Shared by Jane Skehan on May 3, 2020
My Dearest Aunt Linda,
 I think about you and Uncle Al and how you always shown my family and me love and kindness. I will always remember our conversations, your amazing hugs, and the way you loved and cherished your family and grand children. Our adventures-many filled with laughter, our conversations, your guidance and our time together will be forever missed. I thank God he gave me the chance to get to know you as I did. You are a blessing in my life. Your love for God has set you free, and you are forever with Jesus and with the man you love so much. When you meet my twin maybe you can extend one of your amazing hugs. 
I love you forever


Shared by Silvia Ciuffetelli on April 28, 2020
I remember whenever I called her she was always there for me encouraging and praying for me. Her testimonies if miracles in her life was always inspirational and encouraging. I always loved her she helped me during my toughest time after I was abandoned in Lousiana. You will always be part of my heart. I know I will be seeing her again in heaven. She will be waiting for us. She will be missed.

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