This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Linda Ogbeide 42 years old , born on September 17, 1976 and passed away on March 1, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Fo Man on May 3, 2020
i love and miss you always my dear beloved sister

till we meet again

frank olumese
Posted by Dalvin Ogbeide on April 5, 2020
I laid you to rest a year ago, today.
I love and miss you everyday.
I still say I Love You,
But now there's no reply.
I always feel your presence
As if you never left my side.
We are lying to ourselves when they say, "until death do we part," Death only brings a physical departure.
That internal love still burns on even if you are no longer.
Miss you so much Linda
Posted by Christopher Olumese (Jnr) on March 1, 2020
My dear sis! one year has gone so quickly
The family has really not been the same after your departure. We may receive the answers someday...

RIP my dear sister
With love Jnr
Posted by Joyce Adenuga on March 1, 2020
Remembering your sweet soul..
I truly do missed you Linda....
Today, I just deleted your numbers for real and the wound is still fresh
Posted by Lily Olumese on March 1, 2020
Dear Linda,
I know you are watching everything from above, I know you are in the best place, I hear what you have said. May your beautiful soul continue to rest in peace. Amen!
Posted by Gloria Awodeyi on March 1, 2020
Dear Linda,
Continue to rest in the Bosom of the Lord.
You’ve been so desperately missed......
Posted by Ivie O on March 1, 2020
Dearest Linda on this day a reminder of what became my worst nightmare! it is so hard to still say goodbye because I know you are alive in spirit and still very much around us. I miss you more everyday of the year, the unspeakable pain... still feels so unreal. I miss your presence, I miss hearing your voice, I miss our chats, your gentleness my kind, ever caring, ever smiling, gifted, blessed and selfless sister. Life is so different without you but I'm thankful to God for the short time and life spent here and having you as my sister, you will always be a part of us. Thank you for your love and being the best sister anyone could wish for. You were a blessing and will always be celebrated just as you are celebrated in Heaven. I'm at peace knowing that God and His angels got you.

So my dearest sister, continue to rest in God's perfect peace. May His glorious love and mercy continue to be showered upon you as you sleep in His bosom. Say hello to daddy and mummy. You are forever loved and forever missed x
Posted by Dalvin Ogbeide on March 1, 2020
As the earth rotates and revolves,
Flora and fauna find favour in living
As nature understands the pairing of males and females
It bursts my fountain with tears
Earth,turns,nature,flora,fauna all taken from me in one sweep.
What's the good in goodbye?
It's been 365days and
I still await that glorious knock and voice at the door when u come home.
I guess u will be opening the door this time when I knock.
I miss your shine
I miss you
Posted by Ivie O on December 26, 2019
Miss you Lindiscoco.. miss your presence every moment everyday, miss hearing your voice and our chats. This season isn't the same without you but I'm peacefully assured that you are at rest for Eternity in His Glory and I pray that your soul continues to rest in perfect peace. So shine on my sweet dearest sister... shine on God's special child. Your are forever loved and forever missed.
Posted by Dalvin Ogbeide on October 21, 2019
Missing you dearest.
Posted by Dalvin Ogbeide on September 18, 2019
It’s your birthday.  
There are no tears today. 
Only memories.                                             
Very many memories, all very pleasant. 
I miss you so much.
Some days it feels I can't get out of bed to face the reality of life without you, but I have to go on, I have to keep your dreams alive in the lives of our children., some days I start with tears at the thought of how you seamlessly guided and counselled me concerning work. 
You knew me more than anyone else ever could. 
From the very first hello, I could tell you would be the part of me that brought on the perfection in every endeavour. 

We are all getting by, really and I imagine you are giving God a big huge hug today. I imagine you approached him to try and redecorate His throne in new colours of the rainbow and He told you to sit at His feet for a bit and just enjoy His presence and stop doing so much. You used to do so very much and I am sure heaven is enjoying what we miss.

Mettabel looks like you and is such a ball of energy too.

We love you Mykelti, karissa and Mettabel.

Happy birthday my love
Posted by Ivie O on September 17, 2019
Happy Birthday my dearest sister, the best sister anyone could ask for, just irreplaceable. I miss you every single day words cannot describe. I know your spirit still lives on shining like a beautiful bright star close by. I know God and His Angels are celebrating you in Heaven.

