• 25 years old
  • Born on November 28, 1980 in Gary, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on April 8, 2006 in Gary, Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Leonard Ursery-Clark who was born on November 28th, 1980 and passed away on April 8th, 2006 .  He was twenty-five years old.  We will remember him forever.   He is simply, GONE TOO SOON. 

                      LIGHT YOUR CANDLE

            IN MEMORY OF Notty, Nod G or Leonard

                          GOD BLESS YOU

Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on December 4, 2019
It’s your 39th birthday and we miss you! Your friends, boi’s, and family all came thru
Simmi, Thur, Jon, Shawnny, Cousin Dee, DP, aunt Cynthia, Carl, Marguerite, and all who love you was there. Avery and Nod showed up to early, but they came out for the balloon release gathering for your 39th birthday. I talked to Greg and Marion Chapman on your birthday. We went live in FB until baby brother, Kev made me cry while singing happy birthday. We released the balloons and I released my balloon on the court. I had the event at Tolleston because you left so many memories there with your friends. You always told me your friends would be there with me. I believe I heard from everybody except Dorian. I am sure he will call eventually. We all miss you, Nod. I will go on forever and always think of you because you was my first born son and we love you. Continue to watch over us and send your unused blessings back to us all the time. There are times I can feel your spirit around me, but I never tell anyone. I wish I could tell you about your beautiful daughter, Ilihn, but I haven’t seen or heard from her. One day I will see her and tell her all about you and your life. I know Kev will see her and share great memories. Mommy always say, I love you and I will see you at the Crossroads. In remembrance of you in Heaven, on your thirty-ninth birthday!! 
Posted by Madeline Briscoe on November 26, 2018
Visit your mother thoughts, appear in your daughter dreams, and continue to through all your loved ones. You’re never forgotten ❤️
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 25, 2018
Days away from your 38th Birthday!
It will always be yesterday in my heart!
Posted by Tonika Hardy on April 8, 2018
You will always be in our hearts
Posted by Milton Boone on April 8, 2018
Still missing you brother.
Posted by Milton Boone on November 28, 2017
Missing you forever Jo-Jo. You would be proud of me. Happy bday!!!
Posted by Madeline Briscoe on November 28, 2017
Happy Birthday NodG your legacy shines daily throughout all the individuals whom love and care for you. May you continue to rest peacefully
Posted by Charlotte Harris on November 28, 2017
To my nephew who I will never forget I love and miss you soo much, Aunt Charlotte loves and miss you so much
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on May 25, 2017
Yes, mommy is late posting! Some days this comforts me and some days I just can't write about you. We all shared your memory on this day with you. Notty, you told me your friends will never leave my side and they didn't. Dorian, Thur, Mond, Deyon, Ashley, and Fred just to make a few are all still a big part of my life.
Mommy and dad are doing just fine these days. Please stay with us and keep us all together in life. Your baby brother, well, it will always be yesterday in his life. He has your looks and sometimes I talk to him like you are still here. You are in Heaven and it's always about you, his brother. I always will remember Tracy telling me, Mrs.Debbie, that boy said he could not live without you and he asked God to take him before he took you! I never could understand that because it hurt so bad!
Because my relationship with God, faith, and belief, mommy can make it! Wait for mommy at the gate to day one more time, mommy's home!
I love you forever, always, and tomorrow!
Posted by Stephanie Igwebuike on April 10, 2017
Gone way too soon. He kept everyone's spirits up in high school and 8th grade. His ability to make everyone laugh was like none other. I used to be happy to see Ms Debbie come to the school she was always classy and sharp. I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard of his passing. One of those moments I will never forget.
Posted by Rosalyn McNair on April 8, 2017
RIH Notty...
Posted by Lolita Lewis on April 8, 2017
Sending our deepest condolences to Aunt Debbie & the Gary Family!
Lifting you up in our thoughts & prayers!

