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Les and Dick Meyers

Shared by Dick Meyers on January 13, 2020
My name is Dick Meyers.

There was no time at the Celebration Of The Life Of Les for this funny anecdote to be read by me to the guests.

Our beloved Les and I were friends for Sixty Years. That is 60years

If not personally we were always in contact during those 60 years. We either spoke by phone or with the advent of the internet, we emailed each other often more than once a day.

Many of you are obviously familiar with all the wonderful qualities of our beloved friend.

Amongst these qualities Les had an exceptional sense of humour.

I am reminded of the many humorous things Les got up to from time to time.

With your permission I will tell you about one such event.

Very often when Les was on the bench as a Superior Court Judge I would meet him for lunch.One time I arrived early at the court for lunch and waited in the public area while it was in session.

Les was hearing a case that involved a witness who was being accused of defrauding the IRS.

As I arrived this witness looked at me and began gesticulating at me and flailing her arms in the air in my direction and talking angrily under her breath.I was suddenly terrified at this woman’s strange behavior.

Les noticed this strange behavior and scribbled a note which he sent to me via the bailiff. The note said “Don’t be alarmed she probably thinks you are the IRS official who is accusing her of fraud. GIVE HER YOUR BEST “PISS OFF LOOK”.

In turn I scribbled an answer to Les’s note and had it delivered to him also by the bailiff. My note said NOW I’M GIVING YOU MY “BEST PISS OFF LOOK”. SHE COULD KILL ME AND YOU WILL SIT UP THERE AND WATCH.”

When Les adjourned court and we eventually sat down at the restaurant for lunch, I repeated to Les, this time jokingly,



Shared by Steven Tresner on December 6, 2019
I first met Les at one of the Garden Parties he and Patrick usually hosted in the winter.  He was an affable bear of a man who told good stories, but also knew when to listen.  He obviously loved his friends and enjoyed being around them.  Les was, also, a great believer in individual freedoms.  It was Les who married Koby and I in September of 2008 just before Prop 8 was passed banning gay marriages.  Les was not afraid of championing a cause he believed in.  He was a man of principles who felt things deeply.  I would like to end on a more personal note.  Les was not only the man who married Koby and I, he was the first one to celebrate the occasion with a few tears.  He will be deeply missed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Steven Tresner
Shared by Pam Culley-McCullough on December 4, 2019
Ken and I loved Les. Whether we were taking him to The Garden Party at San Diego Botanic Gardens or just talking with him for a brief moment at a Moonlight Theater event he was always up on the latest national news. He was my go-to person for an informed opinion about most anything. Ken and I still laugh at how delighted Les was when (at Patrick's request) Ken made a metal part for Les' new toilet. After that, he called Ken his favorite plumber every chance he got! What a one-of-a-kind and wonderful man. 

We're so glad he could be in your life as long as he was, Patrick. You both complimented each other beautifully. Holding you both close...

Shared by Deborah Kraak on November 29, 2019
Patrick's favorite photograph of Les captures what I best recall about Les--a real joyfulness of spirit. He seemed to have such a delight in life and in what and whom he loved. In our last pone call, just a few weeks before he died, he commented about his sight getting worse----but then laughed in a kind of "But what can you do?" sort of way. Even when we were discussing politics ("Is what they're doing legal???"), he wasn't morose or grim. He was impassioned and outraged--and then laughed to recount how he had to get headphones to listen to the news, because hearing the politics annoyed Patrick. He also asked if I had seen Patrick's recent San Diego Opera photo--in full wig and moustachioes. He thought they were a kick--and very handsome. 

I'll miss him. 

My condolences to Patrick, their dogs, and to Les's friends and family.  

A Wonderful Life

Shared by Beth Deutsch on November 29, 2019
Thank you, Patrick, for sharing the amazing story of Les' life.  I didn't have all the details straight because I could not get Les to talk about himself.  I approached him many times at parties to grill him about his illustrious career.  He would quickly lose interest.  I soon learned that to capture his attention, I should come prepared with a good new joke and some witty banter.  If anyone has ever earned the right to be self-absorbed, it was Les, but thankfully, that is not his legacy.
Your wonderful love story would make a great book for an opera!  Maybe that can be your next project, Patrick.  

Shared with Love

Shared by MEGGAN TAYLOR on November 24, 2019
I had the privilege of meeting Les only a few times, but each of those times is etched in my heart. He was a generous and loving human being who was always willing to share his home. I felt instantly comfortable with him and could completely understand what had made Patrick love him.
His passing is  great loss to all who knew him. Surely his memory will be for a blessing and his life an example to us all.

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