September 16, 2016 Facebook Post (37th Birthday)

Shared by Andrea Joven on September 17, 2016

1999: The year our lives changed in the worst way. 
7351: The number of days you were here on Earth.
6164: The number of days I've spent without you. 
65: The miles per hour the offender was traveling when he slammed into the car you were sitting in. 
211: The number of feet the car traveled across 3 lanes after being hit. 
.29: The drunk driver's blood alcohol level when he killed you.
15: The number of years your killer would be sentenced to...only to get off early. 
13: The age of a young girl who lost her big brother...forcing her into a special club of which she never wanted to be a member. 
4: The number of siblings who would somehow have to deal with knowing a fifth of the crew was gone. 
2: The number of home-going services we'd bear 
104: The number of miles I now have to travel from my home to visit your physical resting place. 
17: The number of birthdays you have now spent in heaven. (Happy Birthday)

1: The one moment that changed our lives forever. 
1: A son left without his father. 
1: The decision a drunk made to drive to get more get drunker. 
1: A reminder that there is never an excuse to drink and drive. NEVER.

Someone's decision to drink and drive is a decision to end a life...yours or someone else's. Don't be fooled into believing you are invincible. No drink special is worth that call, that news...those tears that never really dry up.

#DontDrinkAndDrive #BuzzedDrivingIsDrunkDriving

September 16, 2015 Facebook Post (36th Bday)

Shared by Andrea Joven on September 17, 2016

Every year, his birthday rolls around and I am reminded of the day we lost him. I'm reminded of how we thought we'd actually see him soon. Reminded that his voice is a fading memory. Reminded that I have now lived longer without him than with him. Reminded that his face is a memory...a picture really. Reminded that all my milestones and celebrations would be missing someone I love. Reminded that his presence is only a chill that overcomes me. Reminded that my nephew never knew his father. Reminded that my parents had to bury their first born. Reminded that I lost my only big brother. Reminded that he would never have a chance to be at my wedding or meet my children. Reminded that death shifted sibling dynamics. Reminded that I could never get a comforting hug from him. Reminded that someone's decision to drive after getting drunk 3 times the legal limit took something I can't get back. Reminded that forgiving Mr. Rodriguez was the best healing for my soul. Reminded that God makes no mistakes. Reminded that I can do all things through Him.

So, I am taking the time to remind you all not to drink and drive. When you decide to drink and drive...thinking you are not going far or that you can do it...please remember that one stupid decision (yes, stupid) can affect thousands of people. I know some of you have done it (and even posted about it on FB...I've seen it.) There is never an excuse to drink and drive. Never.

Bumpin' Tupac

Shared by Andrea Joven on September 4, 2016

Sometimes Leon would pick me, my twin, and little sister up from after school care in elementary school. We used to think that was so cool because our brother was old enough to drive. The ride was short but he usually bumped Tupac all the way home. My ears were more sensitive than the others and my little head was right below the speakers, so I remember sometimes I would have to ask him to turn it down. Leon was the biggest Tupac fan I knew. He introduced me to Hail Mary and to this day, Leon is all I can think of when I hear it. I remember one day, he sat me down at the piano and asked me to play part of the instrumental. We sat there singing/humming it while banging on the keys trying to figure it out. We got it. He could play a little on the keyboard, but I was there because he didn't read or write music. I took some old, brown composition/ staff paper and marked the notes for him. It is these small, seemingly insignificant ( at the time) moments I wish I had back; I wish I could make more of them with him. 

I know everytime I hear Hail Mary by Tupac, that's my brother saying hi ...then we sing and rap our hearts out. 

April 10 share from Andrea

Shared by Anna Young on May 20, 2016

. April 10 ·  

I am one of 5 blessed children. Sis is my best friend. Of course my twin brother and I have a special bond since we were womb-mates. Lil brother and I talk about anything and everything. Of course, there's a little part of my heart missing and I think about him daily...our big brother Leon. I know we make him proud.


May 19, 2016 facebook comment on Andrea's photo

Shared by Anna Young on May 20, 2016

Lynard Jasmine Broussard May 19 at 9:41pm   Man, words cannot express how much I miss Leon. We were close, did almost everything together. The day before he passed, we kept trying to catch up with one another. It was the night of the Roosevelt vs. Judson football game, and we kept showing up to places right after the other had left! I would arrive somewhere and people would tell me "hey your brother was looking for you" (we always introduced each other as brothers, and truly had a brotherly bond). We spoke over the phone early in the day before the football game, and made plans to catch up at one of the many parties on that night. The last thing I said to him was I love you big bro, and he said the same. We made a promise to be there for each other's siblings, if something were to happen to one of us. And I have always loved his siblings as if they were my own. He would be so proud of y'all! He use to brag to anyone that would listen about how smart Andrea was! I remember him telling me that she was going to be the first black female president, and once she accomplished this, he would be able to show up unannounced and not get arrested lol! I was truly blessed to have Leon as a big bro! To this day, it is hard for me to listen to Missing You by Diddy without shedding a few tears. (Lamont)

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