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When she came to Delaware to visit

July 18, 2018

In the early 1980's (I don't remember the exact year), Auntie Lil and Auntie Vera took a road trip to the east coast and visited me in Delaware.  We used my place in Wilmington as a 'base' but we toured Philadelphia and Washington, DC before they continued on their way.  I remember I dropped them off in Philadelphia for them to sight see and shop.  When it came time to pick them up, Auntie Lil called and gave me an address where to pick them up.  It was in an area of Philly that I had never been was very industrialized area...there in the middle of the block was Auntie and Lil and Auntie Vera standing on the sidewalk waiting for me with bags of purses they had bought.  Somehow, Auntie Lil found out about a place that sold bags a great place and off they went...I remember the few days I spent with them as if they were yesterday.  Fun to spend time with them outside the usual 'family' environment - miss them both dearly.

July 18, 2012
I remember the time when I Just came back from Ballet class and you were waiting for me and asked to see my moves so I did the moonwalk around grandma's house. Love, Olivia

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