There is nobody else who will offer Your heart to the world and experience its sacred qualities but You. You can make a difference in this world, so long as You have confidence in Your innate ability to love. - Lodro Rinzler
  • 55 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1958 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on February 4, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lillian Venezia, 55, born on March 13, 1958 and passed away on February 4, 2014. Lillian touched so many people during her life and this website is an opportunity for all her friends and family to share how Lillian impacted their lives. Lillian was a couragous and passionate individual who will continue to influence our lives for many years to come. 

Service was held  on Saturday, February 15th, from 3-9pm
at The Green Building, 452 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11215,
Ph 718-522-3363.

Valet service was provided. 

Flowers filled the building and were a beautiful tribute to Lillian's life and love for plants and flowers (you know Lillian loved her flowers!).

Donations can be made to the Cancer support organization "Fighting Pretty" via their website If you want to indicate that the gift is to made in Lillian's memory, include her name in the name field. For example, write "Lillian Venezia". Checks can be sent to PO Box 951, NY NY 10150.

This organization sends supportive care packages to women who are fighting cancer and Lillian was moved by the package that I had arranged to be sent to her, which included a pair of mini pink boxing gloves.  

Lillian’s final resting place: Greenwood Cemetery Brooklyn NY, 5th Avenue and 25th St,: Section 45618, Lot 31, Plan 109. provide this information to the office staff and they can direct you to the site

