Les and Guitar
Lester Leroy Amen
  • 60 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 18, 1954
  • Place of birth:
    Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States
  • Date of passing: May 22, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Orange City, Florida, United States
Les lives with us in memory and will for evermore.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lester Amen, 60, born on April 18, 1954 and passed away on May 22, 2014. My father was a kind generous man who helped many people in thier time of need. He was a talented artist, musician, friend, brother and wonderful father. He will be forever missed. Please use this site to post your thoughts, memories and stories that you have of my father.

Dads plot can be visited at Section 22 Grave 701

Quantico National Cemetery
18424 Joplin Road (Route 619)
Triangle,VA 22172

Please consider donating to the American Cancer Society in memory of our father:




Music is composed by Les Amen titled Thee Usurper


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Anna Amen on 18th April 2017

"Happy Birthday Daddy!! <3"

This tribute was added by George Powell on 30th September 2016

"I was introduced to Les in 1986 by Ann. He was a temporary sponsor, well, hell, he was more a big brother figure than anything else. Some great times for a few years in the mid-late '80s. I moved to Hagerstown in 1991 because it was cheaper and I never had much money.

Wonderful days meeting his friends from the Corps; "The only branch which still uses a sword!" Les once shouted as he attempted to recruit me one boring afternoon. His strong but often sensitive and stirring art and his knowing what to say when someone was really hurting belie, a least a bit, the perpetual badass he was so perceived to be. He made me a better person, that's the truth.  The poem on slide 74 is vintage Les. Miss you, man."

This tribute was added by Sarah Larson on 6th August 2016

"Wow, Les...I had no idea! I met Les when he free-lanced in the Art dept. at Balmar Corp. in Arlington, around 1987. He would have water-color bootcamp at his place with his pal Ed Storey. I learned alot from him. The Man was organized! I bought one of his paintings from his Corcoran show, which still hangs in my livingroom. He ended up giving me free-lance work after I went back to college. What a wild soul he was, and soooo funny. I still laugh out loud thinking of him telling the story of using some spray-on hair when playing on stage because the light reflecting off his head was so bright. Who could forget this guy."

This tribute was added by Waylon Dryden on 22nd May 2016

"Well Les, it's been a little more than a year since I posted, so I just wanted to check in and listen to your song again, and let you know I'm still carrying the "flame" for both of us. But I guess you already knew that, huh?"

This tribute was added by Brian Jones on 26th April 2016

"Another year goes by but your not forgotten."

This tribute was added by Anna Amen on 22nd April 2016

"Hey Dad!

Just wanted to let you know that we came to see you for your birthday =)

I love you!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

~ Tha Godfather
(My nickname you gave me LOL)"

This tribute was added by Ed O'Connell on 5th April 2016

"Man we had some HIL-a-r-i-ous times with (Buddha) Jeff in the 1989-1993 timeframe around DC. Love ya pal, miss ya.

Eddie O"

This tribute was added by Raymond Voide on 24th November 2015

"I remember so many damn crazy ass things about you, and now, I miss every last one of them! In the Corps, you were the best damn leader I ever knew. You challenged us all to be better, everyday;.then you'd let the reins go, and let us. Or, your dismissing yourself from a party, in your sober days, and go off orienting, compass in hand, into the woods. Or, when you drag me to an AA meeting from TAVSC, and shout, "To the gay bar!!!" You were always the most attracting person where ever you were, always. All those times we sat in shop tearing some asshole officer up, and they'd suddenly walk in, all pissed looking, you'd go, "We knew you were there; we were just fucking with you!" And, we'd all laugh! We did not always get along, but we did always care about each other. I could go on forever telling all the crazy shit we used to do, and that's why you are sorely missed. Who's gonna knock me out of my box, but for memories of you! Peace and love, Lester Leroy Amen, Semper Fi, my brother. Rock on!!!"

This tribute was added by Meryl Amen on 1st October 2015

"I just can't help but think you are GOD and everytime I think to myself I know that was you dad. My angel in the sky I love you and miss you. Ps I'm the only one remaining strong I shall  honor  your name!!"

This tribute was added by Elaine Chaffers on 11th August 2015

"how weird I've been thinken of u Les and wondering where u went. Don't know how I stumbled on to this but it answers my questions. How sad that this is what I find. What a great guy.  We go way way back. U were so funny and a great friend. You will be missed. Glad u were in my life as long as u were. RIP my dear. Lots of love, Misselaineous"

This tribute was added by Brian Jones on 18th April 2015


This tribute was added by Anthony Shifflett on 13th April 2015

"I worked with Les in 2010 and 2011.  Interesting person to say the least.  I remember having to pick Les up for almost a month when his car was in the shop.  He made travel to work interesting, to say the least."

