Let us always remember the joy she brought to life.
  • 88 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1925 .
  • Passed away on March 1, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Linda Roll 88 years old , born on December 30, 1925 and passed away on March 1, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Rosalie Koenig on June 24, 2014
Dear Roberta, Celine and Walter: As you know, I spent a lot of time at your family's house when we were little, and I have only the best memories of your mother. She was always interested in us, always kind and always helpful. One time out of the blue, she sent me some old photographs of my family (she must have been cleaning out closets) which was so thoughtful of her. And when my daughter went to Portlege, Mrs. Roll took an interest in her. You were lucky to have her as a mother. with sympathy, from Rosie Koenig
Posted by John Tusa on June 2, 2014
LINDA ROLL-MEMORIAL SERVICE JUNE 1, 2014 Memorialized graciously with Roberta’s beautiful singing VOICE Her always welcoming smile in Celine’s loving FACE Most delicious breakfast in Camp’s kitchen created by Walter’s skillful HANDS, LINDA’S alongside. She will ROLL on in sweet memories of mine. Thank you for a loving and most befitting tribute to Mom.
Posted by Walt Lewis on May 22, 2014
Just for starters, I don' t think a cross word or mean thought ever passed between us in the nearly 83 years we were sister and brother. After that starter comes a flood of wonderful memories of happy and a few challenging times together. We shared the best childhood imaginable, with somewhat strict but loving parents who did everything for us they could to make sure we had what we needed to grow up happily as well as to lead contributory lives. I am sure most kids grow up thinking their parents ascribe to some ancient paradigm that has very little to do with what is going on at this time in the world and I am sure we had many thoughts along that line, but somehow we all survived due mainly to the conviction that we all were doing our best and loved each other dearly. The very best times in our youth were spent at our summer beach house in Newport Beach, with sailing , surfing, and playing with a great group of kids from all over Southern California. Linda was a champion sailor, and always seemed so serene and peaceful out on the water, even when involved in tense racing situations. She and several of the other kids formed a band that played at the Sunday night buffet dinners at the Yacht Club, always a big hit. With her long flowing blond hair, I always felt she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw. I never changed my mind about that. Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of being her younger brother was that she always included me in everything in her Iife so graciously whether I was just a little kid that she read bedtime stories to, on up through college and medical school, and through marriage and child rearing, hers and mine. I would be very sad about her departure if I did not have the complete assurance that she has traded in a worn out body and gone to a better place. We have been in communication and I can assure all of you who read this that she is in a very good place, at peace, and visiting with those who preceded her across the veil as some refer to it. I miss her greatly but will catch up to her soon enough. Bon voyage, my dearest sister!
Posted by Carolyn Gabe on March 24, 2014
Gabe & Carolyn and the boys plus friends visited Baekland camp many times, staying in Celine's cabin next to Linda's. Linda was always gracioius and friendly to all of us and having her as our neighbor was an important part of making the camp feel homey. She will be missed by us all.
Posted by Sara Vogeler on March 24, 2014
What a lovely memorial, Shaun!! It's wonderful to see your grandmom and read what everyone has written. Do you have any more pictures you could post of Roberta, Walter and Celine when they were little? and you at your grandma's house? Thank you so much!! all the best and lots of love to all!! Sara Vogeler, friend of Roberta's
Posted by Oliver Peterson on March 24, 2014
Hi, guys. Linda was such a strong figure in our family. She was always so tough—I saw her especially this way as a kid—but as I grew older and got to know her, chatting in the Adirondaks, etc, I found her to be quite warm, smart and very interesting. My warmest regards go out to all of you and I'll say a prayer for her. Lots of love - Oliver Peterson
Posted by Anne Du Vivier on March 20, 2014
We met Linda during one of our summer stays at Baekeland. In celebration of a lunar eclipse later that night, we canoed over to her cabin with our 2 young children and invited her to join us for some marshmellow roasting. By the campfire, she shared wonderful stories of her early visits to the camp, including one snowy and bitterly cold winter when she stayed in the "Red Onion" where we happened to be staying that year. The snows were so heavy and temperatures so low, the only heat came from the fireplace. Staff would come in quietly during the night to stoke the fires and the eyes of the owl andirons would shine brightly in the room. She will be missed by many of us. With love, Anne, Bo, Wills and Kira
Posted by Beth Lenahan on March 20, 2014
I met Linda and her extraordinary family when I was a young girl. It was Linda who pointed up at the clear Adirondack night sky and introduced me to the Milky Way; it was Linda who let me savor my first artichoke, and taught me how to make her incomparable corn bread. It was Linda who led our families in our annual Christmas caroling, after setting a beautiful table and delectable meal. It was Linda who could give insight into where a plant would thrive in a garden bed, and Linda who could patiently salve any kind of wound, physical or spiritual. Of course, it was Linda who dispatched her daily New York Times crossword by 10AM every day, and polished off every book presented to her within a few days if not a few hours. I savor the moments I was fortunate to have shared with Linda, who was a beloved friend to both of my parents and like a second mother to my brother and sisters. We talked about journeys across the US by train to school in the 30s and 40s; about her grandparents' ranch in New Mexico; about disappointment and pain; love and grandchildren. She has been and will always be a gentle, intelligent and loving presence in my life. I feel so honored to have known her. To all of the extended Roll/Lewis family: I'm deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend. Her love made our lives more beautiful and meaningful. I look forward to celebrating her memory with you later this spring. With love, Beth
Posted by Antoinette Fiumos on March 17, 2014
May the Star that is now 'Mummy' shine brightly from the heavens and reach down and anchor to her Star Child Celine. . May the star lights of both women be always bright and bold and bonded forever.