Posted by Peter Casanave on February 17, 2014
A note to Lillian: I never really thought of an afterlife for myself, but it is easy for me to think of one for you. Why? Because your spirit is not going to be stopped by a failure of the body. I can feel the presence of that spirit as I stroll down our block now. It buoys your family, I think. That same intensity of spirit kind of stopped me from knowing you better. My loss. Whenever I would see you, you were always doing something, and doing it with such an intensity that I didn't want to distract you from it, even if that something was turning the loam in a pot in your front yard. But just seeing you taught me something about intensity, every time. However, when I had a question, usually about where to find a health resource for a family member, you were generous with your time and analytic in your response. Many thanks. You are missed, even if your spirit is felt. I would tell you about your memorial, but, of course, you were there with the flowers and prosecco.
Posted by Megan Kwasniak on February 17, 2014
Kevin, I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and your beautiful family in my prayers...
Posted by Andrew Damon on February 15, 2014
Kevin, I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember your wedding, beautiful day, beautiful bride. Let's catch up when the time is right. Andrew 512-965-5429
Posted by Jim And Margo Roletto on February 14, 2014
We share your sorrow, Kevin, Ilana, Malia, and Imani, and members of the Venezia family. We only wish that we could have known Lillian much better, and visited with your family more than the one time at the Idaho farm in summer, 2005. We remember Lillian as being so much fun, and so loving and caring. She will always be with you in your great memories.
Posted by Margarita Sanz Lobo on February 14, 2014
I am Margarita, Cuco’s wife. I met Lillian when she came to Spain in 1987. I remember her as a joyful woman, music lover and an always smiling person. I am very sorry for your loss. I believe that when we love someone and lives in our memories, this person never disappears. All my love and support for you, Heidel family
Posted by Jeanne Marie Forester Bri... on February 14, 2014
Lillian and I became friends when I moved to Park Slope in 1979. I was new to the city then and she showed me the ropes. Over the next seven years, as we built our careers and searched for that special someone, we shared the ups and downs of living the single life in New York City. What a gift her friendship was for me during those challenging times! After I moved to Germany, distance, time and the demands of motherhood and career led to only sporadic contact with each other. But in the summer of 2012, I had the pleasure of seeing her again with two of her beautiful girls. A few hours of sharing our stories and the years of separation melted away. Much had changed, but Lillian's joie de vivre, the sparkle in her eye, the warmth of her smile and her generous heart remained constant. She was such a force for good in the world and I will treasure her memory always.
Posted by Anne Drew on February 14, 2014
Lillian's friendliness and concern for others was remarkable. Neither I nor my daughter will ever forget her care for my husband,Joe, when he was sick and dying. That image of her coming through the door to check on us will stay with me forever. She was a profound strength for us. We pray for her family and friends who will miss her so much.
Posted by Judith Heidel on February 12, 2014
Lillian was a source of comfort and support to me as I journeyed through my own battle with cancer. She was always positive and strong, helping me to take charge of my own care and treatment. She helped me in other ways as well in dealing with some sensitive issues with members of our family. Lillian added a spark to our family that will continue because we will never forget her passion for life.
Posted by Kim Dickens on February 12, 2014
Kevin, your family photos over the years, and here on this site, are filled with such warmth, love and FUN :) I am so grateful to have been able to share in seeing some of your life, with Lillian. I hope that your wonderful memories help get you through this difficult, emotional time. All of my love and hugs to you.....and your ohana. Aloha, Kim
Posted by MaryAnne Daquisto on February 12, 2014
Lillian was a good friend through our early school years. There are so many fine memories from the holy family school days. Im so happy we had the opportunity to share all those memories at our last reunion. My sincere condolences ..I will remember lillian and her family in my prayers.
Posted by Frank Marinacci on February 12, 2014
Their are no words that we can offer, too young to not be here any longer, our prayers and thoughts to Lillian's family. With Love, The Marinacci family.
Posted by Renée Philie Rankin on February 12, 2014
Lillian was a childhood friend from Holy Family School in Canarsie. Though we parted after graduating 8th grade, I will always remember her animated life-force. She really was a personality to be reckoned with! A beautiful girl, then a beautiful woman... now an angel. Wishing peace and love to the family during this very difficult time. Kevin, it was wonderful of you to share all of those photos!
Posted by Angela Alleyne on February 11, 2014
Kevin, I am saddened by your loss. May you and your family be sustained by all that she meant to you.
Posted by Eunice Cruz on February 11, 2014
Rest in peace sweet Lillian. You were an inspiration to your patients and always so loving and caring to your coworkers. May God grant your family the strength to carry on. With Love. Eunice (PATH CENTER)
Posted by Paul Zelensky on February 11, 2014
Dear Kevin and family. I'm so sorry for your loss. I did not now Lillian well, but was always touched by your home life stories, as it is very apparent how much your family means to you. The time I met Lillian I remember admiring her Brooklyn edge, I though it a nice yin to your aloha yang. I wish you strength through the love of family and friends during this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything.
