Remember with joy a man who touched many
  • 68 years old
  • Born on June 27, 1946 in Widener, Arkansas, United States.
  • Passed away on May 16, 2015 in Conway, Arkansas, United States.

In loving memory of Leodis Wiley, Sr., 68, born on June 27, 1946 and moved into eternity on May 16, 2015. Loved by the countless lives he touched, he will be remembered with great love, honor, and respect forever.

Posted by Jackie Jones on 27th June 2015
Although there is no need to celebrate birthdays in Heaven, I wanted to wish you a happy earthly birthday and send my love and prayers to the amazing family that you left here to carry on the legacy of who you were in Christ. May today be a day of celebration for the amazing man of God who was called husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend and other titles and most importantly of all was called a servant who finished the race, kept the faith, and moved on up a little higher to be also called a servant who completed his course "well done." Love you my family! Jackie
Posted by Cindy Anderson on 30th May 2015
Leo... I especially want to "Thank you" for the support and selfless time you gave to me and my kids. I will always remember the time you calmed a 'frantic' mother (that be me) and drove Chad and I to the hospital after he got a stick in his eye, or the times when you came home from work with all your children lined up to greet by one their excited voices saying "Daddy". I smiled inside because one of those children in that line, waiting her turn was my Fawnie. You embraced her as you did your own children. You and Reva have always been in my heart and I have always considered you two the most beautiful people I have ever known. Soooo much love and gratitude my friends! Cindy, Fawn and Chad
Posted by Jackie Jones on 24th May 2015
To think of Leo without thinking of his Proverbs 31 helpmate seems impossible to me. God definitely created each of them with the other one in mind. A flood of memories ran through my mind upon my hearing of Leo's passing from this earth. It began with our conversations about the Word. We had a plethora of those. It moved to the times of planting my feet under their table to partake of the savory-seasoned food that Leo prepared. Then, I chuckled at the jokes I remember him telling and I smiled when I thought of the twinkle that sparked in his eyes anytime Reva entered the room. I marveled while remembering the joy and pride he took in the accomplishments of his children and their children. From the 1st tear that began in sadness for the earthly loss of one of God's faithful servants to the last tear of joy as I sat outside upon hearing the news, I marveled at the legacy that Leo left on this earth. For those missing Leo, there are several places to look. You can start in your heart because your love for him should not be able to experience death. You can find him by looking at each of his children. Each of them has parts of him that cannot be denied. You can still find him in the spark that you will see in his Proverbs 31 wife, Reva. Most of all, you can find him at any time you allow the presence of God to abide with you. All my love to my sister, Reva and my nieces and nephews. I love you all!
Posted by Richard Gaymon on 22nd May 2015
Sometimes there are not any words to express what you feel when some one you care for passes on to the essence into the presence of God. Leo I shall never forget you and the impression you left upon my heart and mind. You demonstrated your faith and love for God. your family and fellow man through your living. To Reva and the Wiley family. you all hold your heads high and rejoices in knowing that he is always with you all in memories and love. Most of all. we will all see him again because of the promises of God the Father.
Posted by Pamela Davis on 22nd May 2015
Death is inevitable; however, we are never quite ready to let our loved ones go. I remember Bro. Leo, Pops as he has more recently become known, from growing up in Madison. Years & years passed; then, according to God's will, our paths crossed again in 2012 when Ben & I began attending New Hope Baptist Church here in Conway. He & Sis. Reva, Mom, almost immediately became our love parents! Dealing with my own health issues, I saw Pops as an inspiration and when I was at church and offering time came 'round, seeing him bring his offering and drop it in the basket made me feel some type of way and I would cry. Tears of joy. And, when we made eye contact with each other, I would muster up a smile and he would gently wave at me. From that small gesture, I got the assurance that everything is gonna be alright! I do not consider his passing a loss because we know where Pops is gonna spend eternity. Sis. Diva Reva, we are here for you whenever you need us. We've always admired how you were always by Pops' side. You showed us what love looks like. This is getting too long; so, I will close by saying we love you, Sis. Reva, and may you and your family find some comfort in knowing that that so many people are praying for your strength during this trying time.
Posted by Doris Roper on 22nd May 2015
Reva Jean & The Wiley Family, When I got the news about Leodis' transition Home I started to cry, then I gathered my composure and thought, Leo is a Saint and he is with the King! "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" (Psalm 116:15). Family, Memories are Treasures that cannot be erased. The Holy Spirit Comforts you. Tommie and I are praying for your Peace. Love always!
Posted by Ben Green on 22nd May 2015
I had just got off work when I heard about Bro. Leo. I didn't want to hear anymore. I took the long way home to reflect on how he was such an inspiration to me. I know I want to be like him when I grow up. He's a sharp dressed man. He loves our Master and Lord. I know I'll see him again and we'll get to talk about how we made it over. God bless the Wiley family. The Lord gives peace and joy when it seems the world is falling down all around you. I love you Bro. Leo (Pop). Stay strong Sis. Reva (Mom). Love you. You too are still the young folk!
Posted by Carolyn Farr on 22nd May 2015
Sorry that I could not be there in your time od need. Please know that my prayers are with you. Love you all!!!!
Posted by Danielle Van Kirk on 21st May 2015