You are forever loved, forever missed and forever celebrated. You will NEVER be forgotten Sis. God bless your beautiful Soul on your special day and always as you continue to rest in perfect peace in His bosom. Amen.
Posted by Edmund Egerega on September 17, 2019
Linda is always in our thoughts. We remember her specially on this her posthumous birthday. God knows the best.
Posted by Christopher Olumese (Jnr) on September 17, 2019
Happy birthday my dear Sis
What a big blow you passing has been...
I actually thought we had seen the worst when mummy and daddy departed!
The consolation is that you are in a better and happier place!
Love you always !

Posted by Faith Ogbeide- David on April 16, 2019
You came into my life in 2006 when you n my big brother got married, I thought God answered my old prayer of requesting for a sister being the only girl.I am still in tears today, don't know when I would feel better,you were my big sister,so much fun to be with.I knew i had to wear sun glasses at your funeral service to hide my tears somehow.You were the best sister in law ever,more excited for me than i was for the plan we had for March but you left us on the very first day of March.I keep asking God to comfort our families and I take solace on the fact that everyone will go through the journey.God has every answer to our many questions and has promised to heal us of this pain.It is well with us by God's grace amen.
Posted by Peter Aimufua on April 6, 2019
My Dear Linda, my little sister, words cannot express how my wife and I felt when we heard. This is sad and heartbreaking. You are definitely “Gone too soon”
May you rest in perfect peace with our lord Jesus Christ and may he also protect, care, console and provide for the loved ones you have left behind.
We will miss you always!
Peter Aimufua and family
Posted by Ronke Fajemirokun on April 5, 2019
Dear Linda, when I heard....."shock" is an understatement. I don't have the exact words to type but I know you have impacted every life you came in contact with. I will never forget you Sis, i will remember you for all the beautiful things you did for me. Thank you for being you. Rest on,rest on.
Posted by Ify Lilian on March 29, 2019
Rest on Linda baby , as will fondly call u.
Posted by Jerry OJENIWEH on March 29, 2019
Linda...., we met in law school kano when you walked into my office and knowing you are from my village and realizes you are a wonderful person, we became friends immediately. Rest in peace sister.
Posted by Susan Ken-Chukwuebuni on March 29, 2019
Linduscoco...this is exactly how I call you and you are the only person that fondly calls me Suzuki....It was early morning on a Saturday, a day after you passed on that bros Chris called to break that very hurtful news on your demise. I didn't want to believe it...i quickly went back to sleep thinking it was a dream...but I couldn't even close my eyes....its unbelievable and it's still is. Linda is one of those endearing cousins I have...charming...she no de vex..Linduscoco can live with anybody and not have a single issue....she is such a sweet soul...vibrant at all time...she sabi laff well didn't give us a chance to say good bye..May your sweet and ever endearing soul rest in the Bossom of God Almighty...Adieu Linduscoco....until when we meet again to part no more...Rest on dear Linduscoco. May God give Endy and the lovely kids you left behind the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss..Sleep on Linduscoco....
Posted by Ezekiel Otobele on March 28, 2019
Though we love unbut God loves u more.sleep on
Posted by Ezekiel Otobele on March 28, 2019
Let us not mourn like the world would morn but let us do so with understand that this whole world is phase and one day this too shall be said of us.
Like Paul would say,to leave is for Christ while to die is gain.
Posted by Emovon Ihama on March 28, 2019
Dear Linda, Tears always swell up from my eyes when ever I remember your departure from this world.. Linda I remember the Last time we saw was when I visited your house a few months ago with my Very dear friend your husband Endy, though it was a short visit but you insisted I eat before I left, and how you took your time to prepare the meal, i really did look forward to coming back again more so for a longer visit. Your home and your kids radiated so much love and warmth which was obviously your Nature.. You were a Cornerstone to your Husband and kids. Linda, though you will be sorely missed but we are comforted to Know that you lie in the Bossom of the Lord and your Star will continue to shine on your family and those of us you left behind.. Your Children will be a shining Example and thy will grow from strength to strength. Amen.. Rest In Peace dear Sister..
Posted by Blessing Robinson on March 28, 2019
I remember the 1st day we met, it was July 2017, will never forget how we connected as if we've known eachother for the longest time.

We became neighbors, we found the apartment together, we ended up taking the apartments upstairs. This is like a horror movie Linda, that i don't get to hear you call me Blesso! This you did almost every morning.

