To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

-Thomas Campbell
  • 58 years old
  • Born on December 22, 1951 .
  • Passed away on September 7, 2010 .

Welcome to Linda's memorial website. My mother was a wonderful woman who was taken from us far too soon, but she will live on in our hearts forever. Please feel free to share any memories, stories or pictures that you may have. Please pass on the site info so that everyone who knew my Mom can visit this site and remember her. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you.

-Bryan Bugaj


Posted by John Chiazza on 21st December 2017
Its another Birthday for my dearest Cousin Linda I wish over these coming Holidays she was with us. My strong Memories of Linda will never go away! Linda was a big part of my past. We always remember each others Birthdays with phone calls. My dearest cousin I wish you were here for me to make that phone call. You are however permanently embedded in my in my mind Forever! Happy Birthday my Dearest Cousin!
Posted by John Chiazza on 21st December 2016
Happy 65th Birthday My Dear Cousin. I sure miss my calls to you to wish you a Happy Birthday. It still is very empty not having you in our family. You will forever live in my heart and soul... My memories of all we did together will be forever embedded in my mind.. Love you Cuz!!
Posted by Edward Malligo on 8th September 2016
Still missing you ! Not many days go by without a thought of you.... I go to Bakersfield often on business, and think of you every time I pass the White Lane exit. There's a Mercedes and Ferrari dealership there now....go figure! You will live on in our hearts until we meet again. John and Marcia have let me know Jacquie and Bryan are well. I miss them. Love you Linda
Posted by John Chiazza on 7th September 2016
On Linda's 6th Anniversary, I still feel her loss to my life. Linda gave me inspiration and was so much a part of me growing up. Like a sister to me, we shared so much together good and bad. We were always there for each other. Those memories will be embedded into my life forever! Linda was a true going caring person that was brought up from a wonderful family. Linda my Dear Cousin I still miss you!! You will never be forgotten!! I love you !!
Posted by John Chiazza on 21st December 2015
My dear cousin Linda, we never forgot each other's Birthdays. As another Birthday of yours passes today, I remember making that phone ca to you to let you to wish you a Happy Birthday as you would always do on mine. Having you as not just a cousin but more like my second sister meant a lot to me and as my days pass on You still are forever missed! Happy Birthday Cousin I love you!!
Posted by John Chiazza on 6th September 2015
Five years have passed since I got the devastating news of my dear cousin Linda's Passing. Linda was one of a kind as we grew up together. We lived through good times and rough times but though it all Cousin Linda was always there for me. Not a day goes by without me thinking of the great memories Linda brought into my life. You are still loved forever and will never be forgotten. With love Your Cousin John
Posted by John Chiazza on 21st December 2014
Happy Birthday my Dear Cousin, It just seems like yesterday that you and I would share our wishes on our December Birthdays. Now on your 63rd and you have left us all with nothing but lasting loving memories That I will cherish forever! You have left us Linda but those lasting loving memories will live with us forever! Happy Birthday Cuz!! I love you!!
Posted by Carole Sickler on 7th September 2014
Dear Linda, it's been 4 years since you left us and I still can't accept it. You were always fun to be with, always caring for others, always smiling. You hid your own pain from all of us and never complained. You were called a "bleeding heart" because you cared and fought for the underdog, the underprivileged. We shared that label and could talk & laugh about it for hours. We lost an angel on earth when you left. I hope you have found peace with the other angels now. I miss you & will love you forever. Cousin Carole
Posted by John Chiazza on 6th September 2014
It's been four years since my dear cousin left us. Not a day goes by that I do not think of her and the closeness we had. From our childhood days, wild teen years and as adults with our own families. Linda was like a sister to me. I will hold on to our memories forever!!! The vacancy in our family and in our hearts for Linda will be there forever. Her loving memories with all of us will always live on. I miss you Cuz! John 9/7/2014
Posted by Edward Malligo on 22nd December 2012
Still missing you love Eddie
Posted by John Chiazza on 21st December 2012
My dear Cousin Linda on this your 61st Birthday I still reflect how we never missed calling each other on our December Birthdays. I still can't believe your gone. Linda was always a part of my life like a Sister. All the memories we shared over the years are still and will always be embedded in my mind forever. Happy Birthday Cuz!
Posted by John Chiazza on 7th September 2012
My dear Cousin and friend, as I return home fron the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, I think back when you joined me as a guest at the 2004 Convention in Boston. We shared so many memorable events I will never forget them. You were like a sister to me and I will forever miss you Cuz
Posted by Edward Malligo on 7th September 2012
Till this day, I wish I could call you and catch up on whats what...... I miss you my big sister. You had such a joy for life! Not a day goes by that i don't miss or think of you or your kids. Love you eternally
Posted by Edward Malligo on 24th December 2011
I"ll always remember you Linda, especially at Christmas. After gathering for Christmas Eve. We always sat down and watched the holiday classics on TV together; i still do that; always wishing you were here. I am gonna miss you till we meet again love and miss you my big sister Eddie
Posted by John Chiazza on 21st December 2011
My Dear cousin I miss our phone calls on our birthdays.This would have been her 60th. I reflect everyday the great times we had together, We shared so much we often said we could write a book on all that we had done and been through and no one would believe it. I miss you deeply!
Posted by Carole Sickler on 21st December 2011
My sweet cousin & I had birthdays 2 days apart. We always exchanged cards and phone calls on our birthdays. I miss her everyday, but especially this time of year. She is celebrating with the angels now. I will Love you forever Little Linda.
Posted by John Chiazza on 29th October 2011
My dear cousin was like a sister to me. From our childhood days through high school, the beach and surfing, and all the unforgettable trips we took. Those memories and many more I will never forget. I will forever hold my dear cousin in my heart and soul! My closeness to you will always continue with your kids Jacquie and Bryan. I miss you alot cuz
Posted by Edward Malligo on 13th September 2011
I'll always love and miss my sister. Your kids were your greatest gift to this world, you, lived for Bryan and Jacquie. Love you girl EJM

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