Leonardo (Ditos) Capati
  • 68 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 27, 1945
  • Date of passing: Mar 4, 2014
Let the memory of Leonardo (Ditos) be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Leonardo (Ditos) Capati, 68, born on April 27, 1945 and passed away on March 4, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 4th March 2017

"Thank you Leelen for sending that 'I prefer to remember the good days... ' photo.  It made me smile.  

I get a notification from ForeverMissed about Koya's anniversary and I  decided to read all the tributes that are in here, again.  It saddened me but .... I read them all and realized that the email I sent to our friends here in VA is not in here.  And so, I am adding it now.


Subject:   Happy news; sad news and more prayer request....e:

Dearest friends in Christ:

Prayers do work! (We know that.) So, Mike and I would like to thank you again for the prayers for our intentions.

The happy news: The prayers worked so well for me and my surgery that I was able to make a trip to Indonesia from 02/25 to 03/03 to be at my nephew's wedding on March 1. They were days filled with love, laughter, fun, camaraderie and bonding. Yes, I felt a little discomfort and inconvenienced due to the surgery but on a scale of 0 to 10, I'd rate it a 1, which was highly tolerable. .

The sad news: After that high of the wedding festivities and after being back here in Virginia on 03/03 for about 2 hours, I got a call that our eldest brother (Leonardo), the father of the newlywed groom had a fatal heart attack and died on 03/04. That is a super downer!!!! He leaves behind four adult children (ages 34 - 40) and two grandchildren (1 month and 2.5 years). His wife, Leni, passed away in Feb., 2012. We are shocked because there was no indication to any of us during the wedding that there was anything wrong with our brother. .

And the prayer requests: So, we need to pray for the repose of his soul and for the family. And we also request for prayers for one of my sister-in-law, Dina, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. (We got this diagnosis while we were in Indonesia.)

We don't know why all this is happening now. But we are able to move on because of our faith in Jesus, the Divine Healer and Mary, the Health of the Sick. And, of course, Divine Providence.

When Mike and I say our morning and night prayers, we include a prayer 'for those whom we say we will pray for', and 'for those who pray for us'. That includes all of you and your intentions, our dear, dear friends in Christ. May our Lenten journey this year bring us even closer to Christ. With love and prayers, .Lorni and Mike"

This tribute was added by IDA ESTIOKO on 4th March 2017

"Today as always, I remember Ditos who was
not only a KOYA to everybody but a SOULMATE.
Rest-in-Peace, Ditos!"

This tribute was added by IDA ESTIOKO on 4th March 2016

"Remembering Ditos always!!! He's such an UNFORGETTABLE
person......worth remembering his horrible jokes too!!!
I join you all in prayers."

This tribute was added by IDA ESTIOKO on 4th March 2015

"Today, I join all of you, family and friends, in praying and remembering the loss of DITOS among our midst.
I miss mostly his crude, and rude and non-PC - emails .... he definitely had a 'way' of being all that without being offensive! I haven't
taken him out of my contact list because I still can't believe he's gone!!!
Today, I have a picture of him in my mind, in a golf-course, leaning on his golf-club and the other hand on his waist saying.....'' I wonder if God
plays golf?''
May  Ditos rest-in-peace!"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 25th April 2014

"Reflections from Atche Lorni

Dearest Family:

'W' = well-pleased.

I am sure that Mita, Papa, Claudia, Mama, Caloi, ALeni and now, Koya, would have been well-pleased with what went on for the past few months. We had our ups -and downs and ups and downs: Dina's and my cancer diagnosis; Nardo and Olive's wedding, and Koya's passing away. I am sure that they will continue to be well-pleased with the way we will carry on our lives here on earth, specially with their guidance and intercession from above.

I don't know if you all know how that 'W' came about. It is fitting to explain it now since the gospel reading of last Sunday was where it originated. At the transfiguration, the voice of God was heard to say: 'This is my beloved Son, with whom I am WELL-PLEASED'. Every time I hear that reading, I am reminded of our family and the Bautista clan because I believe it is one of Mama's siblings who started to use 'W' to indicate one's favorite son/daughter/anyone. During the Mass last Sunday, I could not stop thinking of Koya, Mama's BIG W, and the happenings of the past days.

We all grieve in our own way. Some of you have expressed it in written word and shared it with the rest of us. That is family! .

Thinking back on the different conversations, I noticed that no one really talked about Koya's love for the game of golf and all its accoutrements. The topic was mostly on Koya the father, the son, the ninong, the Koya, the Sarge, the family man, the lolo, the friend, the cumpadre, the confidante, - the man. This is what defined Koya; this is what was important to him..

With the events of the past few months, we have become closer to one another. We all shared in our joys and grief; we will continue to share in our joys and sorrows, too. We will continue to pray for one another's intentions, hopes and wishes; and for one another's health, welfare and safety.

Sarge: we retired the name 'Sarge' and 'Mrs. Sarge'. you are irreplaceable.

We love you very much. And we miss you very much. .

With love and prayers,


This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 18th April 2014

"From Kuya Tony

Dear K. Bing,

Thanks for sharing your feelings from the heart for Koya Ditos to the family.

Me too it is slowly sinking into me  that  I lost a brother a friend and a good confidant. We were very close and always call or see each other for the last 19 years of my stay in Jakarta for good or bad times. And I am feeling that void now.

Koya is gone now but I still have 2 sisters and 6 brothers left, I believe he still wants us to be together and close too.

Let's keep in touch as much as we can as siblings and as Capati's.