You were such an energetic lady, always wondered how you did it!
I am still coming to terms with all this, i know God is still good and all will be well, i miss you sorely.... Rest in Peace.

Your next door neighbor,
Posted by Akim Abubakar on March 28, 2019
From the first day I met Linda, to her wedding day and all through the years to the last day of her life, I can only describe her as a woman who brought immense love , care and support to her family and those who knew her. I know Heaven is rejoicing that a saint has joined them. 
surely I know God will bless and protect the family she left behind.
Sleep on a wonderful wife to a dear friend and be rest assured we will always support those you left behind. Truly it hurts but God the Alpha and Omega knows best. 
Posted by Allison Omoruyi on March 27, 2019
Rest in peace Linda.
Posted by Abiodun Ajala on March 27, 2019
Linda, when l heard about your sudden death l was shocked. I couldn't hold myself. Because you are such a nice lady that cares and always ready to solve problems. I pray that God Almighty will give your family and the entire management staff of Katchey Company the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. May God grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Betty Opeodu on March 27, 2019
Rest in Peace Linda.....keep smiling in the bosom.of the LORD...
Posted by Meme Achebo on March 26, 2019
I was so shocked to hear of your passing. I first met you when we were all about 3 years old; Uniben Staff School. You, Akpobo, Fifi, and I started school together. We both attended UDSS. I also lived very close to your family house in Benin during my Uniben Law faculty days. You are such a part of me. My younger sister Obosa and I wept bitterly when we heard. Oh Linda, adieu my dear sister. You will be well missed. May God give your husband and kids the strength to bear your passing. Adieu dear sis, adieu.
Posted by Teresa Benjamin on March 25, 2019
My dearest Linda it is with a very heavy heart that I write this tribute. This is not something I expected to do. You are too young to die but we can’t challenge God.
Linda, you were a very beautiful lady both inside and outside. Always caring for others, very thoughtful and smiling even through challenges, such an admirable character. You were part of my family since you were so young, you were like a daughter. I will miss you dearly.
We pray that God guards and guides those you have left behind especially your beautiful children.
You have gone to join you mum (my best friend) and your dad. Rest in perfect peace my dear. We love you but God loves you more.
Aunty Tessy Benjamin
Posted by Laura Benjamin on March 25, 2019
Our Dear Linda,
We will miss you dearly, your kindness, family values and generous heart, will always be remembered, and equally missed. I will remember that wonderful smile, and that great laugh, full of so much warmth and so welcoming. You have many of your mum's wonderful character, and it comforts me to know that you will be in great company with her and your dad now. Your legacy will live on through your beautiful kids. Although it’s a tragedy for them to lose you so early, I know you would have overcompensated and that your love and guidance will be forever lasting. The heavens have taken an angel. Till we meet again dear Linda. Much love, Laura
Posted by UGOCHUKWU EZE on March 21, 2019
Linda, it has been so difficult to accept your demise. I have been hoping to woke up from this sad news. How can I forget how we planned to finish our discussion the day you left this wicked world. You were not just my colleague at work, you turned to a sister I can share personal thoughts with. Always giving listening ears and sharing life experiences. I cherish and will miss the funny way you communicate solutions to issues but leaving a very strong impression.
I wish death knows how to go about it’s business, it won’t have come near you. Chai! You were so peaceful and easygoing.
Continue to rest my dear. You will be missed by everyone around you. 
May God keep and grant your family to bear your painful exit.
Posted by Stella Enyagam on March 20, 2019
My dearest Linda, Lindikoko like I always call you. I am still shocked and unable to come to term with the reality that you have left us. You were a  sister and a friend indeed. I cannot forget your usual way of hailing me " stellybaby, wetin dey shele.?". A loving, caring and generous giver you are.
You will be forever missed. May God Almighty grant you eternal rest in His bossom. May He shield and take care of your husband and children and grant your siblings and all your loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Sleep on, beloved sister.
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Haastrup on March 18, 2019
All Glory must be to God.. in everything we will give thanks and only pray his mercies never depart from us when that time comes calling, Amen.
Dear Linda, when i heard of your demise it did bring tears to my eyes, in my mind I only could wonder how cruel death truly is to have taken such sweet, cheerful, pleasant and easygoing lady? But in all honesty, it's a rhetoric question.
Linda, may your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. I pray God almighty showers your adorable kids with greatness they deserve, and be a comforter to your home & family but above all, bless your soul in his eternal love. Shine on Linda, Shine on Linda until we meet again. We love you but your creator loves you most.. RIP beautiful soul.. Amen!!
Posted by Olufunke Ajogbor on March 18, 2019
Honestly words failed me, becos its was exactly 1yr and 14days I celebrated you on my IG page and by the 1st of March 2019 you were no more . Your death, its a confirmation that the next second is not guarantee, So! We should live everyday like it's our last in Christ. My Mbiri Room mate, My Okada picture partner
like you called me Senior Adviser (SA) to Madams Personal Assistant (PA) kia! what a title. I cherish the little tyme spent with you at Mbiri. You are deeply missed soft spoken Mrs Linda Ogbeide. Rest on the bosom of Christ Jesus.
Posted by Ohiosumuan Victor on March 18, 2019
Dear sister Linda
I called her my sister when she was alive, I missed the advice and the fun we had together
You were indeed a gem, you were like a sister to me, I cried when I heard of your death, hoping God will bring you back, but it was understood by God for not bringing you back, I love u and I will continue to do so. Rest in the bossom of the lord barrister linda ogbeide.
