"When God takes me, he takes me. I am just thankful for every day I wake up and he lets me see." ~ Leona Groff
  • 70 years old
  • Born on November 10, 1942 .
  • Passed away on November 22, 2012 in California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Leona Groff 70 years old , born on November 10, 1942 and passed away on November 22, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 25th September 2018
Mama, Another birthday come and gone and your presence is still deeply missed. I still have you near near not the same but I treasure it just as much. You and mummie were both here for Nessas wedding. Thank you, I love you and always will. Until we meet again.
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 30th July 2018
Mama, There isn't a day that goes by that you aren't with me. I went to a Gypsy festival with the kids the other day and felt you right beside me. Always on the move, like a Gypsy. Never a dull moment when you were around and always the life of everything you did. I miss you everyday but I carry you in my heart and soul wherever I go. I love and miss you and will see you soon. Love always and forever Crystal
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 23rd November 2017
Time is ever a reminder that nothing remains the same. I miss you and think about you all the time....I have really great memories that keep you alive in my heart. Love you...Your neice Giovanna
Posted by Tiffany Sparks on 10th November 2017
Hi mom, well today would have been your 75th Birthday. And we all know I️ would have planned something fun for us to do as a family today. No matter which birthday you had you always wanted to celebrate with the family. You would be up by now so excited to see the crazy plans I️ had made for the day to show you how special you are to me. You’ve been gone 5 years now and when your birthday comes around I️ tend to be sad most of the day now. So much has changed in life and I️ wish I️ could hold your hand and tell I️t all to you. You are incredibly missed by so many people. But by now you will know you have Aunt Shirley with you now. So celebrate your earth years with her. Just know I️ am ok and in good hands now. We may not be able to hug, but I️ can surely feel your presence today. I️ love you mom.
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 10th November 2017
Happy Birthday Aunt Leona....Missing you but Memories keep you alive in my heart...Happy Birthday....Love you always your niece Giovanna You cannot celebrate with us but you have Mom to party up with..Now you trini girls show them how we celebrate..Love you always your niece Giovanna
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 22nd November 2016
On Angel's Wings by Cralin Hardy On Angel's Wings you were taken away, But in my heart you will always stay. I will hear your whisper in the tallest trees, Feel your love in the gentle breeze. And when I find I miss you the most, Inside our beautiful memories I will hold you close. You are an angel watching over me with the comfort and blessings you bring, You embrace my heart and hold it close, Forever on Angel's Wings I miss you Aunt Leona...you remain always in my heart ....
Posted by Amy Guthrie on 10th November 2016
Happy Birthday Leona!! Kirsten was gifted a stuffed animal and it has your name!!! I figured this was your way of saying hello and watching over her from heaven :) Sending you my love!
Posted by Alyssa Sparks on 10th November 2016
I miss you Nanni! There were so many moments recently where I wanted to call you and tell you things that had happened that day... I love you so much! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Tiffany Sparks on 10th November 2016
Hi mom, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearest mom, happy birthday to you. Even though your not here on earth, thought it would be neat if you could still hear me sing you the birthday song. Miss you everyday!!! Love you, Tiffany
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 11th November 2015
Missing you and wishing you a Happy Heavenly Birthday , I miss our talks and when I think of giving up , I remember your strength....love you always...your niece
Posted by Amy Guthrie on 10th November 2015
Happy Birthday Leona! I've been thinking of you often of late...miss you. I'm sure you're having a rocking good time in Heaven right now celebrating your birthday!!!
Posted by Tiffany Sparks on 27th May 2014
Hi Mom, Been thinking about you a lot. There seems to be real strong connection right now with you. Some days this is all still very hard that I don't get your wonderful hugs you would give me. I always think of it when I am going out the door and you would say "Can I have a hug". And I don't hear those words anymore. Some days I just pause at the door just wanting to hear those words again. I have been traveling the world mom. Just like I promised you I would continue to do. But I am sure you know this and are seeing the world right my my side. Just wanted to say I love and miss you. Muah!
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 10th November 2013
Happy Birthday to You.....Miss You .....Wishing you a Heavenly Birthday....Thinking of you always/....Your picture make me smile and remember to be Happy...Love you....
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 7th November 2013
Mom its been awhile since I wrote on here. I know your watching out for all of us. Keep even more of a watch over Tiff though. She has been up there as close as she can be to you and I am always worried about her. This life away. Three more days and it will be someones bday :) I love and miss you dearly.
