Posted by Velma Dianne Milnes CLOTH... on June 17, 2021
Although I've never met you kids, Linda and I managed to see each other on our reunion years. I graduated 5yrs behind her. When Kirk was playing football at University of Arizona she, Ed and Aunt Martha stopped for an afternoon visit at our home in Phoenix. I last saw her at my 50 year reunion when she came to our reunion site so we could visit. I was named by my Dad, Arthur, her Uncle, after her Mother, Velma. She always felt close after finding out why my Dad named me. I was barely 6 years old when my Dad passed away results of WWII. He thought Velma, Mother of Linda, Lonnee and Eldon, was most beautiful thus my name. I sent her a picture given to me of my Dad holding her. It was given to me by someone thinking he was holding me. If I can find this picture I will post it on here.
Please know my thoughts are with you three in this tremendous loss. My memories of your Mother will always be of my beautiful sweet caring cousin who loved the Milnes family and her children.
Sincerely, Velma Dianne Milnes Clothier
Posted by Lynn Marie Jones on June 5, 2021
What a perfect tribute to Linda. The pictures were great and bring back a lot of precious memories of the happy beautiful cousin she was. Thank you for sharing the story of her life with us. Her smile would always warm your heart. Love, Lynn Marie
Posted by John Price on June 3, 2021
Among the photos in the "gallery" are photos taken when Lonnee and Linda came to visit me at my Maryland farm, in October, 1997, including the one that has me, Ellen, our mother Pauline Milnes Price, Linda and Lonnee on a sofa in my den.

There is also one of me with L&L in front of my airplane, in which I took them for a spin.

On that visit I took them to the annual dinner honoring United Nations Day, in DC at a major hotel. We sat with the Ambassador from Chile to Washington and his wife. He was a private pilot, as am I and that led to his telling us of flying his single engine airplane in the high Andes mountains one time in Chile when he ran out of fuel. He glided down, somehow found a runway and survived (obviously). He also persisted in addressing the two sisters throughout the evening as Londa and Linnee. On the entertainment program that night was either Danny Kaye, or Ella Fitzgerald, or, possibly both. Shari, or Kelly, Eric or Kirk, perhaps your mother's told you so that you have an accurate memory.

L&L had a great time. As did all of us. We always did when in their company. My sister Ellen and I enjoyed every minute we ever spent with them. And we shared so much, being the cousins closest in age. Also, Eldon and L&L were in the care of our grandparents, living at the farm, the first summers after the War when we Prices came out for our so brief vacations. Therefore, we had lots of close time with them.

One of my delightful memories of Linda is visiting her at her house near the water in S. California, when she prevailed on us to watch an Inspector Clouseau movie with Peter Sellars. It was the first I ever saw and I howled with laughter. It was probably Linda's fifth time seeing it but she matched me laugh for laugh.

Recently, I was in S. California doing research once or even twice a year. Eldon, she and I, and, on one occasion, Jeff also, would get together and enjoy an evening or an afternoon. This was despite the marathon driving Linda had to do to cross LA to get to Long Beach. It was a wonderful series of visits after all the decades.

I don't think we ever lost that feeling of being tied together in a wonderful way. I and the Price clan will miss her warmth and our shared memories.Our hearts go out to all of you. John

Posted by Marti Kline on May 31, 2021
The pictures from your tribute to Linda are wonderful - many I've never seen and many that brought back special memories and made me smile. She and Lonnee and Eldon taught me to read and write before I ever went to school, and they took wonderful care of me when I was little.
She was the greatest host on my visits when you were in Michigan, and when Shorty and I (and our kids) visited in California. She took Shorty to concerts and great restaurants when he had work trips out there, and always had something fun planned for us to do. She was a great cook and baked our favorite things.
Our sisters' spa weekends were always fabulous. Every single time, the four of us were laughing hysterically before we even left the airport parking lot. Those memories will always be with me.
Thanks for the loving memorial tribute. She was truly special.
Posted by Donna Swarthout on May 29, 2021
I was so glad Linda was a part our family. She was so kind to Jack's mom, Vera
She would always visit Vera when she came back, it meant a lot, she was so kind to us. I remember when I lived out in California we would get together for the holidays. We would have such a good time, 

She was so good to my boys. Travis would have been lost without her. She use to call Ron her little Bon-Bon.
She will be missed. 

Love Jack & Donna
Posted by Travis Swarthout on May 29, 2021
When I was in the Navy in the 90’s Linda always made sure I never felt alone when I thought I was by myself for the first time when I was stationed out in California.
She went out of her her way to make me feel that there was always someone there for me no matter what.
She would come and pick me up at the Navy Base in Long Beach and take me to her home for the weekend and then take me back. She always made sure I had a family around me and that will always hold a special place in my heart for Linda.

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