Love Always, Birmingham Family
Lolita, Ben III, & King Kobe ❤
Posted by Madeline Briscoe on April 8, 2017
In loving memory of such a great person...continue to Rest In Perfection Notty. Love Mat Mat and family
Posted by Milton Boone on April 8, 2017
Missing you always Jo Jo
Posted by Tiffany Long on April 8, 2017
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2016
In remembrance of our son, Notty, on his 36th Burthday! 
Gone but never forgotten. Mommy loves you, baby!
Posted by Lolita Lewis on November 28, 2016
Happy 36th Birthday in Heaven! ❤ Rest In Peace!
Much Love from your Birmingham Family!
Posted by Milton Boone on November 28, 2016
Happy birthday Jo-Jo I truly miss you bro.
Posted by Lolita Lewis on November 28, 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven Fam!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2015
It's your 35th Birthday Notty! Mommy is being good and enjoying the love and support from all of you and Kev friends. I am getting through the day with joy and praise. When people tell me Nod wouldn't want you to hurt, I want to tell them, yes he will to. Remember you always thought I should catch a cold because you had a cold. Lol! Kev Jr stayed here with me all day long to make sure his mommy is okay. I love him and he's just like you, boy. The both of you are my Legend and Icon in life that gave me all the love a mommy could want. I know God watches over me and you do, too. Some days I ride and I just know you are here with me. We will be celebrating a few days until April 8 and that's another day. I always say you left me some great friends to hold onto in life and I thank you! Love forever and a day!
Posted by Ryan Gray on November 28, 2015
R.I.H. Nod G. Miss you fam. Gone but never forgotten. Keep living for him Auntie Debbie love you
Posted by Milton Boone on November 28, 2015
Miss you everyday, think about you everyday, continue to watch over me.
Happy birthday brother
Posted by Ashley Love on April 8, 2015
I cant believe its been nine years. Still wish you were here so that you could get on my nerves like you use to. As long as I am alive and breathing so will your memory. RIH lil bra!
Posted by Yolanda Simpson on April 8, 2015
Notty, it's a pleasure to come and pay respects to you every year on this day. I love your Mom so much for keeping your memory alive. Do know that she misses and loves you so much. You will live on forever in her heart and in our thoughts.
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on April 8, 2015
Thinking of you on your ninth year in Heaven. I wouldn't know the years has passed because it will always be yesterday and last night to me. It greets me everyday and lie down with me at night. Still, God see me through it all and that is how I make it from day to day. I know when mommy get to Heaven she will hear Notty say, Mommy is home from work! I miss that and I haven't had a job since you left! LMBO!
I love you, Notty!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2014
Leonard, you would have turned 34 years old today! Mommy, dad, and Kev Jr is still here missing you everyday, sharing stories , laughing about the silly things you would do, and at the same time, hurting like it's day one being without you! We are going to be together laughing and sharing memories, laughter, and love you left us. We love you, miss you, and we know you sit on our shoulders everyday!
Posted by M Chapman II on November 28, 2014
Happy Birthday Nod G. Missing you on this day is an understatement. Things are so different without you. Man i miss the times we spent no matter what it was. Knowing alot of people is one thing. It holds in no comparison to the void left by losing a true angel, brother, and friend. Love and will never forget you my brother. Rest In Heaven on them 34's GOD BLESS you and the family. Love You
Posted by Michelle Jenkins (higgins... on August 24, 2014
I wish I had the chance to meet you. Your mom talks about you all the time so you must be a very special person. I'm sending a tribute to you because I know that you also are a wonderful person. You'll be forever in our hearts and never forgotten. May God bless you.
Posted by Yolanda Simpson on April 10, 2014
Notty, ur Mom is the pillar of strength and possesses a heart of gold. I admire her so much for her undying care of anyone who crosses her path but mostly for her love and devotion for you. Through her your memory will live forever. Continue to rest in heaven and be her guardian angel.
Posted by Lolita Lewis on April 10, 2014
Sending prayers, love, and hugs from your Birmingham Family!

