This tribute was added by Marissa Deuser on March 27, 2020
Memaw was the most loving, caring, and kind grandmother I could ever ask for. Honestly, living without her is a lot harder than I expected. It seems as if every day there is a new reminder that she’s gone, but really I should be thankful for that. The reason that I miss her so much is because she deserved to be missed, she was a good person. She was so talented, she loved art and sewing. She even made portraits of every grandchild. I was the last grandkid, so I don’t remember much about her, and we lived so far away that I barely got to see her or speak to her. Memaw not only loved art, crafting, and sewing, but she also loved her family very much. In fact, the last thing she ever wished for was for the whole family to drive down to Atlanta to be together with her for the final time. I’m so grateful we got to see that one final time, even if it was hard to see her hooked up to all sorts of machines and not be able to speak her. I remember thinking to myself, “Why me? why now? Why when I’m only 11?” My father told me, “Let’s say we asked for five more years,
and God granted our wish, after the five years were over, we would just be asking for another five years, and another, and another. It’s really never enough.”

Memaw was an amazing person, but she did have a lot of health issues. Instead of thinking this happening as “I wish she was still alive...I miss her so much...” we should really try our best to think “Wow, she had a lot of problems, I’m so grateful she’s hanging out upstairs worshipping with Jesus!”

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. You may ask, “why would you bother to think about it, doesn’t it just make you sad?” It does, but that’s because she was worth missing.
This tribute was added by Eric Miller on February 29, 2020
A few years ago, I met Lexi and Linda for a karaoke night down at Korner Kitchen. It was a very busy night. The sound of country music and laughter filled the room. I remember Lexi going up to the sing Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Caillat. It was the first time I had heard her sing and couldn’t help but smile at how good she sounded on stage. I turned to Linda and said, “Wow, Lexi sounds great, doesn’t she?” and Linda, gleaming with pride, said back to me “Oh, she has a beautiful voice! She could make it as a singer if she really wanted too, don’t you think?” And with a big smile, I agreed. When Lexi’s song was over, she came back to our table and then Linda’s name was called to come to the stage. Everyone clapped at her song choice and lightly sang along as she filled the room with her voice. It was a fun, light-hearted and genuinely happy night. That’s how a remember Linda. A fun, creative, positive woman and mother, whose love for her children and others was endless. 
This tribute was added by Parish Deuser on February 25, 2020
You are so missed and so loved. We talk about you every day. Marissa is asking so many questions. Some of them are heart-wrenching, others you’d get a kick out of. Like, “has Memaw met Moses yet?” She not only looks like you, she is so talented. Her plan is to honor you with her art. When I first met you, I had no clue we’d be family a few years later. I’ve been blessed by these past 17 years. And yes, like everyone else, wish we had more time. You handled every set-back with grace. You brought joy to the things that matter in life. Your kids are amazing. All so unique, and handling your absence in their own ways. They are strong. You modeled that so well. I promise to keep your memory alive. I’ll teach Marissa to make Doodleburgers and Chocolate Pie. I promise to love your son until we join you someday. It’s not goodbye, because you are still right here. Your legacy continues in your children and grandchildren. Love you!
This tribute was added by Eric Deuser on February 25, 2020
Wow...where to start? You were my mom. The one that brought me into this world. The one that cared for me, supported me, encouraged me, loved me. Honestly, the things you did as I was growing up were things I couldn't possibly appreciate until I became a parent myself. Wait, didn't ALL moms bake cupcakes and bring them to school? Didn't ALL moms sew custom costumes for Halloween every year? Didn't ALL moms create lavish, custom birthday cakes on demand for their children? I'm talkin' Charlie Brown cakes and R2-D2 cakes and whatever else we could think of. Didn't ALL moms create paper mâché Batcaves because the ones in the store weren't good enough? Yep, that's what ALL moms did, right? Oh...and they did all that while ALSO running a business.

Clearly, few moms do one of those things, much less all of them. But that's who you were. If it was important to me, it was important to you. I have so many fond memories of my childhood. You were loving and gracious; you were the mom that every kid wanted. Nobody was better than my mom. As a grown up, I look back at those times and I smile because I know now that I was right. NOBODY was better than MY mom.

Your creativity lives on in Marissa. She got the art gene and its source is no secret. You were a spectacular artist. But that is only the beginning of the list of things you were crazy good at: artist, singer, musician, seamstress, cook, baker, beautician, dancer, carpenter... I mean, it's quite a list. It's almost a crime that God gave you so much talent instead of spreading it around a little.

You had your challenges, but you always faced them head on and with an amazingly positive attitude. It is a quality that I always admired. You never backed down and never gave up. You were a fighter -- a survivor. There was a time back in '99 when I thought you were not going to make it to 2000. I'm so glad you conquered that terrible illness and got to meet your grandbabies. THAT was a blessing.

When you love someone, you always want more time. If God had answered our prayers and gave you another few months or another year or another five years, it wouldn't be enough. When the time had passed, we'd just ask for more. It's hard to say goodbye. But God decided it was time for you to see your mom and dad again, to finally meet Uncle Dwayne and see Uncle Butch and Aunt Sharon. It was time to trade your earthly suffering for heavenly jubilation. It was time for you to be with Jesus who loves you so much. So, I trust God even when it's hard.

