Let the memory of Leora be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on October 24, 1919 .
  • Passed away on December 11, 1988 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Leora Suggs Walker 69 years old, born on October 24, 1919 and passed away on December 11, 1988. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 31st July 2014
Its me again Momma...guess you already know about this year's loss: Shante, Linda, Evette, Areatha, Sue, Josie Pearl and Martha's son Eugene. Our family is growing from the bottom and dropping of from the top. I am one of the elders now and that being said, I think often of the time when I will sleep with you...Say hi to Rias, Tarpon & Daddy for me. Lord I miss you all so much....
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 31st July 2014
Hi Momma. It seems to me that my time here is nearing an end. I don't know how much longer I have, but certainly nothing near to what God has graciously bestowed upon me, 68 yrs. Just wanted to say thanks for your beautiful hand in blessing me with the gifts to survive and thrive life. Daphne has become so beautiful/ She is so much like you. She has a lil girl, you would love her so much. Kanaan is so intelligent.
Posted by Martha Robinson on 25th October 2013
Happy Belated Birthday Auntie sorry for not reading my emails in a timely fashion, but know that you are truly missed,your words of wisdom and family love and unity continue to live through your beautiful ,very knowledgeable daughter BETTY J.,and her very special daughter Daphane,,Bettys Christian teachings are so encouraging ,what would we do without her,,LOVE U,MISS U
Posted by Martha Robinson on 4th September 2013
Hey my Auntie ,you are truly missed yes you have a lot more company now so i know there's lots of laughter surroundiing you,,you instilled just how important education was in me you always had lots of books in your home for us to read,you were always there for Momma,you were my rock at her burial,SO THANKFUL FOR BETTY,you did a great job she's just like you,,missing you Auntie
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 3rd September 2013
Just left a note for Aunt Lena. Know yall had a ball when Frances & Tarpon got there. I know that Aunt Koki was happy to see Little Richard and her husband Uncle Richard and baby Denise. I miss you so much, but you left me with a special gift--a big part of yourself. Thank you beautiful.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 4th May 2011
Well Momma, its three day before Mother's Day. I am sure Frances children & grandchild will have a tough time this first year. I did. However, God has blessed me to grow stronger. I still miss you terribly, but am glad for the years you spent wit
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 4th May 2011
Dearest Mom, I miss you so much. I no longer have Frances, I guess you may know. I do have little Kanaan, Daphne's daughter. She reminds me of who I believe I was as a toddler, busy. Though, nothing takes your place.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 23rd June 2010
Hi Momma. As I told you, Daphne is a wonderful Assistant Princia;. She is a good mom and you would be very proud of her. She is away at Principal's Conference and I have Baby Kanaan.
Posted by Carol Harris on 23rd June 2010
Auntie I miss you. I still remember you having the patience with me, Because my mother didn't. You made clothes for me. Thank You Love Peter
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 20th June 2010
Celebrated Father's Day and Tone came in late afternoon. I said too much, but I was so full. Yard is a mess and he's either sleeping, hanging out or just nothing. Daph says he depressed. Whose fault?
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 15th June 2010
Mom, Kanaan had another bug and Daphne goes flying to the ER. They diagnosed it as a viral infection; will pass in couple of days. Our people perish because they don't know. Hosea was right Mom.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 14th June 2010
Mama, Johnnie graduated yesterday and what a nice graduation. You would have been happy and I know Aunt Julie B is tickled about her Big Sister's legacy.
Posted by Johnnetta Fort on 11th June 2010
"Hey Big Momma" I never really got a chance to meet you but if feels as if I know you through your daughter Gma Bettye. She has taught me so much and I have grown drastically from her teachings
Posted by Antonia Scott on 11th June 2010
hello Big Momma thanks for letting grandma bettye in this world ily both very much. This house my grandma living in is like a second home and am really sad i didnt get to see bye. ily (antonia)
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 11th June 2010
RayRay graduated H.S. and has been accepted at Southern. Four down and three to go. You were right in that dream, it hasn't been too bad. We have made some great strides. Thank God!
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 11th June 2010
Hey Mom, just a note to say that Daphne is taking Kanaan and her dad for breakfast and pictures. They looked so good. Daphne is turning into a real mom. You would be very proud.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 31st May 2010
Well Memorial Day spent peacefully and quietly. I remembered all those who has departed and was happy in rmembering you. I am deeply indebted to you for raising me in the right way. Thanks Mom.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 20th May 2010
Say Momma, I am holding Daphne's little girl Kanaan Leora Marie. She is a beautiful baby doll, 6 mos. She has what you used to call long lasting good looks.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 20th May 2010
Hey Momma. So thankful for RayRay who was welcomed to the University at Carbondale. She is so excited. You were right, it has all turned out to be okay.
Posted by Johnneisha Fort on 17th May 2010
Hi Big Ma just saying that i heard alot about you and that i wonted to say thank you for raising someone special Bettye Sherrod she have been a good help to me and my family and i thank GOD for her
Posted by Loretta Corbett on 17th May 2010
To Big Momma. Just a few words to say that you are really missed.I will never forget the way you kept this family together.I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and i thank you for your daughter Betty
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 17th May 2010
Hi Mama, just wanted to share that I think I have been able to get johnnie into the Urban Prep HS for boys. Please lend any support from heaven that you can.
Posted by Andre Walker on 9th May 2010
A loving and caring person that I miss very dearly. I thank you for teaching us all how to be gentle, kind, and strong. Love always Andre.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 9th May 2010
Hi Mom, I know that you Tarpon, and Aunt Tig, Big Mama and your other siblings rejoices over the good news about this family. Brittany is going to be a doctor. Ain't that good news.
Posted by Taron Walker on 6th May 2010
A truly great woman that I will always miss. Big Mama taught me to respect the house of the Lord and for that I am truly grateful.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 6th May 2010
I am so glad that you taught me who Jesus is at an early age. I have had to rely on your words of wisdom so many times; I could not have made it without them. Thank you beautiful Lady.
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 4th May 2010
Mom, it's been 22 years since you went home to Glory. Seems like yesterday we were sharing something only understood by us. How I miss you. Confidant that I'll see you again. Bettye Jean

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