Posted by Edmund Egerega on March 17, 2019
With grieving hearts the families of EGEREGA and the larger EMEGBEYE of Ebor-Orogun, Delta state, commiserate with the Olumeses on the sad and untimely death of our sister, Linda Olumese (Mrs Ogbeide), which sad incident occurred on Friday March 01, 2019, in Lagos.
Late Linda (Barrister at Law) is the daughter of our late auntie and sister Mercy Olumese ( Nee Uba Egerega).       
We miss Linda sorely. Linda showed uncommon family affections and homely qualities not easily found in family circles these days. This dispositions are perhaps traceable to her late mother who was a mother per excellence. Linda made herself available in our affairs in the Egerega and larger Emegbeye families, contributing morally and financially whenever the necessity arose. She was probably the first that contributed towards the medical expenses for late Ruben Egerega. She has been on Emegbeye family Facebook page from inception till death.
Posted by Etsu Umar Shehu on March 16, 2019
My dearest Linda, I'm still in shock of the sudden news of your demise. Whenever I think and reflects over our last conversation we had before the sad news, It break my heart. I usually breakdown in tiers. May the Almighty God give you eternal rest. The Almighty will look into the affairs of the children and family you left behind. They shall be bless and grate! Words are not enough to describes your humility, gentleness and affection to all. We will certainly miss you.!
Posted by Imonieroh Roseline on March 16, 2019
My beloved cousin, Linduscoco. It is with heavy heart of sorrow that I write but comforted in the fact that birth and death are but different sides of the same coin. Adeiu! My ever smiling beautiful cousin. May your soul personality journey in peace profound. My condolences to the children, husband and siblings. May God continue to guide and protect us till we meet again. Amen.
Posted by Ada Eluwa on March 16, 2019
My dear Linlin, I am still in shock at your demise. You were so full of life, cheerful and ready to go the extra mile to assist people. May God grant you eternal rest in his bosom and also give your loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss. Rest in Peace Dear Sister. You will be sorely missed!
Posted by Olusola Shadrach on March 16, 2019
My dearest Linda,
It's so difficult to come to terms with the news of your demise. You were one of a kind with a heart of gold. Down to earth, so loving and full of life. You will be sorely missed. Continue to rest in the bosom of your maker
Posted by Egwunye Chimdindu on March 15, 2019
Madam Linda , I am yet to recover from the shock of your demise, you are always smiling, ever cheerful, u never allow circumstances weigh you down, Hmmmmm !!! well who are we to question God, he permitted your rest, I pray God grant your loved ones you left behind the fortitude to bear this great loss. Continue to rest on. From Glory
Posted by ‘Sina Olaogun on March 15, 2019
May the good Lord grant you eternal rest. And may He grant your family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
Posted by Ebubechukwu Anowai on March 15, 2019
Linda, the Law! I still find it hard to believe that you are gone. It is painful to be among the first receivers of this strange call that had left me dreaming since March 1, 2019. I have prayed to wake up to better news but to no avail.
It was indeed a rude shock to all of us, your colleagues at Katchey Company Limited. You were so calm and friendly to everyone; you tried to make all around you smile.
God will sure keep the family you left behind.
We will forever miss you. Please rest on in hope of the resurrection morning.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Adeleye on March 14, 2019
Lindaratti, like I was always called you. Funny and down to earth! You were never moved by anything/issue; what moved others, made you laugh instead. You were unique in your own way - the way you spoke, dressed, carried yourself. Everyday, I always see things around my house that reminds me of you.
Lindaratti, rest on in the bosom of Christ.
You will be sorely missed.
Posted by Elijah Ehika on March 13, 2019
In this life so full of pretence,
If only we valued life a little more.
If only we loved a little more genuinely.
Just maybe, most probably, it won't have been this way.
You have a heart of gold. Even the least cadre at work testifies how you treat them first as humans.
Words fail me. Its has been a very bitter pill to swallow. It has been most difficult to say good bye.
Rest on, Linda.
Posted by Ademola Adesanya on March 13, 2019
Dear Linda,you will be sorely missed.Your attention to details at work was really inspiring,Our consolation is that you are in a better place.R.I.P
Posted by Joyce Adenuga on March 13, 2019
Dear Linda, I'll greatly miss you. If tears could wake the dead, Linlin, you would have been back to life since. You came to me in dream twice, telling me you're not dead, I should take you to hospital, that has left me devastated since, if only this dream could come true. Rest on dear Linda, till we meet at Jesus feet.
Posted by Dorothy Amotsuka on March 13, 2019
Dear Linda, is hard for me to understand that u have left me. You are an angel in human form. No sad moment with u. Always happy and out going. We had great time together. Word can't express how I feel. May ur gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Dalvin Ogbeide on March 13, 2019
Linda ogbeide, my sweetheart, was not just a wife to me but a friend, my standby, she was my best friend, she was one of a kind, a captain in her own rights, she was a remarkable mother to our kids, the best wife any man could ever ask for, God’s gift to me, a most loving and caring sister to her brothers and sister , she was a treasure of inestimable value to all who knew her, today she is with us no more, but her memories we hold dear and cherish. Always the perfect host Linda was kind and caring, it is for this reason we are here, to share that same love and kindness she showered on many in honor and respect of her blessed memory so that her good deeds and loving kindness may be felt by all, even those who never met her testify that her loss somehow hit them hard upon their hearing like they had known her for ages . She was, and always will be an angel. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I love you. ( Husband )
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Posted by Fo Man on May 3, 2020
i love and miss you always my dear beloved sister

