I love you <3
Lily Lynette Furneaux
  • 2 years old
  • Date of birth: May 14, 2008
  • Place of birth:
    Lapeer, Michigan, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 20, 2010
  • Place of passing:
    New Haven, Michigan, United States
Fighting to infinity and beyond <3

Lily Lynette Furneaux, was only 2 years old when God called her up to be with him so soon. Lily was a little girl full of vibrancy, she loved Jesus, she loved her family. Lily was her Mommys world and more, Lily meant the entire world to her Mom. I have never seen a mother so dedicated to a little girl then her mom was. Lily came from a wonderful family, a family full of Love, Cheer, happiness, and hope, they all have such a big heart. Lily loved spending time on the beach, where her mother often took her. Her favorite television show was Glee, she loved when Dodo sang! Lily was a brilliant little girl, full of life and excitement. When Lily Smiled the whole world began to shine brighter then ever. Now our dearest Lily is in heaven, dancing upon the clouds holding Jesus' hand. He met her at the gates along with Lily's Great-Papa Furneaux where they promised to protect her and hold her forever after. Let us remember Lilys Life on this website, post memories,prayers, videos, poems anything you have that you may want to share with us to let Lily know you care.

Justice for Lily;

Lily was abused while in the care of her step mother on November 20, 2010, since her death a campaign has been started in her name "Justice For Lily" We are all here to support Lily and fight until the end; until Justice Is served. Lily will get her justice, and the person who put this little girl through the trauma she was put through, shall get what they deserve,Justice is the least we can grant little Lily. Let us fight and strive for her, Let us remember her forever on.We are here to fight to infinity and beyond for this little girl, and get her justice. Please never forget Lily, keep her in your prayers along with her Mommy, Ama, Papa, And Dodo, Pray for the entire family.

Thank you for visiting dont forget to leave a tribute for Lily please!<3


 Pleasee take time to visit the Justice for Lily facebook page& like it. We need supporters to show Lily we are down here always thinking about her. So please take time and like the page!! Show her you care!! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Justice-for-Lily/178595315488441


Video Made in memorial of Lily Lynette:



Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Paul Dembrowski on 15th May 2017

"Happy Birthday little Angel!"

This tribute was added by Caitlin-Mae B on 17th December 2016

"I'm so so sorry about what happened to you. My younger brother is the same age as you would be today. I hope Renee dies."

This tribute was added by Paul Dembrowski on 22nd November 2016

"God bless you little Angel.  I'm sure you will live forever in Gods kingdom."

This tribute was added by jimmy capps on 25th November 2015

"this isa trajady an never shouda happened to a precious lil angel yer mom an family shure do miss u everyday god bless u lil angel an have fun with all the other children an angels"

This tribute was added by Miranda Buttram on 23rd November 2015

"I am so sorry. This should never have happened to this precious angel. She will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by krista spenser on 22nd November 2015

"hello beautiful angel, you are my biggest role model i will EVER have.  I love you soo much even though i'v never met you.  Your only 2 years younger then me and i know when it is MY time to float up to heaven we will become the bestest of friends.  Rest In Peace for your family, friends, and fans."

This tribute was added by Oxford High School Robotics Team 2137 TORC on 20th November 2015

"Remembering Lilly today as well as her precious family. Recognizing that the family now grieves the loss of Lilly's great grandma, Linda Curtis. Linda and Lilly are now reunited and will celebrate Christmas together!!!"

This tribute was added by Helen Grant on 20th November 2015

"5 Years you have been gone today ,,, Rest In Peace Sweet Little Girl ,,,"

This tribute was added by Joshh Martin on 14th May 2015

"Happy 7th Birthday Lily. I hope you're enjoying it in heaven with ice cream and cake and golden silverware."

This tribute was added by Nerisa Singh on 21st November 2014

"4yrs yesterday that your baby was taken from you , I just read the comment about your biggest fear and I just want to say I know she's looking  on in  all your endeavours with Justice for Lily and more as seen on facebook and you cant hear it but shes saying to you everyday that your the bestest bestest  Mummy in the whole world. I pray who continue to have the strength and courage you have and will continue to support  Rest In peace little angel .Nerisa Trinidad"

This tribute was added by Vicki VanSipe on 20th November 2014

"Please stay close to your Mommy today. She needs you today more than any other day of the year.  Your Mommy shared with us yesterday that one of her biggest fears is that one day everyone would forget....NOT A CHANCE!!  The thought of what Mommy feels today breaks my heart, but we are so relieved she finally knows how much we all love you! Rest peacefully Lily awaiting the day that your Mommy holds you again! Happy Angelversary!  XOXO"

This tribute was added by Joshh Martin on 20th November 2014

"Today is your 2nd Angelversary in Heaven. I know you're no longer suffering and you're in great hands! You're in Jesus' arms. Play in heavenly peace Little Angel. Heaven has gained a very beautiful person to it gates."

