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Leonard A Cohen
  • 48 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 16, 1964
  • Place of birth:
    Manchester, Connecticut, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 25, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Brooklyn, New York, United States
Let the memory of Len be with us forever

9-11-14 Notice: Len's unveiling will be on Sunday, September 28 at 10 A.M at New Montefiore Jewish Cemetery. 

8-3-14  We are still trying to gather more photos and stories/memories of Len with family and friends for an album to give to his daughter Abby. Please feel free to upload here or email directly to me at sbcurtiss@aol.com. Thank you for taking the time to look through the old shoeboxes and harddrives.  Shari


This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Leonard Cohen, 48, born on October 16, 1964 and passed away on August 25, 2013. We will remember him forever.

A Memorial Service was held for Len on Wednesday, August 28th at Weinstein, Garlick, Kirshenbaum Chapels in Brooklyn, NY. He is interred at New Montefiore Jewish Cemetery in Long Island, NY.

Len's family invites you to feel free to share any pictures, stories, sentiments, and memories of Len so we may learn more about all of the wonderful people that Len touched and enriched in his short life. You can also "light a candle" and leave a tribute below.  Feel free to contact Len's sister, Shari Curtiss, at sbcurtiss@aol.com with any questions.

If you would like to do something to remember Len, we  thought that what Len would most appreciate is either a contribution to the American Brain Tumor Association or to a college fund for his daughter Abby.  

If you would like to donate to Abby's college fund, you can send checks directly to the "NY 529 College Savings Program".   In the memo section of the check write: Acct 386765151-01, F/B/O Abigail Cohen.

Send check via U.S. Mail to:
New York's 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan
P.O. Box 55440
Boston,  MA 02205-8323

Thank you for being a part of Len's journey. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 16th October 2016

Today is your Birthday. We Love and Miss You and Think About You All The Time.
You are and always will be our Shining Penny.
Forever in our thoughts and Forever In our HEARTS.
Mom and Dad
P.S. I'm stealing a phrase from Love You Forever:
       I'll love you forever,
       I'll love you for always,
       As long as I'm living
       my baby you'll be."

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 28th August 2016

"Hey Lenny,  Last Sunday I gave Anna a couple of books to read, Woody Allen's Without Feathers and Getting Even, and told her you would be proud to know that she was reading them and would soon be quoting ridiculous lines from them too.

Miss you Lenny, Tom.

PS - the Mets are starting to heat up and might just make a run for the playoffs.  Of course, I probably just jinxed them.  Fingers crossed!"

This tribute was added by Mark Rosenzweig on 25th August 2016


Think of you often, mostly when I come across something of mutual interest.  Missing sharing jokes, stories and bouncing thoughts around with you."

This tribute was added by Jenna Cohen on 25th August 2016

"I miss like you left us yesterday my loving husband."

This tribute was added by Kevin Burket on 28th January 2016

"Found 7 photos of Lenny that I didn't know I had so I loaded them for everyone.  They are from a trip that Ginna and I made to NYC and we stayed with Lenny and Jenna.  We all went over to Steve and Joan's for a cookout one day as well.  Wonderful trip and it certainly brought back some great memories."

This tribute was added by Shari Curtiss on 4th January 2016

"Today I found a "treasure trove" of Uncle Lenny and his niece and nephews and uploaded to the photos area. So much love. Always holding a baby. :-)"

This tribute was added by Jenna Cohen on 28th December 2015

"Hi honey- I'm lighting a candle for us both for baby Madelynn.  Today was the day we brought her into this world and also said goodbye.  We love her forever.  And I love you forever.
-your true love, Jenna"

This tribute was added by Steve Dickson on 20th October 2015

"Just had a great lunch with Phyllis and Marty on the Upper East Side, not far from where Len and I shared an apartment in the roaring 90's. Reminisced over Greek food about the old days, the Mets, Len's trip around the world, high school soccer. And Marty told some jokes! Need to do more of that."

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 16th October 2015

"Hi Len, I'm sure you know this already, but the Mets celebrated your birthday by winning the NLDS last night!  Great game!  

It made me think of Game 2 of the 1986 Mets World Series that we saw together at Fenway.  Gooden gave up a home run into the bleachers near where we were sitting and you got mad at me for appearing to be happy and waving at the cameras.  You never let me live that down.  And just for the record, I wasn't happy!  :-)

Let's Go Mets!


