Let the memory of Linda be with us forever
  • 48 years old
  • Born on June 19, 1962 .
  • Passed away on July 26, 2010 .

Linda Claire (Alexander) Battle, 48, of Gaylord, passed away peacefully in her sleep on July 26, 2010 at her home. Donald and Violet Alexander welcomed their beautiful daughter to this world on June 19, 1962. Linda was raised in Gaylord with her 3 siblings: Jack (Cheryl) Alexander of Gaylord, Ron (Margy) Alexander of Gaylord, and Laura (Rick) Spreeman of Vanderbilt. Linda attended Gaylord Community Schools all though her childhood. While attending bible camp at the young age of 14, Linda met her husband, Kevin Battle. On June 6, 1980 Linda graduated from Gaylord High School and on June 7, 1980, Linda married the love of her life. Linda and Kevin were meant for each other and knew that from the beginning. Together, they had 3 beautiful children: Kevin Ryan, 27, of Gaylord, Justin Daniel, 24, of Greenville, NC, and Nicole Rebecca, 22 of Gaylord. Linda always knew that she wanted to raise her family surrounded by God, Love and Family so she and Kevin settled in Gaylord where they watched their children grow up together. As a family, they shared their religion with the Gaylord Nazarene and Gaylord Community Church families. Linda’s pride and joy was her Grandson, Blake Jackson Battle, 4, born January 29, 2006 to Nicole Rebecca. Linda never lost her faith in Our Savior all through her life. She taught her family and friends the true meaning of Christ and how to live life to the fullest. The people who were fortunate enough to have known Linda knew that she was a woman of God who could light up any room with her contagious smile. Linda worked at Aspen Ridge where she used her gift working with the elderly and their families. Linda made a big impact on every person she talked to. The Battle/Alexander/Spreeman families were overcome with sadness with her sudden passing, but with God and Linda’s strength that each one lives by, it will get easier for them. Linda has a favorite scripture that she lived by day to day. It was taught to her by her father, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1” Without a shadow of a doubt, her family and friends know that Linda is walking with her savior, Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven. She will live on in memories, and through her family. God Bless Linda Alexander Battle. You will be missed dearly.

Posted by Kristine Neal on 26th July 2016
god bless her shes an angel and watching over you all so just reamber your special loving careing momments forever hugs to all the family
Posted by Kristine Neal on 26th July 2016
god bless her shes an angel and watching over you all so just reamber your special loving careing momments forever hugs to all the family
Posted by Linda Foster on 26th July 2016
May God be with you Nicole and comfort and hold you! And to all of your family who miss your Mom so much! God be with you till we meet again; by his counsels guide, uphold you, with his sheep securely fold you; God be with you till we meet again. Refrain: Till we meet, till we meet, till we meet at Jesus' feet; till we meet, till we meet, God be with you till we meet again. 2. God be with you till we meet again; neath his wings securely hide you, daily manna still provide you; God be with you till we meet again. (Refrain) 3. God be with you till we meet again; when life's perils thick confound you, put his arms unfailing round you; God be with you till we meet again. (Refrain) 4. God be with you till we meet again; keep love's banner floating o'er you, smite death's threatening wave before you; God be with you till we meet again. We cannot bring her back but we can go to be with her and with Jesus in that land where we won't grow old and there will be no sickness nor death. Only light and joy.
Posted by Nicole Battle on 20th June 2016
Mom, I miss you so much, No words can even express the pain I have daily now that your gone... I wish so much that I could just see you once more. Or hear your voice again. As I lay here trying to go to sleep, and praying to you before I do, my prayers are that you are with us everyday. I wish I could see you in my dreams nightly. Just to know your with me. I love you momma! Cannot wait to be with all the Alexander's again!!! I miss ALL of you!!!
Posted by Kristine Neal on 19th June 2016
Posted by Kristine Neal on 26th July 2015
Posted by Kristine Neal on 19th June 2015
happy birthday dear linda hugs to al l the family i never knew you but your family was so sweet to me your sister laura, and now its saddens me obn her passing dear lord god bless al lthe family you are loved and god is looking after you all. and linda and laura are looking down at all there family and saying its ok. there angel watching over yah all
Posted by Linda Foster on 26th July 2014
Peace to you all! Hugs and prayers.
Posted by Kristine Neal on 26th July 2014
god bless you linda on this special day of your passing. you will be deeply missed from all your family and friends. I never meet yah but i am a dear friend still i knew laura your sister. may the lord be there for all your family/
Posted by Kristine Neal on 19th June 2014
want to say happy 52 birthday to you linda.i heard so many special things aboout you and wish i had the pleasure to meet yah also and al l your family.god bless and you were a beautiful lady. you are singing and sharing it all up there in heaven and smiling down to all your family and friends. may the lord watch over all your family and your husband and all. hugs and more.