Yes, I am sad that you are not here and there will be no more Thanksgivings or Christmases together. I am sad that you will not see Marissa as a young adult and see your talent reflected in her. I am sad that you had to go through the awful and debilitating effects of cancer. But, I am happy that you were my mom and happy that you are singing and dancing in heaven. You endured your last hardship and crossed over to the life that we can only dream about here on Earth. One day we will see each other again and it will be a glorious day indeed. I love you, Mom. Always have, always will.
This tribute was added by Lexi Sanders on February 23, 2020
Mom, You were the strongest person I know. You persevered when others would give up and see the glass half full when others would see the glass half empty (often this included me). You’ve been through more hardships than anyone should ever have to endure in one life time, yet, you always found a solution. You NEVER gave up. You loved unconditionally and I’m not sure there is anyone on this earth than could have truly given you the love you deserved.
I want you to know that your unconditional love made me who I am. Your love for me is something I have never doubted. 
For 30 years you’ve been my best friend and I was yours too. I don’t know a world where you aren’t a call away. Yes, it’s going to be beyond difficult, even unbearable at times, when you leave this earth. No, I don’t have a single clue how I’ll make it but I know I will because YOU raised me and I am strong-stronger than I know because I will have you with me, all the time. Although my heart is shattered, I’ll be okay. I’ll put the pieces back together by surrounding myself with others that loved you too. 
Your memory will never be lost. I’ll still talk to you everyday, just through prayer instead of the phone. I’ll replay all our favorite times in my mind. I’ll tell my kids about you and the great mom you were.
I always said how I hated you had me so late in life because I get less time with you than everyone else. I wasn’t ready for you to go but then again would I ever be ready? I realize now I wouldn’t change anything because the bond I got to have with you isn’t something everyone gets to have. I am forever grateful to have had that.
This tribute was added by Dawn Douthat on February 22, 2020
I knew Linda for 33 years. Do I describe a diamond by each facet or the beautiful stone? I have no idea where to start except to write she sparkled in my teenaged eyes. She didn’t put on airs and had me peeling potatoes for dinner in a hot minute the first family dinner. We bonded immediately because I was in beauty college and she had a beauty shop behind her house. Later, I learned she sang in a band with her family and I had seen them at the Georgetown 4th of July picnic as a kid! 1976, I was a pup. So this sparkly person was suddenly a star too? Sign me up for life! I learned just about every song recorded by The Judds by listening to her karaoke them. She was an excellent singer. We sang in a trio together for years and we loved every minute of it. That said, ZERO regrets for the times we spent in bars WINNING costume contests at Halloween. She could sew two costumes in three hours and walk out the door in full makeup. She baked the best sourdough bread on the planet and I would cut your arm off right now if I had a slice and you tried to take it. Of course you would try anyway. You know it was that good. By the time she had Lexi, I had pretty much attached myself to her hip. So, I adopted Lexi as my own too, helping Linda whenever she needed. The “mom” I always wanted and the “sister” she gave me. Love. Just love.

When Guillain–Barré syndrome left her in the hospital for a very long recovery, we all took turns caring for her in shifts, journaling every word, every pill, no stone was left unturned, no suggestion for healing overlooked. A generous woman surrounded by a loving family, bonded by hope.

A pattern recently repeated, sadly.

For better or for worse, there were rocky times too but she handled those with grace as only a woman like her would. She remained my friend and I remained hers. I’m sad to say that many of the last times I saw her the last several years, she was battling illness. I wanted her to have my support in every aspect of her life. After all, I never went without her support in any aspect of mine.

She’s a real star now. Up on Heaven’s Boulevard. I will see her again. Until then, I will miss her terribly. I just hope Heaven has lots of Judds available on karaoke night.
This tribute was added by Brad Benner on February 22, 2020
Linda came into my life when my nephew married her daughter Mel, my strongest memories that Linda blessed on me was her art, rip Linda you will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
This tribute was added by Oneta JoHnson on February 22, 2020
My dearest friend Linda has soared away from us without pain and has gained the most glorious life unimaginable. My thoughts flows back to the magnificent friend she was to me.  The memories of traveling back and forth to Indiana. Sitting in the “chair” for the last haircut she gave on this earth. Memories of Our vacations together at the beach, mountains , karaoke, dances , a whole lifetime of laughter and tears  We were confidants and truly best friends. I will forever miss you my friend  Until we meet again
This tribute was added by Jackie Vetter on February 22, 2020
Linda, you were a great boss, but our friendship over these many years meant the world to me. I will always remember your laugh and your love of our town, Georgetown! You always gave your all for it. RIP my friend, until I see you again, just like I promised you we would! My love and prayers for Melanie, Lexi, Chris, Eric, Ann and their families. 
This tribute was added by Jennifer Mcclanahan on February 20, 2020
Such a wonderful woman. You will be missed dearly, my love to all your family.
This tribute was added by Melanie Gamage on February 17, 2020
We miss you so much already. Our house feels empty without you here with us. Our hearts ache. We just can't imagine a world without you here! We love you to the moon and back, times infinity (from Adelynn). Thank you for all the wonderful memories. You were the BEST mom & memaw!!! Love you forever and always, Brian, Melanie, Sam, Luke, Matthew and Adelynn

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