Rest In Paradise <3
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on April 9, 2014
This is your eighth Anniversary in Heaven and we still love and kiss you
While we count the the years we all still shed tears!
Everybody (your friends) still hold on to your memories and they all are staying right by my side. We love you Nod! Thinking of you on this day.
Posted by Madeline Briscoe on April 8, 2014
Watz up Notty, been a minute since I've left a tribute but today is the day you became an angel in heaven...continue to protect, keep and strengthen your family with the help of the Lord...we miss you down here but there's isn't a way that we could possibly forget about you...much love #NGP
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2013
It's your 34th birthday Notty! We still miss you and oh how I wish you were here. I look and at dad and Kev Jr and see you throughout each day. I didn't see ILIHN but I know she is having a hard time living without her daddy. The last time I saw her she asked me do I remember your song, WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT (T.I.)
Dee is still on day one and I'm the only one he can speak to, cry to, and hurt all in one visit! Kev is KUSHMAN BALLIN and he is just like you, boy. You was a legend, an icon, and simply awesome to be my son.
Mommie has come along way but I still have along way to go. Whenever I get to Heaven, wait for mommie so I can hear you say, mommie's home! I love you, baby!
Posted by Charles Ewing on April 13, 2013
We were in the same class in Kindergarten...4th grade..8th grade...and at Wirt. Something put it in my heart to think of you on this day. But I will keep your family in my prayers. I pray God connects that bond between mom & grandchild. Peace & Love!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on April 8, 2013
Today marks your 7th year anniversary in Heaven, Nod. Mommie is still here with Kev loving, chasing, and him everyday. He looks like you and acts line you, too. Most of my hurt is hidden away from Kev, Nod. I had to grow in faith with The Lord and I was able to find peace and comfort of knowing you are not here with us. We will always love, miss, and remember you, Nod!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on April 8, 2013
Thinking of your daughter, ILIHN, on her birthday today.
Posted by Annette Tolbert on April 8, 2013
Nod didn't know you but baby, your mom just don't know how you are walking right with her every step she take. God and you are all over her. We love her because of you. Hold on to her baby.
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on January 28, 2013
Just sitting here sharing my private moment tears over you, Notty. I went to bed thanking God and thinking of you. You loved your mommie so very much and I miss you everyday. No matter how I try to cope, it will always be last night when you went away. Just stopped by to share a moment for my guy.
Posted by Lolita Lewis on November 29, 2012
Happy Belated 32nd Birthday Blessing from your Birmingham Family!!!

Love Your Cousins, Benjamin III, Lolita, Ra'Shad, & Brandon <3
Posted by Sharilynn Davis on November 28, 2012
Happy Birthday Homie!!!!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2012
My son is 32 years on tday, Nov.28! Where would you be today? In the studio pushing KMB (Kev Jr.), pushing baby strollers around Gary, or just sitting here with your mommie and baby brother, Kebo!
We all are missing, remembering, and thinking of you today, Notty!
We love you and we will keep you by our side!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on August 31, 2012
It's your mommie's 50th birthday, Notty! I am here thinking of you and remembering all you would do for my birthday. I know if you were here, you and Kev would roast me on my 50th birthday and I would be falling on the floor laughing! We miss you, baby. Mommie is still fine, Nod.
Posted by Annette Tolbert on April 8, 2012
Debbie you are strong and just remember God and all your family and friends are here for you. I can't imagine how you feel. Just know I'm here to talk. Didn't know him but he has a mother with a heart of Gold. So I know he is in heaven and walks right beside you every day. Stay strong I know it's hard. Love ya! Always. Peace Be With You Girlfriend.
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on April 8, 2012
Yep, it is six years today that you went away! Mommie is up on Easter morning thinking of you, Nod. Remembering all the love, laughter, and memories you left with us to hold on to. Until that glorious day, we will see you at the Crossroads!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on December 26, 2011
Yes, I made it. Not a single day go by without the thought of you in my heart, thought, or on my mind. I did not see many but all it usually takes is one person to take my mind there. Mommie always think of her Notty. Actually, whenever I look a t Kevin Jr. I see you! That is what keep my memory so fresh of you! Thinking of you, Nod!
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2011
Nod, I am hearing from all your boys and girls this morning. We all are thinking of you and reminiscing over the past years! Thank you for leaving the love, memories, and laughs here with us.
Posted by Annette Tolbert on November 28, 2011
Be strong you have so many good people here for you and behind you. We love you and God loves you too. Stay blessed Debbie.
Posted by Yolanda Simpson on November 28, 2011
I didn't know you Notty personally but I know your Mom well. I'm sure you had the same loving, kind warm spirit that she gives everyone so freely. You are her light, her angel and her love. I keep her in prayer for continued strength every day.
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 10, 2011
It is November 10, 2011 and I am holding it together. I haven't gone into my usuall depression of you not being here. Going out to Oak Hill Cemetary isn't the same. When I look at you, mama, and Arbradella all lying in a row....that mess me up! At least I know you are not alone anymore, Notty. Your daughter, Ilihn, has been heavy on my mind. Prayers to her all the time. Missing you!
Posted by Lolita Lewis on April 8, 2011
May God continue to give the Family strength in this difficult moment!                                                      Love & Blessings from Benjamin, Lolita, Ra'Shad, Bridget, and Brandon

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