Shared by Kathryn Williams on October 19, 2020
I told this story in my eulogy for Dad and I will tell it again here. In early Elem I was the perfect example of a kid who hated school or at least dreaded school so much. Honestly I had no idea what was going on everyday in school - I was totally lost. Our yayas made my homework and everyday my eyes were so puffed up from crying because I never wanted to go to school but had to everyday. Anyway, one night I took out all my things from my bag, scattered them all on the floor (I still do this now!) and was trying to organize my new bag with wheels! Dad arrived from work, found me there sitting on the floor, blocking the way with all my school stuff, and as he stepped over, he put his hand on my head and said, “Mag aral ka nang mabuti.” He added, “Gusto ko first honor ka”. I sat there slightly shocked. Dad doesn’t talk like that normally. I took those words seriously I guess because that night I memorized all 5 or 6 stanzas of the assigned poem. Was it “All Things Bright and Wonderful”? Or some poem from our Balarila? I slept late because I did not stop until I mastered this poem.

The following morning Ms Fabe’s question as to who was ready to recite the poem in front (this was a morning drill) was met with deafening silence. The air was so still for maybe 20 seconds then I timidly raised my hand. I am sure my teacher was pleasantly surprised (if not shocked) and I do remember feeling so feverish, and with a voice so loud and clear, I delivered the poem flawlessly from beginning to end! There was thunderous applause in the room! I have never felt such success in school so I did my best again the following day and the day following it, until I truly became a studious student!

That year I got the First Honor award and I got it year after year until I graduated Valedictorian of my class!! Dad was the one who always went up the stage to pin my medal or ribbon. I think Mama allowed him that honor. The picture below is the year I got First Honor award for the first time! That was Grade 2 graduation. Dad must have been so proud because he would always introduce me to his friends as a “first honor student”.

Thank you Daddy for inspiring me to do my best with a simple, few-worded encouragement! I will always remember that. I love you Dad and I will always be grateful always to you! Mwah mwah!!

Funny to the end

Shared by Cherrie Manuel on October 7, 2020
Towards his last few weeks, the doctors were advocating for a 'Do Not Resuscitate' (DNR) order. They find dad's state to be so frail that 'Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation' (CPR) will only put additional, yet hopeless, strain on his body. They prefer a peaceful passing for him. 
And so, after yet another discussion to change his order from 'Full Code' to DNR, the conversation went like this:
Doctor: So Leslie, if you decide to go with D.N.R., we won't do any C.P.R. on you. You understand what that means?
Without skipping a beat, dad replied: "R.I.P."
You never lost your humor dad. No matter how grave and serious things are, you always see the lighter side of life. 
Rest in peace, dad.  
We love and miss you so much.

Calling Dad at PLDT

Shared by Grace Williams on September 30, 2020
When I first learned how to use the telephone (landline), I was probably 8 or 9,  it was dad’s office that I would always call. Most of the time I would phone to make “sumbong” whoever hurt or threatened me. Or ask dad to buy a project material required the next day. I remember the first few times I called, I would say, “Hello? Pwede po ba makausap si Daddy?” The person at the other end would laugh and ask “Ne, sino ba ang Daddy mo?” Lol! Sometimes I would call several times a day. He just let me call anytime even for petty reasons. His responses were just “Hello?”, “ok”, “oo”, “sige”, “babay”.  Dad never reprimanded me nor discouraged me from calling even if maybe my calls were annoying. Thanks Dad, love you!

Dad the Funny Guy

Shared by Ronald Williams on September 30, 2020
Taken at White Rock, Zambales.

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