Lillian was born on March 13, 2013 in Brooklyn USA. She grew up in the Canarsie neighborhood, went to Holy Family Middle School and attended High School at Catherine McCauley HS. In 1981 she earned her BS in Nursing at Long Island University in downtown Brooklyn. In 1986 she received a MA from New York University. In 1998 she obtained her Post-Masters degree and Certificate as an Adult Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care. In 2006 obtained another Post-Masters degree and Certificate as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. 

Lillian began her nursing career in 1981 at the NYU Medical Center oncology unit. It was on this unit that she witnessed the advent of the AIDS crisis in NYC; in fact it was on her unit that had the first case of AIDS in NYC was diagnosed. Then from 1987 to 2002 she worked for the renowned Visiting Nurse Service of New York. Working as a community health nurse she coordinated services to a mutli-ethnic, multi-cultural, and financially diverse clientele, working closely with patients infected with HIV. In 2000 she began working in Brooklyn Hospitals HIV clinic, The Path Center, providing primary care to patients who were co-infected with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C and struggling with substance abuse. She continued working there until the day she was hospitalized. In 2002 she developed a primary care satellite clinic on Staten Island for St. Vincent’s Hospital. Utilizing her skills and expertise as a Adult NP, she provided primary care to the homeless population. Many of her patients had psychiatric health problems, and her work with them inspired her to obtain her Psychiatric NP certification.  After she achieved her Psych NP certification in 2006, she opened up not one practice, but two. The first was as an Adult Health Nurse practitioner, providing house calls and primary care to the home-bound elderly population of Park Slope. The second practice was as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, providing primary psychiatric care and counseling to patients suffering with depression and anxiety in addition to various physical health issues. She continued working in both these practices up until the week she was hospitalized, which is not surprising considering how much she cared about her patients. 

Lillian loved many things, but those that top the list are her pets, gardening, knitting, proseco, and travel. In her younger days, Lillian’s work schedule allowed her to travel many times a year to countries as far apart as Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Italy. Lillian would be in the garden every day that the weather would allow, pruning, weeding, and whispering to her flowers. Lillian was very clever with her hands. At a young age she displayed and early prowess for macramé. Crafts were always a strong point for Lillian and she taught herself to knit. As a mother she began knitting sweaters and ponchos for her daughters. For herself she would knit sweaters and shawls that were the envy of all.

Lillian loved antiques. When Ebay first hit the scene, she quickly collected a large amount of reverse paintings on glass, stained glass, and depression era pressed glass and china. Roving the streets of brooklyn, she would pick up antique chairs, tables, doors, cabinets and vases. Often times, she would sell items on consignment with local antique dealers, usually not taking any money, but rather trading for more antiques she would bring home. Her most treasured items came from her childhood home in Canarsie; double-pained stained glass windows, of which two are currently displayed in her home. 

Lillian loved all of God's creatures, and was always open to creatures that needed a home. Dog's, cat's, snakes, birds, squirrels, and turtles were always welcome guests, and usually became part of her family. She was deeply comforted by her animals who were always at her side, sleeping in her bed, or napping on her lap.