Posted by Mignon Tillman on April 12, 2021
Sending my deepest condolences to the entire family. Blessed for Linda to have been a part of my childhood. Her friendship with my mom made us family for life. Great memories!! She will truly be missed.
Posted by Ariel Hosey on April 8, 2021
I was fortunate to know Linda her through her relationship with my mother. I was blessed to have many fond memories and good times from spending time with Linda, Jasmine, and Whitney. Linda was funny, smart, real, and full of spirit. And she will truly be missed. Linda is an angel, now in a better place.

My family’s prayers and love are with Jasmine and Whitney, as well as all of the family.
Posted by Dorie Sterling on April 6, 2021
My family is sending our heartfelt condolences to Mama Lloyd, Debbie, Jasmine, Whitney, Stephanie and the extended family. We are praying for you. Linda will always live on in yours’ and my memories and her spirit will never be forgotten. Linda’s smile and warm presence will be deeply missed. I remember Linda being an outgoing person who loved to have fun and would want those around her to have fun too. May love support and care surround you all in the days ahead.
Posted by Jeremy Wallace on April 5, 2021
I never will forget when I was a child at the reunion and you said, " stop with all that cousin nonsense, I'm ya aunt, me and "Deb", we ya aunts, remember that !" And that was confusing as a minor, but after I saw the bond you and my mother had, like y'all were joined at the hip, it finally sunk in why you said that. And for as long as I can remember that's what it's been.
   It's taken me a minute to even muster up the words to write that, but I can't help but smile and hear you say, " I knew you're my favorite cousin nephew", or think about you dozing through traffic in your stephens red And that's all the strength I needed to write this. 
  So I just wanna say I love you, I cherish your memory, and will always continue to make you proud until we meet again.
Posted by Colette Brissett on April 5, 2021
Linda- I am certain you are soaring among the stars, occasionally, looking down and smiling at your dear loved ones you have left behind. Stay in peace. God bless.

To the ones Linda left behind, you are all in my prayers. God bless.
Posted by Emeka Chuck on April 4, 2021
Sis Linda,

Less often have life given to us the opportunity to aquant with the ones we love and adore the most. The very loved one that is Linda".
As families we were blessed to have shared those most important times with her that is often at the dinner table that not only brought out the best in what I have learned from her unequivocal commitment to her family but for the love and resilience of her personality to the values that she holds dear. As honest asher soul.
She was loved dearly by anyone that comes across her and most importantly her family.
She is home now with the lord.
While she sit at the right hand of the almighty, we will continue to reflect and to mourn her knowing that the best way to sustain her legacy is by compassion, honesty and grace.! That is the Linda that I had the privilege to know.
I like her family will forever miss her.
Her soul is resting in peace.

Posted by Gertrude Onwuegbuna on April 4, 2021
My dear Linda, an energetic,cheerful,ever bubbling and a light spoken lady. I can not believe that on my next visit to the states you will not be there anymore. It is a very sad news, but ultimately,God knows best. REST ON LINDA, you will be dearly missed. Above all, It is well with your soul, eternal rest grant unto your Soul and let Perpetual light shine on you, May your soul rest in peace, Amen, Be consoled, Ma, Deb, Jasmine,Whitney and Steph
Posted by Lynne Frazier on April 4, 2021
My Dear Cousin Linda,
Remembering the things we did together as kids puts a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. As we grow up, even if we don't see each other or speak often, those memories always keep us in touch.
You are loved beyond words and will be missed forever and always. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. The beautiful moments you shared with us will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my Sweet Cousin.
Love Lynne
Posted by Flors Wilson on April 4, 2021
My condolences to the family. I always had joy when I was with Linda, she made me smile and laugh. My favorite statement about Linda was everybody has a girl and Linda is My Girl.
God is,
Love Flora
Posted by Stephanie Onwuegbuna on April 4, 2021
My Dear Sweet Linda,

God knew I would need a True Cousin, Friend and Sister in Christ to be by my side throughout life, and he made you!
Whenever we were in the same town we were together! I will miss lying in bed and us talking until the wee-hours of the morning until one of us would just fall asleep or the same when we were on the phone, we just didn't get enough of each other's love!
Now I seek comfort knowing that Jesus told his disciples many years ago in John 14:2-3
"I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am there ye may be also."
Thank you for your the all the "Great Times and Memories" I will take with me Forever!