This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 16th April 2014

"From Kuya Bing on his way back to Manila from Jakarta

On our way back home on the plane i wrote down my feelings about koya. This time more of me as yanks instead of corporate bing. I thought i did a good job and even asked nini, kots and nekes to read it. All were teary eyed as they read it. As things turned out i lost it in cyberspace and even my favorite daughter could not find it. The president asked me to do it one

More time but am not sure if the tone will be the same. Anyway, hi am writing this as i reflect on the past few days since koya    
Left us. Suddenly i thought of pa and ma too and how i felt during those trying times. My feelings were different for obvious reasons. When pa joined our creator i was sad and i grieved but i was strong. I was sad because as i told nini then pa deserved a better life and if only he lived another 10 more years he would
Have benefitted from our success. Of ciurse pa lived a comfortable life but he deserved more. It pains me when i recall the time we

Had to give away Pas worldly possessio. There was a watch which koya eventually got but promised others they can have their turn in the future. There was a ring and then a cross and nothing more. Nobody said anything be ause

I am sure we all knew that what pa left us behind are core values which are a lifetime gift. When ma left us i felt different. I felt good she was no longer going to suffer. I felt good she had a full life and in fact i remember she was able to visit all of us in our country of work. Of course her leaving us was a downer as i no

Longer had my mama. My mom who raised me up and who was my most vocal cheer leader as i raises my family and became more successful in my career. Koya initially i was devastated as i was just with him enjoying nad having fun during nardos wedding. I just had to see him one more time and i do appreciate ninis adopted   Children waiting for my arrival before cremation. A few hours before cremating koyas body i pulled a chair, sat down and i just wanted to have my moment with him. We just connected with each other nothing verbal. I was just looking at him all rhe time. Then i stood up went beside his casket and we continued our moment of silence together. I do not k ow how long this took but i rhen bowed my head and placed my forehead to the hands of koya. It was my way of saying koya you are my koya ditos.  This lasted for awhile until i felt he said koya bing you will always be koya bing to me and myfamily. It was only then i stood straight looked at him one last time with the boyish smile on his face and then i looked for nini for comfort. Koya i am already missing you."

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 24th March 2014

"My eulogy for Koya

Good morning my name is Pepot and I am the youngest of the 11 siblings.  Koya also calls me kid or Hay as he likes to give nicknames to us.  Atche is Wings, KBing is Yanks, KDudo is Emo or Billyboy, KPong is Spassky, KTony is Anto or Anthony, Kots is Kumpadre, ACecil is Seng or Nekis, and KBenjie is Bob or Bandido.   Our cousin and his best friend KPet, he is Ching.

Koya loved the family so much and the women in the family have a special place in his heart.  His daughters, Leelen and Nana can twirl him around their fingers.    To his lovely wife, Ate Lens, my brother the tiger and original Macho man is an obedient puppy.  The love they have for each other is very admirable and an envy to many.  And now, after more than 50 years, he can bond with his other baby sister, ate Mita.  His love for Mama is incomparable.  We siblings joke that in Mama’s eyes, Koya is no. 1 and the rest of us are all tied at a distant no. 2, which we all lovingly accept and understand. In fact, every time koya goes home for a visit, we have to fix our schedules and make sure that there is a car and driver available the whole time he is in town.  Kumpadre will cook his favorite asado and if its mango season, somebody will be looking for the sweetest mango.  When planning to visit our siblings in Virginia, Koya would make a long distance call to make sure that Atche’s famous tapioca pudding and Kumpadre’s asado will be there to welcome him.
Before Alena and Leo came into his life, Koya and ate Lens became the surrogate grandparents of my daughters, Paula and Monique. Koya also is godfather to Monique and the bond between them is special.
Koya was a big influence in my life.  When our father passed away in 1981, our elder siblings helped in maintaining our household in BF and made sure that we younger siblings get to finish our studies.  After graduation, koya invited me to try my luck in Indonesia.  I had my apprehension being young and lacking with experience and also having a fear of the unknown.  Koya told me to just fly to Jakarta as his gift and if I don’t like it or things don’t work out I can always go back to Manila. When I arrived in Jakarta, I officially became the 7th member of the Ditos Capati family, the long lost eldest son and elder brother to Leelen, LJ, Nana and Nardo.  What was supposed to be a short stint lasted 10 years and the memories we had together will be treasured forever.  Jakarta will always have a special place in my heart as this is where I started my career, met my wife and started our family.  For this I will be forever grateful to Koya and ate Lens

Koya will always be remembered for his emails.  Some of them are green jokes which make one blush and also hope that they don’t stay long on company servers as Koya would sometimes forget that he is sending these emails to our office email address.  A lot of those emails were also inspirational and educational.  One of my siblings asked Koya if he is still working as he has all the time to send those emails.  Typical Koya response, I am fast and efficient that’s why I have all the time whereas you guys are just slow with what you’re doing.  We will continue forwarding emails but they will never be the same.

Koya, I am very proud to say that you are my brother, a wonderful and loving person.  A friend to many.  Thank you very much for all the love and support you’ve given us, you will be sorely missed and we love you very much.

Rest in Peace, Sarge."

This tribute was added by Cecile Calub on 22nd March 2014

"The eulogy that mom (Cecile Capati-Calub) gave during Tito Ditos' funeral:

Good Morning!

Much has been said on who Koya Ditos was. Much has been said on how he was an inspiration to each member of the clan as he was a living reminder that it is important for us to stay together. For almost ten years, us ten siblings were spread across 8 different countries. I would like to believe that his adulation to Pa and Ma was a great influence on him. He continued their legacy as we have all witnessed.

Family was very important to him. You can feel the unconditional and selfless love that he showered his late wife, Ate Leni, and his children. He was protective of each and everyone and he put a lot of effort for us to be closer to one another.

He embodied what a patriarch should be. A heavy responsibility was passed on to him by Pa and Ma. Credit goes to him as his guidance was a true inspiration.

Koya Ditos and Ate Leni had four children.

To Leelen, the oldest of the four: Your dad somehow prepared you for this. During the wake in Surabaya, it was very touching seeing your siblings consulted you for final say on major decisions. It was very humble of them not to ask “why?”. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I grieved hard — the transition that you are now the head of the family was getting real.

To LJ, the oldest son: Your dad must be very proud of you. Actually, I saw a part of you in us siblings. You stood like a rock for your siblings. I know you were in pain but you had to be strong. It was very moving.

To Nana, the youngest girl: You know, you completed your dad. Making him grandparents to Alena and Leo completed the circle of his life. More so, you named your newborn son after him, Leonardo. It was unbelievable how your dad and your daughter communicated thru skype. We witnessed one session when Alena was merely a year old. They were communicating in only a way only a very proud lolo and first apo can. It brought tears to his eyes.

