pooh that I said hello and that I love her. Talk to you soon Pops Tater
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 8th May 2018
Still missing and loving you. Myrt
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 11th April 2018
Wish you were here. We have so many things to talk about. I wish I could have you back...just for a day or two. I wasn't ready for you to go. I don't think this pain will ever go away. I just hope you know I much I love you and miss you every day that goes by. Hugs & Kisses
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 1st March 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! I woke up with you on my mind. I love you and miss you so much. I know you'll have the best birthday ever, celebrating in Heaven. We will be celebrating you here on earth with mom's famous chocolate cake that she made just for you. I will be sure to eat your piece. Enjoy your special day Daddy!! You are so special to us and missed every day. I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 24th January 2018
I love you, Daddy!!!
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 23rd January 2018
Hey Pops, its Tater or as Brantley would calls me now, Tater-Tot. Its honestly hysterical because he thinks that its an insult when he says that. Anyway, I had a good day today. I turned 18 and the family made me go to school. How rude, am I right? But after school I went to nana's and she took good care of me. She had a delicious cake waiting for me with some of my favorite snacks too. Say-Say and Uncle Bill came over and hung out for a little bit too. After we ate, Nana and I went to the computer room and just listened to music which was really nice. I then came home and dad was here and was cooking my one of my favorite meals. Annie, Alan, and Kyler came down to eat with us too and that was nice. The best part was definitely getting a text from momma saying that Brandon was going to let me call the baby. Brant said " Happy Birthday Tater-Tot" and he told me he loved me. The entire point of all that information was to say that I had a good birthday but I sure did miss you today. I wanted to go buy you a pack of cigs but I knew nana would be mad if I did so I didn't. I love you Pops. Thanks for being the best grandpops I've ever had! -Tater P.S.- I asked dad if he had anything he wanted to say to you and he said that he loves you and that he misses his best friend.
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 5th January 2018
Well Daddy, it's been a rough week around here. A deer failed to yield the right away and wrecked my Camaro the day before my 50th birthday. Picking up the rental car was an event in itself exchanging car three times before they found one that would suit my needs for work. Today, I was suppose to pick Ellie from South of the Border. But guess what??? Ellie and Edward are snowed-in in Virginia Beach. So needlessly to say....I'm ready for this week to be over! Turning 50 was ok, Myrt made me my favorite breakfast...pancakes and scrambled eggs and bought some beautiful elephant bangle bracelets. Myrt and Brittney must think a lot alike because Brittney also bought me a bracelet with elephant cage with a white pearl in it. She is sweet Daddy and so beautiful. Waking up on my birthday wasn't the same though. I missed you calling and singing Happy Birthday Darling to me. But I'm positive you were looking down and celebrating with me. My heart still hurts and I miss you every day. Just know I love you and I always will. You are my hero and my first love!! I love you Daddy!!!
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 12th November 2017
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 21st September 2017
I love you, Daddy!!!
Posted by Billy Laseter on 20th August 2017
Uncle Leo- I'll always remember our fishing/gambling trips...... Billy
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 20th August 2017
Our lives go on without you But nothing is the same We have to hide our heartache When someone speaks your name Sad are the hearts that love you Silent are the tears that fall Living here without you is the hardest part of all You did so many things for us Your heart was kind and true And when we needed someone We could always count on you The special years will not return When we are all together But with the love in our hearts You walk with us forever You are forever in my heart Daddy I love you & miss you so much!