This tribute was added by Waylon Dryden on 28th February 2015

"As my own life seems to be getting shorter, I have been looking up those whose paths I crossed in earlier days. I thought about Les today and just wanted to say hello, but I guess he knew that before I did. I only knew Les for a short Texas summer in 1972 when I took some make-up classes in order to graduate. I was from DeSoto, but the classes were in Lancaster where I didn't know anyone. The first day of class I met Les, and it was smooth sailing from then on. He brought me into the Lancaster "fold" and even kept me from getting my *ss whipped. It was one of the best summers I ever had."

This tribute was added by Meryl Amen on 10th September 2014

"Hi dad just wanted to say my lawyer is doing a great job and is getting me outta trouble. I think about you all the time and I want you to know I am doing my best to stay outta trouble. I miss you very much and I miss visiting you at your house with Jason. I remember the delicious food you always cooked you were always good at preparing meals. I miss when you would cook for me you would do everything so perfect and everything would taste so good. I wish I could have seen you in Florida that was a trip I wish I could have made and will always regret. I love you dad and will always miss you."

This tribute was added by Anna Amen on 7th June 2014

"Hey Dad!

Just wanted to come by to let you know that I have been thinking of you! I miss you soooooooooo much. Its been hard coping with the fact that I am unable to speak with you on my way home from work at 1am each morning. Its something that I am dealing with. You would be happy to know that I did accept employment with Cognosante as a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE! YES!! I made it!!! Something that we both were striving for and do not worry I will not FUCK it up LOL. I love you and miss you and just wanted you to know that.

Love you lots,


This tribute was added by Gordon Stoneham on 31st May 2014

"Thank u guys so much for the music & photos. It's good to hear his voice. I'll keep checking this page for a long time. Love the stories from all his jarhead bros."

This tribute was added by gerry comer on 28th May 2014

"I spent my last couple years in the Marine Corps with Les.  He was a great person to work with and socialize with.  He definitely could make things interesting.  It was really great a few years ago when a few of us met in Myrtle Beach for a small reunion.  He will be forever missed by all of those who knew him, and especially his family.  Rest in peace brother.  Semper Fi"

This tribute was added by Joseph Pown on 27th May 2014

"I met Les at Andrews AFB We worked in the same shop. I will always remember him as loving to have fun. He kept me out in the Key West bars till the sun came up. Then we would go hang Sidewinders. Love you MARINE."

This tribute was added by Bill Brake on 27th May 2014

"I was lucky enough to have met Les during our time in the Marines.   I will never, ever forget him.   He had a way about him that was unique and remarkable, a different drummer for sure.   Always a delight and a pleasure to be around and to know, never a "dull" moment!    Les, thank you for being my friend and brother............."

This tribute was added by Michael Knapp on 27th May 2014

"I first met Les in the Philippines in 1977 while in the Corps. He was an unusual and interesting person to say the least. I later got transferred to Andrews AFB and served with Les again. While there I remember fondly of meeting his wife and sharing meal with them. I learned a lot from Les as I am sure everyone who met him did. He was  kind person and an honor to serve with. Rest well my friend."

This tribute was added by Gregg Buker on 26th May 2014

"I was a fellow Marine with Les working at VMFA-321, Andrews AFB, MD from 78-81.  He was a lot of fun to be around.  I got to see Les about 10yrs ago down at Myrtle Beach SC for a reunion of sorts with some of the fellows from the squadron.  It was great reconnecting with Les and catching up after all those years from our Marine days.   I am saddened to have found out about his death today on Memorial Day, May 26th, 2014. Les, "from the halls of Montezuma", Semper Fi my friend."

This tribute was added by Kitty Lane on 26th May 2014

"I met Mr. Leeroy about 7 years ago at a party.  The man had us thinking too much with his art and laughing all night long with his stories.  I have never met anyone like Les and I am sure that I never will.  I feel honored to have ever been in the presence of pure genius.  I fell in love with him on site and will always smile when I think of the fun we had :)"

This tribute was added by Anna Amen on 26th May 2014

"Well what can I say? My dad was loved by many people because of his unique spirit. He was a kind man that always put the needs of others before his. I am saddened that my father had to go through his illness and was by his side every step of the way. I will always love my dad and I know he loved me so much in return. I will miss you dad!