To Nardo, the youngest and the newlywed. There is no other way that I would like to remember your dad but on your wedding. I thank you for letting us have a lasting memory with him. You made the occasion more than perfect for Olive and for him. I saw him at his best. It was the impression I am sure he wants to be remembered by: vibrant, full of energy, beaming with joy, glowing, youthful looking, and handsome. You were right, he was like a butterfly during the wedding. He was everywhere!

Jim, Desy, and Olive: I get it from my kids you are amazed at how close the family is. By now, it must be clear why.

Perhaps this is the last time that the 10 of us will be together — all because of our love and respect for Koya. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed that in his last day we are all here. Not only to pay our last respect but to show our support for his children.

Koya, thank you for all the times that you were with us. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. You are with Ate Leni now, your one and only true love.

I love you koya."

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 22nd March 2014

"From friends of Ate Juliet

Pablito Jr Saromines My condolence Juliet Capati

April De Leon I don't like sorry

Denise Nolan Opperman thinking of you, big hugs to you both

Mhyra Geronimo Our condolences Te juliet! Regrds to Kuya Pong.. Have a safe flight..

Alma Dozo Sincere condolences, dear Juliet.

Gertrude S. Cruz Our sincere condolences to you and the family. Have a safe flight to Manila and back. Take care - Rey & Gert

Connie P. Frias Sending you my heartfelt condolences for losing a loved one. May his soul rest in peace in the Kingdom of his Creator. May the Lord guide your flight to Manila and on your return. God bless.

Mariel Ortega Condolences Juliet/Pong

Anecil Brito Nopra Condolence po te Juliet

Cindy Madrid Condolence!

Rajiva Sharma Very sorry to know about the tragedy in the family. I pray to God to give you all strength to bear the loss.

Rose Antazo Ramento Condolences
And take care ate Juliet Capati

Sally Kho condolence classmate.

Wilhelmina Magsaysay Our sincerest condolences and sympathy Juliet and family.May He rest in peace .Amen.

Chloe Estrellanes Bejarin Condolence po ate..RIP

Fe Colorado Pitner Condolence

Girlie Ledesma Pineda Condolence!

Lorna Palo Condolence Juliet & to ur family .

Puran Ashtari Condolences Juliet. May his soul rest in peace.

Merle Calsena Apruebo Condolence po ate..have a safe flight.

Basu Bharaty Sorry fr the news . May rest his soul in peace

Esther Vital Soory Juliet..My sincere condolences to you and your family

Carol Buttarelli My condolences Juliet.

Jun Deroca Condolence to the family...Have a safe trip and God Bless...Jun/Medy & kids.

Ethel Bihis Pinzon My condolences to you and your family Juliet.

Merlita Acosta- Solis Condolence Juliet and to your family. May his soul rest in peace.

Ndeye Ngone Wague So sorry my dear...keep strong

Emerita M. Viril My sincere condolences to you and your family!

Ussama Al Kaissi May God bless his soul

MariaTeresa Latorre Rest in Peace. Condolence

Juliet Capati Thanks to all of you dear friends and God bless!

Rommel De Silva Condolence to your family ate Juliet. May his soul rest in peace. God bless you all!

Noel Belina Condolence Ate Juliet Capati

Anna Oñate My deepest condolences, Juliet.

Amalia Elloso Carpio Condolence Juliet. God bless and safe flight.

Patricia P McEwen My sincere sympathy to you and yours.

Barbara Tefu My sincere condolence Juliet Capati

Petros Jamal Sincere condolences

Melodia Dela Victoria Pasetes My Condolences, Jul.

Julie Pineda Gutierrez Condolence to you and the whole family.

Jun Sulit de Castro condolence

Merryflor Delos Santos condolence po

Henry Wood Condolences to you and your family

Kevin Magarzo Saministrado condolence ate. Praying for the eternal respose of the soul of ur bro in law. God bless

Marivic S. Lara our condolences....

Esla S. Ap Condolences po.

Cat Leyva El Ainein Condolence to u and ur family

Jun Iriola Our condolences Juliet & Pong! Safe trip!

Yvette Lopez condolences Juliet, take care

Ludi Iriola Deepest sympathy! May his soul rest in peace!

Paa Dechapong Please accept our condolences. May he rest in peace.

Geraldine Murillo My deepest condolence Madam....ingat and have a safe trip.

Gerlinde Kurzbach Juliet, my condolences

Liz Santiago our prayers and condolences . Have a safe Trip my friend

Antonio Pantaleon Our deepest condolence

Lesley McInnis May he R.I.P. Juliet. Condolences to you and family

Joven Loba condolence po ate juliet

Dorothy Mutune Dear Juliet, so sorry to hear the sad news. May he RIP

Allison Tuffs so Sorry to hear, my thoughts are with you on this very difficult flight

Susana Sengco Lagat condolence mare juliet.

Iman Ismail Sorry for that Juliet . Sincere condolences. Courage

Josie Catuncan Condolence, Juliet. Is he your sister's husband or Pong's brother"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 20th March 2014

"From Lorni and Kots' friends in Virginia, USA:

Lorni and Mike, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's unexpected passing.  I'll keep all of you in my prayers including your sister in law.  If I can do anything, please let me know.  Fran (sienkiewicz)
I am sorry to hear about your brother.  What a shock for this to happen after such a happy occasion.
Thank God though you at least got to see him one more time
May he rest in peace
Jerry (Laffey)
Lornie and Mike:

Your email has brought all of us closer to Christ,  as does you on-going shinning witness to what our walk with Christ is all about. Grazie Millie.
It was so good to see your smiling face at communion the other day!

In Christ Our Hope,


I am so sorry to hear of the death of your brother.  What a sadness that it occurred so soon after the wedding of your nephew.

The only consolation is that you all were together and happy to celebrate the wedding and that most of the family was there.  

I will pray for the whole family and also Dina.  

May Christ surround the whole family with his consolation and love.  

Tuck (Fr. Grinnell)
Dear Lorni, I share your joy regarding the joyful news, and also share the pain of those difficult news... Death and illness are hard subjects.  Much faith and trusting prayer are needed to "tackle" them!  My prayers are with you and so is my heart.  Thank-you for sharing these news and feelings and for giving me the opportunity to offer prayer on your behalf.  Above all, thanks for your much needed prayers!

Blessings and peace!