Love you infinitely,
Your Cousin, Friend & Sister,
Posted by Rodney E on April 3, 2021
My Dear Linda, Even though hundreds of miles separated Velda and I from you, you will always be a beautiful part of our lives that we will never forget. We didn’t see you and your beautiful family for many years however, we did you see them when they were to small to remember. Still, our love for you can not be expressed in words. This wonderful Tribute of your life, Linda only shows us how much we have truly missed. For that we are humbled and heartbroken. It also shows how much you loved but more importantly how much you were loved and respected by others. May the good Lord surround you in his Divine Love. You will R.I.P. because it is God’s Plan for you. You have touched us all. Much Love and we will never forget you. Velda and Rodney
Posted by Angelia Collier on April 3, 2021
I was stunned and saddened when I heard of Linda’s passing. I met Linda through her sister Debbie when we were students at Cass Tech. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
Posted by Ukamaka Oruche on April 3, 2021
Dear Linda,

Thank you for your light, voice, bubbliness, and candor. You were always real and direct. We will miss your voice once you entered the room. Rest in the Divine's arms. Offer prayers for peace in our world.

We pray for Divine comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding for your loved ones.

From the Oruche Family.
Posted by Billie Gill on April 2, 2021
Hey Linda you know I think abt all the crazy things we use to do and we would just laugh and laugh, ev thing was so funny. I will miss you greatly, you were my best friend. I remember the stupid stuff we used to do at Cass Technology High School. I could tell you anything and you would not judge me, we were thick as thieves.I just talk with you abt 2 weeks ago, we talk for a long time.I think God was making plans for you then. Love Aways and Forever. I love you.
Posted by Pat Coleman on April 2, 2021
Lucille, this pain I know so well. We think our children will leave after us, time allows you to get use to them being gone. You carry them in your ❤️ Always. God called her name , she received her wings and flew away like a dove. Sweet memories is what you have now. My condolences and prayers are with you and your family. Rest in the ARMS of Jesus Linda REST on.
Posted by Gloria Franks on April 2, 2021
It is hard to put into words the deep feelings I have for my friend Linda. First a co-worker, second a true friend. She unselfishly shared her daughter's Jasmine and Whitney with me.
The memories I have will always be dear to my heart. I will miss her distinct "Boston " accent which she carried well.

My husband and I extend to Jasmine,Whitney and the entire family our deepest and heartfelt Sympathy. May God comfort and sustain you.
My friend departed from this earth for another land "A city which hath Foundation, whose builder and maker is God" (Hebrews 11:10).   
          You will be greatly miss.
       LInda may you Rest in Peace -
       Gloria & Edward Franks


Posted by Melissa Klein on April 2, 2021
Jazz, I remember hanging out at your moms when we got off work at Harbor Town back in the day. She was always super welcoming and nice to us ❤️. May she Rest In Peace
Posted by Denise Jackson on April 2, 2021
When I am gone, release me
let me go l have so many things to see and do you mustn't tie yourself to me with tears, be happy that we had so many years together.

Linda rest in peace love Denise
Posted by Cynthia Peele on April 2, 2021
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4.

My prayer for the family is that each one of you find comfort in knowing that Linda lives on in your hearts and minds. May you also be comforted in the days ahead knowing how much your friends are praying for you.
Posted by Angela Strickland on April 2, 2021
Debbie, the loss of a sibling is a heartbreaking thing. Somehow you feel as if a part of you is gone, remember that the love and laughter you guys shared will get you through. Share those special times you two had as kids growing up with her daughters, never let her memory fade. Praying that God’ peace envelopes you and the entire family. Angie
Posted by Rita Pridgen on April 2, 2021
I pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding for the family. I was shocked to learn of Linda's death but, I know that when God puts a period behind the end of a life, it is not for me to change that period to a question mark. It is for me to thank God for her life and, for the gift of her daughters ,grandchildren and her family. Linda,you are the beloved of God.You now rest in a place of peace,refreshment,light and love. We will meet again. To God be the Glory.
Posted by Andrea Stephens-Jackson on April 2, 2021
Linda it broke our hearts to hear of your passing never thought you would leave us so soon you are truly loved and will be forever missed know that you will always be in our thoughts and hearts. Love you always sweet cousin. Andrea, Milton and Reaghan.

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