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 4th August 2017
Well Daddy...my baby is 25 and his baby is absolutely precious. You wouldn't believe how much she looks and acts like me. :) I know you must have met her in Heaven helped God hand pick her just for us. Is so much like us. She is extremely smart and loves to talk like her Daddy. Any yes, she loves him just as much as I ever loved you. Her lights just light up when he walks in the room. Life just isn't the same without you Daddy. I miss you so much and my heart still hurts and feels so empty. You are definitely missed by me and many others. Wish me luck this weekend. I'm hosting the Cranford Family Reunion. Praying all goes well but you know us Cranford's...never a dull moment. Pop in and check on us. Should be a hoot as always. I love you Daddy! ((Sending lots of Hugs & Kisses to Heaven...just for YOU))
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 2nd August 2017
Braden Elliott 8/1/2017 .. Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes. I had a busy day but rounded it out sharing a shot with some family up at Papa's swing. I wish he could have been here for it but sitting up there and feeling the cool air I could almost see him in the swing with me. So cheers Papa. I'm sure you'll keep looking after me for years to come.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 2nd August 2017
Today 8/2/17 is Edward's 25th birthday, Pa. Your Tater is a senior this year. All the kids are grown except Scooter and he thinks he is. We all love and miss you. Myrt
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 24th July 2017
Hey pops, its Tater. I feel like I haven't written on here in so long because I find myself just talking out loud to you lately. Anyway, I have my last week of summer left before I start my senior year... Don't tell nana but I havent started any of my summer reading and I know she's going to kill me once she finds out. Lately, I've missed your laughter. The way you could create a story for me to believe within seconds. The other day I was talking to you in the car about something and i walked straight into nanas, greeted her and walked to your room. I looked up and saw that it was just a wall now. I've never done that before to where I forget that you weren't there. Don't worry though because I didnt have time to be upset because then Brant was right there to cheer me up. You really would've loved brant. Hes loud and rambunctious but man does that boy love to be outside getting dirty. Nana and I have taught him how to eat off the vine and he seems to like them a lot. Lets hope he doesn't turn out to eat them as much as me to where it makes him sick. I hope you're having a ball up there. Say-say planned a family reunion with your ENTIRE family so lets pray that goes well. I bet it'll be fine though. Nana and I are going to make a snow globe cake or something like that because I had to cut all your brother and sisters faces out like five times each. Well I've taken up enough time of your night. Don't let your syrup run during supper and as always, give nana my love. I love you guys both!! Tater
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 26th April 2017
Hey Pa, enjoyed the picnic on the ground with you today. Love, scooter.
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 18th April 2017
Hey pops, its tater. I was just "surfing" the web late at night ( I'm supposed to be doing homework but... we just wont tell Nana that (; ) and i came across a DIY i did when i was like 6 or 7 but i never saw it before i did it. The DIY had steps of where you made washers into bracelets and I remembering you telling me that I needed to patent the idea before anyone stole it. Well I'm sorry to say this but I never did Pa and now someone else stole my idea. Its okay though because mine looks better than theirs. Anyway, I miss you Pa. Brant had his Easter egg hunt the other day and he was so happy running around the yard with dad but i still pity the little boy for never having the chance the meet you. The other day in church we were talking about how we have to go through bad times for us to get the real prize and I thought of Brant. Living with that man will always be a nightmare that will haunt me but I have never been so blessed to be called a big sissy. He reminds me so much of you and dad and I pray that my children one day will remind me of the same. Bubba and I were arguing over your middle name the other day and who was "allowed" to use it. It makes me giggle because I remember how much you hated your middle name yet we all want to name our kids that. Anyways, I better be getting off to bed or Nana will get onto me. I love you Pa and I miss you everyday. Tell Nana Pooh that I said hello and that dad and I miss her dearly. Also inform her that I took care of her family during her sister's passing. Give Aunt Lynda and Justin a big hug for me. Talk soon.
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 9th April 2017
Hey Daddy, Just dropping in to say I love you and I so wish you were here. You are missed so much by so many....especially me. I still feel here you here with me. I just wish I could have one of those Daddy hugs though. My heart has never hurt so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and wish you were here. You were my first love Daddy and I will always love you. Lots of hugs and kisses being sent to heaven just for you. - Love your baby girl
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 18th March 2017
Hey Honey, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. Just reading some of the memories in your memory book. It sure does bring back a lot of memories both good times and bad but I realized just how lucky we were to have made it through all we did and still had the love and respect we had for each other. I will never forget that you were the ONE AND ONLY LOVE OF MY LIFE. Thanks for loving this redheaded, freckled face, skinny girl and making me the love of your life. YOU ARE MY HONEY FOREVER> Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 16th March 2017
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 16th March 2017
HELLO DARLIN', Wanted to tell you and sister ya'll did good yesterday. Wendy got a good report and its looks like things might be going her way for awhile. God knows she needs a break. Scooter and I saw you this morning spreading the good news. You are so missed but even so, we all feel your presents each and every time we need you. You are always there. Things are still the same, you are always looking out after all of us. Many thanks for the comfort you bring to me each and every day. I couldn't make it without you. Your love for me is still my greatest treasure. I love you more than words can ever say. You are still worth two nichels!!! (Remember). Love, Your Myrt.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 5th March 2017
Angel wrote: "I so love this child... He just gave me a white feather and told me it belonged to his papa. He said he's been in this house all day long. I know my daddy held my precious baby in heaven before he came to be mine... I'm so thankful for a family that shares stories of my daddy with Brantley, thankful that altho he doesn't get to grow up with his papa, that he knows my daddy loves him and is constantly watching over him."