Gladys H. Mariani
Hi Lorni,

Very sorry to hear about your brother's passing away recently.  My sincere condolences for you and Mike but I am sure he   is happy with the Lord in heaven now and this happiness will last forever!  I kind of envy him, don't you?  Lorni, was he
your brother who used to live with his family in Surabaya?

Thank God that you are well again.  He heard our prayers!!

Liza (Searl)

Prayers are coming!

So bittersweet! Glad the happy times preceded the trying times.

Susan Kenney
Dearest Lorni-- Our deepest sympathy for your loss. How peaceful for your brother that God has called him home,so sorrowful for you to accept the loss. You are in our prayers for your continued health and for the prayers for your family. Sometimes God gives us these challenges, so we look to him for our peace and understanding. Our faith does sustains us ,giving us the strength to go forward.  Our love and prayers-Jim and Sandy (Connolly)

Lorni and Mike:

Nothing can withstand God's power and His comfort,  Whether it is a good day or a bad day, it is always a God loves you day.
i AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS.  May your sister-in-law find healing and comfort as she touches Christ's garment hem in spirit, and may pepertual light shine on those who have gone to their rest, may they rest in peace.

rose mensah


I will add Dina and the soul of Leonardo to my prayers.


George Vogen

Dear Friends

Of course you will have our prayers.  God´s plans are always mysterious to us, but thanks to our faith we ca keep on going,

Love and prayers for you
The Turinas.

I'm sorry to hear of the sad death of your brother.  The Lord was good to give you the time you had recently together at his son's wedding.  I'll say a prayer for the repose of his soul.  Please continue to keep me and all of your friends in your prayers too.
    God bless,  Betty Graziani

Dear Lorni,

I am so sorry about your brother’s death.  I have been praying for the repose of his soul and for comfort for your family in mourning.

I am also praying for Dina.

I am sorry that you are experiencing such a large cross to carry.  I pray with confidence that our Lord Jesus will help you bear it.


Ellen (Flannery)
I am sorry to hear the news; I will keep you and your family in my prayers. with love , your brother in HIS Name, Felipe Turina

This tribute was added by Maggi Razon on 15th March 2014

"K. Ditos and I talked about their grand reunion at Mr. Dado B's.  It was luxurious, it was lavish, it was magnificent,  with hosts who retained their simplicity, graciousness, kindness.
I told him sama ako next time; we can do TaiChi, Yoga, Zumba. He said, yes, the next time.  Sadly, no more next time.  Rest in peace with A. Leni and the Lord, K. Ditos. You are much loved."

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 11th March 2014

"One of Koya's old  friend from Jakarta, Dante Fuentes:  Our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to you and the family.....wala nang kalaban sa biro si Bai at ako. lab to you, Monina and the children"

This tribute was added by Gigie Capati on 10th March 2014

"Miss Koya Ditos: Your actions were always kind. A generous hand and an active mind. Anxious to please and loath to offend. A loving cousin and faithful friend. We will miss you very much Koya Ditos. There is such a vacant place in our hearts we can not forget, your footsteps nor your dear and loving face. The world changes from year to year , but the love for our Koya Ditos will never pass away. Glory to God! Amen!"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 9th March 2014

"From KPong and myself

D-evoted   I-nnovator   T-houghtful   O-utstanding   S-upportive

C-ompassionate   A-dorable   P-eacekeeper   A-ffectionate   T-rustworthy   I-nspiration"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 9th March 2014

"From Friends from New Jersey

Dear Pong,

It' caught us by surprise to hear about your brother's demise.
Come to think of it,though, your loss--our loss here on earth
is a gain in Heaven and a priceless reward for Leonardo.
I thank the Lord for the gift of Resurrection that He promised to us.
May this belief ease your pain.
Our love and prayers,
Ading and Pres

Dear Mr. Pong,

Please accept my sincerest condolences on your brother's demise. I'll be thinking and praying for you and your family during this difficult time. I am certain that your great faith in God will give you the strength you need. Take care.

Ruby Ibanez-Polixa"

This tribute was added by Ben Reyna on 9th March 2014

"To the bereaved family of Leelen, brothers and sisters, Our deepest sympathy! Eternal rest grant unto Ditos Oh Lord, And let perpetual light shine upon him! May he rest in peace!

Love and Prayers,
Ben, Barbs and Reyna family"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 8th March 2014

"Friends from Jakarta

Poplin Junita Kusuma:   It is with deep regret that we have to say goodbye to you too soon my dear friend have a smooth journey to a better place , till we meet again

Rod Legaspi:   Rest in peace, Pare. We pray for your soul's repose in Heaven.

Susan Trinidad:   Ditos, thank you for the friendship, you will be sorely missed! Rest in peace in God's loving arms.....

Jonjo Trinidad:   Farewell Dragon Tozdi! Would have loved to play with you in that golf course. "Que te acompane la Virgrn Maria en to camino!" You're a damn good friend Mr. Ditos Capati."

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 8th March 2014

"From KPong's Friends

From: Beybs <melbeybs@aol.com>
Our dearest Kapatid,Pong
Tanggapin mo ang tauspuso naming pakikiramay. We will pray for his eternal rest. Likewise,we pray for strength and comfort for you and the rest of the family and a safe trip for you,Brother.
Peace in Christ,

From: Allen Polixa <allenlinda16@yahoo.com>
It's with deep sadness for us, especially for those who are blood relatives of Leonardo, to pass on; but we know that Leonardo is happily back to our Maker.  Though for the loved ones he has left behind, there is the sorrow of separation but also a time for thanksgiving that he shared his life to those he loved.   Let us rejoice and be glad for his eternal life.  May his loving memories keep him alive to those he loved.  Pong, we'll be offering prayers for your brother.  May your trip to the Philippines be guided by Him.  
Allen and Linda Polixa

From: lolitasan50@yahoo.com
Pong, sorry about your loss. What is the name of your brother? We will be praying for him and the family. Lin, I'll be there on the 16th.

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 8th March 2014

"From Dodo and Dey Razon

Dey and I woke up to the sad news about Koya Ditos.  It is comforting that he still got to witness his second junior's wedding.  I can only imagine how hard this is for Nardo and his wife.  Must be devastating as well for Lilen, LJ, Nana  realizing that they are  now orphans."