till we meet again

frank olumese
Posted by Dalvin Ogbeide on April 5, 2020
I laid you to rest a year ago, today.
I love and miss you everyday.
I still say I Love You,
But now there's no reply.
I always feel your presence
As if you never left my side.
We are lying to ourselves when they say, "until death do we part," Death only brings a physical departure.
That internal love still burns on even if you are no longer.
Miss you so much Linda
Posted by Christopher Olumese (Jnr) on March 1, 2020
My dear sis! one year has gone so quickly
The family has really not been the same after your departure. We may receive the answers someday...

RIP my dear sister
With love Jnr
her Life

Gone too soon!

Linda has been blessed with 3 Children - Mykelti, Karrisa and Metabel and a husband Endy. 

Linda also leaves behind 4 siblings, cousins, uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, In-laws and a number of great friends.
Linda attended her nursery & primary education at University of Benin staff school and her secondary school education was at the ever popular and very rewarding UDSS (University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School). 
Linda went on to study Law at the University of Benin and later qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria following her law school and her call to Bar. 
She was a vibrant, lovely hearted, selfless, ever smiling, jolly and kind young lady who would go to any length to help, assist and make what seemed impossible possible. She will be forever missed.
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Shared by TERESA BENJAMIN on March 1, 2020
My beloved Linda, your memory remains evergreen in our minds. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen. Aunty Tessy.
Shared by Aisha Idahosa on March 1, 2020
God bless your soul. You’ll always be remembered. Rest with the Lord, Amen.
Shared by Benedicta Idienumah on March 29, 2019

Hmmmm I am short of words..Can't believe you are gone and to tink that we just chatted abt seeing each other and the next tyn is this...death indeed has no resting place..I kn u r missed dearly cos u were a lovely person..We will meet to part no more...may God grant urs the grace to bear dis great loss..Gud nyt my sister my friend!!!