Posted by Paula Peterson on March 17, 2014
Celine, your "mummie", my aunt, had the smile you inherited. Always forgiving and giving she allowed with a laugh and moved forward with the people and things she loved. She loved her family above all and added "family" in her home or at camp whenever there was a call for it. Her gifts of nurturing through cooking and gardening will be a lasting memory for me. I shall miss her tremendously. Now she can run and dance with those family members and old friends who have gone before her.
Posted by Myra Drucker on March 17, 2014
Dear Celine, JP and I will never forget that beautiful weekend at the camp with Mummy and you and our crazy kids. Your mother was so gentle, so happy to be surrounded with smiling children. We are thinking of you and of her. Love, Myra and JP
Posted by Nancy And John Smith on March 16, 2014
We knew Celine for many years before we meant "Mummy", but whenever Celine spoke of her throughout the years, the love and devotion shown in Celine's voice and eyes were so very evident. We were fortunate enough to meet Linda for a New Year's Eve dinner in 2013, and during that evening we quickly realized what made "Mummy" so very endearing to those who shared her life. Her graciousness, warmth, gentleness, and charming wit were evident during the evening, but the obvious love, affection, and caring devotion exuded between a Mother and daughter were the highlight of the night. With our deepest love and sympathy, Nancy and John Smith
Posted by Diane McCane on March 14, 2014
Dear Family, We always looked forward to Linda coming to camp. There was always a vase of flowers around and a happy attitude.I still make her Ice-Box Butterscotch cookies!!!She was a special lady!!!
Posted by Karen Greenstein on March 14, 2014
Linda was driving the boat at camp, the breeze blowing back her hair and her eyes were twinkling as she laughed. That was my first impression of her in 1997. Wow, she was so vibrant and vital, I thought. She kicked Celine's and my butt when we played cards that trip, and I witnessed her devotion and fierce love towards her family...managing the kitchen of the Main House while family and friends would come and go. Linda emitted a casual proper-ness, if that makes sense. Through the years, I have heard of 'Mummy's' incredible generosity, her thriftiness and her deep, committed love towards those dear to her. I hope you revel in the many ways she touched your life, and that you find Peace during the sorrowful times.
Posted by Naneen Karraker on March 13, 2014
I have such fond memories of Maman, my grandmother and Linda's mother-in-law, always calling her "Linda Lovely." Such a perfect name. I will miss visiting with her at family gatherings and being able to call for some needed advice. Life goes on.
Posted by Sue Coppola on March 13, 2014
Dearest Celine, I only had the pleasure of your mother's company a few times. During those times, Linda was a joy to be with, such a kind, gentle, and authentic soul. I know how deeply she'll be missed by all who's lives she touched.
Posted by Peggy Thrasher on March 13, 2014
Dear Celine, we are so saddened to hear of your Mothers death. We never met her but always heard such nice things about her. I somehow felt I knew her because we have enjoyed the log cabins for so many years. I used to think the straw hats hanging on a hook might have been hers. I know that you must have wonderful memories of your Mom and that will sustain you through the months ahead. With love, Craig and Peg
Posted by Heather Bartholomew on March 13, 2014
Linda was so multi talented. I am so glad to have shared some aspects of her life. As a intrepid sailor she steered our friends boat fearlessly through the Anagata Passage at 10 knots with crossed seas. What a woman!!
Posted by Cridder Halle on March 13, 2014
Linda, or Miss Roll as I called her was such a lovely woman. I feel blessed to have know her. She was one of the most kind and loving woman I have ever known. She touched the souls of all that came into her life. She will be forever missed and loved by all. For my wife Celine, you were so deeply blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I hold u both close in my heart.
Posted by KC Perkins on March 13, 2014
Our family has so many wonderful memories over almost fifty years of being with Linda and all the Rolls. Her friendship was a gift. We will miss her dearly.

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