Posted by Dianne Battle Jenks on 26th July 2013
Linda you were my first sister in law as I was for you , I have so many memories and then when I left the family I kept in contact a little and when I did it was like I never had left . You always were so sweet to me . You were a very special lady . I watched you grow from your teens to a beautiful young lady now your gone and I wish so much I would never had lost contact......
Posted by Kristine Neal on 19th June 2013
wishing you a happy birthday linda,you touched so many people,i just wish i could of meet yah and to me we have cause of so much love you had for your family and kids you are deeply missed to god bless your family love hugs kris
Posted by Debbie Elliott on 30th January 2013
words cant describe how i felt when i found out u passed away my heart was broken you were a great inspiration to me in my life i never will forget you your smile would light up a room i always loved seeing your smiling face when u come into aspenridge everyday u always will hold a special place in my heart love and miss you always
Posted by Jenny Nash on 30th January 2013
Aunt Linda, missing you dearly. Found some pics from camping days a few days ago, there's a lot of memories from them days. I love you and i cant wait till that day to see you in Heaven! We all miss you and love you so much! Love ur niece, Jenny.
Posted by Julie Morgridge on 6th August 2012
Hi there Girl....Your are so Loved & Missed! Kevin is getting Married I know your smile is shinning down. So thankful I got the time to share sweet talks with you and our Prayers...well they are getting answered in Gods timing :) Your Memories are Forever.... Til we see each other again my Dear sister/friend
Posted by Kristine Neal on 27th July 2012
god bless you linda,everyone is missing you. even thow I never met yah, i heard so much about you , you are a wonderful and beautiful lady as i seen in all you photos. hugs and love to all your family love kris
Posted by Dianne Battle Jenks on 26th July 2012
Linda , even though I left the Battle family many years ago we did keep in touch some . I knew when you and kevin had the kids and I stopped by once or twice after that . I knew you would be a fantastic mom from time Kevin met you and introduced you to Rick and I . You will be truly missed and I hope your children as well as Kevin find peace and happiness . we all miss you dearly !!!!!!
Posted by Sharon Nash on 26th July 2012
Its been 2 years, and seems like yesterday, we miss you, and our hearts are sad. I Close my eyes and i see your beautiful smile.. Love you..
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 19th June 2012
Happy Birthday sweet sister. You are so loved and missed. Love you so much.
Posted by Kristine Neal on 19th June 2012
happy birthday to you linda,all your family and friends sure do miss yah love kris
Posted by Dianne Battle Jenks on 25th January 2012
I remember the first time I met Linda ,It was at the church campground and Kevin came over and introduce Linda to Rick & I , She was so pretty. About 10 minutes later Kevin came back and told us both "That's the girl i'm going to marry ".. They looked so fantastic together then and they will be again ... We love you Linda and will cherish all our memories with you..Rip sweetie !!!!!
Posted by Kristine Neal on 25th January 2012
dear linda I never knew you but i heard alot about you by laura, she was great with my mom too.sure are a pretty lady for sure seeing al l the beautiful photos of you and your husband and family too. god bless to al l the family. take care we al l do miss yah linda. just like my mom it will be comming up on january 31st for 1 year sure do miss her
Posted by Sharon Nash on 25th January 2012
Today is Jan 25th, 2012.. There is a void in our lifes, we miss you Linda I pray for Kevin and the kids everyday.. I know you would be telling us to love Jesus and live for him.. we love and miss you so much...alot of us need to leason to what you shared with us about God..
Posted by Cindy MacDonald on 24th January 2012
Linda, neighbor and friend, my brother and sisters and I could never thank you enough for the love, care and concern you showed our parents during their stay at Aspen Ridge. You are loved and missed.
Posted by Justin Battle on 26th July 2011
I can't believe it's been a year. Even if you're not having fun, time still flies by. I miss you so much! Each day is a reminder you're gone. Each day is hard knowing you're not here to physically see us continue to grow...it is so unfair. This family needs you here with us. <3
Posted by Kristine Neal on 26th July 2011
happy birthday linda,your family sure do miss yah,and hope,they all reamber all your good memereys forever.just like I have to with my mom passed away.its so hard to loos a loved one for sure just be there for everone eles in the family.god bless the family. kris.
Posted by Ron Alexander on 26th July 2011
This, the day of my birth, must have brought great joy to my mom, dad, and big brother. Now it marks the tragic passing of my dear sweet little sister. I love you Linda and one day, I pray, this pain will be erased when we meet again. Only then will I be able to smile again.
Posted by Ron Alexander on 19th June 2011
I love her and miss her every second of my life! Life will NEVER be the same this side of Heaven!
Posted by Kristine Neal on 19th June 2011
god bless.I put this special photo in there of laura and her sister and those two other people from the family, nice photo.I heard so much about her.would of loved to met her.she was a very pretty lady.will be missed by all family a
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 19th June 2011
We love you, Linda, and we miss you so much. This is your first birthday in Heaven, and you get to spend it with Mom and Dad. Happy Birthday, dear sister.
