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July 19, 2016
<p>Len happy 69th and today we put you to rest. What a special day we choose you left me far to soon and half of me has gone with you. I miss you everyday I say nite morning and I feel calm.I miss so much of you as I chose you to fartherour have left me with great kids and I'm so proud you was my hubby and fantastic you was. A great dad too I will do my best to keep the promise I made not to let the family fall apart.I'm so lucky as you met all my needs you made sure I was spoilt. I miss our midnight. Chats but I can promise you today 20th July as a family and it's ur we will make you proud and we will be able with thee grandchildren visit ur resting you hubby. Keep by my side god I miss you sweet.
July 20, 2018

i remember when you took me to the farm and help me clean up the horses like everyday we did it togehter and when we got in the car you realised you had lost your wedding ring in the horse poop pile somewhere haha we broke the news to mum and she was fumeing with usĀ about it we did try and look but it was not pretty hahaha 1 of many stories we have xxxxx

June 26, 2016
My dad was a cheeky mam wiv a dry sense of humour, in the months ov near to the end, I would head down to make him his breakfast but he would only receive his breakfast if he took his fail medicine lol which I was called some lovely names for but in the end he got his breakfast and always enjoyed every bit of it, I miss you smart comments and the facial expressions you pulled when you knew we was after something, I guess you wont forget our shopping days when I would eat the bread walking round the isle lol oh well its only bread Nd u swore never to take me again but you know it was the most fun and you never had a choice as I always hid in the var boot well this is just one of the many amazing stories we have to tell about you, I miss you dad xx

Lens grandchildren

April 22, 2016

Lenjoy was such a family man.he loved nothing more by being surrounded by them all. Days away holidays abroad but still a private person but loved by many.a well respected man.he never held a grudge. Ho he say let it go tomorrow another is to short. He loved xmas having all the grandchildren round as he would like to see the faces.he taught me if family's don't get on don't waste time on trying to fix it turn another chapterlen had family values but did not like jealousy or one sided stories fact .he taught me that.iv lost the man I thought I could keep alive. Now he safe in God's hands. You said I only needed you again you was right.night sweet.I carried it out to the chapel that's were you wanted me to stay I did my best love always from the royles xx

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