her Life

"It's the things you left and the things we carry"

Your spirit left us Sunday night, and it felt as if all the weight in the world had gone.

The world was ready to float away as if we had lost our own Atlas, no longer there to hold us up with the weight of your shoulders but of course you planned for everything. Your messages and lessons still ring in everyone's ears the weight of your love dropped our hearts to our stomachs and caused heavy tears to stream across our faces. In this house I see a little of your soul in every corner, the bowls of fruit that punctuated our walls, books on finances, or history and our culture; Even in the beanie babies that look at me with the same big eyes that you loved and caressed before you went to bed. Every little piece of life and love that you have left us was just enough to help us take up the mantle that is now ours to carry, you planned ahead as you always did lilis, and left us the things to carry that will keep our world from lifting off its axis and you calculated it to the tee. So I will carry these lessons, stories, memories and beanie babies as best as I can because the weight of the world is in each and every moment, memory, gift you left us.

I love you momma bear