My Nan

Shared by Danielle Walter on January 2, 2011

Well what can i say about you you were the life and soul of a good night out.

You didnt take any shit from no one if you didnt like someone you would either tell them or hit them you wereso funny when it came to things like that.

The thing i loved the most about you was that you were outgoing and didnt care about what people thought of you, you just got on with it. You had a great sense of humour when it came to jokes or changing the words in the songs you were a right laugh.

When you became ill you still tried hard to be the same person you were and tried to have a laugh, you never gave up.

And i am proud to have called you my nan.

You will allways be my nan and i will love you forever.

Miss ya old girl

Sleep tight.

Danni xxxxx



Shared by Samantha Davis on December 29, 2010

I cannot describe how i feel,

shocked springs to mind,

because you were so suddenly serioulsy ill,

i thought you were showng signs of getting well,

thinking Yes we are away from this horrible hell,

but it wasn't meant to be,

as you were taken away from me,

i thought you had beaten death, a sign of relief,

until that day you took your last breath, and having to bare the sudden grief,

cannot believe that you have gone,

some how feels so totally wrong,

to be such a young age at 58

to be met at the end with the golden gates

where you will be happy and pain free, i will always

know your looking down on me

and up in the sky where the stars shine bright

i know there is angel in the sky tonight,

knowing that angel belongs to me

 and you were my MUM and will forever be....


this is for you mum........ love you sooooooooooooo much! xxxxx

WRITTEN BY SAMANTHA DAVIS in loving memory of my mum xxx

My friend Lin

Shared by Brenda Andrews on December 29, 2010

I met you at Pauls gigs.You were his most loyal fan.What did you say Lin "Nothing like this" no you said "Nothing like that" The times  you said that.You always did like the last the years passed we got friendly and had alot of laughs at the gigs.

With you Lin what you saw was what you got.No aires and graces,didnt stand any nonsense and spoke your mind.You could be bloody annoying lol,but down to earth and very loyal to those you cared about.

During the last few years it was awful watching you becoming less mobile because of your health.Even so,as bad as it was at times you were still very determined to get to the gigs and out and about.After a while it was difficult for you to get up and dance,but you never let that get the better of you.You still sang your heart out,big smile on your face and wiggled about in your chair.You were bloody amazing mate.

Unfortunately  things got worse and you couldnt go out.That must of been hell for you.We still had many laughs on the phone though.

Through all these bad times Lin,you never knew how much i admired your determination,your stamina and your will power.You kept up the fight.

Even in your last sad weeks you tried so hard to battle through.That was the Lin i knew."Nothing like this" no "Nothing like that"

Lin you certainly did it your way.Im so glad i knew you and you will certainly be missed.God bless you mate.The gigs wont be the same without you.


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