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 4th March 2017
Hello Baby, Just thinking about you and I wanted to come sit with you but Daniel and CJ are up there burning leaves; and you are probably up there spinning your tales with them; so I decided I would just jot down a little note. I enjoy seeing you and I see you having been making the rounds. Everyone loves it when you come to see them. We know are still taking care of us. Thanks for always loving us and looking after us. Please remember Wendy needs you the most right now and if you and the Lord can help give her peace of mind, that would great. She really needs to sit on lap and you tell her everything will be ok. No one can tell her but you and make her believe it. I love you and you will be forever missed. Good night my love, Myrt
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 1st March 2017
Happy Birthday to the best Daddy ever!!! I miss you so much. The days just aren't the same without you. Enjoy your birthday in Heaven with all those Cranford boys. I love you Daddy....don't you ever forget that either. (((HUGS)))
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 1st March 2017
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 1st March 2017
Happy Birthday Papa! How does it feel to be 21? I miss you papa. It would be really nice to have someone to talk to about everything that's going on here lately, but I know that you are watching over me so that makes it easier. It's still so weird for you not to be here. I still expect to see you on the porch or see you on your scooter by the chicken pen when I pull in. Mom finally let me drive Brant around for the first time and it reminded me of when we would take trips together. I'll never be able to eat a pomegranate without remembering you and our motorcycling trip down to Bryon to get them or be able to stop thinking about you when i eat an ice cream cone with the peanuts on top. Mom would get so mad when you would "interrupt" school with your ice cream visits, but honestly you were a better teacher than her but don't tell I said that. She never let us take breaks the way you did and you can make a better bowl of cereal than she can too. I'll forever miss making roasted marshmallows with you over the kitchen stove or having scooter races up and down the road. Hope you are having fun with your family up in Heaven. Tell Nana I said happy birthday and that dad and I miss her too. Take care. I love you -Tater
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 28th February 2017
Hello Darlin' Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. If you don't watch out, you are going to catch up with Me. I'm sitting here at the computer wishing you a Happy Birthday and You are right outside the window. It's 9:12pm 2/28/17 I was wondering why I hadn't seen YOU today but here you are. We are still in SYCN. You always know when I need to see you. You must be waiting on the cake I promised for you tomorrow. You are still outside; Just waiting to come in for a bite. Truth is I'm not baking it until tomorrow; and then that scooter is the one making the cake this year. Daniel and I chose a coconut cake this year. It's been along time since we had one of those. I guess you will be bringing all those Damn Cranfords . Can't wait to see them. I understand you have a lot to talk about tonight. Hear you are telling Wendy everything is gonna be alright and that you are there with her each day looking after her.( Uncle Leo said he's has some contacts up there so for you not to worry (HE"S GOT THIS)). You having a good laugh about that dead beat dad making some time? Couldn't have come at a better time. Wish you were here to snatch a knot in all these kids. They have all gone mental. Guess you spending the night with me; you are still outside dancing around. Sarah found a street In NC name Leo Cranford Rd. them rambling feet have always gotten you in trouble. I miss you baby and l love the fact that you are always with me. Don't think I can make it much longer without you keeping me sane. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN' BIG 67 !!!!!!!!! Myrt 10:41 pm and you still here. Love It......
Posted by Wendy Hoffman on 22nd February 2017
I miss you so much. I could really use some time in your lap and your unmatchable wisdom right now. I am so scared, Uncle Leo, what happens if I dont make it through this time in my life? How will Zach ever get straight? What will happen to Ansley? I have never been more scared in my life. I want to thank you for saving my life. I have no doubt you are the miracle that spared me. I hate I am stressing Aunt Peggy and mom out so much, they do not need all this worry. I am being as strong as I possibly can, I know that is the family genes, sometimes I wish I could have a breakdown and get it over with but then I know, who will be there to help everybody when they need it. I sure hope you, Granny and the big man upstairs stay with me as we get through this next phase. I love and miss you more than I ever thought humanly possible. Please kiss Granny for me. Please stay by my side, I need you
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 13th February 2017
Hey baby, great to see you last night. I went to store today and as usual you picked the best card ever. Thanks for the card and flowers via Sarah. She's still picking up your slack. The girls are trying to take care of me. You will always be my valentine and I will never stop loving you. Miss you everyday. Myrt.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 12th February 2017
Hello Darlin' just a note to tell you I Love You and ask you to Be My Valentine ? You are always and forever on my mind. I miss you. Yesterday was nice and I think Pa's Place is looking pretty good. Hope you are enjoying it. See you in my dreams. Love Myrt.