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From email from Kots' and my friends here in Virginia, after i sent them an email about the wedding, Koya's death, and Dina's diagnosis:

Lunch time prayers going up right now! God bless,
Pam (Sanchez)

Dear Lorni and Mike.
First of all, my sincere condolences on the demise of your brother.
Second, I am utterly shocked.  Third, most times the Cross is too much to
bear.  And this is the Cross that He has given - more symbolic that it is
just the beginning of Lent - to those whom He loves.  He wants to share His
Cross.  Fourth, my prayers continue for you and your family.



So glad you had a good and safe trip and enjoyed the wedding.  

But I was very sorry to hear of your brother's passing--so suddenly and after such a wonderful occasion.  I will pray for him and the family and for your sister-in-law as well.


Oh Lorni. So happy with your news but oh the sadness in your family. Many prayers jane

Dear Friend,

Prayers and hugs for you and your family Lorni.  Leonardo was so blessed to have you for his sister and  friend, I can only imagine your dinner conversations!!!  He certainly went to God's home with love!!

A friend told me last week, he nephew just came down with stage 2 lymphoma, that the stages are not like the stages in the other cancers, in lymphoma stage 1 is near the neck stage two is lower, the chest area,  etc....interesting.  Or something like that.

See you tomorrow!!!  Prayers continued,

Love and hugs,


I am so sorry that you and Mike are going through such a difficult time.  My mom, Ivette and I will keep all of your family in our prayers.  Please take care.

Edna de jesus

My favorite prayer is Jesus I trust in you......someways over & over again.multiple times.....so sorry to to hear of the unfortunate happenings in your family....they will be included in my prayers. How blessed you were to be with your family at a beautiful wedding celebration!
God is good!
Blessings peace & joy,

You're right Lorni, it is our faith that gets us through these times.  I'm so glad you all have happy memories of your visit with your brother.

I'd like to put his name in the bulletin.  Is it Leonardo Capati?

Mike/Lorni, I am so sorry about your brother Leonardo.  What a shock after seeing him at the wedding.  You can count on my prayers.  Adriana"

This tribute was added by Alfonso Capati on 6th March 2014

"I have been fortunate among the Capati's siblings to spend quality time with Koya Ditos in 2013.   I attended Ate Leni's one year death anniversary in February 2013 in Surabaya, Indonesia.  After everyone has gone back to their destination,  I stayed for another week with Koya  Ditos.  He brought me everyday to the Golf driving range to learn basic golf and hired a professional instructor. You know, Koya, he loves his cameras.   He was watching and taking pictures while I was hitting the ball.   During the break,  he gave advises on what is wrong with my swing.  He invited me to go and visit his Company at Modjokerto, Indonesia.   He has a beautiful house provided by the Company with free breakfast, lunch and dinner served.  While he was working,  if he is seriously working, I  spent my time swimming at the Company's pool..  At night, we just sat and watched TV and joked and  talked on any subject.   Again,  in October 2013,  we saw each other in the Philippines when he had an operation.  I visited and made him laugh  at the hospital and was assigned two nights to watch him.  After he checked out and moved to Koya Bing's place for recovery,  I was tasked to watch him for three days for Koya Bing's family had to go to Hongkong.     Koya, I did enjoy your company and your sense of humor.  I missed you and are now in the company of Pa, Ma, Ate Lens, Mita.    Enjoy and have fun in Heaven!!!!  ."

This tribute was added by Maggi Razon on 6th March 2014

"From cousin Chito Razon:

"I Hear A Symphony"

As a frail kid regularly visiting Ugac Sur, a then remote barangay West of the Tuguegarao town center in the late 60’s, I’ve been exposed to two generations of cousins, the young elementary  students and the high schoolers.

There was a wide age and lifestyle gap between us and the next generation.

We, grouped with K. Guy, K. Pong, K. Tony were in shorts, sando and slippers playing touch games at Gonzaga st. while they in shirts, listening to music and riding bicycles.

The elderly ones which I considered as “untouchables” were Kuya Bing, Ate Lorni, sometimes Kuya Lito or in rare moments Kuya Pet and Kuya Ditos. I would remember they ran the show and controlled almost all activities in the street. (It was different in the Ugac household as it was Tata Paul who prevailed at all times.)

They played games (basketball), gambled (mahjong and card games), fired guns (long and short arms). They’ve been to places we were not allowed to go-farm, riverside, old churches and the ultimate, travel to Manila.

Their group led by Kuya Ditos imprinted in my memory as my 1st parents and dear Uncles and Aunties. Kuya Ditos was a natural leader because he had influence and narrated stories and anecdotes well.

He was closest to his parents, Tata Paul and Tita Aming, the tallest and maybe the biggest (K. Enteng was not in the circle) and the oldest (as K. Lito was always not around).

He had savvy. He operated an Akai open reel  adult role models, next to tape recorder which repeatedly played Supremes Hit with Diana Ross as lead singer. During Christmas Holidays, “Baby Love, I Hear a Symphony, Where did our Love Go, Stop in the Name of Love would be in the loop non-stop while they played mahjong or poker. His player would only stop when there was a brownout which was frequent those days or the power voltage was too low, Tata Paul’s step up transformer could not handle the load.

He liked to boogie. Public dances were events in the small town. K. Ditos would take the center stage to show off his graceful dancing prowess when Boogie is played with his stiff and bended elbow clutching the most popular girls in town. He was a cousin who could upstage his Uncles as he would be allowed to share the dance floor with Tata Nono and Tata Sal who were equally magnificent dancers.

He bluffed well commanding authority at the poker table. Betting against hard core gamblers as K. Lito, K. Bing, Tata Sal, Tata Noy, he was no push over.

He was mischievous, perhaps an impact of his high school Jesuit education and the influence of his cousins. Articulate, he would express what he meant. Whenever the Supremes plays “You keep me hanging on” he would make a point about it.

When most of the families moved to Metro Manila, our encounters were less frequent limited only to the annual New Year’s Eve party hosted by his parents in BF Homes in Las Pinas. As in Ugac, our coalition roamed around the village watching basketball, firing lantacas, watching performances at the open courts while his age groups were enclosed in a room playing cards, eating and enjoying the gathering.

