This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Leonard Ursery-Clark who was born on November 28th, 1980 and passed away on April 8th, 2006 .  He was twenty-five years old.  We will remember him forever.   He is simply, GONE TOO SOON. 

                      LIGHT YOUR CANDLE

            IN MEMORY OF Notty, Nod G or Leonard

                          GOD BLESS YOU

Posted by Bridget Carmichael on December 13, 2009
Posted by Rachel Marshall on December 11, 2009
Praying for you Mommie Debbie and Kevin everyday and your entire family as well. I know that God will continue to speak to your hearts and bring you peace and understanding. R.I.P Leonard.
Posted by Kevin Clark on December 2, 2009
Wassup Nod, your 29th birthday just passed and we celebrated as usual for ya! It was a great day, a saturday this year, so I know you would've really enjoyed it. Love Lil Kevin
Posted by William Chatman on November 30, 2009
Hey Lil bro! It's Will. Or as you would call me,Whiteboy! I always think of you man. Heaven must've needed a new Party Man! We had fun times and I will never forget them. I still laugh at us today...
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2009
I woke up this morning with you on my mind
thinking today you will turn twenty-nine
Kev and I will spend the day in memory of Notty on his birthday. Happy Birthday! 
Posted by Arthur Irving on November 28, 2009
Happy B-Day Notty!You're gone but never forgotten. You will always be with me and your family. You my friend for life. Imma rep you till wit meet again my dude!
            Arthur-lil thur
Posted by Charlotte Harris on November 28, 2009
im lighting my candle today because this is your day miss you and always in my heart love you godmother/aunt charlotte.11/28/2009
Posted by Don Shawncea Harris on November 28, 2009
Posted by Maria Hardy on November 27, 2009
Notty tomorrow is your birthday and mommy has waited all year for this day to come. We all miss you so much. We wish you was here to. You are gone but not forgotten. See you when my time come.
Posted by Gregory Airington on November 25, 2009
Nod G, u was the coolest and funniest dude i met, missin u everyday, until we meet again friend
Posted by Fred English on November 25, 2009
its been so long since our last conversation yet I speak to u everyday waitin 4 u 2 respond back things jus aint the same without u but i kno u still there. your never 4 gotten yo bra Fred
Posted by Sonia Cuba on November 25, 2009
Your Mom was my best friend when we were growing up. I remember when you were born. May God continue to give your Mom the strength to get through this very difficult time.
Posted by Keisha Armstrong on November 24, 2009
Nod G,Man I miss u dog.. ur birthday is coming up too..u know I'm gonna celebrate with u like old times..Ur friend for LIFE...Jamon
Posted by Mommy Debbie on November 23, 2009
Your birthday is only days away
and I am falling apart along the way
I must be strong whatever that mean
today I don't understand much of anything

Posted by Tonika Hardy on November 23, 2009
MUch I can say words cant explain. MIss you everyday...
Posted by Tanya English on November 23, 2009
I send our deepest sympathy to u Ma-Debbie.Notty is greatly missed by my brother FRED and also a great impact u are in his life God bless and keep u and yours.He is gone but never 4gotten
Tanya E.
Posted by Tessa Davis on November 23, 2009
"Notty is up in Heaven shining down. Physically He is gone, but mentally His memory remains. To my new found mommy (Ma Debbie) continue to stay strong. My prayers are with you and your family.
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Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on December 4, 2019
It’s your 39th birthday and we miss you! Your friends, boi’s, and family all came thru
Simmi, Thur, Jon, Shawnny, Cousin Dee, DP, aunt Cynthia, Carl, Marguerite, and all who love you was there. Avery and Nod showed up to early, but they came out for the balloon release gathering for your 39th birthday. I talked to Greg and Marion Chapman on your birthday. We went live in FB until baby brother, Kev made me cry while singing happy birthday. We released the balloons and I released my balloon on the court. I had the event at Tolleston because you left so many memories there with your friends. You always told me your friends would be there with me. I believe I heard from everybody except Dorian. I am sure he will call eventually. We all miss you, Nod. I will go on forever and always think of you because you was my first born son and we love you. Continue to watch over us and send your unused blessings back to us all the time. There are times I can feel your spirit around me, but I never tell anyone. I wish I could tell you about your beautiful daughter, Ilihn, but I haven’t seen or heard from her. One day I will see her and tell her all about you and your life. I know Kev will see her and share great memories. Mommy always say, I love you and I will see you at the Crossroads. In remembrance of you in Heaven, on your thirty-ninth birthday!! 
Posted by Madeline Briscoe on November 26, 2018
Visit your mother thoughts, appear in your daughter dreams, and continue to through all your loved ones. You’re never forgotten ❤️
Posted by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 25, 2018
Days away from your 38th Birthday!
It will always be yesterday in my heart!
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Thinking of you, Leonard.

Shared by Debbie Hardy-Clark on August 12, 2018

there are times I know you are communicating with me because I can feel your spirit.  Tonight, I am sitting here thinking of you.  I listened to Crissroads without crying tears I e day.  When I worry about your baby brother, Kevin, I pray and know between Fid and Nod, he will be just fine.  One day Kev will heal and let go the hurt, Notty.  I always kiss my hand and touch my face for a kiss from you.  You know I coukdn’t stand you and Kev’s wet kisses to my face!  Yes, Kev still does it to me.  Mommy miss her man for sure.  Continuing to send those unused blessings to usand watch over us from day to day.  Until we meet again, mommy misses you!  I love you, baby.

That's Dope!

Shared by Debbie Hardy-Clark on November 28, 2015

Greg keeping it alive!  Look at this chrome on his nice car!

Ninth Year Anniversary In Heaven

Shared by Debbie Hardy-Clark on April 8, 2015

It's been nine years, but it's yesterday and last night in my memory because I am your mommy!  It hurts a different way and cuts like a knife every time just thinking of you not being here with dad, Kev, and me.  I know God healed me of the grief, but I have to cope with the pain as I walk along the way.  Of course I miss you and so many others do, too.  You gave us love, strength, laughter, and you left us with so many memories to remember you by.

Some of your friends like Travis has joined you and my mama is with you, too.
Notty, your friends are still holding me, loving me, and keeping me at their side from day to day.  Simmi does not feed me chicken anymore because I gained so much weight!  Lol!  I can hardly look at Thur some days, but I am sure he feel the same way about me, too.  Yarmin will always be here with Ma.  Dorian and Mond, what can I say, they too, are right here with me.  Carl, Greg, and Ray is one pictjre when I see them togerther.  I spent time with Avery the other day and I saw you there standing the whole time I talked to him!  I heard from Ashley Love recently and he's a married man.  Ashley Love was your big brother in life.  How many days I called Ashley on you???  Ashley, tell Notty to stop!  He held me on day one and never let me go!

Your baby brother, your clone, your little brother, Kevin (Kebo) hurts everyday, but one day he will make his peace and find his way.  I know he is living like you are living with him from day to day.  He's a grown man today, Nod.  What I wouldn't do to see you stand side by side today.  Watch over him as you do and I know you do.  One day his pain won't hurt so bad.  He misses his brother in every way.  He's determine to succeed with his music in honor of you.  He loves his brother.

I love and miss you, Nod, but I have God to see me through it all.

See you at the crossroads!