Reva, Roderick, and Family - Our heart and prayers go out to you during this most difficult time, God and angels are with you, and will carry you through. You are a wonderful family and loved by so many. Leo is very proud and is in good hands, this much I know. GOD is with you. Meeting Leo and your family has been a true blessing, and we're so thankful that we had the opportunity to be neighbors. You're all such wonderful people and so very special. Sending our love, prayers, and white healing light. Bobby & Danielle Van Kirk
Posted by Travion Willis on 21st May 2015
Leo You will be truley miss man. You were a good role model. You were a good father,grandfather,uncle. Most part you was my big cousin like a uncle To me and I'm just sharing this moment to let you know that you will be truley miss by the family. Rest and peace
Posted by Ann Hancock on 21st May 2015
So sorry to hear this news. Know that my family will uplift your family in prayer during this time. To my family love and prayers to you all.
Posted by Sterling Russell on 21st May 2015
I know that God provides strength to shore you up during these difficult times. There is no better tribute to Mr. Wiley than all of you, a true reflection of a life well lived. You are all in my prayers.
Posted by Kellie Washington on 20th May 2015
To the Wiley Family....I was very sad to learn of Mr. Wiley's passing. I first met the Wiley family when I played softball. Mr. Wiley was my coach and Dee was on the team, she was probably the best player on our team but Mr. Wiley was always so encouraging and positive to all of us on the team. I thought Mr. Wiley was so cool and he was a great coach. I forgot that we also share the same birthday! Mr. Wiley was a great man, he left an impression on my life and will truly be missed.
Posted by Jestin Wiley on 20th May 2015
So after lunch at work today I was using a toothpick and about 5 seconds into it all I could think of was my uncle Leo and how he always had a toothpick in his mouth and I just broke down. He was one of the greatest men I've ever known and he'll always have a special place in my heart. I love you uncle Leo I take comfort in knowing you'll be in heaven when I get there
Posted by Howard Bloomberg on 20th May 2015
So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
Posted by Ivory Henderson on 20th May 2015
To Reva, Teva and the family, Earth has no sorrow ,that heaven can not heal God bless you Reva, you all are in our prayers, that God will give you strength,
Posted by Tweet Bell on 20th May 2015
First I would like to say sorry for your loss to the Wiley family. One memory that I will always remember about Mr Wiley he was prime example of Great Father, not only to his kids but to others who didn't have one. The world needs more father like him. I'm sorry I'm getting a little choked up. RIH Mr Wiley
Posted by Jennifer Dixon on 20th May 2015
Words Cannot express how much I love my 2nd mom and my Papa....The moment I meet the two of you I knew immediately it was God's get the news that my papa was gone to be with The Lord my heart dropped and grew silent and to see you hurt and drowning in tears I was more hurt but I can say this Sis Reva from day one of meeting you all u was with him EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!!!I want you to know I love you so dearly and I'm here to support you to the fullest cause I know Mr.Leo would want that for sure....So Mr.Leo u rest on i will be right beside your WONDERFUL,BEAUTIFUL,HUMBLED,PRECIOUS,SWEET WIFE...You will be missed... I'm sending my Love!!!Psalm 18:2
Posted by Courtney Benjamin on 20th May 2015
I was driving the other day brushing my beard, I start thinking about when I was riding with leo and he was brushing his hair and driving with his knees. He was like don't be nervous little brotha I'm a professional. Will never be forgotten.
Posted by Priscilla Wilson-Pinelton on 19th May 2015
To Reva and Family, Our ties goes back a long time ago, beginning in Forrest City, and Our re-connection on Facebook, and keeping in touch! Reva, you have my prays and my sympathy,at this your time of grief, I pray for your strength, and look to the hills for your help!
Posted by Dorothy Bell on 19th May 2015
Condolences to you and your family. May God bless and comfort you in this time of sorrow
Posted by JoAnne Hewett on 18th May 2015
When I heard the news that God had called Leo home, like everyone else, my heart was broken. Not for him, for we know where he is right now, but for the vast legacy he has left here. Leo had a great hand in helping Michael and I raise my son,molding him into the man he is today. So yes his reach and legacy goes so far beyond the immediate Wiley Family. To the family, I love you all and pray for your strength. Love you much.
Posted by Arthur Bradley on 18th May 2015
I remember well and how he used to play high school football! God bless the family at this time!
Posted by Shelah Hancock on 18th May 2015
To my Sister Reva Wiley the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and our family as a whole. My heart is so heavy but I know God has us. We will always remember the Love showed to all of us from Brothernlaw Leo. I remember him teaching up karate under the bridge way at the school an at home. It was always so much fun we would look forward when he came home. He was the coolest and clean guy you could meet but still gave his heart and time to his wife and children. My God strengthen and encourage your hearts. Rest In Love and Peace Leo You Are Missed.
Posted by Doris Alexander on 18th May 2015
To Reva Jean and Family, may God reach out to you with love to assure you, with grace to uphold you, with compassion to comfort you. Praying the Lord presence is especially real to you today as He brings you the comfort that only He can give. Just take comfort in knowing your loved one is now at home with the Lord. This is the promise that He hath promised us, even eternal life " 1 John 2:25 I pray god will bring to pass all that is best for you, I pray God will continue to give you strength for each passing day,, I Love You God Bless "Class of 1968"
Posted by Peggy Robinson Wright on 18th May 2015
To Reva and Family, You are in my prayers and thoughts during this hour. Know that your friends are here for you. May God continue to give you strength.

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