As priorities changed, encounters were less often. Like everybody else going through the cycle of life, he worked, raised a family and eventually migrated to Indonesia. I eventually lost track of the music he liked, the games that he played and the company that he kept. What I know of is he continued to lead an enjoyable lifestyle combining travel, sports, photography events and lately social networking.

All of these are perceptions of a junior lad, looking up to a senior.

But beneath the lifestyle, love for life, the savvy, trail blazing and financial successes, I remember K. Ditos as a loving son, devoted to his family, respectful to Uncles and Aunties and a dear cousin to the 52 of us. These values plus my Ugac Sur experiences are what I cherish most about him.

“I hear a symphony,” a song of the Supremes perhaps describes his influence to us, the then younger ones. “For a feeling that's so new So inviting, so exciting Whenever you're near, I hear a symphony.”

Thank you Koya.

Some stories recalled during Pong’s visit in Manila last 2013.


This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"Emails from my UP classmates after telling them about the happy news of the wedding and the very sad news about Koya:

Dear Lorni,

That's wonderful news! I am glad that the illness has not restricted your activities. We will continue to pray for your recovery.

I am sorry to hear about your loss.  We will keep his family in our prayers as well.

Hi Lorni
Glad to know that you were well enough to have witnessed your nephew's wedding min Indonesia but sad to hear about the loss of your beloved brother. You have been and still is in our prayers and now we will also include your brother and his family.
You take care now and God bless you & Mike always.

Fel & Carol

Dear Lorni,

So glad to hear the good news re your health situation. I'm also pleased to know that you were able to travel all the way to Indonesia for your family's big event. However, so sad to hear of your brother's unexpected death. I will continue to include you and your family in my prayers.

Take care and best regards to Mike,


Thank you, Lorni for sharing with us the good news and the sad news. In all of these are our prayers. God comprehends all and we ask His mercy and love.


This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Maria (Capati) Dwyer):

Ate Leelen, LJ, Nardo and Napa,

I hope you are all getting through this tough time ok.  I think we're all still in shock here in Australia.

I just wanted to let you know that I considered Tito Ditos to be the sweetest uncle and I just can't believe he's gone and that we won't be getting his silly emails any more. I'm the first to admit that I rarely respond to anyone via email, but I always responded to him because he was just so thoughtful and kind.

The one thing I will never forget is how amazing he was when my dad was sick. He was one of the first to call and he wanted constant updates. He truly loved his siblings, and the rest of us too.

I'm so glad that Nicholas was able to meet him and spend time with him at the last reunion. He only knows him as Sarge, which is funny.

We're all devastated for your loss.  Depending on when the funeral is, I will try to make it to Manila. It all depends on whether my firm will let me go. Regardless, mum, dad and Gian are definitely booked to go.

Again, I am so sorry for your loss and just so devastated for you all. I find myself bursting into tears whenever I think about him, because we're all going to miss him so much.

Love Maria"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Yanks/Bing/Coordinator:

In our family we hav an informal structure on how handle family affairs for example kots is our preaident i was nominatd coordinator and koya was sargent at arms thus he became sarge to us. Sarge in life was the opposite of sarge in the military. He was compassionate, helpful, loving, caring, fun n very accommodating exactly the role expected from him when pa n ma left all of us. I dont think he new he was going as we were all having a great time day before he left us.  But if he had a chance to spwak with me befir he left us being the coordinator he would have said 3 things to me. First he will tell me to remind my siblings of the bautista blood in us. Stay in touch n be close to all. He will remind me of the capAti genes and to
Continue being compassionate n helpful to their needs. Second he will tell me to remind the family to stay close and supportive of each other an more importantly to continue sharing, showing nfeeling the love of the family an lastly he will ask me to talk to thw adopted children of nini that it is alright to be sad to grieve but not lose hope in their dreams and aspirations in his absence because now there are more of them praying and cheering for their success. Sarge will be wit mrs sarge leading the way with pa ma mita and
All relatives looking over them. He will give me the boyish smile and he will close his eyes as that is how he wants to be remembered. Koya dacal a aalamat ne for everything. I am writing this on my way to indonesia to be with him one more time.

Sent from my iPhone"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email:

Hi Lorni,

My condolences to you!

I know the couple from Jakarta days.  Will the wake of Ditos be in Jakarta or Central Java?  If Jakarta,
I would like to know the details.  Some friends in Manila would like to pay their respects to the family,  so could you give the details of any wake/entombment there?

I have offered prayers for him and his family.

Many thanks,
Linda Kalona"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Tessa Razon Artadi:

Salamat, Kchit. Agree with KPet. Such wonderful, poignant memories.
I don't remember much about KDitos. (Palibhasa, latak ako among the 52).
But what I do remember was my first airplane ride from Tuguegarao to Manila
with Mama. I was to fly in for his and Ate Leni's wedding.
And I was their  flower girl.

Today, I remembered him as I opened my Bible.
There, in Zephaniah 3:20, lay a pressed bougainvillea flower,
with the verse " At that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you
home...," says the Lord."

Rest in peace, KDitos.
I know you're home. Mabbalo.

Your flower girl,
t :-)"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Babes Banatao:


sorry for your loss... Ditos has always been the life of any group and will be
surely missed. we did miss him at the last Tuguegarao Blue Boys'61 reunion as
his son was getting married.

I couldn't believe it too when Pet sent us the message... I had to read it 3X to
make sure I was not reading it wrong. Unfortunately Dado is in Chile and I cant
get a hold of him (he does not keep his cell phone on nor read emails
regularly). He will be back here at home on Saturday, 8th.

When exactly will be the wake for him in Manila? we are headed back home again
for some PhilDev activities next week.

Again, my prayers and hope that he is in Peace with our Creator.

Deep sympathies to you and the family,

Babes and Dado Banatao"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"Email from Ida:

My DearDear Lorni.....I am too SHOCKED with this
VERY SAD  news!!!! We will surely ALL MISS Him!
I join you in all your prayers. ~i"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email:

Dear Tita Tessie,

Pet and my sisters and I and Jet have been on Viber from around 5 am and we are still in shock. The time I cried was when Pet said that when he was trying to access his BDO account, the challenge question was: Name of your favorite cousin -- and that's when he broke down.

