A ray of sunshine always shining on everyone around her.

  • 61 years old
  • Born on August 31, 1956 .
  • Passed away on December 22, 2017 .

THANK YOU everyone for your incredible support!

If you have any questions please contact RememberLinda@Gantes.net


Linda LOVED making positive, meaningful impact on the lives of others.  Most of all, children!  

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Posted by Marc Birnbaum on 31st December 2017
We are saddened by the sudden loss of Linda’s life. Her spirit will continue to shine on the Gantes family and her many friends. Our condolences, Sheela and Marc Birnbaum
Posted by Susie Stucky on 30th December 2017
It was with great sadness I learned of the loss of this beautiful woman in this world. Linda has always been an inspiration to me. Always with a warm smile and a kind word or gentle hug. I will truly miss her. Linda, you were something very special to me. My deepest condolences to the entire family.
Posted by Lisa Wells on 30th December 2017
Linda is and will always be love, graciousness, compassion, generosity, and all that is good to me- I loved her deeply and will miss her until I join her in heaven. May bands of angels sing thee to thy rest dearest sister!
Posted by Lynn Lee on 29th December 2017
Our family is so saddened to hear of Linda's passing....She was always so welcoming for all the kids to come and "hang out" in the beautiful Gantes home. A beautiful soul. She will be missed. Love and condolences from the Lee/Ireland family
Posted by Olesya Jolon on 28th December 2017
Beautiful, beautiful Linda. Never was there a day you'd come in without a smile on your face. I got the honor of seeing you atleast once a month for our two hours of catching up, and hair. You shared so much with me, not only as your hairdresser but as your friend. I have always and will always think so fondly of you and your cheery, happy attitude. Your love for your family and especially your grandkids radiated every time you shared with me. I will miss you dearly. Love to the family
Posted by Barry Milinsky on 28th December 2017
I am so sorry for your loss and all my families thoughts are prayers are with you. I never had the pleasure to meet Linda but I know her Husband John and all her children. They are a caring and strong family core. I believe that is always due to the Mother. Linda you have a strong legacy left behind you and will be missed by many.
Posted by Marcia Marycz on 27th December 2017
Our family is very sad to hear of the passing of such a lovely lady. Linda was a very generous, authentic, caring spirit. We were all so privileged to know her. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gantes family at this time. Sincere condolences, Marcia Marycz and family.
Posted by Stan Smith on 27th December 2017
Lovely Linda! When driving up South Peak, and in passing the Gantes home, I would always look to see if the upstairs balcony door was open. When it was, I would know that Linda was home. This is something so simple and seemingly inconsequential to others, but for me, it meant everything. In that small moment of time and in looking for that door, I would nod in my understanding as to why Linda would do this. I always knew that for Linda, an "open door" meant everything. By opening that door, Linda was feeding her deep and true love and need for life, family,(especially her children) and her friends. It was all about the light, the fresh air, and the view... and oh, what a view! Sometimes, in my passing, I would honk my car's horn, just to say "Hello". I always knew in those moments (and so did she), that somehow, even if she didn't hear me at that time, it was important. Over a period of 30 years of friendship, and in the process of watching our children grow -( ...and Linda's children were her glory!)- Linda taught me something very important. Linda taught me not to be afraid to give. We were all blessed by Linda's inherent generosity of spirit. She gave freely. Linda's joy was to feed so many of us. She did this with food and then would season it (and sustain us) with her genuine enthusiasm for life. In Linda's presence, you always felt welcomed. I am now, (and I understand that there are so many others...) personally, at a great loss. An invitation to see Linda again was just recently put in the mail. I now keep seeing so many memories and pictures of her on my wall. God's speed to you, Linda! Kelley Smith
Posted by Kris Evans on 27th December 2017
Linda was the most generous, supportive, concerned parent that I encountered during my 40 years of teaching. Her four fabulous kids are the best tribute I can imagine. Heartfelt condolences from Marc and me to the whole family.
Posted by Carolyn Williams on 27th December 2017
I am so sorry for your loss. Linda offered gracious and generous help and support to our DHHS community. I always appreciated her kindness and spirit. Sincere sympathy to your family.

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