This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 16th October 2015

"Hi Len. This is DAD. Thought I'd share some good METS news on your
birthday . Remember the T.V. show, Twilight Zone ? Well, if you looked at today's sports news, you might think we are living in that zone.
The National League championship has the Mets vs Chicago Cubs.
The Amer. League has the Toronto Blue Jays vs K.C. Royals. If you
parlayed those 4 teams at the beginning of the season- $$$$.
Will let you now how the Word Series goes. Love ya."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 16th October 2015

"Dear Len,
Happy Birthday. You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Dad has a Gotta Laugh for you as always:
  One day the devil challenged the Lord to a baseball game.
  Smiling, the Lord proclaimed, "You don't have a chance.
  I have Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and all the greatest players up here."
  "Yes", snickered the devil, "but I have all the umpires."

And this one Dad is saving for Abby:
  Why does a pitcher raise one leg when he pitches? If he raised both legs, he'd fall down!
Abby loves her PopPop jokes and even has one or two of her own. Just like her Dad.

We love and miss you forever and a day.
Mom and Dad"

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 31st August 2015

"Hey Lenny, Another day and another memory of you jumps to mind.  Always something funny that puts a smile on my face and Kim's.  

We dropped Anna off at college a few days ago.  Can you believe that?!  

Speaking of can you believe, its Aug 31st and the Mets are in first place!  You gotta Believe!

Miss you brotha, Tom."

This tribute was added by Kevin Burket on 27th August 2015

"Hey Lenny.  Just wanted to say hello and wanted to let you know that nearly every day, little things that I see or hear makes me think about you or about something we did together back in Poughkeepsie.  Always makes me smile, so thanks for that.  

By the way, did you happen to put in a good word for the Mets?   That’s that only plausible explanation I can come up with…"

This tribute was added by Marisa Harris on 25th August 2015

"You are so often in my heart and in my thoughts. What a great honor to have you in my life even if it was too brief.  Your special qualities are within my daughter, Jenna, and shine through Abby.   Love, Marisa"

This tribute was added by Shari Curtiss on 25th August 2015

"Forever Young Big Brother. The Virginia crew toasted you at lunch today. We really do Carry You in Our Hearts, each and every day."

This tribute was added by Jenna Cohen on 18th July 2015

"Just thinking about you my love.  how much you loved the summer time.  Going for a run on a hot and humid day.  The park misses you."

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 12th February 2015

"Hey Lenny, 10 days until pitchers and catchers officially report!  It's gonna be our year!  Let's go Mets!"

This tribute was added by Kevin Burket on 17th October 2014


Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday (granted a little late).  The family made a toast to you at dinner and I retold my kids some stories.  We miss you and are thinking about you."

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 16th October 2014

"Happy Birthday Lenny!  Kim and I will raise a glass for you tonight.  Tom"

This tribute was added by Marisa Harris on 16th October 2014

"Today in my heart are loving wishes for the family of Len Cohen.  May we all be in eternal gratitude for the gift of having had this most extraordinary person in our life and forever in our heart.
Grandma Marisa--that's what Len called me."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 16th October 2014

"Good Morning Len,
Dad and I wanted to be as always, the first to wish you a happy birthday. Today is a very special day. This would have been the been the BIG  "50". We miss and love you with all our hearts.
Len, forever and a day, our love for you just grows and grows.
Mom and Dad"

This tribute was added by Steve Dickson on 11th September 2014

"That last note reminds me of the same experience I had recently watching my wedding video. At one point the scene shifts suddenly to a close-up of Len, who took the mic and gave a great little "good luck" speech, including one or two of his famously off-color but perfectly timed wisecracks. So glad to have that preserved."

This tribute was added by Deborah Hochhauser on 10th September 2014

"Len -
watched my wedding video last night. lost my breath for a bit when I saw you. then I smiled - good to see you old friend.  
I miss you.

This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 7th September 2014

"Dear Len,
One year has come and gone.
Nothing can ever take away the love the heart holds dear.
Fond memories linger every day.
Remembrance keeps you near.
Forever in our hearts till we meet again.
Love you forever and a day.
Mom and Dad"

This tribute was added by Mark Rosenzweig on 14th August 2014

We shared more than 13 years together as colleagues and friends. Many lunches, many jokes, lots of trivia. Many case consultations, a couple of joint defenses and many, many laughs. Some drinks, the ups and downs of the Mets, Giants and USA Soccer. Some politics, a little religion/philosophy. Always a straight answer.