Posted by Arlene Hughton on February 11, 2014
My daghter Jada and Malia met in middle school in 2006 so thats how a got to meet Lillian. The girls have been dancing together ever since and are currently at the same high school. Lillian and i meet at the their dance performances quite often and we get excited and proud watching our girls on stage. I will forever remember the time we spent at the country house together because i know thats a special space she shares. I will miss her wonderful cooking,her energy and generousity. lillian was not afraid to trust....i wll miss you my "dance mom".
Posted by Marcelle McDonald on February 11, 2014
I'm saddened by your loss Kevin, may God grant you and the girls comfort in your hearts enabling you to move on from day to day one step at a time. I wish you peace & comfort at this very difficult time!!!
Posted by Sharon Brooks on February 11, 2014
I am so very sorry for your loss. I first met Lillian at Catherine McAuley High School and had classes with her from freshman year through graduation. Unfortunately, after high school every one went their own way. I remember Lillian always having a smile on her face. It was so touching that you shared your photos of Lillian after high school, and I couldn't help but notice that all the photos had that infectious smile. Thank you for posting them and taking me back to our childhood, which seemed like yesterday. May your family find peace and comfort in the weeks, months and years ahead and know that your loved one will always be with you. Rest in Peace my dear high school friend, your journey and pain is over.
Posted by Patti Monaco Connor on February 11, 2014
Lillian and I shared a special friendship for many years. We went to grammar school (Holy Family) and high school (Catherine McAuley) together, and grew up a few blocks apart in Canarsie, We used to love going to Napoli Bakery on Rockaway Parkway and eating way too many brownies and cookies. In high school, she often drove our little group of 4 to school in her white Pinto. We called ourselves the 4 muscateers-Lillian, myself, Susan Lomanto and Joanne Vanacore. We were inseparable and those memories will be with me forever. We lost touch after high school, but then reunited 5 years ago at a restaurant in Brooklyn with about 30 other Holy Family classmates. I will be forever grateful for that night, and will always cherish the many, many memories I have of my friend Lillian Venezia. My sincerest condolences to your family, Kathy, if you remember me (you were forever exposed to our antics) please accept my deepest sympathy and big hugs.
Posted by Malia Diamond-lee on February 11, 2014
Kevin, my heart aches for for you and your family. I send prayers and love and light to you as you go down this path, never alone. Lillian surely was a special woman, with whom you shared an amazing life and beautiful children. In Hawaiian there is no word for goodbye, simply a hui hou, until we meet again. And so, to Lillian ... a hui hou. Ke skua pu.
Posted by Karen Curlee on February 10, 2014
Hey Kevin: You KNOW that the entire Windsor place block is there for you during this very sad time. How we will miss Lillian's gardening tips, gifts of plants, positive words, ever expanding menagerie, her gorgeous accordian playing at the block parties, and her stoop sale prowess!!! You both, together, inspired so many as a couple, as a family, and as the beautiful individuals you allowed each other to be. How we will miss her. And our thoughts are with you and the girls.
Posted by Dicky Brand on February 10, 2014
Lillian and I met on a beach in Spain over 25 years ago and became friends, good friends. Thinking of Lillian is remembering her beautiful spirit, how she could light up a room with laughter and brighten up your day with music. We traveled together and made incredible trips to the Greek isles, to old cities in Holland, a road trip to Key West. Our travels will forever be a treasure of many good memories: Lillian playing the accordion on Corfu island, buying arms full of tulips on the Rotterdam market and teaching me how to make fresh pesto sauce in her kitchen in Brooklyn. Lillian was a beautiful, caring and courageous woman who loved live and family, music, flowers and dogs. Although we lived an ocean apart, our friendship enriched my life and she will be forever in my heart. My sincerest condolences to Kevin, the girls, family and friends
Posted by Marla Dyer-biggin on February 10, 2014
hey kevin. you know how sad i am for you and the girls. i wish you peace in the coming days, weeks, and months. i'm sorry i didn't know lillian.. i really enjoyed looking thru all her pictures here. i like knowing she played the accordion and probably brought joy to many thru her music i liked seeing the inside of your home and you all celebrating the different occasions over the years. thank you for sharing them. all my love. m.
Posted by Sam Himmelstein on February 10, 2014
Kevin and the girls: Your wife and mom was an incredible person who devoted her life to caring for others. I first met Lillian in 1979, when I moved to 551 4th Street in Park Slope; Lillian was my neighbor there. We became fast friends and running buddies, frequently running around Prospect Park or down Ocean parkway to Coney Island together. In 1981, I was running the NY Marathon but had not trained well. I began falling apart at mile 20. As I entered Central Park, there was Lillian; it was like seeing an angel. She saw the distress I was in, and offered to massage my legs-i took her up on the offer. This allowed me to finish the race. It was so typical of her and something I will never forget. She died too young but the four of you brought her years of happiness and joy. Love, Sam Himmelstein
Posted by Pérez Cuco on February 10, 2014