Lito had it so right -- Ditos had a childlike love of life. Like Lito, I will miss his e-mails full of jokes and stories, some of which made me groan and some blush. There were times when I said, O, ano na naman kaya itong joke ni Ditos. Now I will miss him and his jokes very much.

We are just so glad that he was so happy during his last days on earth and he is happy now with his beloved Leni.

Ate Tish"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"I think the following were sent to Pepot from the cousins:

Following are more messages from Ate Aggie, Gina, Ate Buds and Len.
Aggie Bautista Cabugao
Condolences Pepot to you and your siblings, and your families. Who would have thought when you condoled with us less than 8 months ago on the loss of our sister that we will now be condoling with you on the loss of your brother? We take comfort from the thought that he spent his last days happily with his siblings, children and cousins at Nardo's wedding; that he was in God's grace; and that he is now with Ate Leni. Our prayers for the eternal repose of his soul. He was very well loved. Take care cousin

Gina B. Navarrete

Our deepest condolences, Kuya Pepot. This was so shocking but we take comfort in the fact that Kuya Ditos was so happy last weekend at Nardo's wedding. He is now happy with Ate Leni. We will pray for him and his entire family. God loves him and wanted him in heaven now

Len Hernandez Bautista-Horn deepest condolences, Kuya Pepot and to the whole family

Buds Bautista Patajo

My deepest condolences pepot. Will miss k Ditos and his humor. I am a recipient of his funny emails, almost everyday when it started a few years back, but scarce lately. RIP k Ditos

Thank you all for the Love and the Hugs"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Tito Bill(yboy):

Dear Leelen

Our prayers are with you, your siblings and Koya Ditos. Once Koya Bing has finalised the date with Manila Memorial, your Tita Eva, Gian and I will be flying to Manila to join your family and also pay our last respect to Koya Ditos.

God bless
Tito Bill"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from GingGing Razon Palma:

We all grieve, we all are shocked and saddened by our dear K. Ditos' sadden passing away. He, with his fun and funny emails and emails espousing health & wellness.  He will truly be missed.

Our thoughts & prayers are with K. Ditos' children and the Capatis.   Soky & I prayed together, spoke with K. Pong.  Will offer a Mass for K. Ditos. Will send a memorial thru K. Popong.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and may Perpetual Light shine upon him.  May K. Ditos rest in peace, Amen.  (And yes,  he is resting in peace with A.Leni, watching over us).

(I can't help but express admiration for the great writing that I have read above.  Bautista genes, and of course, the other side, too?)

Peace & prayers, GingGing & family"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from greg razon:

One (1) word, four (4) letters: KOYA"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Gigi rapadas to Pepot:

Dear Pepot and Capati cousins,

   We all grieve with you on the passing of Kuya Ditos. Ever since Kuya Pet informed us brothers and sisters of his death via viber in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, we have been exchanging happy memories of Kuya Ditos. Probably like you, our first reaction was a combination of shock and a deep sadness, because Kuya Ditos was a very good cousin and a very good man.

   Kuya Pet shared with us how happy Kuya Ditos was at the wedding just last Saturday of Nardo and Olive, "prancing about on stage, toasting his guests". He also shared with us how, during the rehearsals when he saw the couple go to confession, Kuya Ditos muttered to him "Ching, I will go to confession also!" And Kuya Pet kidded him, "Bakit, tinamaan ka ng Holy Spirit?" So he did go to confession, and when he came out he told Kuya Pet "Grabe ang penance ko! I have been asked to read the gospel of St. Michael!" Kuya Pet told him "Walang gospel si St. Michael, baka si St. Mark". And Kuya Ditos said "Good, wala akong penance!" Then Kuya Pet said "Hindi, Ching, basahin mo si St. Mark." And Kuya Ditos said "wala naman akong Bible!". And so Kuya Pet helped Kuya Ditos download the gospel to his phone.

   The story is so funny and so heartwarming, and so Kuya Ditos. But the story also gives us consolation, because we know that Kuya Ditos died not just at peace with all of us, his family, but with God.

   Our Lord's timing, once again, is perfect, maybe not for us who will grieve and weep at our sudden loss, but for Kuya Ditos, who died very happy and at peace with God. It was a quick and painless death - a grace we all pray for.

    I wish I could hug you, Pepot, as you hugged me and my sisters and Kuya Pet in LA when we lost Ate Puput last year. But please be assured of my, our, prayers for you, for Kuya Ditos, and the whole family.


This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From a forwarded email from Chito Razon:

Tessa's and Guia's posted messages in FB

Guia Razon Palma
Dear Pepot, Such a shock, and such sadness to all of us hearing of our dear K. Ditos' sadden passing away. I received his fun and funny emails, his emails espousing health & wellness. Heard of his grand reunion with long time HS friend & salutatorian at then Ateneo de Tuguegarao. Our thoughts & prayers are with you & family at this difficult time. Soky & I prayed together, spoke with K. Pong. Will offer Mass for him. Peace, love, & prayers.

Tessa Razon Artadi
Kpepot, so sorry for your loss. Like you, we loved kditos. Flower girl nila ako sa kasal. I will be laying flowers today in honor and thanksgiving of him...


This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Lisa:  

Kuya Ditos is someone you will never forget. He will be deeply missed. Who will send emails now? Our sincerest condolences to his children and siblings on this sudden and great loss.


This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Lisa Qua-Hiansen:

Kuya Ditos is someone you will never forget. He will be deeply missed. Who will send emails now? Our sincerest condolences to his children and siblings on this sudden and great loss.

I am now in Kobe; Bebot called me when I was at the tax accountant's office. They knew something was wrong when they saw my face. They did not know what to say."

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Tids:

Dear Lorni,

I join the family in praying for the eternal repose of Ditos. Like everyone I
was shocked by his unexpected passing away which Tita Tessie broke to me early
this morning. I have offered a mass for him in our parish Hearts of Jesus & Mary
and will include him in my daily prayers for the departed. We are consoled
knowing that he was prepared spiritually and was happy in his last days. I am
sure he is happier now in God's loving embrace, with Leni, Cong Paul and Tita

Please extend my deepest condolences to his children and the rest of your
siblings. How have you been? I continue to pray for your total healing . Take
care and regards to Mike.