This tribute was added by Nerisa Singh on 4th November 2014

"I am always brought to tears everytime i view lily's story and updated videos i deeply admire your courage Lauren and i love that you keep lily alive"

This tribute was added by Joshh Martin on 27th September 2014

"I just read your story and watched you be yourself, kind of remind me of my little girl. I am so sad to hear that someone took your young, and precious life from you. I am thankful that you no longer have to suffer, but at the same time it's sad that you aren't still alive. It breaks my heart to read about your life taken so swiftly from you. You're now protected from any harm, and you can watch your Mommy from heaven. You're in paradise now little one. <3"

This tribute was added by Paula Bago on 14th May 2014

"Happy Birthday my sweet angel ...stay by your Mom's side today and always ... I love you Lily"

This tribute was added by Emmalee Mead on 14th May 2014

"Happy heavenly birthday baby girl."

This tribute was added by jade stinson on 4th April 2014

"lily even though I never met you just watching that video, I could understand how your mother felt about your death, you are always in our heart love jade stinson"

This tribute was added by patty campbell on 31st January 2014

"god bless you sweet baby<3 and may god give your mommy comfort and bring her piece in her heart because she misses you very much."

This tribute was added by Barb Brandon on 18th January 2014

"Precious Lily...I've only known your story from what I've read and seen on videos but from an outsiders point of view one thing is very apparent...you had a mommy who absolutely adored her precious little girl. The world is a better place because of little girls like you who can change lives with only a smile. Rest in peace little one. You will never be forgotten and will live on in your mommy's heart. Continue to watch over mommy as I know too that she feels your love each and every day."

This tribute was added by Sandhia McLeod on 20th November 2013

"Dear Lily
If you are somewhere and can see your mom, come to her dreams and give her a big hug.  I don't know her or you but I do know that she misses you.  This is what I want my Mom to do for me.  You were here for such a short short time but you brought biggest smiles on the faces of people who love you.  So, thank you for that. Love, Sandhia"

This tribute was added by Sandhia McLeod on 14th November 2013

"Dear Lily - I did not know you but I am sure would have loved you if I did.  We shouldn't be sharing your memories.  We should be watching your cute smile on a YouTube video.  I am so sad for having my Mom 68 days ago.  And I am so sad that you are gone too soon."

This tribute was added by Paula Bago on 31st October 2013

"Happy Halloween my precious angel xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Liz Jackson on 31st October 2013

"Hi cute Lily! You are in heaven now, and I didn't know you, but I dont have to, to know that you were very special."

This tribute was added by Colleen Hennigan on 26th October 2013

"Precious Angel Rest In Peace ♥"

This tribute was added by Alan Zukor on 25th October 2013

"Pretty damn sad."

This tribute was added by Angelique Kofman on 24th October 2013

"God Bless You Lauren for your determination to see justice served for your daughter.  I am horrified at how so many failed you and your daughter but hope you will focus on how many lives your story will save.  Though you do not know me, you and Lily will always be in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Michelle Mone-Mazur on 23rd October 2013

"God Bless you as you struggle with your grief...I am so sorry for your tragic loss.  You will be in my prayers always."

This tribute was added by casey smith-gilliam on 23rd October 2013

"Lily i saw your mommy on the dr. Phil show today and she was showing a million of ppl like my self that she loves you very much.. i never had a chance to meet you. But now u r an beautiful lil angel in heaven . U are love and very missed by all,  your story has touched my heart and brung tears to my eyes. So sorry baby girl. God bless you and your mommy. In witch didnt fell as a mother RIP"

This tribute was added by amber Howell on 15th October 2013

"I pray for comfort and peace of the family. I was in here making my moms page, and was visiting these memorial. This baby girl is in heaven watching over you. Justice shall be served! God is taking care of her! And shes there watching you all."

