Her Life

Dad’s Oath to Mommy❤️

On This Day On my wife’s birthday.
This time every year brings mixed feelings as I look back and reminisce.  I remember how things were during the upcoming holidays.  She always loved Thanksgiving and Christmas which brought the family together.  They were special to her.  She meant everything to me. She was everything a loving wife could be - a friend, my love, my joy which I will always remember and treasure.  Although she is not with me physically she is with me spiritually.  I feel her presence each day and know she is looking down making sure I take care of our children and grandchildren.  Well Hon I kept my promise to you and they are all doing well.  May the Lord one day unite us to live eternally in heaven. 

Mommy grew up on the Lower East Side any New York she was a seventies hippie beautiful girl she's very fashionable and love music but I remembered about my mom growing up he was always happy and music made her happy she liked to play Silly games when we were little with puppets around the kitchen I remember my grandma my mom having coffee she loved Christmas she loved to decorate the tree I miss her home cooking who is going to to to make us happy mom was the type of person that you go out of her her way to make her family happy she was very strong-willed and never kept quiet she was honest and spoke her mind when needed to I never forget my mom she made me who I am today