This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Ate Tish:

Pet and my sisters and I and Jet have been on Viber from around 5 am and we are still in shock. The time I cried was when Pet said that when he was trying to access his BDO account, the challenge question was: Name of your favorite cousin -- and that's when he broke down.

Lito had it so right -- Ditos had a childlike love of life. Like Lito, I will miss his e-mails full of jokes and stories, some of which made me groan and some blush. There were times when I said, O, ano na naman kaya itong joke ni Ditos. Now I will miss him and his jokes very much.

We are just so glad that he was so happy during his last days on earth and he is happy now with his beloved Leni.

Ate Tish"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Corrie:

Our loss and sadness.  Our condolences. Our consolation is that Coya Ditos and Ate Leni are back in each other's arms in the company of Tatang Paul and Tita Aming.

Love lots,
Loy and Corrie"

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 6th March 2014

"From an email from Koya Lito:

To my other family, the Capati clan,

I am deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of Dits., my closer than brothers cousin. I am still in shock and disbelief from the news of his fatal heart attack. I will miss him and the good times we all had with him and will always remember him for his childlike love of life and his unique sense of humor. I will miss his emails that never failed to put a smile on my face or elicit a chuckle most often than not and which made me look forward to opening my inbox.
I will have masses said for him and offer up prayers for all of us during the sad days to come as we mourn for him.

Lito and the rest of the Magno family."

This tribute was added by Lj Capati on 6th March 2014

"Thank you all for your kind words of condolence and support. Our hearts are somewhat uplifted by the number of people who are sharing in our loss. Dad was truly special and he will be forever missed. We hope that you all remember him as he was when he was alive, full of life, always ready with a good joke and a helping hand, a great husband, a great father, a great grandfather and a great friend. A GREAT MAN!"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 6th March 2014

"From friends from Jakarta

Lorna Uson Umali: Our deepest condolences to your family, may he rest in peace Amen

Job Paylaga:
Hi Bai, My. Heartfelt condolence. Na shock talaga ako, to think na I have not even finish reading the recent emails he sent to me. I am so saddened to Unexpectedly lost a very good friend

Venus P. Castillo: Our sincere condolences to you dear Pepot & Monina & to the whole Capati family. May Ditos rest in peace. Amen. Ben & Venus

Mel and Ana Regalado:  Pepot please accept our sincere condolences and prayers on the passing away of Ditos. Please relay our prayers as well to Tony. Tried calling him but cant get through. Mel and Ana"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 6th March 2014

"From our relatives, Capati side

Gigie Capati
I'm sorry to learn that koya Ditos passed away. Our condolences and sympathy to the family and to all my cousins. I pray to God that everyone will be in peace at this difficult moment. Love and prayer, ate Gigie and family

Yolanda Capati Rest in peace koya..Condolences po..

Kaye Capati De Castro Condolence po.may he rest in peace

Ariel Punsalan Condolence pepot!rest in peace, koya

Dastie Capati Condolence to the whole family po tito. May he rest in peace

Ruel Punzalan Rest in peace koyang DitosDastie Capati Condolence to the whole family po tito. May he rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Inday Razon on 5th March 2014

"With sympathy that can't be expressed in words... Thank you, Koya, for bringing light and laughter into our world.  I will miss your kind words, your advice on being a family, and your jokes. Love and prayers go with this.

~ Inday Badiday (and thank you for the smiles you gave when you once wrote in your e-mail:  "I only know one cousin Inday!")"

This tribute was added by Pepot Capati on 5th March 2014

"Koya will be remembered for so many things: his sense of humor, love for family, his wisdom, his kindness, his charm, and his positive outlook in  life. A good motivational speaker, he was a loving and caring son, husband, father and brother. He was also a true and sincere friend to many.

Koya was a very big influence to me. After graduating from college, he invited me to try my luck in Indonesia. Their household welcomed me as the long lost son and elder brother to Leelen, LJ, Nana and Nardo. What was supposed to be a short stint lasted 10 years and the memories we had together will be treasured forever. It's in Indonesia where I started my career, met my wife and started our own family. For this, I am forever grateful to Koya and Ate Lens.

We will miss his emails and as we continue to forward and exchange emails, it will never be the same.

Koya, we are very proud to have you as our brother and there will always be a special place in our hearts for you as you've always been there for all of us. We are devastated with this loss but it gives us consolation that you and Ate Lens are together again and with Papa and Mama, you will continue looking at our family from up above.

Rest in Peace, Sarge"

This tribute was added by dondi aguas on 5th March 2014

"My deepest condolences to Koya Ditos' children and my Capati cousins. I will forever remember Koya Ditos as a loving, kind, good humored and always helping person. Here are a few quotes from some of our emails on when he found out about my government posting:

"But I am with you in Dondi meeting the challenges square on. B-Gened na PMAguas stock pa yata si Cousin!"

"HaaaaaaGalingggggggggg as an Aussie  nephew would express."

That's Koya Ditos for you.   We will sorely miss you but glad that you are now with Ate Leni and your Mom and Dad."

This tribute was added by IDA ESTIOKO on 5th March 2014

"I will miss our daily email - 'FW' exchanges ! To his family and friends, Ditos was a force for life. He had a relish for it that seemed utterly inexhaustible.He inspired fun and utter loyalty and he gave it in return.
We have lost a very, very dear friend."

This tribute was added by Maggi Razon on 5th March 2014

"Our hearts are heavy, grieving, shocked and saddened by the sudden death of our dear K. Ditos.  
Our thoughts & prayers are with K. Ditos' children and the Capatis.   Soky & I prayed together, spoke with K. Pong.  Will offer a Mass for K. Ditos.
Eternal rest grant unto K. Ditos, O Lord, and may Perpetual Light shine upon him.  May K. Ditos rest in peace, Amen.  (And yes,  he is resting in peace with A.Leni, watching over us)."

This tribute was added by Lorni Dillon on 5th March 2014

"This is just a start and I, Lorni (Ditos' brother), will be updating it occassionally.   I just wanted to set it up so that my brothers' friends, relatives and family can start to use it.

We love you, Koya, and you will be sorely missed.

Wings (that's how Ditos dearly calls me)"

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