I don't believe how lucky I am that we crossed paths.  You are so missed.                                                                Mark"

This tribute was added by Jenna Cohen on 10th June 2014

"Happy anniversary honey.  I love you."

This tribute was added by Jenna Cohen on 6th May 2014

"I miss you....."

This tribute was added by Shari Curtiss on 1st April 2014

"Uncle Lenny, it is Ethan's bar mitzvah this weekend. I don't know how we will get through the day without hearing your witty sarcasm.  Oh how we miss that humor! Your funeral seems but a hazy dream.  I can't tell you how many times I have reached for the phone to call you up and see how you are doing.... I know how proud you are of Ethan and that we will all feel your presence fill the room on Saturday. By the way, did you hear the joke about the priest and the rabbi who walk into a bar??"

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 12th February 2014

"I had a dream with Lenny in it last night.  I don't remember the details, but it was fun to see and laugh with him again.

PS - Pitchers and catchers report on Saturday Len!"

This tribute was added by Jenna Cohen on 31st January 2014

"I miss you every second of every day.  You will always be my true love."

This tribute was added by leslie leach on 24th January 2014

"To Len, a dear colleague.
It was a privilege to work side-by-side with you in AMC's AG Office. You were an excellent attorney. You were genuine and had great insights, seemingly beyond your years.  You always worked hard to ensure positive outcomes for the parties in the serious matters at hand.  More importantly, you created a joyful work environment.  I just loved that crisp wit of yours, the even temperament, and the ease you brought to our deliberations.  What a pleasure to know you.  I hope one day to encounter another colleague with your grace.  Thank you Len.

This tribute was added by Kim Meusel on 26th November 2013

"As I prepare to see my family for Thanksgiving I am thinking of all.  Things remind me of Lenny all the time.  The (Poughkeepsie) guys had so many inside jokes.  I used to say they never actually conversed- just repeated old jokes over and over AND over again.
Right now, " A Christmas Story" is playing in Boston.  It was never one of my favorite Christmas shows, but I know Lenny and the guys found it quite funny and, as usual they would recite parts of the movie.  Every time I see an ad I think of him.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful to have know a man like Lenny, more thankful my husband had a friend like Lenny.  I am praying for you all.  XO  Kim Meusel"

This tribute was added by Tom Meusel on 6th November 2013

"I heard Whip It by Devo yesterday on the radio.  Reminded me of you Lenny and the time we saw them at The Channel.  A great show and a great time."

This tribute was added by Maria D'Amato on 16th October 2013

"Always in my heart and heartbroken over your passing.  You were always one of my favorite people. Although we were not in touch, I have great memories of working with you at Anderson Kill.  May God watch over your beautiful little girl and I am sure she will be just like you - a wonderful person."

This tribute was added by Shari Curtiss on 16th October 2013

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.
Happy Birthday Len."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 16th October 2013

"Dearest Len-Happy Birthday. I miss you more with each passing day. I have this huge gaping hole in my heart that will forever be open, never to be mended. I do know this, I'm sending to you a string from my heart to yours. We shall forever be attached, never to be alone. I do know you shall always be loved forever and a day and beyond. Always your Mom."

This tribute was added by Samara Anderson on 18th September 2013

"It was a privilege and an honor and a joy to know Len. My friend. My brother. My sister's husband. My niece's father. Truly a great man. We will miss you Len. We love you always and forever."

This tribute was added by Marisa Harris on 17th September 2013

"My dear son-in-law--You brought so much happiness to my daughter, Jenna, and to our family.  I will always remember you saying about your precious daughter, Abby:  "She's such good company."  Even as a baby. And yes she was and still is. And, so were you dear Len.  You were always such good company.  You are in my heart forever and ever."

This tribute was added by Phyllis Cohen on 9th September 2013

"Our most beloved son, Len departed this earth on August 25, 2013. He shall be remembered forever in our hearts and always as our HERO. He was a Warrior, a son, a friend and the best of the best. We loved his great intelligence, his sense of humor, his commitment to life and most of all for being our son. Len, we will always be your Mom and Dad."

This tribute was added by Shari Curtiss on 7th September 2013

"My dearest brother Len--From the days of yore to the days of now, I have never stopped looking up to you. I remain in ever-lasting awe of your grace, your wit, and your courage to the end. A finer man this world has never known. You are my hero. I'll love and miss you forever Brother.  Shari"

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