Posted by Janelle Shannon on 25th May 2011
Never forgotten, always remembered. I will always think of you Linda. Janelle
Posted by Kristine Neal on 25th May 2011
this is a wonderful site for linda.laura you done a great job on it for you sister.wonderful photos too. god bless you all. kris
Posted by Carla Davis Battle on 22nd May 2011
Linda, you are a great women who has left this earth way to young. You touched so many lives while you were on this earth. I know that we had lost touch for a while, but it was always nice to see and talk with you. Love and Miss you, Carla
Posted by Lori Battle on 22nd May 2011
Linda, i look at old pictures and want to call you, I look at that video that Justin made of us singing and want to call you ! I wish you were still here , you are missed so much, you were not only my sister-in-law but a ture frind love you and miss
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 21st May 2011
"(Cont'd) Our sister, our angel is with the Lord, with Mom and Dad. I miss you, little sister. Love, always and forever."
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 21st May 2011
"(Cont'd) I so wish I could hug you now... I know that all is well with your soul, and that for you, everything is not only all right, but it's perfect."
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 21st May 2011
"(Cont'd)Before I left, we were both smiling again... You had a way of making that happen. Your smile... your life... your very existence, was a shining testimony to all who were blessed to have known you."
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 21st May 2011
"(Cont'd) When I last saw you, just days before your death, which was to be the last time on this earth, you shared a few tears with me. I hugged you and told you everything would be all right"
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 21st May 2011
"(Cont'd) Why you were taken so young and so quickly, I will never understand. Even though I know that, Your soul is with Jesus now...and your spirit will always be with us. I love you so much, and miss you terribly."
Posted by Laura Spreeman on 21st May 2011
"I've been thinking of the prayer Mom taught us when we were little, and we'd say it every night before going to bed. "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.""
Posted by Kristine Neal on 13th February 2011
she seemed so nice like laura told me about would of liked to of met her jsut knowing laura i knew she was great lady kris
Posted by Donna Barnes on 10th February 2011
Linda we miss you more then you would have ever known...you were truly an inspiration to all and you were the one that no matter what your day was bringing you ... you always tried to cheer the rest of us on...we miss you miss the pics of toby and blake and all their antics thank you for your friendship kindness and wisdom... God Bless your family and know we are always here.
Posted by Nicole Battle on 8th February 2011
I dont even know where to begin..I miss you dearly! There is not a day since you went to be with Jesus that I have not thought about you! I miss your bright smile that would lighten anyones day. I miss your laugh, I hear it in my mind all the time. I miss your advise that was so perfect and so right! I miss everything about you. I am so greatful that I had a mother like you! I love and miss you!
Posted by Julie Morgridge on 8th February 2011
Linda was/is a Beautifull woman of Grace. She is surely missed and will never be forgotten. She lives on in her family and our memories of her. My fondest memory of her was when we worked the Emmaus walk together and our prayers & talks together.Prayers will continue my Dear sister/friend in Jesus until we meet again. Love and Miss You xo
Posted by Dustin Davis on 31st January 2011
Aunt Linda....there hasn't been a day passed that I havent thought about you...even the smallest things remind me of you! I miss you so much. I woke up this morning to a bird chirping (yes in the middle of winter), when I looked out, it was a Cardinal (the most beautiful Cardinal I have ever seen) chirping outside right by my window. I immediately thought of you. I love you Auntie.
Posted by Lanie Blackmon on 28th January 2011
My friend Linda. I have never met you personally, but have known you through the golden retriever groups and chatting online. Our love for our grandkids, furkids and family is what we talked about most and how blessed we were in our lives. I think of you often and I know your happy where you are, and that is what keeps me from being sad. Give Brandi & Ginger a big hug for me. Lanie
Posted by Sharon Nash on 28th January 2011
I Miss you Linda so much.. you were a super sister-inlaw and Friend.. you are on our minds every day, we had alot of great memories, you will forever be in our hearts. you alway bring a smile when your thought of and acorse tears to, You will always be my sister inlaw and Friend.Love you, Sharon
Posted by Justin Battle on 28th January 2011
Mom, where do I even begin to describe who you were? You were taken too soon from this world. You were such an incredible woman, it's just not fair that you didn't get to finish your life. I love you so much, and every single day, my heart aches for you. You were the most compassionate person I knew. I miss you more than anyone will ever know. I love you.
Posted by Brenda Bonamie on 27th January 2011
Love and miss you Linda>your smile is infectious and always loved your wisdom about our Lord.I miss you on Facebook and all your words of wisdom.I know your with Jesus getting your home ready for your family.Your children were so blessed to have you as their mom and Kevin for having you as his Wife,Helper and friend>RIP Dear Friend, I will always miss you!
Posted by Kevin Battle on 27th January 2011
my dearest love,wife,friend. i so miss the love and light you showed with every smile, i love and miss you so much. my love and life will be complete again when we share in the beauty of gods love togather again..i love you linda..kevin

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