This tribute was added by brendan hanlon on 25th May 2014

"I met Les about 4/5 years ago.  Our acquaintance was as work colleagues at Verizon.  Les was a key member of our Proposal team working on Government Contracts.  Les was always a "go to" resource for us.  We could give Les a general idea or thought and he would develop it into more than we imagined - such was his creativity.  During his time with us, we won new business and his contributions were part of the reason for success.  

We have missed Les since his health deteriorated, but his work is archived and will continue to be a source for developing new ideas and more graphics.  Reading the comments on this website confirms what we knew - that he was a good man, hard working and had great love for life and for his family.  

My condolences to all his family."

This tribute was added by Brian Jones on 24th May 2014

"Well it`s been so so long since I have seen Lester,in fact we were kids then.But I`ll tell you one thing that sticks in mind the most is He seemed to have is act togather so much back then when we were kids even though we are the same age I still looked up to him.I will miss the fact that we will not meet again in this life to talk about the things as kids we did.Miss ya ,Les."

This tribute was added by Ann Hendrickson on 24th May 2014

"I met Les in the Spring of 1986 and I thought he was the funniest most unusual guy I had ever met. When we got married in 1990, he started his own graphic design company and within a few short months he had several large clients, such as Ernst & Young, The Boys and Girls Clubs, Sato Travel, PRC, to name a few. Les could come up with a design and finished product faster than anyone in the business.  Ernst & Young actually fired their entire graphic's shop and gave all of their work to Les; he was that good. He was extremely hard working and would often go without sleep to complete a project. The night Zoe was born, he was working on a big project and told me not to have the baby until he finished, (typical Les). With no time to spare, she was born the minute he was done. He could be the nicest guy you ever met and then the most exasperating. He was generous to a fault sometimes and he helped alot of people over the years, especially those with drug and alchohol problems. He was a no-nonsense guy who knew how to get things done in a timely matter and didn't put up with any guff. You always felt safe with Les, in any situation. He was the guy you would want beside you in a dark alley. It was difficult for him to show emotions, he wasn't a touchy-feely kind of guy and sometimes you didn't know where you stood with him. It wasn't until Les and I divorced that I realized how deeply he actually did care, it was just so hard for him to express, like he didn't want anyone to know what he was feeling inside. His humor was one of his greatest assets, he was always kidding around and loved to laugh.  Les loved and adored all of his children;  Anna, Meryl and Zoe, his step-son Rob and his three grandkids. He was proud of them all and loved to talk about them.  I am so grateful that Les and I became friends again recently, we spent many hours on the phone these past few years and  I will cherish the memories forever."

This tribute was added by Gordon Stoneham on 23rd May 2014

"I was lucky enough to have known Les well, from age 17-19 in Texas. We, along with our 3rd amigo, Bobby (RIP), created many a wild & funny memory. I could write a whole book alone, about our 3-week thumbing trip thru the West. We constantly swapped books, music, and ideas. I was as happy to reconnect with him, as I am sad now to lose him. But I don't think we'll ever lose a one-of-a-kind man like Les. All the lives that he touched, were changed for the better. So thankful that his family was there with him. He loves you guys so much."

This tribute was added by Larry Raper on 23rd May 2014

"Lester Amen was my friend for 29 years. One of the funniest and intelligent men I have known."

This tribute was added by cassidie reno on 23rd May 2014

"Heaven hath no furry or fun till Les Amen. Comes a knocking . Angels will be rocking!"

This tribute was added by cassidie reno on 23rd May 2014

"WOW! I don't. Know where to start. Les WAS a GOOD man. He had so much talent. In his little finger.  So, so much fun to be around with Made EVERYONE laugh!!! Never had a bad thing to say about anyone
.loved his kids. Such talent the world was yet to see. He will be missed amensley! Proud to have known both les and his family. Prayers. Go out to family. Anna, Tommy,  Shelly. Meryl Zoe
You made his last days last happy and at a beautiful home. Love Cassidie and Royce Reno. ROCK ON LES!!!!!'"

This tribute was added by Meryl Amen on 22nd May 2014

"My dad oh how I loved him he was always there for me. Now I'm scared and afraid but I know he would want me to be brave. I love him and will always be strong for my dad."

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