His Life

First Birthday in Heaven

I have been watching the calender..dreading this day. Last night Lauren and I spent some together and we were late getting home. I just watched the clock and at midnight I said ,"It's Daddy's Birthday". Today is also Madison's Birthday and the third anniversary of Gran-Gran's death. RIP Remember how upset I was that she passed away on your Birthday? Please baby I just hope you know how much we miss you down here....if there are Birthday's in heaven I hope you have the best one ever...I love you forever...Ashleigh

In His Own Words


I love you guys. I should be gone and back in no time. I miss you guys and would not be anything without you. I can't express into words my love for you all and if anything were to happen to you while I was gone I wouldn't ever forgive myself.

Ashleigh, you are the air I breath and the pulse in my heart, with every beat of our hearts you should know and remember I love you and can not go a day without knowing you are mine.

Hunter, you are the little man in charge and I look to you knowing that you will not let anything happen to our girls and I love you and wish I could have such a son. I know I am not your Dad, but I will do everything I can for you and to help you. Love ya.

Lauren, My Angel, my little girl. Just thinking of you brightens my day and makes me try a little harder, so that you can  be the little princess we all know you are to be. I m proud to be your Dad and cannot remember a life, and loving without you all.

Love, JJ

Our Life

Leo Robert Ness III, affectionately called JJ by all of his friends and family.  I met JJ in 1997 and we were married on May 15, 1999. Our daughter Lauren was born on August 23, 1999. Together with our blended family we have two sons, Austin and Hunter and our baby girl Lauren.

During the majority of our marriage we lived on New Hope Church Road in Asheboro. We were fortunate enough in 2009 to  build our house. On October 10, 2009 we took possesion of our new home on Clearwater Court. Leo was able to live in his new home almost one year.

His Life

Leo was born on July 1, 1975 to Leo (Junior) and Bonnie Ness. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and then relocated to Robbins, NC with his parents. He is the oldest of four, his three brothers are, John, Jacob, and Joshua Ness.

JJ graduated from North Moore High School in 1993 and entered the Marine Corp in August. His son Austin Nevada Collins was born May 5, 1994 (Esther Collins).

JJ was briefly married while he was in the Marine Corp and this marriage ended in divorce. While in the Marines he worked as a field radio operator and spent a year or so in Japan. He came back to the US and was stationed in Jacksonville until he received his Honorable Discharge.

In 1997 JJ took a job with the NC DOC. This is where we met!!

We got married on May 15, 1999 in Biscoe, NC at the church JJ attended with his family. Austin and Hunter were 31/2 and 5! They had a front row seat for the big event as did Lauren because she was in my belly! We went to Carolina Beach for our quick Honeymoon because working for the DOC you didn't get a whole lot of time off! I remember stopping in Fayetteville on the way down for a dinner that consisted of sub sandwiches.

Lauren Katie Ness was born on August 23, 1999. She came in to this world and the first person she saw after the doctor was her Daddy! The two of them are identical right down to their butts! I told Lauren the other day you don't have a "ghetto booty" you have a "Leo booty"! When they are sleeping soundly their top lips turn back. It is the sweetest thing! She is my "Little Leo"