Posted by Tiffany Sparks on 6th November 2013
Mom, Been a while since I wrote on this memory page.I talk to you every day, When I am in the sky as close to you as I can be. I feel you all around. On some levels I can actually smell something that reminds me of you.I miss you so much. And often wish I can share all of the photos I have taken. But there is no need. You are always there.
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 29th May 2013
Good morning mama. Hope and pray your at peace. I love and miss you dearly. Auntie watches the weather Like you did and calls or texts to check on us too lol. Mama I know that I will see you again one day,but I wish you Still here so I could hear your voice. Muah muah love you
Posted by Josephine Razook on 22nd May 2013
You are always with me !!!! CRAZY!!!!
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 28th April 2013
Mama its been a week since we took you home. I have a void yet I know that you are where you are cuz God chose you to be by his side.you will be greatly missed but you will live on in our hearts forever. I love you very much. So long
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 27th April 2013
We came together as a family to say so long to you. I cried and laughed as we shared memories of your life with us..but most of all we LOVED,,that good old fashioned love from the depths of your soul.that LOVE ..that heals the hurts and forgives the pains the Love that you felt in your last days with us..it is because of you that We shared that Love..Miss You ..Nite Nite Tanty..Nite Nit
Posted by Tiffany Sparks on 22nd February 2013
I miss you so much mom. So many things I do in a day that I can still hear your voice. I just wish I could hold your hand or give you those hugs you loved so much. Well I am happy to say the family is taking you home to the turquoise waters you loved so much. Your spirit is already there I know. Love you forever. So long.
Posted by Alyssa Sparks on 14th February 2013
Happy Valentines Day Nani! I miss you and I am thinking of you. I am sending tons of love to Heaven! I love you!
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 28th December 2012
I had my list like Santa to call and text Merry Christmas and when I got to your name I paused in silence as I remembered our Xmas past our moments of laughter and joy as we shared our stories of de cold and de snow in NY and of de sun n beach in St Thomas and of KJ opening his gifts.I think of you often and hope you know I Love You and I Miss You. Merry Xmas Tanty Nite Nite
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 27th December 2012
This Christmas came and went mama yet again. Thoughts Of playing in my head and I smiled. The penny song I started to sing lol. I want a penny to buy mango be Mango teh gimme a penny a mango be mango teh. I truly Miss you dearly,I love you very much and j will see you soon. So,long
Posted by Amy Guthrie on 22nd December 2012
I had a moment today where I went to say goodbye to a loved one, instead I said, "so long". It made me smile because it was Leona that told me many years ago that "it's not goodbye, I'll see you again soon". That's right, Leona... So long, I miss you and I know we will see each other again soon.
Posted by Tiffany Sparks on 19th December 2012
Today I could still feel you close. Inspirations of you popped in all day. I cried and I have laughed many times since you went home. You always taught me life's moments is what you make of it. And always allow yourself to feel. But to never let your feelings make your life. I love you and miss you terribly. I carry you in my heart.
Posted by Giovanna Judge on 12th December 2012
Aunt Leona I cant believe you are not here I Miss You.Our late night talks, texts n your words of encouragement.I can't find the words to express what my heart feels I know you are now with the sun n the moon n the stars in the sky.I know you didn't die..You Live on in my heart n my memories You watch over me n dare me to Live Life to its fullest just as you did. Love ya Tainte.Nite Nite..
Posted by Crystal Dimmerman on 5th December 2012
In silence I hear your voice, in a crowd I smell your scent. You are amongst the stars now looking and watching over us girls as you always have. You have been through a lot in your life and you found salvation and peace with God. All the prayers that you have prayed for me have all been answered and I will always be greatful. Thank you for always being there and never giving up on me. <3
Posted by Alyssa Sparks on 4th December 2012
I love you Nanni. More than you will ever know. Im glad your in Heaven watching over all of us. And dont worry, Im looking after mom
Posted by Danielle Mercier on 4th December 2012
I laughed and cried while watching this beautiful tribute to Leona. I could see her telling a story, enjoying her grand kids, loving her daughters or exuding her gratitude to her life and her God. I know Leona was a believer and there for I also know she is being taken care of. I will miss her very much though. Thank you Leona for coming into my life and loving me as your own. All my love!
Posted by Josephine Razook on 4th December 2012
We where blessed to have had her in our lives....she gave her all and in the end all was right ....I will miss her but I KNOW she is always there every time I think about her:) Her little dancing moves will forever make my smile:)))) Love you and see you on the other side:)

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