her Life


Memaw became Memaw in 1997 when Corey was born. He was actually the one that started calling her Memaw. I don't remember what she picked for her grandmother name, but Corey decided it would be Memaw.  That name stuck and she became the most loved Memaw that ever was.  She later gained 3 more grandsons, Sam in 2000, Luke in 2003 and Matthew in 2005.  She was then blessed with two granddaughters, Adelynn was born in 2007 and Marissa was born in 2009.  They all loved her so dearly!! She did so much for them all.  She went to car races, recitals, baseball games, ballet performances, theatre performances, chorus concerts, band concerts, basketball games and attended as many birthdays and Christmases as she could, given that they lived in different states.  She adored every letter and drawings they made for her.  Most of them were saved and are still in my basement.  She did so much sewing for them as well. She made so many costumes, but I would have to say that my favorites were the superman and batman she made.  Sam, Luke and Matthew literally wore them out because they wore them so much!!  "Sew" many wonderful memories!  She also made tons of custom doll clothes for Adelynn and Marissa's American Girl dolls. She loved designing doll clothes.  They were all so beautiful. We will treasure all that she did for her grandchildren.  Her love for them was endless!  They will miss her so much! 


As many of you know, my mom was a seamstress. I always called her a master seamstress.  She could just dream up an idea, create her own pattern and make anything and I mean anything.  It was astounding!  She loved sewing! She tried to teach me how to sew, numerous times,  but sadly that gift just didn't pass down to me. I remember so many things she created.  The countless formal dresses, prom dresses, numerous bridesmaids dresses, wedding gowns, curtains, doll clothes, costumes, Christmas jammies, the list is endless. She was amazing! Love, Melanie

Mother of the Bride-Brian and Melanie's Wedding

My wedding was in 1998 in Florida.  I remember feeling very overwhelmed about planning my wedding and trying to do as much as I could myself to save some money.  I could not have done it without her.  She helped so much.  She made all the bridesmaids dresses, of course.  She helped with all the decorations. She helped decorate my wedding cake by placing all the fresh orchids on the cake. She helped all the bridesdmaids with their hair and makeup. She made a little red wagon look like it belonged in a wedding by making a custom cover with lace and ruffles (for my dogs). She made sure I kept it together and talked me down when I got a little too excited about some small insignificant detail. She helped make the day perfect in every way that mattered. Thank you mom!  I love you! Love, Melanie