Querido Kevin y familia. Me diste la terrible noticia no he podido reponerme aún. Conocí a Lillian en España. Apareció en un bar donde yo tocaba canciones de Edith Piaf. Hablamos, medio en inglés medio en español de música, de acordeones, de New York... y tuve la gran fortuna de compartir música y amistad con ella. Era una persona absolutamente generosa, alegre y rebosante de humanidad. No hay palabras para aliviar el dolor, pero estoy seguro que ella ha tenido una vida muy feliz rodeada de vosotros, compartiendo vuestro amor, y todos nosotros nos sentimos afortunados de haberla conocido y haber enriquecido nuestra vida con la suya. Todo mi amor para ella y para vosotros. Cuco Pérez
Posted by Cathy Overstreet on February 10, 2014
Kevin, I am sending you an enormous hug for it's too hard to accurately address moments like these with words. I remember meeting Lilian once and being very taken by her. What a blessing that you two shared your lives together, and created those beautiful girls. Not even cancer can take that away. You are all in my heart and my prayers. Much Love, Cathy
Posted by Ricki Grater on February 10, 2014
Kevin, Alana, Melia, and Amani, As Karen said above, the entire block is with you and here for you, embracing you during this time, and so so sad. We will all miss Lillian so very much. We will always remember her big smile and bright spirit, her gorgeous gardens, and her generosity on all levels. I'm sure someone has said above, she was truly salt of the earth. I was honored to be getting to know her better this past year, professionally - and sharing clients and working together. This was way too short. I know what it's like to lose a mom - my mom was 56 when she died. I see that Lillian was 55. Things will never be the same, but life does go on and new things blossom. Sending you all love and light, strength and peace.
Posted by PAM SEMPLE on February 9, 2014
Kevin, when I read the terrible words that your wife had passed I was in shock and felt such sadness for you and your daughters. What can a friend say to another to ease the pain? There are no magic words so I hold you, your daughters and Lillian in my thoughts and prayers. Though I never knew Lillian personally, I could see her bright spirit and love for life in her smile. How hard it had to be for her to leave you and the girls behind, for one can clearly see the love she had for you all. I pray for strength and peace to come to you and your family. This is such a hard and sad road, a road I wish you did not have to go down. Know that God is sad right with you. My heard is saddened and troubled with this news. May you find comfort in knowing that many people are holding you and your family in their thoughts, prayers and heart. – Pamela Semple (Willamette)
Posted by Angela Allen on February 8, 2014
May God comfort you and your family at this time and keep the loving memories shared in you hearts forever.
Posted by Kara Skaflestad on February 8, 2014
To Kevin, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Lillian, you will forever remain in our hearts. You were a true fighter. With love, Your friends at Fighting Pretty
Posted by Pat Supplitt on February 8, 2014
Kevin and family, I was saddened to here of your great loss. Altho, I never had the pleasure of meeting your best friend and wife, knowing you, she had to be a very special person. I will say prayers for you all and will be thinking of you. Much aloha, Pat Supplitt
Posted by Diane Giorgi on February 8, 2014
So sorry for your loss. I know what a close-knit family you are by the way you spoke of your family at work. I'm praying for you all. May Lillian's memory be a blessing for you and your family and bring you all peace and comfort. With love, Diane and Luci
Posted by Immacula Volcy on February 8, 2014
Kevin ,my condolences for you and you daughters . May God be with you and your daughters .
Posted by Maui Meyer on February 8, 2014
Aloha Kevin- I am deeply saddened by your loss. The Meyer family is keeping you in their thoughts. Best to you and the Ohana. Maui
Posted by Adina Dobrescu on February 8, 2014
May God guide you and your girls through this time of sorrow and sadness. Rest in peace, Lillian ! My deepest condolences, Kevin.
Posted by Ted And Femmy Stannard on February 8, 2014
To Kevin, and all the Heidels and Venezias: May you find courage, a measure of comfort, and life-long enrichment in the legacy of love and memories Lillian has left with you. Separated by a continent and sometimes half a world, our paths have not crossed with Kevin, Lillian and the girls since Ted visited in Brooklyn enroute to Egypt in the 90s, so as uncle and aunt we are grateful for all the second-hand sharing at a distance through family mail and photos across the years. The warmth of Lillian's legacy glows in the photo gallery here. We do not know when we might be in yhour neighborhood again, but If and when you and the girls, together or separately, can stop by for a visit with us in the Pacific Northwest, it would warm our hearts to share in your memories, and in your futures.
Posted by Rita Gonzalez on February 8, 2014
Kevin, I am so sorry to hear of your wife's death. I understand the pain you are going through and want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. I pray you find strength in Our Lord. Kevin, I didn't know your wife, but from a few stories you previously mentioned, I understand she was a magnificent spirit. I remember when I met you at work, and you mentioning you were from Hawaii and I asked "now what is a boy from Hawaii doing in NY?!!" ... and you said " I fell in love and followed the love of my life and moved here!". Kevencito, I know your wife will always be the love of your life and she will forever life in your heart. I hope you will find peace and comfort in the days ahead. If I can be of any help, do not hesitate to call upon me. In sympathy, Rita Gonzalez, RN

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