Creative spirit, beloved mother, dear friend - we send you love and blessings, dear Linda!
  • 64 years old
  • Born on July 30, 1946 .
  • Passed away on May 31, 2011 in North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Linda diLorenzo.  She will always be with us as we celebrate her life and her joyous, generous spirit.

Posted by Chris Tina Lahowitch on 29th July 2013
You'd be 67 today; hard to believe you've been gone from this planet for two years. But you're still with me, as you are with so many of us who love you and always will. Peace, for eternity. And love. I miss you. Tina
Posted by Pam Schwingl on 29th July 2013
Linda, I know you are checking us all out...just want you to know your contributions to the world are alive and well in Annie. Wonderful confident amazing Annie! So much I want to say, keep sending her good energy, but not to worry! Love Pam
Posted by Terri McClernon on 29th July 2013
I talk to you often for I know you are a witness to our earthly comings and goings....and goings and comings as the busy humans we are. I am at peace when I imagine where you are observing us from for I know that place is real and one day we will have a very joyful reunion! My whole body is smiling with you in love.
Posted by Joe Dilorenzo on 31st May 2013
I sure do love and miss you Linda. I think about you often . I miss our semi annual phone calls. You sure were an important link to our family get-together. I picture you riding a cloud shaped like a horse. Hope you are enjoying the family reunion. Save a nice spot with a view for me. Later
Posted by Renee Prillaman on 29th July 2012
My fondest memories are sitting on the bench in front of Lower School listening to Linda's stories about Annie. Linda took such joy in Annie's antics. She was ever eager to have more information about child development and ideas for how to support Annie to be all she could be. I would say, the proof of LInda's devotion as a mother is in the pudding. What a delightful daughter she raised.
Posted by Vicky Kim on 29th July 2012
nola just got back from an amazing session at celo where annie was one of her cabin's helpers. annie is so down to earth. so smart and straightforward and lovely. i feel thankful that nola got to spend 3 weeks with her... you done good, linda!
Posted by Terri McClernon on 29th July 2012
I recently read that when you simply think of someone you love who has passed from this life, they are instantly by your side. I believe this for I feel that often.Thank you for breathing life into the spark of life we call Annie for she is now a bright light for all! Thank you for watching over all of us that love you.
Posted by Faye Stanley on 30th May 2012
On the morning Linda died, I planted a bed of azaleas and perennials in my garden, where only annuals had been before. I wanted something lasting, something that returns each year. On this day, I have blooms there, yellow, purple and orange - a reminder of Linda's life, gifts, and passing. Today I sing a song of gratitude for her continued presence in my life.
Posted by Mark Mead on 30th May 2012
Dear Linda -- Thank you for the many gifts of your radiant, delicious, delightful, full-hearted being. Annie is deeply loved. Love, Mark
Posted by Carolyn Stuart on 30th May 2012
Linda I am remembering a year ago, bringing food out to Dogwood Acres. I gave Annie a picture of you, Annie and Gerry, taken in my front yard soon after Annie arrived. You are smiling and Gerry is nearby like a guardian angel.
Posted by Karen Mccall on 30th May 2012
Hey Linda! Sharing the experience of collage making with you, Faye, Zelda and Sue was my favorite art class in my 54 years of living. I was so touched when you took home my 3-d collage of a big red bloom with a baby inside and you put it on that gorgeous dining table you made. You had a gift in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Posted by Chris Tina Lahowitch on 30th May 2012
Ahhhh, Linda, we'd be planning a camping trip around now....Can't believe it's been a year. You're deep in my heart---Gabrielle and I will light a candle to you, and to your beautiful, loving daughter.....Love, love, Tina
Posted by Pam Schwingl on 30th May 2012
Linda, you're here everyday in Annie...what a gift to the world! I'm sure you're watching and so proud of her as she graduates and looks forward to Guilford in the fall. So wish you could be with all of us as Annie launches into a new phase of life. So much promise and hope! Thanks Linda for your legacy in this beautiful child. Pam
Posted by Terri McClernon on 29th July 2011
I was thinking about Linda and hamburgers today. I think she would have celebrated with one, so, cheers, Linda! We're feeling the love!
Posted by Pam Schwingl on 29th July 2011
Linda, Can feel your energy shining down on us! Miss you, but know you're still here in so many ways. Love Pam

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