This tribute was added by Ashley Moore on 9th October 2013

"Dear Lily I'm sorry that your life was taken from you so very soon may you fly high sweet babygirl when ever you can kiss your mommy upon her cheek just to let her know that you're there by her side"

This tribute was added by rachel weaver on 3rd October 2013

"god bless sweet heart and the family"

This tribute was added by Alena Fantauzzo on 3rd October 2013


This tribute was added by Adrianne C on 3rd October 2013

"Such a sweet girl that left this world too soon. Lily, you deserve true justice and I hope that you get that. Your smile and beautiful face light up the world. Lots of love. <3"

This tribute was added by jessica arnold on 3rd October 2013

"Lily I never forgot about you after reading what your horrible step-mom did to you nobody was there to save you from her i would have kicked renee ass and called your mother Lauren and tell her what happened just being alone with renee i could not imagine the fear that you had renee will never hurt you or any other child ever as long as she is locked up until the day she dies"

This tribute was added by Tabitha Wilson-weaver on 3rd October 2013

"r.i.p lily i just dont understand how someone can do this and justice will be served"

This tribute was added by Donna Anguiano-kochie on 3rd October 2013


This tribute was added by Lisa Miller on 3rd October 2013

"What a beautiful little girl.  I am so sorry for what Lilly went through.  I know she is cuddled in the arms of Jesus and is in heaven.  I do not know you, but saw your facebook page and want to show Lilly that even a stranger supports her and is against any form of child abuse.  Shine on Lilly from above!"

This tribute was added by Melinda Hulbert on 3rd October 2013

"Dear sweet Lily watch over you're mommy.  You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you."

This tribute was added by Lucky Berry on 3rd October 2013

"Hi Lily I am so sorry there are so many cruel people in the world, you now light the way to heaven for your mummy and family when it is their time, keep dancing sweet baby.x"

This tribute was added by cheryl alford on 3rd October 2013

"Godbless you lily :-) Such a beautifull angel xxx"

This tribute was added by Larisa Bobevski on 3rd October 2013

"Precious baby girl Lily i never get a chance to meet you in person ,but all the stories about you your mom sharing with all of us makes me feel like I know you.Baby girl we all love you"

This tribute was added by Bambi Green Huffman on 2nd October 2013

"Beautiful baby girl Lily, you are so greatly missed by so many. I pray for your family & that justice will be served to the person who hurt such an innocent beautiful little soul. I could never understand the pain your Mommy & family feel, but it does tare me up inside that this happened. May you rest in peace beautiful."

This tribute was added by Megan Lynn on 2nd October 2013

"lily angel girl your story makes me cry eveytime you are the sweetest girl I ever saw keep smiling your beautiful smile love you princess"

This tribute was added by Angel Non Ya on 2nd October 2013

"I watch the videos and look at her pictures. A sweet precious little girl taken to soon. may you take comfort knowing God has her in his arm's safe and happy. she is missed and I will join in this fight for justice as I will invite others to do the same. You are all in my prayers and thoughts each day God Bless."

This tribute was added by Tari Axtell on 2nd October 2013

"Although were strangers, you hold a special place in my heart.
May you find comfort knowing Gods love and security.
May you always know that Lily,  now watches over you.
Although my daughter wasnt taken from me in such a tragic way,
Both are the best of friends."

This tribute was added by kim hopkins on 2nd October 2013

"Lily helps me to remember everyday that no matter how tired I am or stressed out I feel, everyday is a blessing with my beautiful, wonderful daughter and I thank God for her every moment of my life! Lauren and her family is an inspiration to me with their strength and dedication to not only remembering Lily but educating people! It is because of people like you this world is a better place"

This tribute was added by Bev Hugener on 1st October 2013

"What a terribly sad end to such a beautiful young life. I pray justice will prevail and God's healing power will comfort all who's lives were enriched by this precious child.
Prayers for Lily and family  ><>   xo"

This tribute was added by celeste gorham on 13th September 2013

"I appreciated reading your heartwarming stories about Lily. Although we are strangers, I wanted you to know how happy I am there has been some justice for Lily.  May you find some measure of comfort in these words at Psalms 147:3:  "He is healing the brokenhearted ones, and is binding up their painful spots."  May the God of comfort sustain you."

This tribute was added by Anita T-W on 2nd September 2013

"What a terribly sad end to a beautiful young life. I hope justice will in a tiny way help with healing . Prayers for Lily and family. XXOO"

This tribute was added by Wonetta Bricker on 1st September 2013

"Miss Sweet Lily, as your mommie looks upon the evening sky and she sees the brightest star and she will know that its her beautiful Lily...Looking down after her!! Much love to Lily's Mommie & her family...God bless"

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