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My Nanny

July 15, 2011

Dear Nanny,


There are so many words that I have to describe you and who you are, but most importantly who you were to me.


So many kids could say they dream of a wonderful summer vacation filled with amusement parks and new summer clothes or maybe even some Mickey Mouse ears. My summer vacations were at your house. I was awesome! Loud, funny, always running the roads, always eating at restaurants, buying fingernails and getting perms in my hair. I loved staying up late and talking and I especially loved wearing lipstick and mascara when I knew I wasn’t old enough too at home. I can’t remember how many times we went for ice cream when it was breaking our summer diets or the curse word you pretended not to hear so I could feel older and cool like Denise. I knew summer was ending when Mom and Daddy came for me and although I knew it was soon time to start school again, I couldn’t wait for that last night at your house when all the adults got around the table and you and Daddy tried to figure out who was the better child. Back and forth trying to out smart each other. Whether it be you telling Daddy that he could fly off the roof of the garage, and him doing it, or him throwing a fork, at the dinner table, and it hitting you in the eyebrow, those were some of the best stories in the world and I wish I could have those moments again with you and Daddy.


As I got older, we had the same amount of fun, same amount of sleeping late until I was ready to get up and the same fingernails and perms… I loved watching you and Carson play pool in the den or watching you and Denise put on yall’s makeup. Riding in the car with you was a blast because you drove fast and didn’t really care about those speed bumps or as you say, you didn’t see them. You loved Dennis and I as if we were your own children and spared no expense in spoiling us while we were there.


Even as an adult there wasn’t anything compared to being at your house. Denise and I bonded like sisters, I watched her have a family and I watched Carson have a career and become a father. I watched you make painted t-shirts or paint clowns and I secretly loved your purple moomoo night gown and your elephant collection and loved making fun of the way you said “lightbub”


I could stand here today and tell everyone a million more stories about you and what you and I have shared. But those are mine and mine forever. Many people will remember you as Linda Dee, Mom, mother or Sissy, but to me, you are my Nanny and that name is the greatest gift you could have ever given me over those summers as a child.


I knew today would be difficult and painful as we all say our good-byes to you but last night was worth all my sorrows. I watched your two adult children whisper to you. I watched Denise stroke your hair and Carson stroke your hands. Together they kissed you and cried and held one another knowing this would soon be final. I don’t think we could have witnessed anything more beautiful. They know you were the best mother, Rick knew you were the best wife, Daddy knew you were the best Sissy and I knew you were the best Nanny.


I hope there is Farmtown in Heaven as well as a giant TV. to watch the Dallas Cowboys. If not, I wonder who is in trouble! Give Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw lots of kisses from us kids, I know there is a huge smile on your face…


I love you,



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