Linda's Love of Life

Shared by Diana Hamilton on July 12, 2017

There are so many wonderful memories Linda has left us.  As I was going thru our family pictures again I got to thinking about all the things Linda loved and how many things she was so talented at.  So I started writing them down and before I knew it I had a whole page written down.
Some of those things that were important to her were:

Her Lord, her husband Glenn, her children (LaTisha and Chase), her grandchildren (Morgan, Rylee and Drake) and all the rest of the family and friends.  She always found time to be involved in all of their lives but that isn't all she found time for. 

Some other things she loved over the years included her animals.  Dogs (JJ and Harley and others over the years and cats (too many to name).  At one time she had pet rabbits, squirrel, and a pig named porky.

She and Glenn loved fishing, golfing, playing washers, deer hunting and gardening; just to mention a few.  She also did paintings and sold some of her art work.

At one time she was a mannequin model in the department stores in Victoria, (a beautiful one at that).  She also had a clown business at one time.  Her and Glenn also were DJ's for different events in Victoria.

She loved playing board games and cards.  She loved playing guitar Hero and the drums; and was quite good at it.   She loved all holidays and especially Christmas,  She loved those rare times when it would snow and would get so excited about it. 

She loved her Acts Sisters and the retreats they went to.  They really were like sisters to her.

I think anyone who knew Linda can say for sure that she loved life and I know we all loved her and continue to love her memory.        

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