Posted by Makayla Elliott on 8th February 2017
Hey papa it's tater. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Ive been having a hard time lately but I've came to the conclusion to leave it with God. If you could help out too, that would be great. Sometimes I feel like people only listen to you. I miss you pa. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. I love you. Talk soon <3 tater
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 28th January 2017
Hey baby I know why you have not been here in the last few days. Sarah and I and Daniel went to have dinner with uncle bud today but he passed a few minutes before we got there. Aunt Billie was very upset but they all did pretty well. They will make arrangements tomorrow. All of you Cranford's look alike. It's really hard each time. But I've already been missing you. On the up side we are great great aunt Peggy and great great uncle Leo. Presley has a beautiful baby girl. And that makes kathy a great grand meme. Times are changing so fast now. I know you will be busy but I'll see you later this week. Got something to talk to you about. You are still the love of my life. See you In my dreams. Love ya, Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 27th January 2017
Hey baby, BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!! I started up to see you but the wind was blowing and it made it colder. You will just have to come to see me. I MISS YOU and I LOVE YOU! Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 23rd January 2017
Hello Darlin', Thinking about you . I just wanted to tell you I love you. And I wanted to remind you, today is tater's birthday. She is 17. Can't believe she is almost grown. Miss you everyday. Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 28th December 2016
I LOVE YOU!!! Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 26th December 2016
Hello Darlin', Well Christmas has come and gone. It was a busy couple of days but the only thing missing was YOU. Thanks for coming everyday to say you were still with me. It means the world to me. Thanks for helping the boys cook that ham. They did a good job; it was very tasty. The whole family was together and I think everyone had a great time. Of course the kids got way too many toys but they are only little for a few years. I got Pa's Place cleaned and raked up and you were really decorated for Christmas too. Hope you liked it. You will always be foremost in my mind and heart. I still see the sadness in the girls eyes when Christmas comes because they miss you not being here holding them on your lap. YOU were OUR WHOLE LIFE! We'll never forget that we loved the GREATEST MAN EVER!!! December 22nd would have been our 50th year together unfortunately we weren't able to share it here on earth but I know you were here in my heart. YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY ALWAYS. I LOVE YOU, HONEY, Myrt
Posted by Wendy Hoffman on 25th December 2016
I miss you more than I thought humanly possible to miss someone. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have been loved by you. I'm so thankful Sarah and angel always shared you with me. You are so much more than an uncle, you are my daddy. You taught me so much in life. I miss you terribly. I wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you for being with me in my car. I felt your hands on my shoulder holding me against that seat,I haven't told anyone about it because they will assume I was crazy. I knew it was you and I thought I was going to be with you and granny that day. But just like always, you were protecting me. Thank you. I sure wish I could take aunt Peggy's pain away but knowing how much I miss you, I know it doesn't compare to the ache in her heart. Tell granny I love her. I love you! Always have and always will. Merry Christmas.
Posted by Sarah Bynum on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas Daddy!!! It has been a busy week around here. Edward, Angie & Ellie have been here. Little Miss Ellie has kept all of us on our toes. She is so adorable!!! We took her to Callaway tonight to see the Christmas lights. She loved them just like her Grandma. You would absolutely love her to death Daddy. She is so beautiful and so, so precious. Santa brought her a little 4-wheeler and lots & lots of other stuff for Christmas. She has stolen my heart but a big part of it still aches for you. I miss you so very much and the holidays just aren't the same. Thinking of you and missing you every single day that goes by. Merry Christmas Daddy!!! I love you today, tomorrow and always.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 22nd December 2016
Hey baby, HAPPY 50 th ANNIVERSARY! We almost made it. But we are still one. I love with all my heart, today, tomorrow and always. How'd your like your present ? I'm so tired. Will write you tomorrow. I love you alway. Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 13th December 2016
Hey baby, you're always on my mind. Love you. Myrt
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 9th December 2016
Hello Darlin', just wanted to tell you that I love you and I miss you. The closer it gets to Christmas the more I miss you. I will be fixing the usual and I will be putting "your" plate out. I made you a chocolate cake today. I've been seeing you this week and please don't stop coming. I LOVE YOU! Myrt PS don't forget today is your sister, Mot BD.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 2nd December 2016
Hey baby, our girl got home last night and I saw her today. She is doing ok but it's gonna take her awhile to recovery. I saw you and sister today; y'all are as relieved as the rest of us. I know y'all still watch over us. I miss you but I know you are still here. I LOVE YOU. Myrt GOD IS GOOD!! Thank you, for all our many blessing.
Posted by Peggy Cranford on 26th November 2016
Honey our girl Wendy needs your help. Hurry!

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